Laxalt to have his Milan medical on Thursday morning, the Rossoneri will pay €3m + Lapadula for the Uruguayan

Diego Laxalt celebrating during Genoa-Chievo at Stadio Luigi Ferraris on September 20, 2017. (Photo by Paolo Rattini/Getty Images)
Diego Laxalt celebrating during Genoa-Chievo at Stadio Luigi Ferraris on September 20, 2017. (Photo by Paolo Rattini/Getty Images)

Diego Laxalt is practically a Milan player and tomorrow he will undergo the medical check-ups and sign the contract.

Milan have now closed the signing of Laxalt from Genoa. The player, according to Sky Italia’s Gianluca Di Marzio, and others, will arrive in Milano this evening and tomorrow morning he will have his medical.

The operation is now done and it’s believed to be worth a total of €14 million + €4m in bonuses. €11m of the €14m however, will be covered by the sale of Gianluca Lapadula to Genoa. The striker was loaned out to them last summer with obligation to buy in June 2019. So, instead of paying for him next year, they will pay for him this year.

Milan, therefore, will only need to add €3m (and the bonuses) in order to sign Laxalt, who is capable of playing in all the roles on the left side of the pitch. He will bring to Milan something that they sorely missed: great pace. Laxalt had a good season with Genoa and also a very positive World Cup.

The 25-year-old will become the 4th signing of the Elliott era and the 7th summer signing, after Pepe Reina, Ivan Strinić, Alen Halilović, Mattia Caldara, Gonzalo Higuain and Tiémoué Bakayoko.


  1. Just watched this guy on Youtube today. Not an outstanding player, but definitely a solid one. He has the physical quality that the other wingbacks don’t have. In term of defensive positioning and skill, he is not better than RR. However, he does know how to use his physical advantage to defend. Offensively, he is definitely an upgrade. A solid an pacey wing player. RR is better at kicking the ball (cross, etc.), but Laxalt is better at dribbling and rushing forward.
    Let’s hope it’s a good buy.

    • NIELS please dont comment. your analysis of the player is ridiculous and far fetched. he is nothing o what you make him to be and he will prove that in a couple months time.

      please if you do not have anything noteworthy to comment please refrain from ruining this great blog.

      I rate your analysis of the player 4/10 at best with a few exceptions here and there but overall 4/10 at best.

      • It actually is an excellent analysis. What perplexes me though is your username, couldn’t come up with a better username to troll with…?

        • What is wrong with my name? I am a milan fan and have been for more then 15 years. my name simply is the nickname of milan given to them in 1962 by the great milan legend of the past sazilio crandoli.

          you need to better inform yourself before insulting peoples names as if yours is something to be proud of

          and trolling? the troll here is your ridiculous comment on something you know nothing about. you said it yourself you judge him by a youtube video which says allot about your analytical skills. Also just because someone disagrees with a laughable comment does not make him a troll.

          I really wonder how much of a milan fan you really are because milan fans dont bash other milan fans

          ALSO the thumbs down you have next to your comment was from me. i just want you to know that your comment holds no basis

          • We’re AC Milan – the name given to us when founded. My name is something to be proud of, I’m a proud Milanista of the glorious club called AC Milan – hence the nickname, you mad bro?

            I don’t recall ever saying I judge him on youtube, please copy paste and show it to me. Only time I remember mentioning youtube was regarding Castillejo where I said I DON’T want to judge him based on youtube.

            Milan fans don’t bash other Milan fans… what do you call your comment above this? Doesn’t sound like praising, nor constructive criticism to me.
            But hey what do I know, i’m just a troll with laughable comments, and not even a “milan fan”

            And oh, that thumbs down isn’t from me btw

          • Really, INTERMILANO-FC you told another poster yourself to not to comment which i personally believe atleast is on verge of breaching part two of “The Etiquette of Commenting”, found at the bottom of the page – “2.You cannot tell someone “go away” or “you know nothing”, moreover, personal attacks are not welcome and if a user does such things regularly he will be banned from the site, you cannot ask to ban someone either.” and then afterwards offends Milanista121 WHO i personally have only seen write well founded and respectfull comments in the time ive been frequenting this site. Milan fans shouldnt bash eachother well i fully agree but you actually also did that so calm Down. On the other hand i really dont care what you call yourself or whover you support as thats just a question of preference, Anyways just show some curetesy and im sure you will be shown the same.

          • @Martin Bernhard, Martin man, I told you before and I’ll tell you again, you’re the real MVP! Your comments and thoughts are always a treat to read:)

          • Thank you very much Milanista121 too kind of you to say that but if anyone should get such acclaim its surely you in my view.

          • Martin Burn-hard
            dont compliment him please, milinista212 has done nothing to deserve it. martin your comments are well put and i respect that you are not one sided and an open minded individual and we need more of this in the milan community but milanista212 or should i call him interista212 is not deserving of compliments when he continues to show ignorance and lack of milan support rather he is busy calling all REAL MILAN FANs a troll because we disagree with him.

        • Milan fans stick together and Milanista121 and Martin have it right. And if you want to come here and bash and troll everyone at least get your facts right. When ac milan was formed a group of the members were upset about the domination of Italians in the team so branched off and formed Internazionale where they could have foreign and Italian players. And you may be a troll just trying to bait everyone into commenting but just wanted to let you get your facts right mate….

        • I apologies.

          after reviewing the replies i received to my comment i wanted to understand why everyone was getting annoyed with me. I then realised this was the ac milan blog not intermilan blog.

          again i apologise i must have bookmarked the wrong website.

          • Lol so why on the other news piece you were talking about Suso and Caldara and Cutrone…you that confused that you don’t even know the Inter players lol?

      • @INTERMILANO Then let’s hear your analysis on the player, so that everyone can learn from it, if there’s any to learn from.

  2. However another solid player to the rossoneri locker,a good signing for us ,welcome to ac milan ,never the less he can play 3 position as a LB ,LM ,LW can wait to see how rhino put them together as a sqaud though am still nerveous on rhinos potential .

  3. This guy can play 90 minutes and then run a marathon, a solid left winger who can deliver a cross. I had my doubts about Leonardo, but he is building one heck of a team. I just imagine him on the left and conti on the right in a 343 what a team!

    • I particularly can’t wait anymore for the return of Conti…. Seeing that guy play football excites me.. The Grit…!!!

  4. He is the perfect LM in a 3-5-2, but he can also perform in a 4 defense and also as a LW, very good player, Milan has more than 11 starters comparing last year

  5. UPDATE: Milan are putting in another assault for SMS allot of news agencies are expecting the second deal to go through. our first offer for 30 million loan with 50 million to be paid next year was denied so we will put in another offer of 40 million loan with 80 million to purchase outright.

    SMS is still a really possible expectation for me personally it is more possible then the martial deal. even though martial is allot more affordable it looks like mourinho is not willing to sell and our best chance for him would be if martial himself pressures the board to letting him go.

    so from what iv come across is that i expect milan to make a final big move for SMS and martial as backup if we dont get SMS. I do think milan will go all out for either one of those 2 before the end of the window.

  6. I agree that with the current roster, the best formation to use will be 4-2-3-1. It’s almost as if the squad was assembled with this formation in mind but I highly doubt Gattuso is planning to use it. He said we will continue with the 4-3-3 and experiment with 3-5-2 which is bad news because every time we use 3-5-2 we play like shit. Laxalt could be a signing for the wing back position in a 3-5-2, pushing RR back into the three man defence. I don’t know, I hope Gattuso is flexible enough to try 4-2-3-1 because we have the tools.

  7. It’s a solid player … super! But sometimes I wonder if that is enough for the team to play the top, for the Champions League. The SMS costs a lot, but this is the way what we need to step up.

    • A solid player? Are you even a milan fan?

      he is a good player at best and he will be warming the bench most of the time.

      • @INTERMILANO-FC…You don’t like Laxalt do you? The kid had a real good World Cup, in addition to the fact that he had a decent season last year. Aside from Kessie, I don’t think we have a single midfielder who put in as much work rate last season.
        Laxalt is always a positive player going forward, he also plays well defensively, has decent speed, tenacious, and a team player. How could this not be a good move for us? Genoa really didn’t know what they had…just watch him explode as a Rossoneri.

      • I guess you didnt see him with genoa… He had always been a pain in ass for milan defenders and for suso as well… Last 2 seasons i have been seeing him and he have been up to the mark when playing there at left…

  8. I saw that gazzetta confirmed that Leonardo put in an official offer of 30m loan with option to buy for 50m plus one player and it was rejected. He has not given up and is likely to bid again. I would say do a 40m loan plus borini and 50m option, that seems fair. If they reject then maybe its a little too much money. But, it’s one I can still dream! Not over yet

    With laxalt I didn’t know strinic was injured so I’m wondering if it’s something long term? Laxalt does bring in much needed pace and dribbling and is versatile and the formula isn’t too bad either. I welcome him. But it still raises questions of why we need to get castillejo??

  9. smart signing, his a hustler able to play anywhere on the left just like conte. he can play as LB, LWB or LW while Conte can be RB, RWB and RW allowing Gattuso to play 352 or 343 should he choose to. Laxalt is relatively young i.e. 25 with good level of experience ready to play for a big club. I dont think his a worthy starter just yet but he has enough quality to be valuable squad player and lend a hand when required. I think this is smart signing adding depth to the team and perhaps could allow us to cash in on RR should he fail to deliver this season.

    Final masterpiece is SMS, unlikely we can poach him but if we do that would cap a tremendous mercato!

  10. Leo and Maldini are bringing in Laxalt because they are unsure of Strinic’s fitness. They probably chose Laxalt because they can offload Lapadula with the offer. Milan used to have a tendency to offer higher than deserved wages to players. I believe the purpose of this deal is to be done with lapadula’s wages and bring in a decent back-up in the case that Strinic is unfit. If he is unfit they need someone to create competition with RR so he is top shape.

    • So? Granqvist was very good at the World cup for Sweden for example… Just because they were good at the World cup doesnt mean it will be the same in Milan

  11. His style reminds me of Serginho. A wing back capable of playing at every left side position. Such a player could become handy. He is fast and smart. Probably not a starter right now but I guess every team needs one or two players like him. Like we had in the pas (Sergingo, Ba…)

    • Do not dare compare Laxalt to Serginho this makes me want to puke to be honest with you Serginho was 1000x better than Laxalt will ever be

      • LOL! Serginho was never a starter at Milan. a fast player who was of course talented but not that amazing. He was a sub for Coco, he was a sub for leonardo, He was a sub for kaladze… even when we had no left back, Costacorta was more reliable as LB than him. but he was loyal to us and was ok with playing 30 minutes at each game.

        please don’t make a legend of every Milan player that played for us. I’m grateful to all of them of course

  12. I think this could be a good addition bringing more versatility to the team and in case we are not buying any first class left winger (which seems to be the case) then Laxalt is a perfect Plan B to provide better cover for our left side (LB/LM/LW). Let alone that I was really impressed by him from the Last season’s game against Genoa and kind of like his arrival. Welcome on Board Diego!

  13. Smart move, we bought a natural winger not an inside forward. With him bombing the left flank and make crosses, im confident that higuain will finish the move.

  14. We can’t all always agree on every signing but we all want the best for Milan and that is all that matters.

    This Interisti guy running his mouth and chatting so disrespectful to our people here should ne ignored. His username (INTERMILANO-FC) alone annoys me and I think he should be ignored.

  15. Di Marzio and Sky are reporting that the Bacca-Castillejo deal is done and he’ll have his medical tomorrow alongside Laxalt.
    It will be interesting to see if these players are the last ones for this mercato or if there will be a deadline transfer signing á la Galliani in the mold of Rabiot, Martial or SMS.

    Gazzetta Dello Sport rated our last mercato 9/10, in truth and in hindsight it was perhaps a 5/10, maybe 6, imo. Our current mercato – including Castillejo and Lazalt I’d say is a 7/10. However, an acqusition of one of those names mentioned above could definitely give us a legit 9, perhaps a 10. Just my opinion.

  16. I now feel we are having to many wide players without the necessary quality. But if this is an opportunity to get him for cheap as he’s looking like forcing his way out then he can replace Borini as our utility player while Bertolacci also move the opposite side. I think Rodriguez is good enough as a starter though

  17. I think it’s a good signing. Laxalt has always looked dangerous in attack whenever I have seen him play. Hope he is up to his defensive duties as well. Welcome to milan.

    Still hoping for a good midfielder though.

    And yeah intermilano, please f**k off from this blog.

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  19. Milan are unable to bring in a new midfielder because Riccardo Montolivo is refusing to leave, it’s reported. And has been told in no uncertain terms that he is not part of the Coach Gennaro Gattuso’s plans. He even had the captain’s armband taken from him by new arrival Leonardo Bonucci last season and this summer has been urged to move elsewhere, but he rejected every single offer.

    According to Sportitalia, Milan are desperate to be rid of him, but he is under contract until June 2019 and doesn’t want to leave the city, as his wife is currently pregnant.
    Montolivo, Bakayoko, Bartolacci, Biglia, Mauri, Hanallovic, Kessie, Bonnaventura , Hakan if he will be playing in the midfield plus Youth team player. I think for any one to come in we need to get rid of at least one midfielder if not two.. Having bout 8-9 midfielders is way too much need to slim down



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