Official: Bakayoko joins Milan from Chelsea on loan with option to buy

Tiémoué Bakayoko at training center Milanello on August 14, 2018. (
Tiémoué Bakayoko at training center Milanello on August 14, 2018. (

Tiémoué Bakayoko is officially a Milan player now after passing the medical, arriving from Chelsea.

The transfer market will shut down in three days, and today Milan confirmed that they have signed Bakayoko.

“Milan are pleased to announce the signing of French midfielder Tiémoué Bakayoko from Chelsea FC. The 23 year-old joins the club on a loan deal with an option to make the move permanent,” the statement on Milan’s site reads.

“Born in August 17th 1994 in Paris, Bakayoko’s career started in his native France with Rennes before taking him to Monaco and Chelsea. The midfielder has two major honours to his name, winning the league title in 2017 with Monaco and then the FA Cup with Chelsea the year after. Bakayoko will be unveiled to the media in a press conference on Friday, August 17, 15:00 CEST at Casa Milan.”

It is believed that Milan paid €5 million for the loan while option to buy is for €35m. Bakayoko had a very bad season at Chelsea but showed a lot of promise and quality in his days at Monaco. And so, Coach Rino Gattuso has been entrusted with the task of bringing back the old Bakayoko.

It’s said Gattuso pushed for Bakayoko due to the player’s ability to play in a three-man midfield but also in a double-pivot formation. According to reports in the Italian press, the Frenchman took a big pay-cut to facilitate the move; Milan will be paying him €2.5m according to il Corriere della Sera.

Bakayoko, who will be wearing the #14 shirt, arrived to Milano on Sunday. He had his medical on Monday and then visited Casa Milan to sign the contract. Today he was at Milanello for the first time.


  1. Solid. I hope he does well but i’m also glad that this is just an option to buy; we’ve dangerously procrastinated payments with so many deals!

    I’ve a feeling we’re maybe switching formation. Castillejo can play more centrally so we still don’t have a pure winger in the squad. Hopefully at least one more (top) midfielder arrives

    A midfield diamond of Rabiot – Kessie – Hakan – SMS would be unbeliveable…Suso playing off Higuain, Conti and Rodriguez playing like wingbacks. Caldara-Romagnoli getting plenty of protection from a very solid midfield!

    • Rumours of Laxalt, who would be even better at left wing back than RR

      RR – Rabiot swap (only 12 months on his contract left)
      Laxalt – Berto +$ swap

      SMS as the final deal

  2. Good signing, best part Chelsea will pay 4m out of his 6.5m year wage. This is similar to Juve paying Higuine’s 7.5m salary this year which will be deducted from our 18m initial loan deal. In theory we have saved 11.5m in wages already not to mentioned departure of bacca (3.5m wages) to go with silva (3m) + 5m loan deal to go with montolivo who is also on 3m. While its important we strengthen the team we also simultaneously reducing our wage bill which is good.

    In regards to Bakayoko, he is a fine player. He actually had ok year with Chelsea but was below par compared to his stellar year with Monaco. I think he will do great things for us. In reality, Gattuso is intending to play 2 holding mids which is why he now has Kessie, Bakayoko and Biglia to choose from allowing him to play CAM in front of them i.e. Calhanglou/Jack who wont have to track back as much. This virtually means our 433 formation will be 424. Im looking forward to seeing him play, his good player at good age ready to show his true potential. Maldini and Leonardo have had a fine mercato during their short tenure. We are slowly assembling a quality team.

    • In the case of a potential 424, I think it is actually a 4231 if Gatuso plays with a CAM who will have two wingers on the side with a lone striker on top. In that case it would be just like Monacos. It should be made clear that a 424 as such is a 4231 at least in attack.

      So we should expect Baka to shine eventually replacing Biglia. Well done Leodini

    • Yes 4231 is another formation that it could turn out to be. i know Gattuso wanted to deploy a CAM. with 2 holding mids he can now do that. Having Calhanglou allows us to do that. Let’s hope Bakayoko settles in well and adapts to serie A immediately.

  3. I love to hear when players take big paycuts to come to my beloved club
    Shows their passion for the club and the sport itself
    Waiting fot rabiot and martial now

    • Loool. He didn’t take a paycut. He will still get 6.5m per season it’s just that Leonardo-Maldini pair have somehow made Chelsea pay 4m. Those guys are unstoppable.

      • Agreed. Leo and Maldini are icons and just their presence will draw top players to Milan. What I would love to see and I think we will see it soon enough, it some young talents out of Brazil come to Milan. Kaka will be Milan scout and Leonardo also knows how to find them. Just look at some Brazilians that played for Milan – Leonardo, Kaka, Ronaldinho, Pato, Cafu, Serghinio, Silva – we need to continue that tradition!

  4. This guy will have something to prove. He will be a revelation. Kessie will be on the bench and this guy will be taking over he’s a talented player just give him confidence and game over for the opponents

    • Stop hating on Kessie, cause he’s reckless doesn’t mean his bad. He has basically unlimited stamina and if used properly he can become one of the best midfielders. He has Gatusso as coach so he will become even better. And Bakayoko isn’t CM he’s CDM.

      • At least we now have a better player in the midfield. Not that over rated kick and follow kessie. I still want montella prosecuted. Why should ever allow milan go near kessie. Far below average player. No tactics, can’t pass accurately, can’t break up play. Just run, run, run, aimlessly

        • You must be blind..Kessie was easily one of the 3 best players in Milan last season, probably biggest talent in our midfield..and still only 22 years old. Honestly he´s probably the last player I would sell if I were Gattuso..

    • Kessie must change his style… Help defense, dont take striker position, and please think first, passing or kick the ball….

  5. Wow that’s a massive pay cut. I will give him a bit more respect for sacrificing so much. Making me think how much appealling we would be with half the spending power as these English. Welcome to red &black and good luck!

  6. If the bakayoko of Monaco shows up, Chelsea will certainly regret this deal. Forget Zlatan, Bakayoko is the real Bully! I’m talking Gatuso 2.0. Our coach has been talking about Milan lacking nastiness and all.

  7. Welcome Bakayoko, next in line is bulk sms. The only excuse Milan has to fail this season is that a couple of the players are new to themselves but if they can blend in quickly, we should do very well and contend for the title if possible. Thats if Gattusso performs well enough

  8. Benvenuto bakayoko!! This is good business and I hope you find your form again! You will be a great purchase! All the best

  9. Welcome Bakayoko! This could prove to be a really good signing, hopefully it will, hopefully he’ll be hungry to prove himself and perhaps be what Vieira never could be for us:)
    Now I’m hoping for SMS or Rabiot for our midfield.

  10. Btw, regarding Castillejo, perhaps his signing will push Hakan down to midfield? We’ll still have both Bona and Hakan as alternatives as a winger, and as a mezz’ala, so if both Suso and Castillejo plays we’ll still have Bona/Hakan as alternatives there. I guess this is the benefit of flexible players and tactically skilled players.

  11. Signing Bakayoko and Castillejo while reducing attackers to Higuain and Cutrone only, I wonder what kind of formation Rino will opt to use

    Imo with this set of players Milan have at the moment I see 4231 which converts to 433/4213/4321 as the game evolves, best option now with Bakayoko – Kessie in the middle full of muscle and energy, Hakan dropping deeper in the hole and Suso with Castillejo on the wings, something like:

    Calabria Musa/Caldara Roma RR
    Kessie Bakayoko
    Suso Hakan Castillejo

    As I said this is our squad for the moment, let’s wait and see what will happen till the end of mercato

    • That would be my current starting lineup, except Jack would be before Castillejo. I don’t see the guy giving us the numbers we need at that position; he hasn’t done it in la liga with a more dominant role, so in Milan?

  12. A standard midfielder remaining for the mercato I don’t want to mention names but I believe it will happen don’t want to put my hopes all high so far the squad is more than average and with the right mentality we can surprised and upset all odds fingers cross bakayoko tombs up wish you the best and the rest of the players Milan for life

  13. Kessie of Milan or Bakayoko of Monaco I think I’ll take the guy that went to Chelsea for 40m just saying he’s a better player faster and stronger better ball playing midfielder I’m not hating on kessie at all I like him but this midfield of Milan needs to change if we are to stand up to the big dogs of serie a

    • Why not both? A midfield of our Kessie + Bakayoko like he was at Monaco, with the finesse of Biglia/Hakan/Bonaventura does seem incredible in theory.

  14. I still don’t knot why people hate on Kessie. All you haters understand that he is only 20 right? You guys expect him to score every game and yet you don’t realise how much work he does off the ball and how much space he closes down. Name me a 20 year old midfielder who can do the defensive duties that he can…. Bakayoko biglia and Kessie could be a great midfield.

    Other news is milan are attempting laxalt. I like him but with all these guys do we really need him? Does that mean we’re going to get rid of ricrod? He definitely adds pace to the squad but where you going to play him. If we get castillejo and bacca leaves I think we need a cm and st.

    • Lol not even lying I had a dream that I told everyone I wanted laxalt for RR and I got shamed.

      The only reason I didn’t want RR to go was because I can’t think of anyone better to replace him. But I am not a fan of RR at all. Slow, and as a result goes backwards often, and doesn’t use his right foot often, and can often be a liability defensively.

      His biggest strength coming into this team was his crossing and delivery. But how often does he even get into crossing positions? He doesn’t because he can’t beat his man. So what is he actually good at?

      After our midfield and left wing, I think left back is where we need to worry about next.

      I would not mind selling RR to PSG, I’m actually in favor of it. Because we can probably get a good deal for laxalt and sell RR for more to help with FFP and I also think we would be getting the better player for our team.

      So a yes from me.

      • Ricrod had a slow start to his career but I think finished strongly. His positioning I think made up for his lack of pace but the maturity he shows on the ball and how calm he is will flourish this year i think. Now if psg come in with a offer over 35m it may be something to consider but I would be happy to keep him. He will have a good year

    • 100 % mate, just take one of his standout games away against Roma. Completely nullified Nainggolan from the game, plus involved in the build up to our first goal with a run to outside their box, flicking it down to Cutro, and the rest as they say – is history. He had some bad games yes but to call him simply a runner proves they know nothing about football. I guess these people thought the same about Gattuso? He is somewhat raw in the final third and is lacking with his decision making but hey, he’s 20 years old, and he isn’t here to do those things, but he is trying, and with some polishing he will, we have a gem on our hands.

      I’d say no to Laxalt tbh, why should we sign him? We could’ve as well have kept Antonelli then, if it wasnt that he himself wanted to play regularly. Only reason I’d say yes to this is if PSG are interested in RR, and we perhaps are looking for a deal for Rabiot which includes RR, then I’d definitely be for it! Otherwise, excluding the pace, RR is better than Laxalt in every aspect of the game.

      • @milanista121, man people give him havoc like he’s supposed to score 15 goals a season or something, I for one like him a lot.

        Now did you see the interview of peppe di Stefano of sky? He has gone on to say that milans new owners of Elliott have enormous economic power and want milinkovic savic but due to Ffp it can’t be done. Milan would like to buy another cm for no more than 70-80m. So could that mean that rabiot is coming and also martial? I mean, I feel like we can get rabiot for around 25-35m and then splash it all out on martial. If we can get SMS then awesome but if we get those two that’s just insane. I can’t lie, I want martial so bad because that guy had mbappe potential and mourinho ruined the poor guy.

        • haha exactly, and if he makes bad decisions sometimes, well so does Suso but the same guys who bash on Kessie are those who keep praising Suso… makes you wonder.

          i totally missed that, all I saw was that Leonardo is working on completing the squad, but someone “big” shouldn’t be expected who costs over 70 million. Do you think that Martial is still an option, even with the pending purchase of Castillejo? Martial + Rabiot would be HUGE, even if anyone of them would come separately would be insane. I don’t care which one, but obviously Martial would be a huge help, he can play as a striker, second striker and as a winger, and with quality in all those positions!
          I really hope we go for at least one of them, as you said before, their contracts are out next year, we should use this to our advantage! At least strike a pre-contract agreement and get them on bosman á la vintage vulture Galliani haha.

          • Castillejo if true sends bacca out so we’re still in need of a striker/winger. Martial clearly fits the bill but I have doubts of him joining. Rabiot on the other end has refused a contract renewal and if milan could sweep in that would be insane. If psg were smart they’d cash in. I’m sure in the next 24 hrs if true that will intensify. I’d love to have him too but martial is the dream for me. Him and higuain up front makes my mouth water lol. The hardest part is waiting. Friday can’t come soon enough!

          • Yeah, that’s why Martial would be best, as he can play both as a striker and a winger! Man, imagine if we wouldnt get him now, but for free next summer, how sick would that be?? Rabiot is indeed more realistic, but let’s see if that happens. I hope we’re not putting all our effort and fruits in one basket for SMS as I think Rabiot, with our playing style would be a very good acquisition as well. Haha, man, I have an exam this friday, so there’s more than one reason for me wanting friday to come and be over asap haha, and all these rumours are making me procrastinating on a whole new level!

    • Bakayoko,Kessie in front of Biglia could make sense, but only against Juve, or maybe Inter/Napoli/Rome away. It should give us more possession and less chances by the opposition, but we won’t be able to create to much imo.

      I actually thought RicRod had quite a decent season. He’s defensive cover is quite good (when he doesn’t have to chase back – yes, he’s not too fast), and he definitely contributes to the buildup. Not enough crossing, yes. He’s still better than Laxat imo but having both would provide good depth for LB.

  15. What team in Europe plays 2 defensive midfielders. We are the only one kessie is great defensively but going forward adds nothing

  16. Latest report suggest Milan is also evaluating Laxalt option, dunno where he would fit but probably higher up on the wing. I was never a fan of him but he really performed in WC and showed he’s ready for a bigger stage

    • Laxalt would be a really good addition. He is a better LB than RicRod and Strinic. He can also play LW or even DM. He is a good player to have. Rumor has it that he is a replacement for Antonelli and that Leonardo will use Bertolacci as leverage to sign Laxalt.

      • I dont agree. RR is defensively sound, his biggest hindrance is his pace, and after a year of adjusting to the league, he will come good. Laxalt has his pace as an advantage, but other than that I’d rate RR higher than him withuot a doubt. There’s a reason RR was/is rumoured to Arsenal, Munich, PSG and such, and Laxalt was rumoured to Zenit and Sporting Lisbon.

        • Idk man I’m not a fan of comparing which players are linked to certain teams.

          One that jumps out to
          me off the top of my head is when Barcelona wanted and signed Luca Digne lol.

          But I do think RR can thrive in a different system.

          When I watched some Switzerland games it seems he starts higher up the pitch and had some good performances there.

          If he stays I’m willing to give him another shot in my book.

          • Haha that’s a good point to be fair, another example is Andre Gomes he was always solid for Valencia but never good enough – imo – to be linked to Madrid and eventually ending up at Barcelona. Used that argument to my advantage here hehe.

            Regarding RR, he did indeed have an excellent World Cup, I was surprised to see that, and those performances made me see what everyone saw in him, and why we signed him. I hope he can take those performances with him while wearing our red and black shirt. Otherwise, if PSG are interested, I would be all for a deal which involves RicRod going that way and Rabiot this way.

        • I hear you. It’s a matter of opinion and or preference I suppose. To be fair both had a stellar World Cup but personally I have a preference for Laxalt who in my opinion has a more balance game play defensively and offensively unlike RicRod who seems more unsure of himself going forward which he doesn’t do much if ever.

          Laxalt is a player like most South American fullbacks that always add quality to the attack and not afraid to take on opponents one on one.

          This gives a team more options going forward. RicRod is not good at dribbling pass his opponents. A weakness in my opinion.

          As for bigger clubs enquiring about RicRod over Laxalt? That shouldn’t be taken out of context as Laxalt plays for a small mid table team at Genoa and they are hardly likely to feature in any European cup competition.

          So Laxalt has less visibility on the big stage compared to a team playing in the UCL or Europa League.

          Against Arsenal RicRod didn’t have a good game and he was at fault for a goal we conceded against the run of play after Calhanoglu scored, by giving away a needless penalty to Danny Welbeck even though Welbeck embellished the challenge from RicRod.

          Nonetheless it was a needless challenge that could have been avoided.

          • Well scouts pick up players anyways. PSG snapped up Verrati while he was still playing in Serie B, Pescara didnt play in Europe or anything.
            Laxalt had his showing in the World Cup too as well as Rodri.
            Makes me think of Ron Vlaar, mediocre at Villa, had a pretty amazing world cup, united wanted to sign him but didnt meet Villas price tag. Same can be said about Harry Maguire, pretty decent for Leicester, I have him in my fantasy team, had a nice World Cup, he’s no way near that top level yet, but United were denied even a 75 million bid. My point is, you COULD argue for that him playing at a mid table club makes him less attractive, but that’s necessarily not the case as for the examples above.

            RicRods challenge can’t even be called a challenge. No way that would have been a penalty if VAR had been there.
            I hear what you’re saying though, perhaps it comes down to personal preference as you mentioned.

  17. OFF TOPIC::
    I think Milan might want to cash in on RR as i read LoeDini looking to bring in Laxalt.
    Rumor says Leonardo and Paolo Maldini both left Casa Milan headquarters this afternoon, suggesting new negotiations were intensifying. As Zenit struggle to agree terms with Genoa, now Milan have dived in for Uruguay wing-back Diego Laxalt.
    Genoa and Milan have regularly exchanged players and Andrea Bertolacci could be included as part of the swap.

  18. Enough midfielders. I think it’s time we work on our wings and go after players we can realistically get like Depay or Promes

  19. the worst signing ever in the history of Milan,why do we always pick up wash out players from other clubs,how come we now pick up worn out players,this is one signing Milan will regret thanks to God is a loan move ,we think borini is bad then bakayoko is the worst of them all,cos I see him as an athlete running around the field not a footballer ,he is bad in all aspect of footballing

    • I have seen you post few times and now I am 100% sure you simply have no idea about futbol. Like none, whatsoever. He is not washed up player, he is young and had a bad year at Chelsea because he wasn’t given opportunity. He was a machine before he got sold to Chelsea.

      And it’s futbol, not football – football is an american game that has nothing to do with futbol (in USA they call it soccer). SMH

      • No, Joe, you’re wrong too. Not football or futbol, …It’s Calcio!
        Have a great day fellow milanisti!

  20. Kessié is good , stop bagging him.
    Bring in laxalt , he’s a good player
    Would be a great signing .
    Stop dreaming of getting an sms
    It’s not going to happen

  21. So laxalt is very close to joining and it’s due to the fact that strinic has a long term injury. When did this happen? So laxalt is joining which I don’t mind cause he’s very versatile and adds pace. Today’s training today showed that bacca is still there training, which means he never went to Spain so does that mean the castillejo deal is off?

  22. Laxalt, RR, Calabria, Conti are all more suited playing as an attacking wing backs and most of them apart from Laxalt have problems tracking back

    It could be that Rino is planing on playing our wing backs in more advanced, attacking role that would support the final third while deploying more muscles in central area with Bakayoko and Kessie to cover in front of defence. Mezzalas job is also to drift out wide

    I’m just thinking out loud here



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