Official: Locatelli leaves Milan and joins Sassuolo on loan + obligation to buy

Manuel Locatelli at Stadio San Siro. (
Manuel Locatelli at Stadio San Siro. (

Manuel Locatelli has passed the medical and signed the contract with Sassuolo and is now a former Milan player.

Locatelli grew up in the youth sector of Milan and had his breakthrough season 2 years ago. However, he found less space last season and this summer he took the decision to leave the club in pursuit of more minutes and option to grow.

“Milan announces the agreement for the player Manuel Locatelli to join US Sassuolo Calcio on a loan deal with an obligation to buy,” the Rossoneri wrote in a statement.

“Milan wishes Manuel the best of luck in his future sporting career, thanking him for his professionalism and commitment to the Club.” It is believed that the whole deal is worth 14m, with the Neroverdi paying €2m for the loan of the midfielder and then €10m + €2m next summer.

The midfielder was involved in 63 matches for the Rossoneri since making his debut against Carpi in 2016. He scored two very memorable goals, once against Juventus and one against his new club.


  1. Why have we not got a Buyback clause in this deal?? Are we so stupid to let our best players leave for peanuts and then see how their values soar?
    Case in point Aubameyang, Darmian, Cristante

    • People seem to mention those few players that excelled and neglect to mention the rest that became nothing.

      One recent name would be Saponara. Everyone saying how we regret letting him go because of how he was playing for Empoli. Now what, he is average.

      Cristante had a good season for Atalanta. He has proven nothing for Roma yet. We will see.

      I didn’t want locatelli to go and I’m not sure why there isn’t a buyback option, but outside of milan fans, people only know him for his screamers against juve and Sassuolo.

      That being said I am excited to see him develop under De Zerbi and I hope he can flourish.

      • What kind of argument is that ? do you seriously believe that they cant do anything wrong or above any from of critisism ? If we look past the disapoinment of Manuel leaving us there is no doubt that Sassuolo made the best deal in an insanely inflated market. Loaning a player like locatelli for 2 mil with obligation to buy set at 10 mil isnt a good deal in any way ill call it daylight theft and i can guarantee that they wouldnt show such kind of charity if we came knocking. Infact had the roles been reverse we wouid have been forced to pay the double if not triple of the entire deal, and that would be upfront as well. Put into the equation that he most likely in the comming year or two will get his international debut his Price will only go up further, In the end he will join either juve or some wealthy team from abroad.

        I simply cant understand this transfer on the grounds of the Financial aspects of the deal. Sure im furious he is leaving the Club and i think he should have repaid the Clubs faith and Development of him by signing a ´new and lengthy contrat while possibly going on a two year loan deal to a Club like Parma. Players leave but the Club remains but we should never accept being held hostage selling our players regardless of their wishes. Another thing hard grasping is the milanistas complaining about why we didnt keep aubameyang, verdi, darmian, christante etc. but at the same time fully accepts us to offload our best and brightest for peanuts and thereby letting the opposition benefit of our Work. Guess its all about hype and whatever players that is mentioned in the tabloid news sites that comvinces people of what is good and bad nowadays.

        Hadnt i been a milanista i would laugh my rear off the day when people realize that Savic isnt joining us or if we actually make any further marquee signings before the transfer window Closes.

          • Hey there Milanista121 unless you are pulling my tail a huge thanks to you but my playing days are long gone and doubt i have the fitness to play even 45 minutes without puking my stomach contents up 🙂 kidding aside i allways enjoy reading your posts and to see what you have to say so kudos to you as well.

      • My friend … My point is that there should have been a Buyback clause put in … If Loca doesnt develop even after regular football, it is fine … but if he does, we should atleast have had the option to buy him for a reasonable price …. Look at Juve or Madrid or Barca … They sell players but put in a buyback clause just so that they dont miss out on a player in an inflated market …

    • Don’t forget Gourcuff.. this is seriously a bad deal damn it. Reporter Di Marzio said before the deal became official that a buyback-clause would be in the contract… but now I don’t know if that’s really the case. We can only hope :/

      • Gourcuff isn’t a good example though. He had one good season at Bordeaux, tops two good seasons.
        He had potential though no doubt.

      • Gourcuff? ROTFLMFAO! You guys must be smoking something. When Milan was a top team, players like Locatelli and Gourcuff wouldn’t even make it as water boys so get off the meds you’re on and get real now.

        • I remember very clearly that the moment he broke through Milan could’ve really needed him. Yes he did fail later after Bordeaux, but at a team like Milan, surrounded by several stars he would’ve probably hold onto that form. This is just my insight on this though. lol.

          • Carlo and MALDINI clearly said Gourcuff had a terrible attitude to training and no respect for the Club.

            The Milan of those days wasn’t only about Talent. players like Ambrosini and Gattuso survived with not very much talent but plenty commitment and attitude.

            I would have liked to keep Locatelli, but he isn’t really world class though. At Best a he’d be like Cristante, who is also really just a little above average. Shows how bad we have fallen.

        • Joe i get you but the Whole sentiment about nowadays players wouldnt even get into the bench of the great milan teams of the past simply doesnt hold up to the truth. Why you may ask, look of the teams of yesteryear. Lets take the season of 1993/94 as an example and look at the milan squad of that season. As goal keeping subs we had Antonioli and ielpo, hardly super impressive. In the deffensive department we was arguably very strong but we also had players like Sadotti and Verga WHO i personally cant remember anything about. Midfield was deffently well stacked as well in the substitute department but still we also had players like cozza, de Napoli, Orlando, Carbone and ill even have the audacity to mention a player like eranio even though i personally was quite fond of his pressence. In attack ill only mention Răducioiu as we had great firepower upfront, Some of these players was good on their day but they wasnt World beaters or stars in any sense they simply made up the numbers and could be relied upon when needed but maybe for the exception of eranio these players wouldnt be guaranteed starters in the current milan squad. The fact is that teams need depth and also players that doesnt have a huge ego and causes problems when not playing reguarly. Besides of that its not only about having the best of talents but also about having a squad with great team dynamics on a human level.

          When that is said Gourcuff certainly had great potential but never really lived up the predictions propably because of himself and his inflated ego so good riddance that he left us back then.

          • Răducioiu was a funny one, talented player who couldn’t pull it all together I always thought!

          • Well i agree that Răducioiu wasnt a bad player and personally i had high hopes for him as well but still it does indicate that milan wasnt only about star power back in the days. Some of our current players would atleast be able to enter the previous squads as substitutes.

          • Martin, are you a coach or club manager?
            From my point of you, you are eligible and credible to be Milan’s pundit in any television network.
            LOL, this is no sarcasm. I also recognize you as super user at other website.
            Forza Milan!
            from Surabaya, Indonesia

          • Hey there Milandrie too kind of you to say that much appreciated but unfortunately not the case. The only managing ive been doing was in football manager or championship manger games, allthough in copious amounts :). Im propably just bit too obssessive in following milan news on a daily basis while i also aquirred a healthy ammount of sceptismn towards what i read.
            Yeah you are correct the football site goal contacted me around 3 years ago and asked me to Work closely with them and was also their moderator there as well. Last year around this time i decided to cut my ties with them as i felt many of their decisions whent against how the site should be run. It didnt really help either that it was unpaid Work but it pretty much ticked me that they cared more about advertisements and publishing gossip than their own users so thought it was the right choice to quit while still on fairly good terms. I do miss a lot of the old users from there though which was also the main reason why i kept working for the site for as long as i did. Ive visited goal a few times later on just to check the state of things but nowadays it seems more like an abandoned ghost town than an active football forum.

        • Do you know that Maldini once, or maybe twice, slapped Gourcuff because of his attitude? like coming late for training. I guess Milan needs and expect “Man” in the team, more than just player’s skill.
          Too bad that Locatelli is leaving. But hey, c’est la vie
          Life goes on.
          Forza Milan!

    • We let our best players leave? You consider Locatelli our best player? LOL. Wake up. It is a good deal for us, his progress stalled and he was never really Milan material to begin with.

      • Joe just forgive about 90% of the people here. They only think about mediocre pkayers. With them, Milan would still be and STAY mediocre. Think their football vision is really below average.
        I mean, Locatelli never persuaded me.

        • The cunt, (love the name LOL), you’re absolutely correct! Most people who post here have no clue or vision. 120 million is a norm in today’s market and that’s how much top players cost. Locatelli was garbage, sorry to say that but he runs like chicken with no head and gets stupid yellow cards all the time.

          • Pfffff, the guy had only a very few good games and moments. But in overall he was lacking quality. Sassuolo is nice level for him.

    • Letting the Likes of Ganz, Yohan Gourgcuff , Pategna, Sapanora, Cristante, Stresser, Ely were sold for peanuts but spending bi to get the likes of Constante, Traore , Mesbah, Huntelar, Gomez etc Keeping the likes of Defolou, Van Ginkel, Pasalic aft their loan spell would have given us depth last season and might cash in big on them now that we need to sell to raise money to strengthen the team…

  2. You guys talk too much. When did Locatelli become our best player. Stop hyping these guys. The same way you guys hyped Mastour. Where is he today? Allow the management to do their work

  3. This was the same mistake fassobelli did, why are we not getting wingers when it is obvious gattuso will be using 433, these men are possesd with SMS forgeting we got no speed in my his team and it will surely cost us, we need to forget SMS because he is too expensive and also a one season wonder(who knows how his next season will he, look at belloti whom Torino rejected €80mil for is no more on transfer news, we should use the monay of these sales to get 2 speedy winger so that hakan can come back to the midfield to offer creativity with bona as the vice…SMS is not what we need now, we need wingers, our attack is too slow and one directional but that can change with double swop of both depay and promes….martial ain’t going nowhere as far as morinho, look at inter and juve squad, even if we don’t have same quality players but at least let’s be complete and compatible… Forza milan!!

  4. Off Topic- Milan has met the 120m valuation of SMS??? SMS in my country costs only 4naira per SMS, i hope its bulk SMS we’re paying for as mediocre performances will not be tolerated with that price tag and i dont want us selling him for less should he flop this season.
    Milan’s telecommunication power will be pretty strong this season and it will show in our telepathy on the pitch.
    We have the following(Using their Initials):
    SMS – Sergej Milinkovic-Savic (Bulk SMS)
    Direct Call – Davide Calabria
    Skype – Suso
    Twitter – Tiemoue Bakayoko
    Messenger – Mussacchio
    Instagram – Ivan Strinic
    PC – Patrick Cutrone
    Center Back – Carlos Bacca lol( even our centre back can guarantee 15-20goals a season)
    Goalzalo Higuane
    And so on and so forth, yo can fill in the rest.
    When we send bulk sms to the opposition keeper to allow us score and he refuses, we will use direct call, if it fails, we will connect skype to reach Goalzalo Higuane, if Goalzalo fails we will connect our PC to make sure we get the wins we need. we will activate instagram, messenger and all our social media tools at once lol.
    Just having fun Guys. I really hope we do well this season

  5. Ohh well, I’m sad, but not heartbroken, his growth staggered, maybe the playtime but he runs like a 30yo, and needs like 2 seasons to become a great player. I disagree with this move, we have 0 creativity in the midfield, I hope we get Milinkovic-Savic because Kessie and Bonaventura are not the creative midfield we need, and still I rather have Monto on the field than Biglia.

    • I agreed with every thing you said until you mentioned Monty. The guy with all his qualities is a waste because as a DM he doesn’t know how to defend. Biglia is just excellent in defending, covering spaces and marking. The only problem with him is that he is not offensive. With SMS and Kessie around him to bring out the ball, Biglia will be free to breathe and do what he does best breaking opposing play like eating peanuts.

    • Montolivo, holds the ball better, it’s better at marking and being always on where he should be. Yes he often does side passes, but being a regista is not easy. Is a pivot, a player who should hold the ball until someone loses his mark, Biglia is a bit better physically speaking, but the guy is a ghost, he get lost in the midfield. With biglia starting we are not getting anywhere.

      And to say Monty cant defend just look his stats, the guy would’ve been in WC if Italy qualified, I don’t doubt his quality, of course he shouldn’t be a part in this project due to his age and his wage. But I say it again, Biglia isn’t better. And keeping Biglia made us lose Locatelli. So now I see Biglia the same way I saw Kalinic.

      And Biglia at WC, he kicked himself out of the team. The guy is useless, is like playing with a man down I seriously hope Baka plays in the middle as a destroyer, kessie and Bona can be box to box just fine we don’t need a deep lying playmaker and Biglia, monty and Loca are not deep lying playmakers.

      • Lmfao Hail Raven. The guy who wanted Balotelli instead of Higuain. Now with another gem. Monty > Biglia. Lmfao. What stupidity.

        • Only time will tell Balotelli is free Higuain is expensive for the same goals Bacca did last season 16 and 15 respectively. And yes, Montolivo is far better than Biglia and he always has been.

          I rather have a Milinkovic-Savic on the midfield than a player on decline like Higuain. Like I said, Higuain will underperform 2 seasons and then go to China mark my words.

          • No true fan of the club wishes for their players to underperform, even if only to prove their own pitiful comments/judgements. You are one of those guys who will wish everybody to suck just so you can say “I told you so” smh

  6. And whining begins!!!
    He wanted to leave! F**k him. Let it go!
    You are acting like we lost Pirlo or something! He is a medicore player with medicore ambition! He belongs to Sasusslo

  7. Good luck Loca. I saw a future Albertini in you. Hope this wont be another Auba/Cristante like deal for us. Cant believe we didn’t include a buy-back clause in this!?

  8. For me this deal is not bad provided we will sign SMS and out targeted winger. His growth is getting stunted and no point in keeping him. We need to look for money to sign good players. Montolivo and other ones should go. We need money to complete our dreamed players.

  9. I do hope he finds his feet again and turn out to be at least new Cristante to Milan as I wish all the best to him

    Even if Milan did not retain buy back clause, they’ll just do the Man Utd-Pogba and buy him back for 100 millions. By then Milan should be stable enough to splash right? Bit too sarcastic?

    Forza Locatelli!

  10. Milinkovic savic isn’t coming to us unfortunately. It’s just not feasible. We really need to add two players by the weekend otherwise we haven’t much hope for a top 4. Our midfield is too weak especially rotation policies we just don’t have the cover and god help us if huguain gets injured

  11. Good luck Loca.
    We will regret selling him for freaking 14mil.
    He should be 25mil+ as we bought Berto for 20.
    Unless we buy quality replacement in the next couple of days, we are screwed.
    We sold Iglia and Zanelatto. Loca would have been crucial.

  12. recent news says SMS will cost 110-120 m………..Rabiot+Depay+ Promes=100m, 2nd deal is looking better for us, what u thing dear mets?????….. .

  13. 120m SMS is a crazy from a team like Milan considering our current financial situation.. Him alone can’t do it all we still need Depth in that mid field we all aware of Biglia form and injuries last season.. With 120m we can bargin and approach the likes of Witsel +Musa Dembele 50m, , Depay 30m, Martial 30m and a striker like Pato if Bacca will be leaving for 10m. Even Juve Musachio won’t be a bad buy or loan

    Having Kessie Bakayoko, Biglia, Witsel, Dembele, Bonnaventura, Mauri, Hallanovic will give us decent player who can fight and win balls with creativity plus enough depth.
    Having Hakan, Depay, Martial, Suso, Borini, Hallanovic we are well covered both on the LW and RW.
    Haguain, Cutrone, Pato up front .
    With this squad we can switch to any form of 433, 4212, 4231,41212, 4312, 442

    • We need Mr expensive but at 80m if Lazio are ready to make a deal. 120m meaning they are not ready. Juve and Barca richer are not willing to pay that.

  14. Man, Leonardo and Maldini are as dumb as the previous people dealing with our transfer market. Thank god we have our gurus here to show them a thing or two.
    Some of the comments here are laughable to say the least.
    Loca had a couple of good games with us. That’s it. And those games were a while ago. Ever since he proved nothing to stay with us. More than this he was the one who wanted to leave.

    • have you seen anything more + reliable regarding him to us?
      i need to study, exam this friday but keep procrastinating and checking milannews every five minutes haha

  15. I remember beginning of the Mercato, we were asking for players like Veretout, badelj, belloti, but thanks to Leo and now Maldini, we now desire high callibre players like Sms, Martial, Rabiot etc.. I tell you Milan will be great again. Dare to dream!! #forzamilan

  16. Since many of us now do the work of leo & maldini why dont you give us the update of SMS ,locatelli was overatted and there is nothing to regret when milan was milan players like locatelli will be busy cleaning the lockers and packing bags. Can we dream of players like SMS ,rabiot, hazard,Willem, martial, sane,sterling and many more. Many of the youth sector where forced into the 1st eleven.let leo& maldini do their job.

  17. Juventus would never let go of their young assets like this. No matter if the player wants to leave or not, they always put that buy back clause in the deal. Locatelli may become a world class player or he may not, but the fact remains that we let him go.

    The only promising player Juve let go recently is Caldara and they did for 40m not 14. Locatelli was a fan favorite, too.

    Bad business.

    • For me it was a good business. He wants to play, we need to offload in order to comply with the ffp rules, therefore it was a win win solutions.

    • EXACTLY! People think that we who rate Loca highly are crying just because he left, he left, fine, but it’s the manner of it. All big clubs eithe send their young talents out on loan, or put a buy back clause so other clubs wont snap them up. The smartest thing we’ve done with a transfer like that is including that we’re owed 30 % of a future sale. smh…

  18. I would’ve kept him, and if he demands to leave ,would place a 30m price tag on his ass and then send on a dry loan. He cannot take me to court.

    You can leave if you want or if you can but I wont accept losses. 20m would’ve been okay but 12m is nothing. Even if he ends up failing, we still lost.

  19. I wish u a very good luck in ur career loca! Dissapointed with the club treament on young players nowadays. We never have patient to wait them to develop, nevertheless, loca never impressed me besides his two goals vs sassuollo and juventus.


  20. Would love to see top players joining Milan and sms is one but his 120m fee is not right. I would welcome Messi for 400m but am I fine with the fee? No.

    We have different ways of evaluating a player’s value but the fact is that they are always determined by their clubs but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the price is fair in general. A buyer is looking for a fair deal.

    I think Lazio are not in need of selling sms but trying to be fixable with the player and that’s why they have slapped this price tag on him. It’s like how Roma could’ve asked for 100m for Alison had they not been willing to let him.

    The likes of Madrid can easily buy players for 100m because they aften don’t have to worry about other areas. Sms alone will not do the trick and not knowing when we will get another 120m for a single player, we need to use it wisely. Cannot act like we are already rich and then next minute start trying to recover some money by selling our stars.

    As fans we sometimes also feel like the money is coming from our pockets so I want the player but with a little discount please.

  21. Something I just thought of, yes SMS is scouted by a lot of the top teams, but why are no one after him for real the way we reportedly are? I mean, we faced competition for Higuain, Caldara, and also for Bernard, why is this different, as highly rated as he is…?

    • I thought this too, and from reports from before Manchester who were interested never got him cause he himself dint want to move. Similar to how all man utd targets were. Now juve, after spending 100m on ronaldo and getting a couple others I think they were only going after him if pjanic left. Real Madrid are still after him but have eased their interest as they seem to keep hold of modric. So my conclusion is that all these teams have their midfield set and don’t really need tk spend that unless someone were to leave. Just a guess anyways, so if that is true then it is milans shot to get him before someone else snaps him up. For me I’d love to have him, but I also be happy to get martial instead.

      • Makes sense. Plus they only sent out Kovacic on a dry loan, if they sold him/there was an option to buy I wouldnt be surprised if Madrid went after him. And the EPL transfer window has closed. As you said, Juve cant splash the cash unless they sell Pjanic, Roma and Inter dont have the money to do so after how they’ve spent so far during the summer.
        As you said, if we are to sign him, it should be now. Otherwise I can really see him end up at Manchester United or City next season.

  22. Two wingers, bacca and Cutrone as back up and a creative midfielder priority.120 million on one player!as good as he is very risky unless Elliott wanting to buy world class to guarantee champions league and raise Milan’s stock to sell for massive profit in future.dont forget loan deals for higuain and Chelsea player will probably take up all transfer money next summer to be within ffp rules.but as long as Elliott take us back to the top with big spending which is the only way I’m all for it!

  23. I will just laugh at the 120m SMS deal.. as i get thumps down by some ppl here, when i mentioned quality and proven players we could use that 120m for that will cover our important areas and have enough depth as well…
    Some of us think SMS is Zidane , Xavi, Pirlo, Ronaldinho, C.Ronaldo who will do all the wonders on the field.
    I will stay again Witsel, Dembele, Depay, Martial plus Pato Loan if Bacca leaves.. 120m is well spent at the rate of 30m for each player

    • Witsel just joined Dortmund, Tottenham never bought nor sold a single player so dembele ain’t coming. You’re also talking about midfielders that are in the 30s while SMS has shown his qualities at 23. SMS is a type of player that you can slot into and formation, he can play in a 3 4 3, 4 3 3, 4 2 3 1. Either attacking or defending. He also allows bonaventura to push up there as well. Price is expensive I’m sure we all agree on that, but if we can pay it why not? You get a quality player and if he’s to be sold in future we’re surely making profit. Him or martial should be brought if available

    • Witsel – mediocre, Dembele – Good but if you think Spurs will sell him with their transfer window closed & for just 30m(!!?) lol, you are deluded. Depay – Mediocre, proved nothing in a big league. Also not going out for 30m in a million years. Pato is a good suggestion & we are already interested in Martial, according to the reports. You say you mention quality & proven players? Lol I certainly laugh at that when you mentioned those players. I guess then you would also prefer to sign 4 Depays instead of Mbappe Smh

  24. Wtf?!

    I read so many contrary stories.

    “Rabiot goes to Juve for free next summer”
    “Rabiot signs Liverpool deal”

    “SMS signs Lazio extension”
    “LeoDini want SMS for Bonaventura and money”

    I can’t recall who made the remark here, but in my opinion, it would be better to sign this Rabiot guy immediately. I’ve never seen him play, but when Klopp is interested, I think he would be an additional asset to Milan.
    Besides, he is much cheaper than SMS. Who is much too expensive, how eager I am to read that he will join Milan.

    With the costs saved with Rabiot, I would put everything on Martial. Then we get 2 good players for the price of SMS.

    Also, I read Thiago Silva is coming. So what ever will happen, I really hope, Rabiot, SMS, Martial and or Thiago Silva are coming.

    Inter had a big mercato this year. Especially with that Laurato guy. He really is a great talent.

    Fingers crossed

    • It was me, and yes, I agree with you agreeing with me:) Rabiot + Martial would be to prefer over SMS imo. But hey, I wouldnt complain if SMS joins obviously!

      • No me either, but still… It is still a gamble. Who says SMS will shine?

        Where was he at the WC? Where was he when we KO’d Lazio in the coppa last year? I believe Juve and Real are just pressing up the price tag. Juve can’t buy him and SMS is replacing Modric, Kroos or Casemiro? Hell no….

        • Where was Messi at the world cup? Where was Ronaldo? Martial? Rabiot? The entire Germany & Spain team? Hell, where was Italy? Where was our whole team when we lost to Benevento? Such a flawed reasoning lol. If he joins, he will improve the team a lot. SMS is the future of midfielders. Strong in the air, strong on the ground, solid in tackles, assured in possession & can score. Thiago Silva isn’t joining, he said so himself.

  25. 40 million loan people, read that out loud please.

    Now imagine Milan having no cash to buy him out next summer for the rest of let’s say 70 millions due to different reasons like restrictions or Savić totally flops at Milan. What then?

    Send him back to Lazio? And what about 40 millions? You think Lotito the Merciful will give them back if we ask him nicely?

  26. Why are so many of you against that savic move? If we get him that would be amazing..and take a look at the departures. Nearly all of them are loans with obligations. You know why?……… we get the money next season to pay our loans which we have to pay next season. Leo is balancing the books. And no not like berlu was balancing 🙂 that is a smart move. I have a good feeling. Especially because elliot wouldn’t allow any mismanagement.

    Forza Milan

  27. Just been watching SMS on YouTube.i was sceptical but at that age and in my opinion more complete than pogba better at scoring and tackling.pogba cost 90 million so why not.he would improve any midfield in world and the type of player that would improve our midfield much money do we have to spend this summer and next?only Elliott know and they won’t be reckless but it’s good news if we are getting players like higuain and looking at much would modric cost who is alot older?

  28. He deserves to grow and Sassuolo would be good for him to learn, develop and discover himself.

    Milan is going in a direction that young talents would struggle to play, even Cutrone wont get as much spaces like last season and that’s same for all big clubs. Chelsea have the best talents all over Europe and hardly any of them could make 1st 11, we saw the kids that played against us in 2nd half of our last friendly match against Real Madrid, how many of them would make it to first team?… hardly 1.

    It’s a pathetic reality but it is what it is. Loca is our jewel but obviously Milan is moving in different direction with Leonardo.

    I wish him all the best in his new adventure, i honestly pray he becomes big because i love the kid but i just don’t cut in with those hypes.

  29. I remember the Coppa Italia final were he kinda bossed the midfielder against likes of Pjanic. Talent. Club is dumb.

  30. I read somewhere here that we’re losing the next Cristante… the next who?

    Anyways, good luck to the kid except when he plays Milan. We could have had a better option on him, but don’t think it’s a big issue.

    And SMS is impossible this summer, get over it. FFP anyone? Even paying only 40 mil this season gets us in trouble, not to mention next year if we don’t make CL.

    We need a winger, right-footed so he can pair up with Suso and Higuain. That’s the biggest hole in our squad now, and while Jack/Hakan can play the role, we need someone comfortable there.

  31. We shouldn’t have bought biglia and given loca a chance last season,
    What happened to delofeuo he’s
    Magic, terrorises defenders with dribbling skills and would provide gonzo well, isn’t he a option on the wing? He’s a class above borini that’s for sure . SMS is a pipe dream
    And it won’t happen , Lazio won’t give him to a direct rival

    • Lol Lazio have a history of selling to direct rivals, for whatever reasons. Nesta, Nedved, Stankovic, Oddo, Candreva etc

  32. We easily sell young talent with cheap price and take “worst Chelsea player ever” with 40,6M Euros, while he cost Chelsea 45M Euros last year. What a f*cking successful deal! Shame on everyone did it!
    Despite we had a lot comments last 3-5days but it’s still happened. I’m sure with all of you that LeoDini have never seen our post, Leo bla bla bla “we want to keep Loca” to fool people, but in fact they decided to sell him after “1 working night” (Aug9). And what a f*cking comedy!



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