Maldini: “It was a tough game, I’m happy with how the team played, Higuain and Caldara did really well, Gattuso…”

Paolo Maldini before Real Madrid-Milan at Estadio Santiago Bernabéu on August 11, 2018. (
Paolo Maldini before Real Madrid-Milan at Estadio Santiago Bernabéu on August 11, 2018. (

Paolo Maldini says Rino Gattuso hasn’t changed much compared to when he was a player, called Pipita Higuain a top striker and said playing at the Bernabéu is a good experience for the players.

Milan lost 3-1 to Real Madrid yesterday on their final pre-season match but there were some positives in this match and the team seems to be in decent condition ahead of the Serie A opener versus Genoa.

While Leonardo was in Milano working on the transfer market, Sporting Strategy & Development Director Paolo Maldini was with the team in Madrid and watched from the stands, before presenting Los Blancos with the Trofeo Santiago Bernabéu at the end of the match.

“It was a tough game, this trophy is very important for Real Madrid,” Maldini told MilanTV. “We played in a quality atmosphere and we did very well. Playing Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu is surely strong and important to grow and improve: I am happy with how the team played, less with the result. We can’t compare ourselves to Real Madrid, it is appealing but it’s unreal, we need to know our limits. Now, after a few days of rest we’ll start preparing for the league.

Gonzalo Higuain celebrating with Ricardo Rodriguez and Alessio Romagnoli during Real Madrid-Milan at Estadio Santiago Bernabéu on August 11, 2018. (
Gonzalo Higuain celebrating with Ricardo Rodriguez and Alessio Romagnoli during Real Madrid-Milan at Estadio Santiago Bernabéu on August 11, 2018. (

“Higuain and Caldara? They did really well. Gonzalo had a great game, a great game not of not only being in search of goals, but also being in support of the team. He was very clear headed, he’s a top striker. Sergio Ramos gave me the ‘I take my hat off to you’ gesture when I gave him the trophy? Ramos has always said I am his idol, surely he’s currently the strongest center-back in the world.

“Gattuso? He hasn’t changed that much from when he was playing, he’s more responsible because you need to be when coaching but he still has the same character.”


  1. We played well except RR was to slow and overlaping, calabria was totally lost and shaking and also overlaping mind him he will be facing cr7 very soon he should be more aggresive. Suso doing the normal suso thing self glory instead of luanching the ball to higuain ,the midfield was a mess kessie defending and no one to create space for the striker to get the ball ,we have no left wing i still belive we should sell suso and get a Rw like cristian pavon he is value €30m by boca ,Lw promise quincy he is valued €25m by sparta they are both creative bring in a midfield that can distribute the ball what we are lacking right now.overall our perfomace was 40/100.

    • Suso sometimes shots a bit to much if that’s your problem but still been providing more than anyone in the last 2 seasons. Your complain is coming at a wrong time because the selfish one has created a few goal scoring chances last night and he has had a good preseason. He should stay

  2. Maldini ……Leonardo !!!!!!!! Am sure you guys read our various comment on this blog. You need to look for a pacy winger and a solid mildfielder. We shouldn’t overburden Higuain with lifting this team. He will get frustrated like Bonucci if he doesn’t get support of solid players. Melphis Depay is still there. Let’s sign him. Let’s not be deceived with results of friendly matches. Let’s buy players!!!!!!!

  3. Forza Milan!!! Forza Milan!!!
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    Arriverderci!!! Forza Milan!!

  4. Ramos might be the best CB in the world atm – perhaps Godin is better than him imo – but he will never be respected as a man the way you were.
    Ramos is too dirty, reminds me of Materazzi with his nasty cheap shots along with his diving etc. Disgusting behaviour from a captain.

  5. Rodrigues can’t defend
    Caught out of position all the time
    Everything for Madrid came down his side &
    Calabria not the top class we need either,
    Midfield missing a real playmaker,
    Looks like we are going to have to rely on Higuain to much for results

  6. It is obvious that this team lacks pace, a left winger and another central midfielder, coupled with the fact that we have a TOTALLY inept coach in the “grinta” we are going nowhere!

    If Leo&Mal don’t man up and sell Suso, get Depay, Promes and Bakayoko, then we can kiss this season goodbye! That’s was why signing Bernard was sooo important. If Roma are still interested, sell Suso, he is killing our game with his selfish play.

    They had better secure the service of Conte, with a verbal agreement and come September, sack this guy and get us a proper coach!

    Strinic MUST start ahead of RR, as he will offer more defensively, RR has ZERO defensive quality, he is not Milan material.

    Bonna is just a bench player, nothing more.

    Calabria is also a bench player nothing more nothing less, Conti, please we need you more than ever.

    If Bacca is still insistent on leaving then sell him, if not keep him and let’s resort to a two striker system, which MAJORITY has been hampering on, but the “grinta” only knows 4-3-3 and headless running. We have no form, no base of game play – no identity whatsoever, just individuals showing their brilliance – Higuain, you are blessed!

    Is this the team that wants to compete with Juve, Inter, Roma, Napoli and Lazio? Funny, this is just a 6th placed team nothing more.

    Time is ticking, less than a week to go. If the deficiencies in this team are not addressed then, this mercato is a flop and there won’t be much difference between Leo&Mal VS F&M. It’s funny how for 6 seasons now our central midfielder and left wing which has been our bane thus far has NOT been addressed, which ought to be the FIRST thing sorted out by the management.

    Oh well, like I normally say: if we don’t shore up that midfield and make plans for a new coach, come December we may be… Haha!

    • I agree with large parts of your statement. Except gattuso and bona bit. Both are average but indispensable at the moment. We need a playmaker for sure. Someone who runs straight in the middle of the pitch and creatively outsmarts opposite cdms and cbs – like Kaka. Yes, we need to play more pacy players like Halilovic and hopefully new additions this week. I totally agree that lack of pace and lack of creativity from midfield up has led to our downfall for past few seasons, yet has not been addressed. What I most like about this Mercato is the triangle or romagnoli and caldara and bakayoko can lead to a near unbreachable defence in our d box. What I worry is opposite attacks destroying our wings and scoring from set pieces and crosses. Rodriguez is no good. Calabria is immature and slow. I don’t know how Conti is..

  7. exchange of Silva with M Depay would had been great but we loaned him so cheaply, don’t know why……..I cant understand how can we fight with Juve, Napoli, Roma, Inter, Lazio for CL qualification without player like Depay + Rabiot……. I m also scared abt Suso too,if he doesn’t improve his form we will be suffer this season too………..dear Leo n Maldini show us some great magic….Forza Milan

    • I heard on Milannews that Leo wants to make another offer of cash with either Donna and Bonna added to the deal, and then go all out for Depay or Promes.

      To me that a good deal, but I would sacrifice Bonna as he is too selfish and mediocre. If we get SMS plus either Depay, Promes or Lozano, then automatically we have a top four team and possibly Scudetto contender. Promes has tremendous potential and would come good for us

      The only snag would be our depth, that was why it was imperative for the “grinta” to give our Premavera players more play time in the pre-season and try other formations, but no!

      He has and will be the missing link in our team, we need Conte or Rijkaard to make us go for broke!


      • I stopped reading after “possibly scuedetto contender”, same silly dream so many people here had when the fraud Chinese took over. We are years from a scudetto

  8. With our current squad Zlatan ibrahimovic will be the best or second best behind higuain. We definitely need a leader in the squad who has the heart for milan.

  9. couple of things became obvious after this game.
    * RR is no longer untouchable, having Strinic gives us a viable alternative. in 433 formation Strinic is better suited were as RR is more attacking minded lacking the defensive discipline is better suited to 352 formation.
    * Loaning Silva is smart move. Seville paid 5m loan + have option to but for 30-35m. This hedged our bet i.e. we get 5m for the loan and if he does well we recoup our money back. If he doesnt then with 1 more experience of playing regularly he will be ready to return and fight for his place at milan.
    * As much as i want to sell Bacca, its more practical to keep him for this season. We need 3 CF. Higuine is the star player but he will need to be rotated. Curtone is great but lacks experience were as Bacca has the experience and is proven 15-20 goal per season scorer. Having him for EL or against smaller teams in Serie A when we need to rest Higuine makes more sense.
    * It is obvious the experiment with Calhanglou in the mids didnt exactly go to plan because he is not as defensively compact as Jack. In saying that he is the best option as LW. This means we dont have to spend big or go for marquee LW as we also have Borini who is a solid player, his not a superstar but he has shown he can hold his own in milan jersey. If we can somehow include Berrardi in Lucatteli deal that would be nice. Given Gattuso likes to play with inverted wingers i.e. Suso being left footer cutting in from right, we can use Berrardi as LW who is right footed cutting in from the left.

    Overall, i was impressed by us. Last goal was very unlucky as that rebound could have gone anywhere but landed straight for them to score an easy header. We also had few chances and RR was to blame for the other two goals. Losing to 3 year ucl champs is not nice but gives us a lot of positives to draw from before the start of the season.

    • Berardi is a left footed right winger too. He would play in suso’s position. Bacca will create problems for us during the season. He is not willing to play 3rd choice. And have been very vocal about his preferenses to leave. Keeping such a player is not good for the dressing room etc. Love him but let him go if that is all he wants.

  10. I wonder why it’s today that you guys become aware that RR is not a solid defender. I wonder y we didn’t kick him out when clubs from England came knocking to buy him from us. He has been discovered as our weak point in defence and that’s where our opponents will be exploring most. The earlier we start giving Sirinic a chance, the better. RR has cost us a lot of embarrassing loses.



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