Bakayoko to Milan a done deal on loan with option to buy, the 23-year-old could have his medical tomorrow

Tiemoue Bakayoko celebrating during Chelsea-Qarabag at Stamford Bridge on September 12, 2017. (Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images)
Tiemoue Bakayoko celebrating during Chelsea-Qarabag at Stamford Bridge on September 12, 2017. (Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images)

Tiémoué Bakayoko will become a new Milan player very soon, he’s expected in the city this evening.

After doing a bit of a house cleaning with Nikola Kalinić, Andre Silva, Luca Antonelli and Manuel Locatelli (not yet official) leaving, Leonardo and Paolo Maldini are close to securing a new signing.

As reported by Sportmediaset and later confirmed by and Sky, an agreement has been reached between Milan and Chelsea for Bakayoko.

Bakayoko, 23, will arrive to Milan on loan with option to buy. There are different reports regarding the figures: some say it is €5m for the loan plus €30m option, while other say the option is €35m. Mediaset, meanwhile, claims the option is for €38m but makes no mention of the fee of the loan.

The Frenchman is expected in the city already tonight and could therefore have his medical with the club tomorrow. He’ll be the team’s 6th signing after Reina, Strinić, Halilović, Caldara and Higuain.


    • I really hope we get Depay. I watched Lyon games last season and I’m surprised nobody signed him yet. Depay can play as a 2nd striker or LW.

      • Haha! You are so correct. The guy is a beast! Very versatile and quick, exactly what we need so Calha can play more centrally.

        IF we add SMS to the mix, then only our team can rival Juve!

  1. Conte dont like him because his hard tackle. And he will learn a lot from Rhino, The Master of Tackle…

    Good Luck Baka…

  2. Nice. If we get a quality winger, it’ll be fine. But if we get SMS or a player of his calibre for the midfield, then a winger might not be necessary as we can push Bonaventura up for that role, thus increasing the depth for the winger department too.

    And oh, let people hate on Rino for a pre-season. I hope you all get to eat your own words when the ACTUAL season starts.

    • Rabiot rejected PSG renewal so it is possible that he might join us this summer since PSG will loose him for free next year.

      It is also reported that we are still monitoring Martial situation at Man United since his contract expires next summer as well.

      So those 2 players are potential signings. I’m just curious as to why the rumors about Depay have cooled off. I really think Depay is a must buy to be honest regardless if Bacca leaves.

      As for our preseason goes, Napoli has done worst than us as they have been thrashed a few times and they have Ancelotti.

      So there is no reason for us to get on edge about our preseason results. We have improved from a fitness level and tactical level compared to Montella.

      Last year we beat Bayern Munich and we only finish last season 1 spot better than the prior season. So I agree with you about Gattuso. Some people who are criticizing him will most likely eat their words.

      • I read that as well, it makes him a very real transfer target, I hope we can get either one of Rabiot/SMS, both of them would be huge acquisitions and just what our midfield needs, especially with the signing of Bakayoko. Where are you reading the Martial rumour, I havent seen/heard anything of it other than from peoples comments here?
        If we would sign Martial/a winger, then it would be really welcome bonus for us, but if someone like SMS/Rabiot joins, I think that we could do without a winger, at least for this transfer window, just my opinion since Bona has room to be pushed up from midfield to a winger.

        Yeah absolutely, dont see people who keep mentioning him lacking in tactics and being all about grinta. When our first eleven played Madrids first eleven, we were definitely able to keep up, although their quality was showing, so with a couple more quality acquisitions we could be a real force.
        For sure man.

        @Milan Wins, Donnarumma will never be included in that deal, even if we did Raiola would intervene and not let his prized assett go to Lazio.
        I know you are one of Rino’s biggest critics, let’s wait until AT LEAST a couple of games in the ACTUAL season to criticize him. Besides, the management would be IDIOTS if they let him go one week before the season starts. Let’s support him instead of wanting him out for no reason other than a mediocre pre-season. News flash – no matter the coach, Milan never performs well in pre-season.

        • I read it on Sky news and Republica. Sky is usually a more reliable source. So hopefully there is some truth to this. Getting Martial, Rabiot and Bakayoko would be good especially if Bacca stays.

      • With due respect to Ancelotti I have never really believed that Napoli will be better this season. They never actually have the squad capable of challenging Juve for the league, Sarri made that happen.

        The likes of Callejon would’ve been like Menez without Benitez and Sarri. Their squad was overachieving. Ancelotti will not do a bad job but Sarri’s dominance and winning rate will be difficult to match with that squad.

        I think they are still ahead of Milan and Inter but further away from Juve even without R7. They will be more or less like Roma.

    • Sorry, the only way we can acquire SMS is if we offer cash and Donna or Bonna in the deal. I will prefer Bonna as he is too inconsistent and mediocre at best.

      Leo is working on the deal presently , fingers crossed! Haha!

  3. Can’t see manu selling Martial because they can’t replace him now.hope I’m wrong good player and think SMS out of reach..rabiot more realistic depending on wage he demands,and depay would do well if we could get him.

  4. What a week we are entering. The week that we define our season in terms of personnel acquisition. Hope we finally get one game changer at last. Kudos to Leo n Maldini thus far, pls let’s put icing on the cake n wrap this Mercator up well. All dedicated fans know what’s left to go all out for from here.

  5. We will have Baka for the same price as chelsea got him from monaco according to reports loan with option to buy, how come we loan/ sell Silva for less than we bought him ? They are both flop and Milan released Antonelli for free, are we rich enough now…?

    • You’ve got a good sense of reasoning mate, I only didn’t ask because these kind of cerebral questions might turn out to be like a bashing on the already celebrated popular duo of LeoDini.
      God bless your brain.

    • We may be paying same price to Chelsea (5m loan + 35 option to buy) but I guess Chelsea will pay big part of his salary this year. Baka earns 6m a year which is difficult for us to pay. Since Chelsea will pay major part of salary we are paying the same amount wrt fees.

      This is just an assumption based on Chelsea paying baka’s salary. If no then I completely agree with your question and it makes no sense that we don’t get paid full for Silva by Sevilla.

    • They both play different positions and strikers are usually evaluated on their goal scoring exploits and assists. Andre Silva poor goals per game ratio is why his value has dropped significantly.

      Bakayoko is a defensive midfielder who is evaluated by his ball winning ratio aka his ability to win the ball in midfield and his pass completion percentage. Smh

  6. a winger and a creative midfielder will do for the season and as for gattuso all these we are on the right track other teams are ahead of us we need training and all sort should stop all we need is results before you lose your job

  7. Nice bakayoko will be good for us I know it! It’s also true that we might go for both rabiot and martial! If we manage to pull those two off this is an amazing mercato! Still with bakayoko coming in I’d totally focus on martial, I’m telling u like higuain, he will change us so much. I think 30m for martial would get him. Heck after silva I’d offer 40m

    • I just read that Rabiot rejected a renewal with PSG but are there new rumours linking him to us?? Where are you reading the Martial-rumous? Only place i’ve seen him being rumoured is in this comment section!

      • Follow AC Milan 24/7 News. It covers all newspapers around world and transfer rumours. Rossoneri blog included as well. Thats how myself and others who know about Martial rumours.

          • Ya first alfredo pedulla mentioned martial but then republica and sky both mentioned martial too. K don’t know how liable those sourced are but sky is credible. Either way hopefully it goes through!!

  8. I don’t know how it is that when another team’s flops are sold, they manage to at least get their money for the player back but we seem to always make a loss when selling players. Kalinic, Silva, Bacca and even Bonucci the examples.

    • Lmao. So true. Although the Bonu-deal might be understandable since they didnt want to let go of Caldara, and he’s young etc. André Silva was at least close to what we bought him for, and thats what Im guessing, that even if he flopped, at least he’s young and he hasn’t lost his talent in a season. This is true for both Silva and Bakayoko. Both Kalinic and Bacca are older and their numbers were declining.

  9. I honestly do not think bakayoko has become a shadow of himself at Monaco. The fault is from context imo cause all of Chelsea flopped last season including Hazard and workaholic Kante(he was below the standard he set in his first Chelsea year). For the fact that Hazard pushed for Chelsea exit with conte still in charge and surprisingly calmed as soon as conte was sacked speaks a lot and all Chelsea big players all complain about conte when he left. Imo, Bakayoko is a risk worth taking.

  10. People should always put things in perspective here please, the bashing on the pre season results wasn’t directed to the coach, it has been a clamour for a proper goal scorer, and a midfielder to stabilize the team.
    We have had a decent pre season, but the assertion was that performance wasn’t always enough, we had so many decent performances last season but no results to show, we shouldn’t talk here like we are superior fans or love the club than others.
    Even the fans who criticize irrationally always hope to eat their words eventually, every single fan here, is here for the love of Milan, I’m yet to see a fan who wants his team to fail.


    SMS too expensive? Sign Martial for the wing, bring Rabiot to play with Hakan in midfield, we might just be fine for now.

  11. if not a playmaker is signed to make our DISGUSTING midfield any better than im losing my trust in this management. Leo and Maldini might be the best signings milan made in 15 years.

    But please understand the importance of PLAYMAKER in this team. So far i just see that we are making same misstakes over again, we are talking about GK’s, defenders, central and defensive mids and strikers. But not a WORD about a creative midfielder that can support our strikers. Biglia, kessie, bonaventura are not even football players in my book.

  12. Could it be Milan will bring the french trio to the club – Bakayoko, Martial and Rabiot?

    Also I read that Milan offered 18 millions + Bacca on somekind of loan for Castillejo. Villareal rejected. Reports from GdS

    • They are asking for 25mil + Bacca which they value at 8mil so all in all 33mil, which is just offensive Bacca had better season than Castilejo who is younger so its normal for him to have a bit higher price than Bacca, but to ask for double of what is Casilejo worth (15mil), and under pay Bacca’s transfer fee, its just offensive….and i would rather keep Bacca than to deal with this kind of shamefull Villareal.

      • They are not shameless, they know what there are doing cuz they vale their players more than we value our own .. selling out young players for peanuts they they tag big price on theirs …

        Monaco winger Keita Balde Diao is all-but an Inter player after passing his medical on Monday morning, Even Modric look to join…. We need a matured and not a kid creative mid fielder with great skill and pace after acquiring Bakayoko , A versatile pacey with goal vision winger plus a fas skilled striker who can take on defenders if Bacca need to leave cuz Haguain and Cutrone seem more like a box striker.. Good news Batolacci heading back to Genoa

  13. With the current team if we can bring Depay + Rabiot+ Martial/ Promes, then we can challenge any Serie A club this year by the grace of almighty Allah……. ….Dear Leo n Maldini plz do it in quick time……Forza Milan

      • @ACTito23

        What the heck man? Zahid has the right to express himself religiously in making religious exclamations! Did he abuse you by what he said?
        You are the one who does not belong here by VIOLATING RELIGOIOUS FREEDOMS!!!!!
        Those who liked your comments are just as wrong as you.

        Sure, one can’t make religious exclamations using Alah and such, but non-religious people use religious exclamations as a curse word thus blaspheming other peoples religion without respect. I’m a Christian but I respect other peoples religions and even Atheist. It’s a real shame that anyone would like your comment.

        Zahid? Why did you apologise? You violator should apologise. Cheers for Freedom of religion and freedom for all!!

  14. I wish I could speak with Maldini or Leonardo or Ellliot himself.
    They should buy Melphis Depay. This guy is good . I tell you !

  15. I don’t know why we’re pursuing castillejo. Di marzio just reported milan offered bacca and 18m for him. Why do we need this guy he is the exact player as suso. He can’t play on the left. Only wingers I’ll consider are martial depay promes and draxler. That’s a waste of money for him

    • Before it was rumoured that they offered 8 million euros + Castillejo, and now we offer 18 million plus Bacca?
      Much rather keep Bacca than him who is average at best. As you said, Martial or someone on his level or no one imo. No reason to bother for someone who wont elevate our team.

  16. Hakan and Suso can do well in the midfielders as play makers, they are not Natural wingers, martial and depay or even promes can do better than them, getting SMS can be good but he is expensive, at least rabiot would be cheaper. We should let Bacca leave, and we get Martial and depay with higuain upfront. Suso and Hakan should be play Makers there we shall match the likes of inter, Roma, and Napoli. Milan forever.

  17. Donna
    cala/Conti Caldara. Roma Stinic/RR
    kessei./Baka Rabiot/Biglia Bona
    Suso/Martial. Higuain. Depay/ Balance

    Then we r real challenger for any team………..common dear Leo n Maldini, do it my heroes

    • So you think we’re getting Bakayoko, Rabiot, Martial and Dapay?? And that Martial will be a back up for Suso? Also, where is Hakan, our best playmaker, in this? Is he supposed to be this “Balance” guy? If so, he should be starting in the midfield instead of Jack.

      • Hakan is a versatile player,so he can be use as LW/ L mezzela/ trequartista, that’s why I mentioned him as our balancing player, Rino can use him as his wish, understand mate????

  18. In my opinion, we should get rid of these players in the following priority order due to their performance and skill limits:

    1. Donnarumma: playing the ball around his own box to repeatedly put pressure on his defenders and put Milan at risk. He seems to have no idea on how to to start an attack. Many times he passes the ball to a Milan defender only to receive it back and do it again. He never makes his presence in goal feel substantial due to his quietness and footing, even he’s very tall.. We see him making some saves but don’t forget that he actually helps the opponent team creating their shots at his goal.

    2. Montolivo: Out of date, short of physical and passing skills, running out of ideas.

    3. Rodriguez: Just above average in attacking but only knows how to pass the ball with his left leg. Many times he slows down an attacking move because he cannot use his right leg for the moment, even he has good angle to continue the play forward, he chooses to pass the ball back. His defense game is under average. Sell him to raise more cash, Strinic and Calabria can cover.

    4. Zapata, Bertolacci, and Borini: We should get rid of these 3 players for good without having to discuss why.

  19. @sheva thank God u r not part of milan management or the coach
    inter Milan are really getting stock with better players keita to inter that’s so nice

  20. Excellent! But Donnarumma’s case is quite easy to deal with. He only needs a few words and some coaching. We can’t let him go. He is our franchise player, and also the future. Experience is all he needs.



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