Milan and Sassuolo agree deal over Locatelli, the midfielder to have his medical with the Neroverdi on Monday

Manuel Locatelli before Napoli-Milan at Stadio San Paolo on November 18, 2017. (Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images)
Manuel Locatelli before Napoli-Milan at Stadio San Paolo on November 18, 2017. (Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images)

Manuel Locatelli will leave Milan and join Sassuolo, he will undergo the medical at the start of next week.

After Leonardo Bonucci, Nikola Kalinić, André Silva and Luca Antonelli, Milan are also partying ways with Manuel Locatelli.

Leonardo said in the press conference yesterday that he never wanted to let Locatelli go, but the desires of the player are a thing that needs to be considered.

And so, the end has come for Manuel’s career at Milan, which began when he was a little kid. The details of the deal are the following according to multiple sources (Di Marzio,, RadioRossonerra): Loca will join Sassuolo on a paid loan for €2m and there will be an obligation to buy for €10m + €2m in bonuses. Contrary to initial reports, there will be no buy-back clause in the contract.

Locatelli will not travel with the squad to Spain for tonight’s match with Real Madrid. He will have his medical on Monday and then sign the contract. Locatelli, 20, played 63 matches for Milan.

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Great, they sacrificed a young creative talent for a lumberjack who is suppose to act as vice Kessie

Tell me, who will cover for injury prone Biglia now?

Meanwhile players such as Montolivo, Mauri and Bertolacci are still at the club

soheil balini

You probably didn’t read the whole news!

Leonardo said in the press conference yesterday that he never wanted to let Locatelli go, but the desires of the player are a thing that needs to be considered.

The player wanted to leave. Milan is bigger than any player. If someone wants to leave. Let him leave.

+ He is not talented enough to be at Milan. At least right now. Of course I can say the same thing about Biglia


First locatelli is overrated ,secondly when you think he is improving he deline very rough and always losses balance with the ball get booked often whenever he plays.What many of us should understand is that Loenardo never wanted to sell him but it was the other way round he wanted to leave the club and you can’t hold a player against his will b/cos he is not satisfield with his playing time which i get but it has also come down that he is not part of rossoneri”s future,we just have to move on lets dream big mind us that… Read more »


@SOHEIL I agree with you. Locatelli is just about average. He is not cut out for top teams. He had two seasons and didn’t show anything great. So let him leave in peace and find some playing time. Some guys here cribbing about players like cristante, SES, Verdi etc. Well to be honest, none of them are world class players. The only one I regret is aubamayeng. World class talents are players like mbappe, asensio, dembele. Do you think locatelli or any of our youngsters are at there level? So accept the fact that all these players were mediocre, and… Read more »


Locatelli was disapointing AGAIN in preseason, he never convinced me that he can progress. Mauri is a player treated unfair, he is a fairly good player who never gets his chances to play.


He wanted to go himself
If a player chooses to leave what can you do? I’d like to know what the buy back is though
Its kind of strange though to leave a club like ours for there’s when you have as much potential as what he has and not opt for a loan instead to get your playing time, I’m pretty sure there’s lots of clubs he could have been loaned to even clubs from abroad


He wanted to go because he did not have the assurances that he will get the playing time to prove himself.
And with Baka it would be even worse.
Now we will be denied of his awesome understanding with Cutrone and those delightful probing passes.
Sad day.


I think there is a buy back in the transfer terms


Milan management do not know what they want ,am so disappointed with this arrangement and guess soon we will hire the services of an aging midfielder to deputise biglia,after the shining era days of berlusconi Milan tend not to have trust in their youth products no more and most of them turn out special for other clubs and I guarantee milanistas that locatelli will turn out a good player to end up in juventus shirt in years to come,we r sending out our young stars to make way for aging players ,we r going back to those days wen Milan… Read more »

Sakiru Tijani

I just have the feeling that Bonucci will be the greatest loser in all this transfer deals cos Juve might still not win CL, which is his target. However with the transition in Milan, hopefully we can win it easily!!!


@tijani believe me either on paper or in the field(reality)juventus are more in a better position of winning the cl than we,Milan need time,direction and concentration to get to where juve is standing right now,and that’s y am not happy with selling of locatelli ,people r saying he wanted to go ,yes but all the kid needed was assurance and defined destiny which am sure he was not getting,he shud have been assured that montolivo is going out so that he will have better chances in the field ,maybe borini is assumed to deputise biglia since he is jack of… Read more »

Sakiru Tijani

@ Ruskin! Yeah you’re right about Juve’s present strength but believe me Ronaldo won’t just start doing magic in the série A and unfortunately they’ve sold out their most reliable striker to Milan. All in all we’re all proposing and imagining but…..fingers crossed


Relax…what if the exit of Loca, Silva or perhaps Suso will bring SMS to us…? Would that be great…? Leonardo & Paolo will work the magic…Finger crossed


Will SMS alone do the job? You can continue to sell all your promising talents because you want to hire SMS or Bakayoko. I’m beginning to hate this whole idea of Leonardo and Maldini.


thank u @ cage u seem to be the only one that understand what the management are doing,how can u be selling our young strong prospect to bring in one season wonders on loan,most people are rating me bad cos we say the truth,maldini or Leonardo ,I just hope they don’t end up disappointing most of u here worse than mirabelli and fasobelli ,we are only trimming the team to bring in nobody or bring in players worse than the ones we sold ,like a sell that most of us still regrets till now most recent one is kucka,can still… Read more »


@Milandoank. do We Really Have To Get Sms At The Expense Of Shipping Out All Our Youngsters? He Alone Cannot Guarantee Us cl So We Gotta Take Things Easy And Try Build A Team With Great Cohesion, Not Around One Or Two Players.


The new Bryan Cristante


We got bonaventura instead of him, don’t be disheartened..


Not all people understand sarcasm, watch out for replys


As I said, this will be a big mistake! I will under – respect Leo-Maldini and all Milan’s manager to do this!


i wish this is good for us and his future , and he will come back with strong


Loca has been our wonderkid and I will angry and give them suck if someone don’t agree with me! F**ck off all ok with that!


Then go support Sassuolo then..he is not a next Pirlo for sure and he also want to leave himself as Leo already said he want to keep him but again there was no point for keeping a player who doesnt want to stay.and since you using bad words for people who disagree with you show how immature fool you are.

The Cunt

You want to give them suck?

“Sucky sucky 5 dollah”!!



Somebody are loudly talk about SMS, just look at yourself, do you have enough money to buy him? Laugh a lot, ACM have a lot of unrealistic people who imagine they are Milanisti, f**cking tem all, no brain, like somebody selling Loca!


So much hype for a kid still developing, this deal will do him a lots of good and most definitely Milan with a buy back clause.

No doubt this boy is a huge talent but he needs to play consistently and be discovered. The register role might not be his breakthrough role as we all thought in case of Cristante who struggled for years under diff managers playing as a register until Gasperini discovered him, time will tell Loca’s role and how he develops from there.

I wish Locatelli all the best now and in future.

El pharaoh

Just cause he’s Italian all this hype he ain’t the next pirlo seriously enough with hype he’s a good back up that’s it we are aiming for the top and back in the day he wouldn’t even clean the locker room for the legends we have we are done with mediocre players leo and Maldini are washing and cleansing all the junk from the club one by one those who wanna stay deserve to stay he didn’t want to and that’s it good luck on your new adventure and now it’s time to move on


@Elpharaoh where a hell did you come from ,you are really a milansita kudos. Many of us fail to understand that most of our youth sector where not even up for graduation yet they where all force to the senior team because belursconi refuse to spend .so i think loca’s exit is a way forward.for us to redefine what milan stands for this new management is trying hard to do that is either you accept your role or get lost . more over loca was overatted because he is italian.


Will SMS alone do the job? You can continue to sell all your promising talents because you want to hire SMS or Bakayoko. I’m beginning to hate this whole idea of Leonardo and Maldini.

The Cunt

Why don’t you cry about it?


Last report suggest it will be a loan with obligation to buy, no buy back clause


A lot of angry people here today :). Which part of “he, Locatelli, wanted to leave”, you didn’t understand? Some of you also bring the argument that while we sell Loca, we still have on our roster Montolivo, Bertolacci, etc. Have you asked yourselfs who wants them?


Everybody know the club can easily mutual terminate their cotracts, like Antomelli! I’m angrying with club’s mistake, they have offloaded a lot of Privamera talents, and almost of them were continental or world class players! In the past we had much elite players, but how about now? Who can tell me why we cannot afford to buy back Aubameyang, Cristante, Verdi…? Dare anybody can tell me the reason why Biglia is better than Cristante, Bernard is better than Verdi, Higuain is better than Aumabeyang? Most of us know our club have no money enough, but selling Loca for money is… Read more »


the guy wanted to leave. his wishes must be respected. keeping fingers crossed n hoping for some signings to happen in the coming days. forza Milan


a player like locatelli only needs assurance and hope @ Benny which he never got and trust me gattuso is missing the point and being to loyal to yes sir so as not to get fired which will happen should we end below six position on the table


sigh..after lot of praising Leo and Maldini now people start bitching here and there, Locatelli want the move himself as Leo already said it that he want to keep him, so tell me whats the point of keeping a player that doesnt have the passion to play for us anymore?.Loca want to play more frequently and he dun have the guts to compete for his position and instead choosing to leave for a small club so let him be if thats what he want.

El pharaoh

@gallo I appreciate that. I’ve been a Milan fan since I was a kid I want the best for my beloved club as do we all. Each of us has our presences on fav players and who we should sign we all want the Ac Milan of old in this new era new generation it’s all about quick results big summer signings but it doesn’t work like that we are all family we bleed Rossonero I will never ever change clubs or support another team I may cheer for them in Europe as I do with inter and juve for… Read more »

Martin Bernhard

If the rumours are true that there wont be at minimum a buyback clause this deal is freaking horrible. I wouid be ok with a sale with a low buyback clause so he can develope further and come back later but to loan him out for two mil and and an obligation to buy set at ten is unacceptable in my book. If it has to be a sale with no buyback i wouldnt sell him for less than 25 and still that wouldnt be very pleasing for me to behold. He has a contract untill 2020 and regardless of… Read more »


Well said. One of only a couple of sensible comments on here.

Martin Bernhard

Thanks dejan10, Besides of the lowsy Price we are about to sell him for it pretty much comes Down to the eye of the beholder but glad you can see the issues as well. Ive been a milanista for around 30 years and followed the Club in good and bad times but it seems like a Glaring and recouring issue of the Club that we doesnt nuture our talent enough or simply sell them too cheap. I wanted us to keep most of the players that currently is blossoming in other Clubs so i cant really make sense of this… Read more »


Exactly. I think this is a big mistake, and like you say in a few years he’ll probably be the main man at Juventus and Italy and all these Milan fans will be saying “why did we let him go?”

Martin Bernhard

Yeah i agree people tends to let themselfs get carried away by the breeze that flows in the media without much of a view of the bigger Picture. I couldnt agree more and im sure this will happen sooner than later in locatellis case. Frankly i wouldnt be too surprised if he allready gets his internationall call-up this fall after playing a few games for Sassuolo and the same people WHO right now is deeming him too lightweight will indeed complain why we let him go.


Very bad deal. He wanted to leave but you can still put a buy back clause, people change there mind all the time (exp.Bonuci), so if he develops good you can get him back cheep. Like this you get nothing even the transfer fee will be next year(10mil) so we get only 2mil this summer, in fact same as Silva to Sevila we get only 5mil this year. So how are we going to rise money to get a good winger with this kind of deals, plus we are letting go very talented players. The transfer for Caldara was ok,… Read more »

Milan no 1

Honestly I don’t understand people acting like a cry baby on this blog saying we allowing our youngster to leave the club. Mind you, we are trying to get back to play champions league and all our priority now is class and experience players needed to get us there. If our youngster turn out to be good in future, we’ll be at a better position financially to acquire them back trust me. Leonard and Maldini are creating a new brand for the club, we can’t attract class with youth team or someone who’s still trying to build their career. Look… Read more »


If he wanted to leave himself, then fine, what to do, what sucks is that there isn’t a buy-back clause. It feels like it’s only Juve and Roma who have the power/are smart enough to do so. Dont know why we never do this.
Especially if the fact that “we want to keep him” is true. A buy-back clause or a dry loan would show that we actually do still want him and believe in him.


I read a report about a month ago or so when the rumors of loca to Sassuolo first started, that loca wanted a permanent transfer and was iffy about a buyback. I’m not sure if that’s true and I’m also not sure why a player wouldn’t want a buyback and what the downside is for them, but I’m sure Leo will explain himself when he talks at the next press conference and we might get
more clarity.


SMS and Bakayoko are one season wonders.
Locatelli in the most promising talent in the universe.
What a comment section , wow ! Just wow…


We have enough youngsters in the team .conti,crotone,ramagnoli,suso caldara,kessie,hakan,Donarumma. Eight players below 25 playing for first team and locatelli is way below their level ,some of u even wanted suso sold but complaining about locatelli because he’s Italian. He’s just below average nothing special so let’s move on

Martin Bernhard

If he was below average and not up to the standards of the Club howcome didnt we want to sell him to begin with ??? fine he is getting sold because milan doesnt want to keep players against their will thats their choice but to sell him at this cost (2mil loan + 10 mil obligated sale) is preposterous in nowadays crazy inflated market. Sassuolo will benefit of our mistake mark my Word in a short time maybe even in less than a years time he will get his international debut and then you can quickly add 5 mil to… Read more »


Well said mate, agree!
Selling him is one thing, but to not add a buy-back clause… looks like we never learn, no matter the management.

Martin Bernhard

Thanks Milanista121 yeah its quite surprising and disapointing that a buyback clause hasnt been inserted. At this Price and without any buyback clause we should atleast have inserted a 50% of any future deals that exceed the Price they are about to pay. Atleast in that scenario we would get compensated in a more fair manner. If we came asking for a player like for example Duncan we would be forced to pay more than what they are about to dish over to us and no one can persuade me that he is a bigger talent with more potential on… Read more »


Milan management has always be shit shit shit.. We are found of giving our prospect out cheaply and invest heavily on other clubs prospect.. What is so special bout Caldara juve value him for 40m but we sold Cristante for cheap Pategna for cheap Locatelli for peanuts there all promising and doing well in their present clubs after leaving Milan , i can tell we dont respect out youth team or best still have no plans for them anymore. I am very sure if Simic, Zanoletta Locatelli are from the Likes of Atalanta, Genoa Torino , Juventus youth team they… Read more »


Even if it’s his desire to leave put in a buy back clause at the very least! I always had a feeling he’d leave but I wish he hasn’t. If it ships wish though what CN you do, still would have put in that buy back clause.

So today antonelli locatelli Silva and most likely Montolivo have left so what f is up their sleeves? Cause I definitely don’t agree with Silva and locatelli although a lot of salary has been removed.

Even if bakayoko comes in we still need a midfielder.


And by the way I heard a rumour that milan haven’t given up on milinkovic savic and are trying to sell off either suso or donnarumma to raise funds and then to offer them huge cash plus bonaventura… If that’s the way we have tk do it then that’s so wrong. Why give up two players in pivotal roles just to get him. It feels like we’re trying to get rid of all our players just to bring him in which I don’t agree with.. If that were the case him bakayoko and two wingers would have to come in


I can see what Leonardo is trying to do with the club. He is trying to get rid of the bench players that weren’t good enough to start last season and replace them one by one with first team starters. The first team starters we had last season are likely to become bench players while we will have world class players as our starters. Higuain, Caldara and Bakayoko is a good start with the limitations we have currently but still feel we need a winger and maybe another good midfielder before the window closes.


Buy back clause would have been preferable, incase he turns out to be a player above many people expectations; which would be just out luck from the past few seasons. Other teams seen to be able to insert these when they please. I am not saying he will turn out to be that kind of player, however, this is something we should be doing more often.

I suppose in the grand scheme, the money we are getting is quite a decent offer, though.


Milan will not be able to give him the game time he needs to improve. Keeping him as a sub will not do him better. It is better for Locatteli to move on to smaller team where he can prove himself. Milan should have inserted a buy-back option. But even if they inserted a buy-back option; is one year enough for Locatelli to improve?! Locatelli needs minimum three years to reach his potential, AC Milan can’t offered it at this point.


No buy back clause, I’ve just read that, disapointed.
We will never have legendaries like Maldini and Albertini since the club continues selling blood for some f*cking money!


If gattuso had actually played him last season he would’ve wanted to stay. Now we’ve gone and pulled yet another cristante, darmian, auba… well done gattuso.


Meanwhile Montolivo is still a Milan player.

Calm down

Now everyone has an opinion on how good/bad Loca is, most are biased but the fact is that he’s generally regarded as a top prospect and his inability in our eyes to do well for Milan can’t change that. Personally I have trust in the player’s potentials but however don’t think he’s done that well to be given guarantees of that much playing time needed for an ideal growth. I believe he’s not happy with being a vise Biglia and I think it’d be difficult to find him a better squad role than that. I quite like the idea of… Read more »


Big mistake , Locatelli got squeezed out by biglia arriving last season and lost all confidence , he showed his potential with 2 screamers & 1 being a match winner v juve the season before . And mistake getting rid of Silva who just scored a match winner at the death last week v Barca. We have only really signed Higuain so far as bonucci Caldara was a like for like swap. We seem to be getting rid of to many players and not really gaining much in return. Bakayoko warmed benches last season and is not a proven champion… Read more »

Carlo Gambino

Forza Milan!!! Forza Milan!!!
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