Reports: Sevilla seriously interested in signing André Silva, the Portuguese could leave on loan with option to buy

André Silva during training in the USA. (
André Silva during training in the USA. (

The future of André Silva is far from Milan as talks are ongoing between Milan and Sevilla for the striker.

Nikola Kalinić was sold to Atletico Madrid yesterday and André Silva could soon follow him to La Liga as Sevilla are interested in signing the 22-year-old.

MARCA reported last night that Sevilla and Milan had agreed a €20m for Silva, while AS claimed that a loan deal had been agreed. However, according to Gianluca Di Marzio of Sky, while the interest is very real and a €20m offer has been made by the Rojiblancos, there is still no economical agreement between the sides.

Last year Milan made an important investment in Silva, making him one of the most expensive players in the history of the club due to his €38m price-tag. But the forward struggled to adapt in Italy and was usually second or third choice behind Patrick Cutrone and Kalinić.

At the moment the parties are far, but Silva, Di Marzio says, is pushing for a move to Sevilla and therefore a deal could be made this summer. According to RadioRossonera’s Pietro Balzano Prota, the likely formula at the moment appears to be that of a loan + option rather than permanent sale. The transfer market ends on August 17 at 20:00 CEST, but Milan would still be able to sell to clubs where the mercato is still open even after this date. The La Liga window is open until August 31.

Should André leave, Rino Gattuso would only have Gonzalo Higuain and Cutrone for the striker position (which Fabio Borini can also cover), as Carlos Bacca is unlikely to stay at the club too.

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AC Milan Lover

Why are we selling Silva? Even Edin Dzeko had flopped in his first year at Roma … We could atleast play him one more year and then take a call next year

El pharaoh

Swap nzonzi and done deal


And in your mind, our third striker would be….?




Haha yeah and he will deffo score 20+ goals each season easy xD


Show me a 40m rated third striker in another team playing in EL.





Puang Machink

He have very limited playing time. Loan to sevilla maybe can boost his self confidence. The problem is, 2 striker for league, coppa and europe is too risky.
Pushing Bacca to stay is not a good option, regarding to his willing to play in spain. But he is profesional. Always trying to give his best… Let see, hope Leo have other option


Our third striker would most likely be Bacca, if Silva goes, it simply means Bacca stays.
I have mixed feelings over this deal though, but that lad just keep struggling, the potential is there, but I doubt if Italian football is a good fit for him, wether he goes or stays, I wish him luck cos I really like him.


If Silva go’s which is more than likely as Gianluca Di Marzio is a pretty good source then I’d expect a quality signing to be made to replace him as I can’t see Bacca staying either
Leonardo & Maldini will have a very difficult job in finding another striker but maybe its a serious midfielder they have up there sleeves? SMS anyone???


A loan to Galatasaray (since they were intrested) would’ve been better , I doubt he’ll have enough play time in Sevilla ! For third striker , i’d rather have Tsadjout over Bacca , Bacca was complaining when Montella subs him off at 80′ so how do you think he’ll accept to be 3rd striker ? And we need those millions we’ll get from his sale. Selling silva for 20 would be a theft , a loan is fair enough , even if it’s for 2 years. If Tsadjout isn’t our 3rd striker , then i’d rather see him go on… Read more »


Off topic,
But I think I like the way Leo and co handled the Bakayoko deal by pulling out, Chelsea is more desperate to offload him especially now that they have Kovacic, so they will now have to pay part of his wages.
I really think that was a smart move.
Will the Martial rumour turn reality?
For sure we need a winger and a game changing midfielder.

Mathijs Van Sloun

LeoDini wants Martial from ManUtd. Go for it!!!! If Martial comes, I think Silva would be sold. Bacca too but LeoDini will find something out. In these 2 I have confidence


Good thing about Martial would be that we would both have another striker – in case both Bacca and Silva leaves – and someone who can play out on the wing, all in one! Doubt they will let him go now though since they dont have a replacement…


First manouvers from Leo were genious, getting Higuain and Caldara at the expense of false captain Bonucci + 18 millions

These next steps are totally unlogical to me. They consider selling Suso and Silva when we are desperate for the wingers. Even if Rino decides to change formation and play 4312 we don’t have enough strikers. If he decides to use 4321 the christmas tree we don’t have enough playmakers.

Nothing makes sense at this stage


I think we will continue with the 4-3-3. We will capture a left winger. For the sale of suso kalanic and Silva, I think we will pounce on Martial(or someone of his status) for left wing and Castillejo swap for Bacca. If it works out we will have one sharp attack. Martial-Higuain-Castillejo

Baresis Dream

Silva could definitely go for the right price, he is devalued by the day. He has shown anything yet to justify his price, or him being here. Simple as that.

But selling Suso doesn’t make sense at all, I agree. Rino already said he wants to stick with a 4-3-3, and Suso has been outmr most consistent attacker for last couple of seasons. We should keep Suso for his talent, and for the sake of continuity; we can’t be swapping entire starting lineups every season.




According to Leo he will stay. Suso is a very good player. With a consistant force like Hiugain in the center, Suso will be more consistent.


According to reports Sevilla offering 20 millions for Silva who could move on a permanent basis.

It is also reported Milan only payed Porto 22 millions instead of 38 millions.

Also, his shirt was removed already from online store.


Nzonzi or biglia you guys choose bigli lol as if you wouldn’t trade him for a player like him but hey what do I know all of you complain about our mid and yet you don’t like nzonzi haha jokers you are


Don’t you people understand the puzzle, we need money and so we have to sell before we buy, especially considering ffp. So we are trying to get rid of players that are surplus or I say replaceable, in the likes of Silva and Locatelli. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Bear in mind that we are now gunning for the big dogs in the game, no more mediocre players.. This big players cost alot of money. It’s just sad that we had to wait a long time for the Uefa verdict to be passed before we could make moves.. Now… Read more »

Mathijs Van Sloun

Spencer you make senser.

El pharaoh

Martial will come he ain’t gonna be on the bench it will be a loan with option to buy but will be outright just for ffp reasons. And a class midfielder will arrive and a striker pato will come as a back up leo knows what he’s doing sell now buy word class players make the cl we are good


What makes you so sure of this? Any sources or just an incredible sixth sense?


I don’t like this at all… Is Cutrone a better striker than Silva? What is wrong in giving this guy another chance. I totally don’t understand. Pissed with this news

The Cunt

You need a tissue?


Higuain won’t be able to make miracles happen without a playmaker or a decent midfield.
We should hang on to Silva… he has shown potential he’s just lacking confidence.
Locatelli has shown he can be a potential match winner with a couple of great strikes, he also is lacking confidence from limited game time ,it was a mistake to buy biglia which has forced Locatelli out.
We payed to much for mediocre players last season


I suggest that they should sell Bacca n let Silva stay. Silva is younger than Bacca and he has all the qualities to climb to the peak.. Gattuso should give the guy playing chance…look at Dzeko when he didn’t perform for his first season Roma didn’t sack or sell him but instead they believed in him and now he is delivering.. it’s the same thing that will happen to Andre Silva.. Milan should keep him n give him a playing this season and they will see how the lad will prove them wrong by scoring and creating chances


Yes Dzeko is a good example, but also remember that Dzeko was already a proven goal scorer before. Golden boot in Bundesliga I believe, and scored some important goals for Man City.


@ cage you are right. I second you. Andre has the speed, pace, shot, dashing, creativity and the techniques. He can deliver very well. Milan should give him the chance. Milan always make this mistake of letting go important players when they in their later part of development.. it’s the same thing they did to El-sharawy, Auba. etc they should look afar.. this Higuain is too old to deliver what Milan needs..


Gazzetta Dello Sport are writing that Silva will leave on loan with option to buy for 38 million. Would be nice to recoup that sum tbh.
Reports in Germany are talking of a medical for Draxler, but that we are far from reaching an agreement with PSG atm. Dont know how that works out lmao.


Where did this draxler news come from? A couple days ago he said no himself and now there’s medicals!?


Read it on, it’s very contradicting though as the article says that reports in Germany are saying that he is scheduled for a medical or something, although the two clubs are still far from reaching an agreement. Doesnt make any sense haha.
Leonardo said today though that neither SMS or Draxler would join… Di Marzio says we’ve made inquiries for Quincy Promes. We’ll see what happens, I’ll still stay cautiously optimistic though!


Silva is only lacking confidence. There’s so much pressure on him because he’s not been given enough playing time to prove himself. What makes it worse is that, Gattuso simply can’t deal with the pressure on himself, and help Silva regain his confidence by giving him enough playing time. He helped Cutrone in that regard, why not Silva. 4-4-2 seems to favor Silva. Again, no matter how good your attackers are, you can’t have a good possession of the ball and create scoring chances without excellent midfielders. The likes of Mediocre Kessie who only runs like a headless chicken aren’t… Read more »


That doesn’t make sense. Gattuso can’t handle the pressure? Gennaro is a Worldcup and two times Championsleague winner and had stations as coach where he was much more in trouble than now where he is back at home with good old friends behind him.
And if the pressure hinders him to develop the best out of Silva, why he got it out of Cutrone?

BTW your opinion about Kessie is so far from reality that it would take me too much energy to correct you and quite probably the others here around too.


I hope we won’t walk the path of ManU-Pogba , sold for 800 thousands , re bought for 80 millions. Wonder why there’s so much hate on kessie ! Yes , he has an awful final touch , but his moves are good , he wins physical duels , and he showed some great performances ex.Roma , without mentioning the fact that he played about 58 games or so last season !! While Locatelli is praised as the new Pirlo when his last great game was ages ago , tvey are both young , so why should Kessie leave while… Read more »


Wonder why there’s so much hate on kessie ! Yes , he has an awful final touch , but his moves are good , he wins physical duels , and he showed some great performances ex.Roma , without mentioning the fact that he played about 58 games or so last season !! While Locatelli is praised as the new Pirlo when his last great game was ages ago , tvey are both young , so why should Kessie leave while Loca should have more play time ? I believe Loca should go on loan , and Kessie will either be… Read more »


Guys, think objectively about this. Villareal are trying to be oversmart with us regarding Bacca, they know we need to offload him so keep submitting sub par offers & our window closes before theirs so they are thinking they can force our hands. This thing with Silva might just be a smokescreen (it could just be a dry loan with no option instead of the 20m being spoken about) as if we sell Silva we could simply keep Bacca as the 3rd/2nd choice. And if we do actually sell Silva, his proceeds could help us get a great player for… Read more »


I think many have forgotten Silva was our best striker in Europa where he start most of the matches and score in almost every match until Gattuso came benching him in Europa games while he had less playing time in the League under Montella as he always switch formations and starting line up in every matches which i think affected him in scoring in the League .. Scoring two important goal toward the end of the season is enough to be given a chance next season if he can find his scoring boot back .. His sales will only leave… Read more »


It’s strange no matter how you look at it , all our strikers were underperforming , even cutrone wasn’t that good , but still Silva was the only one who’ve been benched all season long , even after he scored or performed very well ( Roma ) Kalinic was always chosen ahead of him for NO reason , he was awful on the pitch and bitching outside in trainings , was Silva worse than this to not deserve any chances even on the preseason games or already won games ?


I heard that we got 15M in Kalinic, now we have to earn 15M more to balance our sheet and avoid FFP rules.
It’s not easy to offload mediocore players with highly wages, so I hope Leo-Maldini will do the best job. Somebody say too much about SMS, Martial, Draxler…but we must be pratical!
God bless AC Milan!


Where did you hear about the 15m more? We paid 25m for 5 yr contract (including loan). His ffp value this year was at 20m, we sold him for 15 + free his salary of about 6.5m gross. No ffp loss here.


if Silva go & Bacca also leaving, so who’ll be our 3rd striker??? (please don’t say Borini)…
with many game this season it’s risky to have only 2 striker… hope Silva & Locatelli stay, but if they wanna more play time we should send them as loan not sell…
i don’t want us end-up sign player such Matri/Pazzini/Boriello…
i’ll pick Maldini rather than them…


having a important player as 3rd choice can make more damage then it helps. Its how you create a bad apple in the dressing room.


Suso and his agent were in Casa Milan for a meeting with Leo and Paolo

They left the HQ without any statement. Hope this doesn’t mean Suso’s leaving???

Locatelli, Donna, Suso are the players Milan could sell in order to show profit and boost their FFP status since they came through youth ranks or were brought on free…

Martin Bernhard

asuming that there is truth to the story that we are about to make a deal with villareal cf in regard of bacca for Castillejo id be perfectly fine with us striking a deal where suso moves to rome for 40 mil + elsharaawy or 55-60 mil instead. Combine that with us potentially striking a favourable deal for Quincy Promes WHO is a two footed winger WHO can play on both sides we would be well set on the wings and still have some Cash for the mecato. On the other hand if suso wants to stay im also fine… Read more »

Coach Seedorf

Hmmmm, I thought you all wanted Suso to leave towards the end of last season??? Calling him slow and all sorts of names. I seriously hope we dont sell Suso or Silva. At worst, loan Silva out and bring him back next season. Playing next to Higuane or as a sub to him will surely help his career path too. If we have to sell anyone, it should be Donna. I’m personally tired of all the circus with him and selling him will free up 6mil in wages from our books as well. Does Raiola not have anymore suitors for… Read more »


Why do you think that Gigio’s heart isn’t filled with red and black blood? Because of the stories in the press about him? Because of the urging of his agent to close a lucrative deal last year? They just did their job and wanted to earn some money out of Donnarumma’s fame. A machinery which couldn’t be controlled, especially with the old contract situation Donnarumma was in before. Outcome – besides interests and offers from topclubs – he is still with us. Even after this transfer window when Real Madrid, Chelsea, Liverpool, PSG and also Barca were all set to… Read more »

Martin Bernhard

Silva really hasnt convinced me of anything yet neither for milan or any of the senior teams he has played for untill now. Sure he has some teqnique and potential but thats not a guarantee for anything. As of yet 90% of all of his goals whether its been milans Europea League goals or those for Portugal has pretty much beeen against subpar teams that has the level of serie b-c teams. Besides of that i really detest Young players infatuated with themselfs and their social media accounts instead of actually doing what they are paid to do. On the… Read more »


I would keep Silva. He deserves another chance with his limited game time lasg year, villareal have come in and offered bacca for castillejo…. no to that. He is similar to suso and I’d rather suso stay. Get some money for bacca so it looks better for ffp. Also heard we’re interested in quincy promes. But can’t sell all our strikers n be left with higuain and cutrone. For back up and tactical purposes u need 3. Antonelli seems to be leaving too. Still need that cm.


Btw to bonuccis comments. I hope he gets beat time and again unless he still needs old barzaghli to bail him out. Milan better beat them this year


What did he say mate?


Just talking about the milan project and his time as captain and he said ‘we all how that went’ and that he needed to go to a winning team. Nothing bad, but he just bothers me, a true professional would thank the club he played for even if it was for little time instead the rat bad mouths and then sucks up to juve because of what he did to them

Mathijs Van Sloun

30 Silva
15 Kalinic
40 Suso
15 Locatelli
12 Bacca

35 still in pocket from Elliott

147 total to spend

I expect the following will arrive

Draxler or Martial
Bakayoko or SMS

Promes is more a good backup than an added value, so hope this goes over asap


What do you guys think about Douglas Luiz on loan from manchester city since he didnt get his work permit from FA.. i think i prefer him over Bakayoko, that kid is class


Ok, Leonardo just stated in a press conference that Suso is not for sale. Phew! What a relief.

Also we are still working on signing Bakayoko for this season – loan with an option to buy.

Rumors are spreading that Milan also want Quincy Promes. This guy is amazing. He scores a lot of goals too. L

Bacca might also stay if the Villarreal deal falls through. Don’t know if that means Castillejo will no longer be considered or if we still still go for another striker.


We are not selling but some of them will go on loan so they can get more playing time and experience.