Negotiations between Milan and Sassuolo for Locatelli have reopened, the player would like more space

Manuel Locatelli during training at Milanello. (
Manuel Locatelli during training at Milanello. (

Manuel Locatelli may be leaving after all as talks are said to have restarted between Milan and Sassuolo.

When Elliott arrived in Milan, they decided to block the sale of Locatelli but things seem to have changed in the last days, as according to Gianluca Di Marzio, the Rossoneri have reopened talks for the midfielder with Sassuolo.

Di Marzio claims that Locatelli would like to leave Milan in order to find more space and the team of De Zerbi, who was already close to taking the Rossoneri youth product earlier this summer, still represents a good destination in that sense.

There could be more developments today in this regard. Meanwhile, Alfredo Pedullà reports that Riccardo Montolivo is out of the Milan project and they are working on finding a solution for him.

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So locatelli is leaving, mauri is leaving, Montolivo is leaving, who’s going to bakup Biglia? Is this a sign of another addition to the midfield?


Bakayoko will be main CDM. Biglia will be sub or will be used in Savic deal. Selling Locatelli, Bacca, Kalinic will bring a lot of money for Savic’s deal.

Baresis Dream

Dude, there’s no SMS deal, get over it. We can’t pull off another Higuain (or can we?)

Biglia and Bakayoko quite different, though both CDMs naturally. Biglia more technical and superb long passes, Bakayoko more physical, and better at defense.

I would probably start with Biglia at the beginning just in case he gets back to his old self. Bakayoko can sub both Kessie and Biglia, but Biglia can only play as a CM.


All three sales would not even be close to half of the fee for SMS… not really “alot of money”


I don’t think Milan is the right place for him to develop, he was good in his breakout season but since then he’s been going backwards since. Hopefully we keep a buyback option. This makes me really disappointed we didn’t sign Badelj, he would’ve been perfect rotating with Biglia, he’s arguably even the better player. I guess this means Montolivo is staying, and although he had a decent season last year, I think we had the chance to have a much better backup and we let it slip. I don’t know if this is on Mirabelli or Leonardo, but either… Read more »

Jetnor Muhaj



@ak are you OK? Everything is going in the right direction for now. Top notch deals well within the confines of financial fair fucking play.


Selling him outright is wrong. Selling him with a buy-back clause, I can dig that. Loaning him out – the best choice for us.


All of us have been studied a lot when club offloaded young talents in the past with cheap price! So I think if Loca want more match times, a dry loan will be good for all. Pls don’t make more wrong decision!

Nba Monday

I think the best option to loan him rather than selling him


Locatelli development is puzzling to me. Every since he broke into the senior team his performance has been inconsistent

Sometimes he looks like he’s making progress and at other times he looks clumsy.

Milan have better players in their youth team that can offer more than Locatelli. We should loan him out to Atalanta and let Gasperini work on him.

At Sassuolo he might get benched and end up being another promising talent that never made it.


Will be a huge mistake to sell him.
Biglia-Loca rotating for the heart of the midfield trio is perfect for this season.
Bakayoko might not come. And even if he comes, he can have another horrible season.
Loca is the best choice. Just needs regular playtime and he can have that in Milan. Biglia can barely play 55-60 mins.


I always knew locatelli wanted to leave for more game time but I’m surprised this year… I feel he’d get way more minutes this year especially that Montolivo is leaving. I wonder if he leaves on loan or permanently. If the latter, definitely need a buy back clause.


selling locatelli and montolivo simply implies that the manager wants to stick with his preferred 4-3-3 formation instead of the proposed 4-2-3-1 formation ,bakayoko will serve as a sub for biglia and kessie but trust me Milan wud have been better with the later formation
conti romagnoli caldara ric rod
kessie bakayoko
suso. calhanoglu. Bonaventura
just imagine the limit to this squad


Limits? Easy.
Conti, Kessie, Bakayoko, Calhanoglu


now put Savic instead of Chalhanoglu in the center and Chalha on the left instead of Bona

Baresis Dream

From my point of view we have been mostly playing 4-2-3-1. Kiesse stays back for most of the matches, while Jack is way more forward. Hakan is more of a wide midfielder, rarely in the box, and even Suso often does midfield roles.

In defense our midfield is usually an upsidedown triangle like in a typical 4-3-3, so maybe that’s why everyone thinks of this as a 4-3-3.

Nathaniel Camilleri

Underperformed and outshined by Mauri, from all people (who still deep down I believe he could be a good box to box mid, should be loaned out for 2 seasons with Parma since he joined us from them) Loca should be sold ONLY with a buy back clause (loaning him could mean that Sassuolo will probably underuse him and play with what they have. Please bring back Kucka!


Just sell him already. He is not performing well. He has had enough chances. At his very best he will be another Ambrosini and we can easily get another one of those! Instead, we need a physically strong defensive midfielder which we can have in Bakayoko. Plus, Bakayoko can participate in attacks while Locatelli can’t even pass the ball accurately which kills the team’s movement forward.


You’re severely underestimating Ambrosini by saying that.

Baresis Dream

I think he could of stayed and provide good backup. But if wants to leave, well … In anycase, and I know this is an unpopular opinion, apart from Donna I haven’t seen any real world class potential in any of our youngsters. This isn’t saying that Calabria, Cutrone, or Loca won’t become superstars, but only that I’m not nearly convinced on any of them. Cutrone had a good first season, but can he consistently score 20-25 seria a goals in a few years? Calabria still inconsistent in defense (but has beautiful crosses), and Loca not nearly dominating enough at… Read more »


I’m sure Milan will have a buy back option if sold (as Loca wants). Like i always say, this boy needs to go elsewhere and be discovered. Remember how we used to think Cristante would be another Pirlo? He struggled for years under different managers who tried to fit him into that registar role. It took Gasperini at Alatanta to finally discover him and that is exactly what Loca needs, he needs a manager who would naturally discover what role is best for his qualities. Honestly, Gasperini would have been best option as value of most young talented kids under… Read more »