Team news: Barcelona were Milan both have to do with some of the players of were in the World Cup as well as without their new signings and players who didn’t make the trip. Kickoff time was 02:05 CEST at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara.

Goal: André Silva (92′).

FC Barcelona (4-3-3) – Ernesto Valverde
Jasper Cillessen (46′ Marc-André ter Stegen); Nélson Semedo, Marlon Santos (76′ Óscar Mingueza), Clément Lenglet, Juan Miranda; Sergi Roberto, Rafinha (76′ Abel Ruiz), Arthur; Malcom, Paco Alcácer (46′ Ricard Puig), Munir.
Unused: Cuenca, Perez, Monchu, Chumi, Tabala, Palencia, Collado, Cucurella, Ezkieta.

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Gennaro Gattuso
Gianluigi Donnarumma; Davide Calabria (60′ Ignazio Abate), Mateo Musacchio (78′ Cristian Zapata), Alessio Romganoli, Ricardo Rodriguez (60′ Luca Antonelli); Franck Kessié, Manuel Locatelli (60′ Jose Mauri), Hakan Çalhanoğlu; Suso (78′ Giacomo Bonaventura), Patrick Cutrone (60′ André Silva), Fabio Borini (60′ Alen Halilović).
Unused: A. Donnarumma, Reina, Bellodi, Simić, Bertolacci, Brescianini, Torrasi, Kalinić, Tsadjout.

Referee: Baldamero Toledo.


  1. Barcelona couldn’t wear their other kits so we could debut our new third kits? This is awful to watch with both the dark jerseys

  2. I wish gattuso told them to shoot more, he can tell them to build up from defence, to ruin our only corner with passing around but it seems he didn’t tell them that to score you must shoot. The result is good, I guess, this is Barca after all. Defenders are doing a great work, Roma as the previous #13 owner, composed and reads the play fantastic, Musa and Calabria not far behind. Locatelli terrible passing, kessie too. Suso, just shoot it, right or left, not important. I wish A.Silva got the reward for his profesionalism with the start but Borini keeps fooling the world that he is a football player.

  3. Who the fuck allowed the jerseys? It’s dam near impossible to tell them apart!
    What really bugs me about this inferiority complex teams have towards Barcelona is the way in which they can be beaten
    Why do teams clam up when they play them and lose all identity? Press them and press them hard and when I say hard I mean hit them, firmly but fairly
    Teams die by a thousand cuts when they play Barcelona when there passing it around them but most of there passing is worthless because it’s only the actual killer pass that matters
    The more Barcelona can’t get through you because you don’t fall for there Tika Taka the more they leave themselves open
    Conserve energy and not run around after them and then hit them hard when you get the chance

  4. Before I start this rant, I would like to give a quick mention for Mr. Borini with that phenomenal piece of skill on the 2nd half. For everyone who missed this please refer to the 54th-56th minute (I’m not sure).
    Basically, Borini managed to steal the ball at his own half, make a sublime shoulder feint to lose his marker then proceeds to execute a precise 360 spin INTO THE TOUCH LINE. Zidane had a minor stroke somewhere I reckon.

    So, the match went as most of you probably expected.

    Barca infants passing it around, casual American crowd losing it’s mind every single time a back pass is made & the ref trying to be the best babysitter he could by blowing that whistle upon minimal contact.

    Not to mention, the jerseys where apparently a part of a color-blind awareness campaign. Either that, or I have absolutely no idea why they both agreed to playing with almost identical color schemes.


    1. Donnarumma had a brilliant game. Commanding, quick reflexes & just what we expect from him in this upcoming season. He must have realized he can be benched at any given time now.

    2. Roma, Musa & Calabria were solid but RicRod looks utterly out of from which is to be expected.

    3. I honestly don’t understand the amount of hate Frank gets on this blog.
    By far, the only midfielder today who was calm when in possession, pressed hard & still had time to hit the counter. He also claimed the injury time assist to his name so..

    4. Hakan had a very bad game alongside Loca. But, to be fair, we barely seen any of the ball. Wait, that’s actually the midfield’s job. So, yeah they had a really bad game.

    5. Suso was the only threat forward and I really can’t wait to see him link up with Gonzalo. I noticed he is starting to force himself into each game when he is not seeing much of the ball by dropping deep and cutting inside. Makes it hard to mark him.

    6. Andre finally got his chance and repays Rino immediately by sparing everyone the penalty shootouts.

    7. Borini.

    I still believe Milan really need a midfielder who can influence the game much like Barca’s new signing Arthur who was outstanding. A player who isn’t afraid to collect the ball and is hard to dispossess. A name comes to mind……MALKINOVIC SAVIC MAYBE ? okay I’ll just stop typing now.

    Have a great day/evening.

    • Hahaha, I was hoping that someone would notice Borini’s unbelievable tekkers. It was a sweet connection though you have to give him that 😉 Good summary otherwise, I think that Mauri looked good when he came on, and I do think that Hakan is better as a “winger” than he is as a mezz’ala. So glad for Silva and his goal, hopefully this will boost his confidence further. To have Gonzalo, him and Cutro is fantastic for now and the future.

      • This blog should really step up their comment section game, notifications would be really helpful and long posts like mine take hours to get posted.

        I agree on everything you just said, Idk how Mauri totally slipped my mind. Although people like to think of Hakan as an AMF, The kid haven’t played that spot since his Hamburg days.


  5. Nice to see, that in barca passing and pressing, we stil have a lot of patience to build att from back.
    Imagine when we still have leo in our team. He will be make a longggggg pass to barca goalie …
    Again, suso looking selfish. I hope when he played alongside higuain, he will realised, that we sign Higuain to score. So, feed him well. .

  6. we still need quality midfield, keeper and defence were very good but we need to improve midfiel and attacking, i do not like the way suso play, he was suppesed to provide for attacker instead when he get a ball the only thing comes on his mind is to score Milan should let him go

  7. Romagnoli had so many clearances he played great. I was also sceptical about those jerseys but u really like them on the players. It’s always nice to win but defensively gattuso gets it right he’s gotta work out his attack. Hopefully higuain changes that

  8. Mauri should be considered ahead of Locatelli because he shows more mental readiness and maturity. Loca has played all the 3 games and was very poor but wait until he has just 1 good game and see the hypes start flying here. Some here fee i don’t like him but the fact is the fact, he must play under a coach that is ready to complete his maturity for him to play in a big club as he’s still far from it.

    Not a bad game considering we all expected them to dominate possession and we tactically manage to limit their attack until we finally scored.

    Lastly again, Mauri for me should be kept and given more consideration as a squad player while Loca must go on loan to learn and grow to live up to this hype.

  9. We are always ended the match with low scoring games. Gattuso need to solve this attacking issues and especially the movement in front where i think too static. Im very surprised that kessie doesnt shoot rather pass prior to silva’s goal. Btw nice win for morale boost.

  10. I think this game was kind of a reverse of the Tottenham game, in that game we had the better chances but they pounced on a mistake and scored, this time Barca had the better chances – they were not as clear cut as the ones we made against Tottenham though, with the exception of two chances – but we created our own chance and scored. This is how it is.
    Like @Milanellofm said, the defence is very solid, if we can just add our identity in attack as well then we can really do something this season. Hopefully a strong midfielder can aid this, along with Gonzalo up top ofc:)

  11. Positives:
    1, Good physical conditions of the players with strong character and desire
    2. Compact play and support for each other
    3. Dona, Romagnoli, Musa and Mauri were awesome
    1. Not quick with the ball when in possession
    2. Locatelli should go on loan, he was not good enough yet as a regista
    3, Borini should be sold



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