Official: Higuain and Caldara join Milan from Juventus, Gonzalo joins on a paid loan with option to buy, Mattia to be tied to the Rossoneri until 2023

Gonzalo Higuain and Mattia Caldara's announcement poster. (
Gonzalo Higuain and Mattia Caldara’s announcement poster. (

It is now official: Gonzalo Higuain and Mattia Caldara are Milan players, arriving from Juventus.

Milan have completed one of the biggest deals in Italy in recent years as Bonucci moves to Juve, while Gonzalo Higuain and Mattia Caldara make the switch from White and Black to Red and Black.

“AC Milan announced that it has acquired from Juventus FC the rights to the sporting performances of the players Higuain and Caldara. Gonzalo and Mattia are two important pieces of the new era of the club,” a statement on the Rossoneri’s website reads this evening (Thursday).

“Gonzalo Higuain arrives at Milan on a paid loan formula until June 30, 2019, with the right to buy. Mattia Caldara arrives as part of the exchange deal on par with Leonardo Bonucci who returns to Juventus. The 24-year-old defender has signed a contract that ties him to Milan until June 30 2023.”

Gonzalo Higuain is a Milan player. (
Gonzalo Higuain is a Milan player. (

In their own statement, Juventus confirmed the details of the deal: “Juventus Football Club S.p.A. announces that these agreements have been finalized with A.C. Milan S.p.A.:

“- temporary transfer of the registration rights of the player Gonzalo Gerardo Higuain for a consideration of € 18 million to be paid in 2018/2019 financial year. The agreement also provides A.C. Milan S.p.A. the option right, to be exercised at the end of 2018/2019 football season, for the definitive acquisition of the player at a price of € 36 million to be paid in two financial years;

“- definitive acquisition of the registration rights of the player Leonardo Bonucci for a consideration of € 35 million payable in two financial years. Juventus and the player have signed a 5-year contract of employment until 30 June 2023;

“- definitive disposal of the registration rights of the player Mattia Caldara for a consideration of € 35 million to be paid in two financial years. The economic effect is positive for about € 22 million.”

Mattia Caldara is a Milan player. (
Mattia Caldara is a Milan player. (

Gonzalo arrived to Milano from Turin last night and was welcomed by many fans at the Westin Palace hotel, while Caldara landed in the peninsula country this morning. Both performed their medical check-ups at La Madonnina Clinic before heading to Casa Milan for the contract signing.

Higuain is the big striker that the squad of Gennaro Gattuso was sorely missing last season; he is a consistent scorer who has done brilliantly in every season in Italy. Caldara meanwhile, is one of the brightest prospects in the league, and is considered the future of the Azzurri defense along with his new partner – Alessio Romagnoli. Higuain will be wearing the #9 jersey, which used to belong to Andre Silva, while Caldara will be wearing the #33 shirt, perhaps in honor of Thiago Silva.

Both players will be presented to the press tomorrow at 14:00 CEST at the Rossoneri headquarters. The two are likely to debut against Real Madrid on August 11 at the Trofeo Santiago Bernabéu.


  1. Perfect deal for us. This is exactly what we needed a instant impact striker whom are one of the best in the world. And a CB who is growing rapidly. Considering the fact that Bonucci dident perform for us. I dont know if he was given to much expectations.

    And we should be extremly happy about the deal since we have no money to spend its like juve where lending us a hand, loan for higuain when there is a serious bid on the table. it would not be possible if it did not work for all involved. 3 players and 2 clubs.

    • Agreed. We are getting one of the brightest youngsters and getting rid of expensive and under performing player in Bonucci. We also got a world class striker and I have a feeling he will want to prove to Juventus that they made a mistake of selling him. Milan desperately needs to get into Champions League next year and more big names will arrive. Leonardo is doing an excellent job so far – he now needs to get rid of some dead wood Galliani and previous management collected.

    • If we see this deal… We have benifited juventus with this… With this team we definitely cant fight juventus for title… But can Fight napoli inter roma and lazio… They made milan strong so that others start looking weak…

      • We can fight Juventus, why not? Because they got Ronaldo? Anything is possible. Ronaldo will find it tough in Italian league with those great defenses. I actually don’t see Ronaldo scoring more goals than Higuain.

    • As much as I root for Milan, i must thank Juve for this trade. It seems like they refused big money moves from Chelski to keep the talent and capital in serie a. Higuain and Caldara for less than 20 mil this transfer market.. Hell yeah! Forza Milan

  2. Welcome Gonzalo higuain And Caldara real champions now we need a couple of stars to and we gonna have some fun !!!forza rosoneri

  3. We need a new left winger now !!! I think bernard will join us . And then a new midfielder Someone like kovacic .

    • I think someone more physical will arrive to rotate with Kessie. Since we going hard for bernard I think the plan is to use Hakan as that creative midfielder and rotate him with Bona.

    • I read a rumor that Leonardo made contact with Real for Kovacic, but Real will probably ask for a lot of money since they dont want to let him go, they promised him more playing time. In another article Perez mention that Kovacic is 90mil worth. When we signed Kessie for 28mil, Real valued Kovacic at 40mil for 12mil more we could have had a way more complete mid but we all know Fasone/Mirabeli prefered quantity over quality. Bernard is good singhing for free, im not sure how will he perform in Italy tho.

  4. In my opinion, Leonardo is our best signing of this summer.

    Welcome Goal-Zalo, Welcome Caldara, FORZA MILAN.

  5. Would Pato be a good signing for Milan now considering he has shared his interest on reporting to Milan??

    • I’m not sure. I’ve lost track of him since his departure. He was excellent when healthy but seemed to struggle with injuries.

  6. patient scored last game for his club pato is a nice player but injuries fuck him up Italian league is very difficult mostly the defenders congratulations to Milan faithful two quality players bring positive vibes to the club and fans but with luck on our side we can win the scudetto atmost 3rd place Juventus and intermilan are ahead of us now but Roma napoli lazio are little bit lacking in the transfer with players at our deposal we can atmost qualify for ucl best of luck Milan

  7. Nothing better than seeing the words ‘Official’! I congratulate Leonardo, Ac milan, and all the fans! This is truly a masterpiece. We finally get a striker that we’ve been missing since ibrahimovic left and we have such pure young class in defence. There is a light at the end of the tunnel for us and let’s hope we can finally get back into champions League.

    As for Bonucci, I was happy last year for how we got you and I’m just as happy that you have left!

    A winger and a midfielder of class just like Leonardo mentioned and we’re set. I’ve heard links with rabiot but not from reliable sources. If we do manage to get him though this mercato has been a success.

    Sales right now are the most important thing. One thing I worry about is now teams know we desperately need to get rid of bacca and kalinic so we might not make money off of them. Hopefully we’re not pushovers. Gomez kalinic bacca Montolivo are all expected out and maybe Silva too. Very little time but in such little time we’ve done great business!

  8. Where is FATIOLA nothing to say no one come for DOLLARUNMA what a scenerio… If doesn’t stop with his antics his boy gona sit at the bench there is an experience keeper who is veying for his position what a sting from MIRABELLI.
    Prayer for #CALDARA instance success, injuries free BoY Attah!
    #PIPITA more goals to your feets and head… Expect big thing from you next season
    My next target for Leonardo please MR #WITSEL needed badly Dortmund gunning for him release clause 18m better upgrade to BIGLIA KESSIE, Bernard and about the left winger no need for that check out the formation below, I read up a story that Leonardo might register interest in KOVACIC that will awesome and a better upgrade. If we can get WITSEL or KOVACIC would be awesome.






    MAURI… Wish we could get both witsel and kovacic better quality out there we could buy witsel and request Kovacic for loan with obligation to buy next summer promise guys Top 4 will be secure instantly except RHINO doesn’t use that formation.

  9. Perfect. Bonucci wasn’t that good last season, so our defence may even improve. Caldara imo is gonna be one of the best defenders in the world, our cb partnership is gonna be amazing. We’ll finally get our top striker, which is what we missed last season. Hakan and Suso are both playmakers, thus making Higuain even more important. Now all we need is a midfielder, ideally Rabiot or Kovacic, and a winger.

  10. Meyer just signed for Crystal palace…… Pato would not be a good signing…. He is not a winger…. We need a very creative midfielder…. I dont care if he is a big name or not… Just bring in someone that is ready to play….. Look at Barcelonas new signing Arthur….. Jeez… The guy is exceptional…… Forza milan

  11. omgomgomg, finally!! this is wonderful news. Juve are really going all-in for UCL NOW, that’s why they were willing to give up Caldara – a future prospect – for Bonucci, a top five defender who will help them in their quest for UCL.
    Hope Caldara and Higuain can help us with what we want, an at least top four spot and EL win!
    Welcome to our club ragazzi, hope you’ll be a massive success!
    Without Bonucci, we wouldn’t have these guys, and honestly, I think Mirabelli did well now to bring in Strinic, Halilovic, and especially Reina. They did their mistakes, but credit should be given when credit is due – which brings me to Leonardo. Wow, Leonardo, what a way to make a statement with your first signings. Hope this is just the start of things to come, keep it up!
    If we can sign Rabiot or Kovacic – this would probbaly hinder Inter’s Modric signing too hehe – it would truly be a dream mercato. Are these rumours legit or are people wishing for them?

  12. It’s funny how your opinions of a player you don’t like much can change when they join your team. Welcome aboard Higuain – we need you. And as for the Caldara/Bonucci swap – this is just pure genius… I’m saluting Leonardo as we speak with a glass of red.

  13. Great work by Leonardo.Bernard and Rabiot and we are ready to fight for ch.l.I hope they have in their mind and Nicolo Barella,he will be the next big thing…

  14. Now its time for Conte to replace Rino, then i am sure we will be a strong team and difficult to beat! Forza Milan!

  15. Kudos Leonardo.
    Fantastic deal pulled off in short time, with no money to spend.
    I’m totally dumbstruck, you are a genius Leonardo.
    Get us Bernard and a mid too and we are set.
    What do you guys think about barella, young , talented and already knows serie a.

  16. Well done Leonardo.
    Great deal struck.
    Get us Bernard and a mid too and we are set.
    What do you guys think about barella, young talented and knows serie a .

  17. We have limited budget this year, from i’ve read and hear it is maybe around 50 millions, so we have to be patient with the upcoming signings. Bernard will come surely. I think leo has another name that have not leaked yet.

    • Bernard is free, we spent 18 on higuain.
      That leaves us with 32, we can definitely go for barella. I think he will cost less than 30 now, but may be very expensive by next mercato.

  18. You guys heard about the Milinkovic-Savic rumor? Leonardo is currently working on a swap of Andre Silva +70 mio for SMS.

    He would be an amazing signing.

  19. Leonardo with this transfer so far, showed he mean bussiness ( unlike Mirabelli who had looser mentality, saying that Milan should forget past. That might work for Inter, not for us ). With Caldara swap, Leo had in mind making new Milan and Italy quartet : Donnaruma – Romagnoli – Caldara – Calabria. We had one in 1994, we will have now for Euro 2020. Older fans will remember how Juventus treated Roberto Baggio in 1997, giving us him, only that season we won Serie A and Baggio was top scorer. Same this time might happen with Higuain ( altought we are not yet ready for title challenge ). I would want Kovacic, to get that “new Boban ” in this team. But, its just a fantasy and dream. Bernard is a must to get, considering he wants to join us.

  20. As now we stand:

    Donnarumma – Conti, CALDARA, Romagnoli, R. Rodriguez – Kessié, Biglia, Bonnaventura – Suso, HIGUAÍN, H. Calhanoglu

    Bench: REINA, Calabria, Abate, Musacchio, Zapata, STRINIC, Locatelli, J. Mauri, Bertolacci, HALILOVIC, Borini, Cutrone, André Silva

    I didn’t count on Montolivo, Antonelli, Bacca (Lokomitiv is willing to pay 15 M for him) and Kalinic, since they are on the market.

    As i see, we should sell Bertolacci (6-7M was the last offer), J. Mauri, Gabriel, Simic, and loan Plizzari. Gustavo Gomez already gone yesterday. And i’d rather sacrifice Biglia to bring in a younger and more dinamic director in midfield. Rumours said that Leonardo’s next big shot can be Rabiot, whose contract expires in a year. That would be a mindblow.

    As i see, at least one midfielder (rather 2), and Bernard will arrive, and Gattuso will promote some youngsters (Bellanova, Tsadjout, Gabbia, Torrasi) as well.

    Our next season’s squad seems to be better than 17-18, and will become even younger overall – over 30 years of age, Storari, Antonelli, Kalinic, Montolivo, Bonucci, Bacca, maybe Abate/Zapata will pass/passed.

    BTW, nice job, Leonardo!

    • Rabiot would be a dream, but honestly I’m not sure he’s needed in our current formation. If we get a decent LW, we can have Hakan and Jack compete for the attacking mezzele position.

      But we need a decent LW, that’s the key now. Bernard was great in russia but seria a is whole different story. Not sure he’ll be able to give us ~ 10 goals and assists a season.

      • Willian went from Ukraine (Shakhtar is a Ukrainian club) to Chelsea and performed admirably, as well as Fernandinho and Douglas Costa who still provided the goods. Hopefully Bernard will do the same:)

  21. Perhaps the most important transfer deal made by Milan in years. Getting Higuain is a great coup for a club with our finances. Hats down Leonardo!

  22. Milan need someone like Diadie Samassekou Salzburg he’s very strong and have good vision for the better passing ability than kesse He can replace Bonnavantura.becacause for me he’s very weak and should not start single game for Milan this season we need strong players not Lazy ones let be real milanista

  23. Look guys, this deal benefits Juve in everyway as well, stop acting like they did us a favour or something. Chelsea didn’t really want Higuane you know, only Sarri wanted him , he said it himself and Juve really needed to sell Higuane with ffp hanging on their neck.
    I’m not so sure but i believe CR7 must have requested that Bonucci be brought back otherwise i dont see any good reason why Juve did this deal and lost Caldara in the process strengthening their rival. Hiuane had to be tied to the deal to get him off their books. good deal for Milan if you ask me



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