Milan reportedly tell Montolivo to find a new team, as the former captain is not in the plans of Gattuso for next year

Riccardo Montolivo during training at Milanello. (
Riccardo Montolivo during training at Milanello. (

Riccardo Montolivo has apparently been told to find a new solution as he’s not in the technical project of the coach.

Gonzalo Higuain and Mattia Caldara had their medical check-ups ahead of their move from Juventus to Milan today, but the Diavolo are also thinking about exits.

And after Captain Leonardo Bonucci left today to re-join the Bianconeri, former captain Riccardo Montolivo, 33-year-old, may also be on the way out.

According to Sky’s Manuele Baiocchini and RadioRossonera’s Pietro Balzano Prota, there have been contacts between Leonardo and the entourage of Montolivo, who is represented by Giovanni Branchini, and the Brazilian director has informed Riccardo’s people that he’s not in Milan’s project.

Now a solution needs to be found: the contract of Montolivo expires in 2019, but Milan would like to get his €2.5m salary off the books now. The same salary, however, makes it very difficult for Montolivo to find a new team in Italy, as naturally no other club will agree to pay a player of his age and quality that much money. A solution abroad may be problematic too as his wife, Cristina De Pin, is pregnant.

A few weeks ago it was reported that Montolivo’s contract could be rescinded. Updates are expected soon, but it’s clear that Gattuso, who left Monty out of the USA Tour squad, can do without Riccardo.

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Milan Wins

2.5M! No wonder he enjoys sitting on his talentless ass and get his yearly pension. Rescind his contract and pay him off!

A player that lacks ambition and never had the seal to improve. Out! Loser!


milan was famous that stayle-boneras-constans earned all that much–
what da change–good thanks


Totally agree. I couldn’t have said that better. He never lived up to the hype and I am really surprised he stayed at Milan that long.

Sebleh E. Davies Jr.

I just want A.C. Milan to get back to winning ways n also to the to of Italian n European soccer.


Not sure kessie, Bertolachi are better than these guy


Feel sorry to him and his wife. I suggest him to play for a mid-to-low-table team in serie A. Anyway, why not going back to Viola? They are looking for Badelj’s replacement.


Caldara and Higuain signings are just a matter of time and soon we will also sign Bernard for free. can;t believe we beat Chelsea in 3 transfers. Monto, Abate, Antonelli, Gomez, Bacca, Kalinic and Gabriel have to leave forever. we can release Antonelli, Abate and Monto, no offense to 1st 2 players but atm all 3 are useless. with Bacca, Kalinic and Gomez sales hope we can get 26-27M to sign a CDM. loan Mauri the guy needs experience.


I’m not sure I can handle all this good news. That said, we need real quality addition in the midfield now. It’s what we have been crying out for (amongst other things) for years now; though the midfield in particular has been sorely, sorely lacking.

Forza Milan

Nathaniel Camilleri

Rabiot has already have his go ahead to Leo to come to Milan (considering his contract is expiring in 2019) and also Kovacic is closely monitored. I still believe Loca should be loaned out as he has underperformed this preseason, though I wouldn’t mind seeing Monty Nd Berto leave for good (even though we invested 25m on Berto…) Bernard is a must and he is free!


Are these sources regarding Rabiot and Kovacic reliable? Dont really see them as a “vice-kessie”, but obviously I wouldn’t say no to any of them joining! Preferably Kovacic though.

kwabena Adu

This is cruel just reduce his salary and let him stay,his wife is pregnant for christ sake.Is only some few weeks to the end of the marcato and it will be difficult to find another club.


There is no sorry for him. He have collected so much cash he will be OK. Injured for half his contract. He was pretty good in the first season. But thats about it with his contribution. He earn like 15 million in milan. Doing almost nothing. He and everyone around him should be happy it lasted this long.


Are we now a maternity home?


it’s sad to see Monty being treated this way. he Mau not be in the best of forms but Milan could have find a better way of dealing with the issue. being asked to leave with his wife in this condition feels harsh n like a punishment.


What goes around comes around. It was only yesterday when Montolivo was instrumental in getting Seedorf sacked or have you forgotten? He was never good enough to be here and it’s not like he is going bankrupt anytime soon thanks to the outrageous salary he was/is earning vis-a-vis to the talent he had. It takes normal non-football people 10 yrs to earn what Monty made in 1 and that’s for the talented ones. In Italy, the average household net-adjusted disposable income per capita is EUR22500 a year and 6 times that for the richer 20% in the country (according to… Read more »


Lost respect for him when he said stupid things about Seedorf. A complete lack of respect for a Milan legend and coach. Being Milan captain got to his head. Pirlos replacement I remember, that’s what they called him, not even close.

Slowtolivo needs to move on fast. Sorry for his situation but Milan needs to get a lot of players off their books right now.


@kwabena Adu why not sign montolivo and pay him for doing nothing ,in business there is no sympathy is either u deliver or u walk away ,and at this point montolivo is past his flashy days


I feel sorry for him, one of the last Mohican. We are living in the “money age”, so you have to accept it! You re always the family man and our captain, but I think you was not the right man in the right place. Thank you so much and good luck, hope you will be easy with life, everyone will remember you!


Fassone apparently wants €10m for being sacked!! Didn’t know incompetence gets rewarded!! After ruining the club and getting it penalised by UEFA and full of debts he has the cheek to ask for compensation!!! What works do we live in!!!


Lol…Elliot told him that agreement was with mr,Li. That his compesation is 2.5m , more than that im not paying lol…


Good luck on his next adventure wherever that may be. He gave us a fantastic debut season & I still remember that long shot on his first Derby hitting the post. In other news: Leonardo is rumored to be making a move on Rabiot/Kovacic (both ?) I see both moves being very difficult. Although Leo maintains a fantastic rapport with the PSG management, Rabiot is finally starting to become a starter in the team he grew up in no less. Kovacic is another gem BUT with Modric also pressing to leave I don’t believe Real’s management would be dumb enough… Read more »


Benjamin Bourigeaud of Rennes. Realistic, will cost less money. Dortmund after him.


Get Martial on loan with option to buy. His pace will create havoc in Serie A. He could be next Salah.


That is the whole reason why there are contracts. So that when you put pen to paper you get what you was promised. Its rather stupid of the old owners giving him such a contract in the first place.


Apparently he was on €200k a year with two years left. That’s 0.4m. Also based on his performance Milan should sue him for being penalised by UEFA for his mismanagement of the club and breaching the UEFA rules. Both parties, employer and employee have rights and responsibilities you know? Still don’t understand why 10m??


I get the hate but there are only two options. 1. its all bullshit created by the media. And he does not get it 2. He was set to earn a total of 10M during his contract. And he gets it.

But my comment was not ment to defend him in anyway. I was simply trying explain to Milanmario1 that nobody gets compensation for things they do not deserve, rather the oppesit.


Has anyone really watched rabiot? I’ve never seen more than a game or two of his. What are his strengths weakness?

That being said I’m an admirer of kovacic, he would be a great addition. He is just another case of going to Madrid as a young player at a stacked Real Madrid so he didn’t always get the continuity.


“What goes around comes around” i remember the part he played in destroying seedorf’s dressing room that led to dorf’s ouster… he even went to press to talk rubbish about a legend. Where are all of them today? Those that ruined dorf’s career, de sciglio , monty…. karma!!!


Lol I pretty much typed this in another reply without reading so far down. I agree totally.

Mathijs Van Sloun

Inters team next year (probably)

Perisic Icardi Candreva

Modric Vidal Nainngolan

D’Ambrosio Joao Miranda Strinic Vrsaljko


At least top 3 this team

Juve also at least top 2

Napoli lost a bit in their mercato so Roma, Lazio will be Milans big contenders for place 4


When you put the names down it looks very strong, But it makes me happy at the same time, i can already see the downfall in 1-2 years. So many oldies

Mathijs Van Sloun

That’s a true comment


Isn’t Vidal a back-up for if they wont manage to sign Modric? From what I heard theyre having him on stand by while trying to lure Modric there. Dont forget Inter have also signed Asamoah and he’ll probably be LB. Insane team really. Inter will be Juve’s biggest contender, no matter who they sign between Modric and Vidal. I think that depending on who we sign as a winger and midfielder, and of course depending on how Rino will fare with managing the team, will be dependent if we manage to also be somewhat of a dark horse contender for… Read more »

Emmy Apache

Like I always say here Montolivo deserves better and should be treated with respect He was once our captain and a captain of great club MILAN We have the league the Coppa Italian and the Europa to play so we can use him in one of those less or already qualified matches in order to safe our main players from injury and tiredness Last year we suffered so much because we used same players against Roma in the league, Coppa (against Lazio) and Juventus in the league which showed up in the second half against juve and we lost because… Read more »


so was Muntari and many other trash players


I knew this would happen after he complained about his playtime and his role on the midfield I knew Gattuso would slap him. the guy had class and still is a fantastic reading of the game, but injuries kept him away of WC and staggered his development, even if he was use as scapegoat he never complained he acted like a true proffesional on the pitch, I’m sad but this is neccesary. The only think I’m guessing is he doesn’t train hard and has the diva mentality that we will never know. He seemed to play better as mezzala or… Read more »


I feel sorry for montolivo. He was part of milan family for so long. But he is also to be blamed for this situation as he overstayed his time at milan.

Hope you find an amicable solution.


I do feel sorry for montolivo but the point is that he overstayed his time with us.

Ash Shafiezadeh

His been past his prime for many years. we got him and mexes on free transfers many years ago and he got used to the high life. Glad Gattuso has the honesty to tell him his not part of his plans. A team like Parma or Genoa would be good home for him. People are getting ahead of themselves on Draxler, Koavacic etc. we need to adhere to fifa fair play rules thus do not expect to spend 50-60m unless one of our key players like suso or donnarumma leave. I would be happy to cash in on Donnarumma and… Read more »