Higuain very close to Milan on an €20m loan with a €35-36m option to buy, Argentine expected to get a 4-year deal

Gonzalo Higuain celebrating at the end of Inter-Juventus at Stadio San Siro on April 28, 2018. (Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images)
Gonzalo Higuain celebrating at the end of Inter-Juventus at Stadio San Siro on April 28, 2018. (Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images)

Gonzalo Higuain is on the verge of becoming a Milan player, as an agreement is in place with Juventus while it’s very close with the player.

Milan will soon get their striker and all signs are that it will be Gonzalo Higuain. An agreement was found with Juventus over the last few days (although the final figures are still not 100% clear), and last night there was a decisive meeting between Higuain’s brother, Nicolas, and Milan’s Technical Director Leonardo.

It was a very long meeting as Leonardo and Nicolas met in central Milano and then at around 22:55 CEST, the two arrived together in Casa Milan, along with the lawyer of the Higuain family. After about four hours, the parties left the Milan HQ.

According to Milannews.it and Sky’s Gianluca Di Marzio, Leonardo managed to get what he wanted from the meeting as Higuain, 30, is very close to moving to Milan. Di Marzio claims that the former Napoli and Real Madrid man is ‘one step’ from becoming the new striker of Gennaro Gattuso.

The formula of the deal will be a very expensive loan (Di Marzio writes it’ll be €20m while Milannews.it claim it’ll be €18m), with a buy-out option set at €35m-36m. Milannews.it are also reporting that Higuain’s salary will most likely be €7.5m (same as Leonardo Bonucci now) and the contract duration would be 4 years. Today the lawyers will be at work to finalize the agreement.

Gonzalo Higuain and Leonardo Bonucci during Italy-Argentina at Etihad Stadium on March 23, 2018. (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)
Gonzalo Higuain and Leonardo Bonucci during Italy-Argentina at Etihad Stadium on March 23, 2018. (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)

The buy-out option benefits Milan in terms of the Financial Fair Play regulation, but it has been made clear that this is an obligation disguised as an option. In fact, at first Higuain was not convinced about going on loan, but Leonardo seems to have convinced the agent of the player that Pipita will be playing a key role for the Diavolo in the seasons to come and that there is no reason to worry.

With Higuain to Milan reaching its positive conclusion (perhaps today), the Leonardo Bonucci-Mattia Caldara swap will also take place. Milan and Juventus are in full agreement over the swap, as both players are valued at €40 million. Milannews.it claims Caldara will be earning €2.4m a year.

Unless there will be very big surprises, Bonucci will be wearing the shirt of Juventus next season, while Higuain and Caldara will be playing for the Rossoneri. More updates expected later today.

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Forza Leonardo


As well as “forza Leonardo” I’d like to add forza Higuain when he bags the winning goal against Juventus while nut megging Bonnuci!! Now wouldn’t that be something?


Higuain goes one on one vs perin, gets passed him, tries finish it off from a tight angle. Oh wait, here comes bonucci with a last ditch tackle too clear from line, but somehow the ball goes between his legs and in too the open net.


Higuain caldarra bernard pretty much for free this year if this deal goes through I pray it does leo you are a legend we love you


Did you just “Leo” Bonnuci is a legend?

Moumen Rezaei

He meant Leonardo…the REAL Leo 🙂


Sarcasm… I knew bro


Happy that we’re getting them both but 54m for a 30 year old is basically the only thing im a bit hung over. Strikers usually dont do that well over 30 unless your Ibra or Cr7. Hopefully im proven wrong.




Drogba? Klose? van Persie? van Nistelrooij? Toni? All strikers who were at their best when they passed their 30’s.


Good point both of you, although I wouldn’t say that Drogba and Klose were at their past when they past their 30’s. Van Persie had two good seasons, one at Arsenal one at United.
This is a different time though, Pippo, Nistelrooy and Toni were poachers, it’s more about hard work and the attacker/s having to act as the first unit of defence which takes a lot of energy…
hopefully he’ll provide the goods and take us at least into UCL spots:)


Leo is weaving his magic wand so well so far….but it remained to be seen if higuan could prove himself like he always…caldara and benerd is a very good addition and if we add samasekou to that then we are ready… but please they let Gatuso continue this rumors of Conte here and there is not good for our team now

Support ac milan

Common Leo,show your magic


Am not worried for the acquisition of Higuain so far Silva and Crutone remain. Kalinic should go immediately. This management should leave Gattuso alone. If they change him , they run the risk of incurring wrath of players and fans. Gattuso has done nothing wrong. The time we needed Conte,he let us down.


Not only Higuain, even CR7 and Messi, they are all will struggle to play in Milan if the coach still using 4-3-3 with only one creative midfielder available.
I would prefer to play pragmatically with 4-4-2 like Cappelo did in 1994 with one creative AM who played on the flank, il genio Dejan Savicevic.


4-4-2 or a 4-2-3-1 is better suited in my opinion considering we don’t have very exceptional players to execute the 4-3-3.
Even with the decline of CR7 as winger, Madrid played majority of their matches with 4-4-2 same as Barcelona when they lost Neymar.
Don’t get me wrong guys, I believe in Gattuso, but I don’t believe in the 4-3-3 as our primary formation.


For those of you doubting higuain before he even signs for us…. I just want yall to point out which top team Europe wouldn’t want a striker as experienced as higuain….. Man city have Aguero who is 29…..madrid have benzema who is also 29….psg cavani 29….bayern lewa 29…just to name a few


One thing no one could argue about Leonardo was that when it comes to transfers, he knows his stuff. Look how quickly he moves in the market, and elegantly as well. Plus he wore the Milan jersey so he knows what we want.

Forza Milan


Exactly! That’s y we need a solid attacking mildfielder after acquiring winger and a striker. We need to rap up Benerd deal and look for an attacking mildfilder


Well, I think he will flop 2 seasons and go to China but now close to becoming a Milan player, I want him to be capocannoniere.


Mercato expert you would rather have Balotelli lmao


Younger stronger and free not 60M Euros form two seasons, just wait and see.


It may sound strange to give 54 million to players of 30 years, but the prices of top shooters are really silly today…


I see Higuain as new Ibrahimovic. if we sign Bernard and one creative midfielder, Higuain will deliver.

For Conte issue, I believe Elliott just want bring the best of Gattuso. also in case Gattuso fail then Conte step in.
In all, the signing of Higuain is good for Silva and Cutrone in terms of age.


Good deal considering Milan’s position.

There was never any doubt about Leonardo’s ability as a director just as there is no doubt about Higuain’s quality as a striker. All the rest is personal opinion. I don’t like Higuain but it is what it is. I didn’t like Zlatan before he joined us too …


Why is chelsea so focused on hijacking our transfers? They have all the money in the world, they can get anyone they want but then they can’t keep their best players hahaha. Is this the love of Sari for Milan or what? Hope we get Bernard instead of them too then it will be 3 out of 3!!


I might be dreaming now but I hope we still can pursue Morata. Although now it’s very unlikely. I always preferred him to Higuain


You have a point friend but Higuain deal was kind of unmissable if you take in that Caldara/Bonucci depended on it. Bonucci had to go, no second thought on that. We are backing Silva and Cutrone to come good and become class players by the time Higuain starts to fade out. In my view this is a brilliant deal for us. Forza Leonardo.

zahid hossain

Leonardo…….we love u…….Forza Milan


The hig/cal/bonn deal sounds great to me.
The only thing I don’t understand is if Cagliari are interested in Gomez (which I read) why aren’t we trying for Barella?

zahid hossain

Giving Bertolecci+ Gomez for Berella would be great


everybody loves Leonardo what of mirabeli and fassone atlist they did something to


Gattuso as proved what he can deliver,I believed he should be giving a season trail!!! But am very sure that gattuso will take us to the next level,I preferred gattuso to 10times conte,in terms of the type of training he gave those guys,almost 90% of Milan players always commend him and as we all can see in what he imparted in calanoglu,calabria,rogmannoli,RR,cutrone and some younger players too!!! So let’s all back him up and fight for him for dat position,he deserve it!!! Forza Milan Forza gattuso


This is good news 🙂


Great deals both technically and economically. First, Higuain is exactly the type of striker we need, very experience, a real champion and at least guaranteed 20 goals a season. he has scored more goals in last 4 Serie A seasons than any other player. With CR7 pushing him out of Juve and Icardi next door, he would be super motivated to succeed at Milan and fight both CR7 and Icardi for the top scorer in Serie A. In fact he may become the anti-CR7. Second, Bonucci-Caldara swap is super deal. Caldara is 7 yrs younger and already one of the… Read more »


Absolutely bro. I second all that you said. Some people say Caldara is just a one season wonder. I guess they haven’t been following his growth. Bonucci proved last year that he is very error prone and his penchant for long balls over the top was painful. He is over rated and only looked good in Juve where there were others to cover for his mistakes. Romagnoli > Caldara > Bonucci all the way.


As you said, people who said that haven’t really followed him. He came into the limelight alongside Kessie and Conti, Juve snapped him up and let him stay on loan for a year and he was good last season as well. The difference is that he scored more goals in his first season. So I dont know where this “one season wonder” is coming from that people are saying?? If he can produce the goods in a big team though, that’s another question! I believe in him though. The good thing with Bonucci though is that he probably helped Romagnoli… Read more »


A lot of people say something just for the sake of it and there the people who say he’s a one season wonder, not one of them will back it up with facts but here’s one for them Caldara beat Bonnuci with an overall score of (drum roll) 6.79 for Bonnuci and 6.95 for Caldara He won more tackles, he made more interceptions, he made more clearances and provided more blocks, he won more aerial duels, he scored more goals The only thing Bonnuci beat him at hands down is the passing and we all know why that is?? It’s… Read more »


Lol Amen to that

Baresis Dream

I’m happy with deal but only because it includes Higuain; I wouldn’t trade Caldara for Bonucci on a direct swap. Caldara is a huge talent, but Bonucci is the real deal. The second part of the season showed us that Romag + Bonucci could have become the best CB partnership in seria a. And Bonucci’s handling of the ball from the back gives us a whole new dimension.


I thought the handling of the ball from the back was more of a hindrance than help and many of Bonucci’s mistakes were covered by Romagnoli so they weren’t as focused on as the errors that lead to goals. But I do recognise that Romagnoli certainly grew a lot playing beside him. Although it could just as well be the natural progession of a prodigious talent. So respectfully, I kinda disagree with you on the perceived importance of Bonucci.

Mamoon Alvi

Shirt sales will be boosted with big name signings


Milan made the right moves here and I must say that this is really a dumb move for Juventus. Caldara for Bonucci? Wow! Well, I’m excited that Leonardo took advantage of their stupidity. Bonucci might get back to his best but that is a gamble not worth taking in my humble opinion. I’m so happy that Bonucci is leaving. He is very error prone and it is now clear to me that Chiellini and co. were covering his weaknesses that got exposed at Milan. He is super slow and I just couldn’t stand seeing anymore long balls to the CF.… Read more »

Ross Oneri

Great deal. My only problem is that Gattuso is very rigid with his selection and formation which might prevent the potential of our current squad and development of young players.


One week with leo and we can see the result, desire to be great again. I almost sure that leo wont buy a player like borini with 200 millions transfer budget. He is elegantly buying players without too much talk to the media. Diffrent style with galliani, whose i liked it too. Now bring us bernard and a midfielder in order to take the ucl spot leo!

Baresis Dream

Too good to be true. I’ll believe it when I see it; and if Bernard will also arrive than god forbid we might be allowed some glitter of optimism.


Kinda confused to how were lining up this year.. Who is playing on the left? Is hakan playing centrally? Who r our starting wbs? Strnic/rodriquez/calabria/conti? Are halilovic and bernard going to solve our creativity problems? Is biglia still our starting center midfielder? Even with higuain, our lineup still doesnt look that good imo

Baresis Dream

Well, with Higuain and Bernard we have a Higuain (Cutrone) up top, behind him Bernard, Hakan, and Suso (Jack and Halilovich), behind them Biglia and Kessie (Bertolaci and Loca), and RicRod, Caldera, Romag, Conti (Strinic, Zapata, Musa, Calabria) in the back. Looks like a top 4 squad to me, although it’s not clear how well Bernard can perform at these levels.


Interesting. Seems like a cmf is our biggest need then and i guess good ol bonaventura can fill in on the left if bernard fails. Do we still own niang? Hes not that bad on the left if u just dont expect any goals from him. Rabiot would be nice except for the fact that hes basically exactly the player i wish locatelli would one day become. Excited over higuain and caldara


It’s an excellent deal in my eyes. Real class business. I hope it’s concluded tonight! I’ve always admired caldara and I hope he lives up to his potential. Higuain needs no introduction he’s proven. I wish them all the best and great work Leonardo!!

You guys see roma are set to offer perotti plus 20-30m cash for suso?? What do you all think? We can get somebody like depay for that money. Tough one!


why everyone talking about Higuain?
I really want to see Caldara – Romagnoli partnership.. this is very very interesting to watch..
Can’t wait..



Report on milannews suggest Leonardo is in talks also with Rabiot agent since his contract expires in 2019


Conti – Caldara – Romagnoli – Rodriguez
Kessie – Rabiot – Hakan
Suso – Higuain – Bernard

Coach Seedorf

I expect Leo to bring in 1-2 players from PSG. Afteral, when he was at PSG, he brought in T.Silva and IBRA from us. Its time to repay us for those deals. Rabiot and Verratti + Cavani if possible is what we want. Lol


Why not Neymar ? we really need a back up for Borini !


Future is bright and I feel excited!! It won’t happen over night. Age: Rodriguez 24, Conti 24, Romagnoli 23, Caldara 23, Donnarumma 19, Kessie 20, Hakan 25, Suso 24, Cutrone 20, Silva 21, Calabria 21, Locatelli 20, Halilovic 22. If we add Bernard 25, Bakayoko 23, Paqueta 20, Samassékou 22, Rabiot 23.

Mamma Mia!! Forza Rossoneri!!


Imagine if we had Leonardo last summer….Where we would have been today.

Mathijs Van Sloun

That’s a serious good comment

Carlo Gambino

Forza Milan!!! Forza Milan!!!
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Arriverderci!!! Forza Milan!!


Guys, I don’t wish he comes to Milan bcoz I stake against his move to Milan. Deal worth thousands of dollars


Caldara’s reported wages -2.2m/yr
To think that Borini earns more than that. Good job Mirabelli. SMH.


but, if the management is sure that he would with milan for more than a year, why not purchase outrighly for the 36m & agree to pay for 3yrs (12m per year), rather than pay 20m on loan n still be obliged to buy him out @ 35m? it’s a rather expensive deal but we really need a champion striker @ milan( but what about his fitness at age 30+?)


Victoria why did you do it? you don’t like him or what?