Report: Positive 1-hour meeting between Leonardo and Paratici, the Bonucci-Higuain-Caldara negotiation continues

Gonzalo Higuain and Mattia Caldara during Atalanta-Juventus at Stadio Atleti Azzurri d'Italia on April 28, 2017. (MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images)
Gonzalo Higuain and Mattia Caldara during Atalanta-Juventus at Stadio Atleti Azzurri d’Italia on April 28, 2017. (MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images)

Leonardo and Juventus director of sport Fabio Paratici had a one-hour meeting today to discuss the possible deal.

Leonardo Bonucci has his heart set on leaving Milan and joining Juventus, the club from which he arrived last summer, but there are still no conditions in place for the transfer to take place.

The parties are at work to make the deal happen, and today there was a meeting between Milan’s Leonardo and Juventus’ director of sport Fabio Paratici.

Sky Italia describes the meeting, which lasted about an hour, as ‘positive’. During the meeting, Milan have reiterated their desire to sign Mattia Caldara from Juventus as part of the Bonucci operation. Juve, however, after the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo from Juventus, need to offload Gonzalo Higuain and so a deal could be set if a solution is found for Pipita-to-Milan as well.

Leonardo and Paratici also had contacts today with Alessandro Lucci, the agent of Bonucci, and Giuseppe Riso, the agent of the 24-year-old center back Caldara. For some days now it has been reported that all three parties (Bonucci, Caldara and Higuain) would be interested in the respective moves and have given their availability, and the clubs are at work to try to make it happen.

The differences and obstacles are related to the evaluations of the players, on which an agreement would have to be reached before moving forward. The talks continue, updates are expected.

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Hmm, getting Caldara would be great, not so sure about Higuain though, i get that he would guarantee goals for Milan but he is going to cost a lot for someone in his 30s, for a club which is very limited in its budget and needs to address other areas which IMO are more important than the strike department, and Bacca has also proven that and his stats match Higuain’s for the last 2 seasons. So thats a thought.


1. Bacca doesn;t want to stay
2. Bacca’s 2nd season was horrifying
3. Higuain different caliber of a striker
4. Higuain has better Serie A experience
5. We can get Caldara (think about it Juve wants cash to balance their books and we have 2 things Bonucci and money)
I already love this management. Would be an amazing deal. Caldara and Higuain for Bonucci+40-50M is even bigger bargain than Bonucci for 30M+MDS


Nice list, what money though? Judging from the interviews we cant spend much.

Rikimaru Tenchu

Yes we can’t spend much doesn’t mean we are broke. We have players to offload too and we are making sales as well.

I bet can do one mega deal but it would cost us the other positions we need to fill.


Yes, as I said – we can’t spend much.
Our best hope is to make a really nice deal with Juve regarding them wanting Bonu, hope we can use this to our advantage. Im more open to the idea about Higuain, although I prefer other strikers.


Not arguing whether Higuain is better or not cuz he definitely is, but the difference isnt that much and the stats show at least that much, the priority should be other positions is what im trying to say, if we can cover those on top of getting Higuain then its fine but i highly doubt that, as it stands we are going to compromise on getting a quality winger and mid in pursuit of getting Higuain. Also bacca’s 2nd season was worse than the 1st due to the tactical problems he had with Montellas style of play and that is… Read more »


@Deku Please explain me again how this is a good deal Bacca scored 13 goals in 31 matches in his second seasons what a nightmare right? let me refresh your memory, Sosa, Poli, Kucka, Pasalic, those were the guys behind Bacca, and on the wings Suso Ocampos and Delofeu, all selfish wingers. In Juve Higuain scored 16 goals in 32 matches, so In your opinion 3 goals difference between horryfing and Higuain? Gonzalo has top players like Pjanic, Khedira and Matuidi giving him service , Cuadrado Bernardeschi Costa Dybala on the wings, what would you think he will do at… Read more »


why do you think he will score 16? Juve has many players that can score like Dybala, Costa, Pjanic… on the other hand what we lacked last season was someone that could score a striker that would receive passes from Suso and Chalhanoglu, some one that could fight in the penalty area. Bacca is worthless and overrated. Could do anything after his 1rst year with us. Higuain will score min 20 goals. and Higuain is also the reason we can get Caldara. Juve want as i said before Bonucci and money. they won;t agree swapping Italy’s one of the biggest… Read more »


DIdn’t you learned anything after Bonucci came to Milan? he came to a crappy team and underperformed, just like Higuain will do, tell me, what did he acomplish with Argentina? not talking about WC only. He will flop and after 2 seasons he will leave to china. Costa scored 4 goals and Pjanic 5, Dybala got all the goals at 22, so get ur facts right dude, you are talking nonsense. So I’m guessing you have your excuses ready because Bonaventura (8), Calhanoglu(6) Suso(6) and Kessie(5) can score too. This is a stupid deal we are good in defense, it… Read more »


Love it. Caldara is the next big thing after our very own #captainRomagnoli. If including Higuain makes this deal possible, I’m all for it. His big game mentality notwithstanding, the guy is two steps above Bacca in my view not to mention Bacca doesn’t want to be here. Leonardo did say him & Rino agreed on the 3 new quality players thing so hoping for a quality mid & winger as well. If not this season then next, it’s a long term project afterall. We should aim to reach UCL by the end of next season. It would be too… Read more »


we should have signed Martin Gelson Atletico got him for free. and Vidal would be amazing as well. imagine:


Nice line-up
Where did this Vidal rumour come from?


Deku; Calabria all day over Conti


As I see it right now. Bonucci plus money out. Caldara and higuain In. And I’m all for it. Caldara and romagnoli are the future of Italy and they’re both great. Higuain while 30 n people saying he doesn’t show up to big games there’s no denying he’s a world class striker. People judge him on Argentina where messi can’t even shine but on napoli and juve he was amazing. If he can give us three solid years of goals and bring us to champions League then he is worth every penny. Can also teach cutrone and Silva help them… Read more »


Juventus fans are protesting that Caldara should not be sold, especially for Bonucci The Tantrum baby. Everyone knows how strong Caldara is and what he will bring to Milan alongside Romagnoli.

Higuain will definitely stop us higher in quality and points, I hope Leonardo can pull this deal somehow.

Caldara✔ – Bernard✔- Bakayoko✔- Higuain✔


Bernard is now a West ham player…. Sorry


Disregard… Wikipedia gone wrong…

soheil balini

I want Milan to buy young players but our best seasons was the result of or older players. Inzaghi joined us when he was 29 (as I remember ) and he was a lethal weapon even in his last game. Higuain is not young but he can play at least 5 or 6 more season. anyway I wish we get Caldara and let cutro and Silva grow


Those people who mocked Leonardo (namely the “Curva Sud”) should all realise there mistake and own up to there stupidity We’ve gotten one of the world’s best sporting director’s and someone who wants what’s best for HIS club whom he had been a part of for years He clearly won’t be pushed or bullied into making a rash deal just so we can make a marquee signing in Higuain instead he’s holding out for Caldara to be included also which is a more important player in my opinion Fuck Juventus and fuck Bonnuci they can have him back but at… Read more »


I would love to see Caldara and Romagnoli this season. Higuain is too old according to rumors from upper management. So most likely Higuain will go to Chelsea and Morata to Milan. That makes more sense to me because Morata is more mobile and better in the air than Higuain and he is younger. Think about it, young CBs (Caldara and Romagnoli) and young CFs Cutrone and Morata. Add Conti and Calabria to that mix and I can see clearly what Leonardo is doing. Morata will fit in better especially if we have to play 2 strikers with Morata and… Read more »


Leo knows his job. Caldara+cash for Bonucci and deal done. Otherwise, no deal. And then cash+kalinic+bacca out AKA higuain in or Morata. Likewise…UCL2019 guarantee for sure.


Hey I love your name my brother


Ok latest reports is milan agreed straight swap for Bonucci-caldara and higuain is coming on loan. If this is true Leonardo won me over omg it would be such amazing business


Holy… can you link the source mate? Is it reliable? Leonardo would indeed be a genius. EDIT: Just looked it up, on Sky Sports Italia as well, my Italian is so-so, but from the looks of it, and if the report is true, it seems as though the clubs have agreed on the deal you mentioned before, but Higuain has his sights set on Chelsea, and is against moving on a loan deal – even though it looked like it would be a mandatory buy-out clause. So if this is true, all that remains is to come to an agreement… Read more »


Ya man, when I first looked at it I didn’t believe it. Multiple sources have said it and now I’m hearing that higuain is interested in the move instead of chelsea. When juve and milan do business it usually gets right to the point and doesn’t last long. So if true, these should be wrapped up within the week. Like I said on those terms I think we have an amazing deal. Caldara and Higgy would be incredible!

Marco Milano

This is perfect for both clubs – higuain is a proven goalscorer in seria a and juve don’t need him with ronaldo there. They have a short window to win the champions league with many old players and bonucci will fit right back in to the system. Neither Higuain or caldara would start for juve next year while bonucci will do. We get caldara a world class young talent to pair with romagnoli and higuain to bring us back to the champions league by scoring 20-25 goals. This deal works as we focus more on the future and juve focus… Read more »

Marco Milano

conti- caldara – roma – rodriguez
kessie – vidal – bonaventura
suso – higuain – hakan

Dont forget with Gattuso as coach we finished 3rd in the league (starting from when he took over) and this team in my eyes would definitely be a champions league team.
Romagnoli should be given the captaincy – been a top performer since arrival and has shown nothing but complete loyalty to us milanistas


duplicating my comment….


Multiple sources (Skysport, Alfredo Pedula and Gazetta) now reporting Higuain and Caldara to Milan. C’mon Leonardoooo


I think what I like most about Leonardo coming back is that we’re no longer being linked to the likes of Zaza, Ki, Sanches, Balotelli etc. If he can pull off a couple of signings out of Morata, Benzema, Higuain, Caldara, Bernard etc. he’ll shut up his detractors once and for all.

Samson Stanley

Please let no one mention Benzima here,he is the worst striker ever.Please Milan pull this Higuain and Caldara deal so we can be happy.FORZA MILAN


Hope we get Bernard as well what this Milan team needs.dont like hakan as left winger more of a n10.would like to see 4231 next season.

Conti. Caldara romma rr
Biglia. Kessie
Suso. Hakan. Bernard


If we can sign Bernard too would be great on left as I think hakan more of a like to see us play 4231.

Conti caldara. Roma. Rr
Biglia kessie
Suso. Hakan. Bernard


If Bernard does arrive with Higgy and caldara I totally agree on formation. Calhanoglu in that position I think would be amazing. Same with Kessie. Also add a cm and I think we’re ready for the season to make a push




please forget Bacca. he is not Milan material