Reports: Milan and Juventus in contact to discuss Bonucci and Higuain, the captain could return to the Bianconeri

Leonardo Bonucci at the end of the Juventus-Milan Coppa Italia final at Stadio Olimpico on May 9, 2018. (ISABELLA BONOTTO/AFP/Getty Images)
Leonardo Bonucci at the end of the Juventus-Milan Coppa Italia final at Stadio Olimpico on May 9, 2018. (ISABELLA BONOTTO/AFP/Getty Images)

Leonardo Bonucci seems to be on the verge of an exit and there are strong reports linking him with a report to Juve.

On July 14 2017, Milan announced the signing of Bonucci from Juventus for €42m (payable in 3 installments); days later, he was also named the club’s captain.

But now, just a year later, it seems that Leo has decided to end his Milan career and leave. Gennaro Gattuso has already revealed that Bonucci has expressed his wish and that the center back will need to speak with the club’s directors soon.

Paris Saint-Germain have been interested in Bonucci for a while, but last night Sportitalia broke the news that the player could be returning to Juventus. The news later got confirmations from and Goal Italia’s Romeo Agresti, who is a very-reliable source for Juve news.

Talks are said to be alive between Leonardo, who will be the new director in charge of the technical area at Milan, and the Bianconeri’s Beppe Marotta. The feeling of the media in Italy is that Bonucci could be involved in a deal to bring Gonzalo Higuain to Milan. reports that now both Milan and Juve are thinking about an evaluation for Bonucci and if they agree on a price, then it’d be deducted from Pipita’s price-tag. In short, a Bonucci + cash for Higuain deal seems to be taking shape.

It is believed that Bonucci would welcome a return to Juventus gladly and his agent Alessandro Lucci has already spoken to them. The 30-year-old is currently with the squad in the United States.

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well I’m sort of conflicted with this one, in Bonucci we have a great defender and in Higuain we would have a great striker, though we have better backup for bonucci in Mussachio than we would have instead of Higuain, I guess this means that Andre Silva is leaving for sure and Cutrone will deputise Higuain. Though the extra cash should not exceed 15mil.

kwabena Adu

Leonardo will bring back Thiago Silva to replace him.Is not good to keep unhappy players


What about Rugani instead? Romangioli and Rugani are the future Italian first choice centre backs, why not have them play week in week out together???


Let him go. Montolivo the worst captain we’ve had? Nah, Bonucci takes the prize.
This is the reason I never took him to my heart, and the reason I’ve reserved myself from calling him “MY captain”.

Martin Bernhard

If he leaves for Juventus, yes then i agree bonucci will come Down as the worst milan captain ever as he simply abandoned his responsebilities when it became rough. Personally i never wanted him to be awarded with the honor of being our captain as that is something you earn and not something you get rewarded on the first day at the job. When that is said it doesnt really change the fact that montolivo should never have become captain as well and even though i had high hopes for him when he joined us has been abysmal pretty much… Read more »


Bonucci going back to Juve? I mean how?? I hope it won’t happen. I’m keeping my fingers crossed


Doesn’t sound good considering he just got perfectly well with Romagnoli but he’s definitely replaceable and the management will fix it.

It’s time to leave out emotions and hope for the best because some blessings come in disguise.


I love Leonardo, but this just looks like a stupid deal. Our main strength since Gattuso arrived has been our defence, why ruin it now? Higuain is a player on the decline, he’s gone from 36 to 24 to 16 goals in the last 3 seasons. There is no reason to offer cash and Bonucci. I can’t believe Mirabelli and Fassone let this guy become captain, he gave up after one season. We need people in charge who understand the values of the club, we need our real captain back, Maldini. Hopefully Thiago Silva can arrive, he’s old but he… Read more »


Its fine if he wants to leave. At this point in time, its best if we keep players that are ready to stay only and keep a balance in the team. How in the world did he become the captain in the first place.


I hope the management didn’t forget that we need a playmaker !


Fine by me, he’ll be forgotten in no time or remain in the hearts of rossoneri as the most coward captain Milan ever had

There’s Mussachio who not even once stood up and complain beacuse lacking playing time. A true professional who was mistreated a bit but I believe he’s more than adequate replacement for this coward

Martin Bernhard

Fully agree Ted, Mussachio certainly will be a more than adequate replacement if it actually happens. He is a player i have wanted in milan for years and i do feel sorry how last season panned out for him. Besides of that i think they share some characteristics as they are both defenders WHO knows how to play football. On the other hand if it means zapata will be partnered with romagnoli well then i see a storm Brewing in the horizont regardless of a pretty consistant previous season, If he actually returns to Juventus It will be both interesting… Read more »


I have not been impressed by his playing pattern and the hype on his name “bonucci”,I thought he’s gonna be a two men defender at d defense but yet I prefer musachio and rogmannoli dan him. And d day he didn’t cap d team and we played against a strong team,we won!!! Let him pack his baggage and leave for higuan,though higuain is not my favourite striker but I still prefer him to bonucci!!! Forza Milan


Sending Bonucci back to Juve will be the dumbest transfer move ever. Send him to PSG or anywhere else. Also Milan should focus on a younger finisher.


We have plenty of young finishers. Sell bacca and kalenic and get experience on top so cutrone and silva can learn

Calm down

The issue with Bonucci is that he was more determined to leave Juve than joining Milan and now that his relationship with Juve is probably better, he wants back. He’s a bloody user.

I also think that he’s a guy who cannot decide well. He’s brave but not that mentally strong. Long ball player and too individual minded. Let him go