Athletic coach Dominici: “The boys are working very well, it is a young group with a very promising future”

Bruno Dominici speaking to MilanTV on July 14, 2018. (
Bruno Dominici speaking to MilanTV on July 14, 2018. (

Bruno Dominici spoke about the preparations at Milanello in these days, saying the players ‘arrived in good physical conditions and we are satisfied’.

Pre-season started for Milan last Monday, and while uncertainly reigns at the corporate level, the day-to-day life at training center Milanello remains per usual, as the players train under coach Gennaro Gattuso ahead of the new campaign.

Sky Italia’s Peppe Di Stefano said today that voices from Milanello are talking about very intense preparations, and there are comparisons to Massimiliano Allegri’s first season with the club.

Athletic coach Bruno Dominici spoke to MilanTV today to shed some light on the Rossoneri’s work:

“The boys are working very well. We are happy, we are happy for how they arrived. At the end of last season, we had given them a fitness program to do during the two weeks prior to the first day of training of this campaign, and we have seen that they did it.

“They arrived in good physical conditions and we are satisfied. We started with a greater amount of athletic work compared to the work with the ball. Then, slowly, the percentage will change and we will go more and more towards working with the ball.

The squad during training at Milanello. (
The squad during training at Milanello. (

“Besides the real physical work, there is also a physiological component, that is, the capacity to struggle and to be resilient, this is the reason behind the exercises we have been doing on the pitch or in the woods, mainly to achieve these two objectives together.

“I must say that the coach was used to this type of training. The coach liked these types of sessions very much and when I proposed this type of preparation that is similar to the preparation he used to do as a player, he was very happy and approved this kind of exercises with great pleasure.

“On the choice to train in the woods and on the sand, as I said before, these are two exercises chosen for that reason, to distinguish the different difficulties of the players, to avoid overloading them unnecessarily and therefore to achieve the same metabolic goal, but with different means allowing us not to create further problems for the players.

Gennaro Gattuso and the squad during training at Milanello. (
Gennaro Gattuso and the squad during training at Milanello. (

“We always use the words the coach likes. In this case ‘intensity’, ‘hard work’, and ‘resilience’ because we know very well that this is a sport in which you always struggle. As I said before, you can struggle in two ways: mentally and physically. The first type of struggle is mental, it’s not just me saying it, but those who study the topic, and therefore we try to make the players understand this.

“When you start getting tired, you can still go a little further from the physical point of view so you can overcome this phase when you start thinking: ‘I would like to stop for a moment to slow down, to recover…’ We don’t exaggerate or go over the limits, because we know what we are doing, we are monitoring the workloads and trying to find the ideal workload, this is what we are trying to do.

The squad during training at Milanello. (
The squad during training at Milanello. (

“I think this is a young group with great hopes, because they are truly a group of young people who have a very young potential. I see it this way: it’s a young group with a very promising future. The coach also trains every time he is on the pitch. From my point of view, this makes working so easy, also for us, because the boys understand and give the right importance to every type of work we do. He [Gattuso] can pass on the right intensity to the players because he did those things before.

“So, it’s not just about saying ‘come on, let us do it, this is an important exercise’, but he knows exactly what the players are going to do, he understands the difficulty as well. He does not only have expectations, when the players struggle, he understands why because he was in their situation.”


  1. Training facilities should be big focus, our fitness improved a lot since gattuso arrived and this team will only get better.
    hope we keep core of our players defending is gr8
    Attack need more speed and strength.
    Best match we played tactical was against fiorentina with hakan free role we just looked so dominant.
    As for transfers i would like to see depay in red and black think he would give more goals and tempo to our game

  2. Off Topic: The Curva sud are very unserious people? Why didn’t they write Berlusconi asking him why he scammed the world with the Li deal?
    Why didn’t they write Uefa to respect our history, shirt and tradition after they slammed us with the ban? Why haven’t they spoken up on the recent happenings in Milan?
    Mirabelli and Gattusso practically insult themselves when talking about the market and players needed, Gattusso said that himself in his recent interview and now Curva comes out to defend Mirabelli? Same person who just squandered 200mil with no fruits to show for it?
    Is Leonardo their problem? Really?
    Why don’t the curva sud and our fans here on this blog who are standing with them start hating on the likes of Seedorf, Pirlo, Ronaldo and the ex interistas we’ve had in this team who did so well for us?
    Interristas can come to Milan and give us a hand and all will be well right? but our players or staff must not join them else we should kill them or never forgive them for their acts of treason right?
    Wake up guys, I’ve been a Milan fan since 1999. I have no business hating on anyone, all I care about is enjoy Milan and the football we have to offer. I stick with Milan in good times and bad times.
    N.B Inter’s Perisic has been so instrumental to Croatia reaching the finals of the world cup and I support them to win the cup today. If Perisic or Icardi said he wanted to come to Milan today, and we have the money to buy him, will we or the curva sud reject him? If no is your answer, leave Leonardo alone and let Elliotte do their parliative moves which includes removing Mirabelli from his position. Except you like the players we are linked to so far. He said no to Mayer, maybe Depay will be history too and then we’ll probably welcome Zaza, lol.
    Gattuso stays, Mirabelli out please, bring on Leo

    • Hahahaha There’s a saying that “anointing flows from the head.” It started with the Management, it’s gotten to the curva sud. Man, you’d better look for a way not to get “wammied” by whatever is eating up the brain in the milan brand.

  3. @Serdoff.. stop believing all that you read about transfers. Considering Mayer I read yesterday that his wage demands are scaring even to Liverpool and Arsenal. Secondly, this noise about wasting the transfer war chest is becoming boring. He got Bonucci for 40m which for me is a bargain considering today’s market. To cut a long story short minus kalinic he got every other deal right not forgetting these are bunch of very young players. Finally, I hate to say this but I support curva sud 100% Leonardo is milan’ s legend, won a lot with even cl, handled big positions in Milan yet grudgely joined inter merda. While the likes of Seedorf, Pirlo were flops at inter. The curva sud may not have represented us well, but I stand with them.

    • What stand with them; he joined inter that doesn’t mean he is not milanista….remember it was Leonardo who discovered Thiago Silva and Pato…don’t be so emotional when appointing some one to lead a role in business….business means you appoint ppl those are suitable for those jobs and I think what milan went through in last few months, changes are must…and sorry if you find my words a bit too much to bare…I am a milan fan and my heart bleeds when we have become a joke around footballing world….

  4. @O’Gabbs, 42mil was a steal for Bonucci? Do you really think so? How much are we about to sell him for now? Is it more than that amount? Or are other teams like PSG going to buy him from us for a steal too? In my opinion, Fassobelli simply bought him at his current market value and we’ll see him for same if we have to sell.
    Also, after spending 200mil, what was the improvement you noticed in the team?our go to men for creativity 2 seasons ago were Suso and Bona. Last season was pretty much the same apart from hakan who began to show promise in 2nd half of the season. Cutrone who was our lead scorer was with us 2 seasons ago before 200mil was spent. If you don’t have a problem with this, I do. Elliotte should get us a more competent ds please



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