Locatelli close to moving to Sassuolo for €11 million plus bonuses, talks ongoing over the buy-back clause

Manuel Locatelli before Juventus-Milan at Stadio Olimpico on May 9, 2018. (@acmilan.com)
Manuel Locatelli before Juventus-Milan at Stadio Olimpico on May 9, 2018. (@acmilan.com)

Manuel Locatelli will soon complete a move to Sassuolo, but Milan will retain the right to buy him back.

Locatelli broke into the scene in the 2016/17 season, but didn’t find a lot of space last year, as Lucas Biglia was the first choice in the regista role, while Manuel couldn’t impress as a mezz’ala.

In the last weeks it has been reported that Locatelli has decided he wants to leave, and his entourage has been pushing for a permanent move and doesn’t want a loan.

Talks have been ongoing with Sassuolo and according to Gianluca Di Marzio, the transfer is close. Milan and the Neroverdi have agreed on around €11m plus €2-3m in bonuses, while personal terms are also believed to have been agreed between Sassuolo and the 20-year-old Italian.

The only thing missing is the agreement over the buy-back clause, as Milan and Sassuolo are negotiating over the sum. Locatelli will be looking to improve and finally play with consistency.


  1. I’m ok with the buy back clause Sassuolo will play him as if he is one of their own, should he really fulfill his potential he can take Biglias place within the next 2/3 seasons and hopefully be another Verratti

  2. Acerbi, Cristante, De Sciglio, El Sharaawy, now Locatelli?
    Abbiati just left Maldini declined again and not even Kaka stayed in this disaster “confused club”
    Bacca is also leaving even if Gattuso is trying to convince him not to.
    We have no leaders in management, soon will be Gattuso if key players are sold, I fear that this new management will sell everyone and kill the brand.
    We are very lucky to have Donnarumma Romagnoli and Bonucci those guys are world class players.
    Thanks a lot Silvio you loved so much our beloved team.

      • Name 5 italians center backs better than Romagnoli. Who is the best keeper in the world under 21? and enlightenus who is the captain of la nazionale.

        Should I define what world class means? U got 3 players who definitely would be at WC if Italy had qualified.

        • Lol, so just by being in the Italian squad makes you a word class player now? Chilielini n bon are the only wc cb in Italy. Donnarumma is not world class, doesn’t mater how young he is.

  3. This is so silly, just play the kid, he plays with tempo his tackles can be sloppy but have improved, but his passing and vision is first class. We are making the same mistake as we have in the past and letting another supreme young talant go

  4. What the shit with club’s transfer plan? Why we cannot sell some underwhelmed players for money, why we couldnot keep our Privamera gems for a long time, such as Aubameyang, Verdi, Cristante….?

  5. With a buy back clause this deal makes sense.

    And anybody moaning about how are youth players are sold only to become superstars elsewhere – please tell me when has this happened since Auba (and please don’t mention Cristante)?

    • They don’t necessarily have to be absolute world class for us to cry aboutlosing them ,what matters is that if we will need the likes of Cristante ,Sokratis Balotelli Verdi ,Acerbi, El Sharaawy etc in our team. I think they can at least match the players wearing the Milan shirt in recent days.

      • Calm down, none of the names you mention could upgrade our team; El Sha might be nice as a sub for LW, but that’s it.

  6. Locatelli must really envy Cristante. Well for me it’s not a bad deal at all.. Let’s face it, Locatelli hasn’t been so outstanding as we all claim. He needs more play time. It’s only painful that he’s been sacrificed for Montolivo.

  7. I don’t get it how you don’t understand the buy back clause! it’s a good deal! we get money and we sell a player who never plays regulary. if he is that good then we can buy him back. by the way I don’t think he is that good anyway. nothing special about him. of course in my opinion and I could be wrong. we will se in 1 or 2 years

  8. Comment:They should sell him if they agreed on buyback clause…..Pls someone should add me to to group 08060319752

  9. Why you saying this is a good deal when this team already lacks creativity in the middle of the park? Who’s gonna step in? Montolivo? Mauri?

    My god this also means Halilović leaped Locatelli in pecking order. What has this team become

    Next ones to be shipped out imo – Suso, Bonucci, Donnarumma, Rodriguez

    • Locatelli is nothing special and it is right for Milan to sell him with buy back clause – it is a genius deal actually. If he turns out great, we will just buy him back, if not, we won’t. Win win situation. In my opinion, he won’t get much better, he isn’t that great, period.

      • My point was:

        This team lack creative midfielders and since the club is broke and it seems there won’t be any acquisitions due to strict FFP obligation, who will step up instead of Locatelli? Montolivo? Mauri? Halilović? God help us

        Past season our midfield was non existent and they want to continue to downgrade it

  10. Mirabelli has said that nobody will leave without the permission of the coach and seeing Locatelli didnt play much since Rhinos arrival, I will say the coach doesn’t rate him that high.

    Personally I think it’s just not his best season but I quite like his game in the last Cappa italia final., not many 20y olds will give such a performance. I won’t make him first choice but will be an important squad player.

    I’m only disappointed because they don’t rate high enough but we dont have much to lose with a good buy back clause which should be valid for minimum of 2 years. Loca will be back and stronger than Bonaventura, Kessie Biglia

  11. I watched Loca for past 3 seasons. Compared to Donnaruma(15/16) and Cutrone(17/18), he didnt had that breakout season where he showed coaches ” build team around me “. If he was that that great talent ( Donna/Cutrone/Roma), Biglia wouldnt be bought in first place. Look at Verrati when he was 18y in Pescara. Next season he was bought by PSG by Ancelotti. Only to build team around him. Because he had great great talent and now wanted by Barca and RM. Same was with Sterling in Liverpool and later bought by Man City. Not mentioning Messi who pushed Ronaldinho from Barcelona. Ferguson build Man Utd around Ronaldo. Those are the talents. Loca needs in next 2y become Serie A best league assist, to prove us we were wrong at end. Otherwise he is gonna be next Cristante. Aubameyang was our biggest mistake. Sadly he was at wrong time and place, when Kaka,Ronaldinho,Pato,Inzaghi were in our team.

    • Auba our biggest mistake? Did you follow Milan or Auba those days? Auba was nothing special, and he was a winger, not a striker. Couldn’t finish couldn’t dribble. It took him many years to evolve, and a buy back clause wouldn’t work because he didn’t go directly to ST.Ettiene(flopped at Monaco first). I would say Sokratis and maybe Cristante were bigger mistakes. Sokrates played well his first season away from us, Cristante took some time too shine, but since he is our youth and didn’t actually play that bad when he got his chances. We should have definitely included a sell back clause.

      • I watch and follow Milan for 27y. If Cristante get bought by Juventus or any top 10 teams in world, i’ll consider him our biggest mistake. No offense, but Roma isn’t standard nor it was ever.

  12. Well, since we are not going to play him. Since we prefer Biglia and far below average kessie to him, then we should allow him leave in peace. Too bad

  13. Last reports say Gattuso is considering keeping Bertolacci as he impressed him and would be deployed either as vice Kessie or vice Biglia

    Poor Rino wanted strong players now he has to do magic with this bunch

  14. Its like milan are always trying to pick the worst possible outcomes when making decisions. at this point, U’d get better chance at being right in coin toss gambling.

  15. Another Milan talent passed by.. following the footsteps of Aubameyang, Astori, Darmian, Cristante, Verdi. Good tradition and policy to build a new young Milan..

  16. Tbh, how Locatelli played 16-17 season, compared too Kessie last season. Locatelli played better. Kessie could play terrible in many games and stil not get benched. Extremely selfish n headless. This might have affected Locatelli. No matter how bad a Kessie plays, Loca will stil rotten on the bench.

  17. Too many Fifa experts on here. You can’t just play young kids and they’ll magically get better. Sometimes players need a fresh club with a different tactical approach and a coach that understands how to get the best out of a player to grow. eg. Cristante (Atalanta), Verdi (Bologna) Torreira (Sampdoria). This will be a win win deal for both parties with a buy back clause

    • That is my point. Milan have a problem and no tradition to take care of young players (as long they are not in level of Baresi, Costacurta, Maldini, Kaka who was the best already at age 17-20 and belongs to the best players in the history of the game). This needs to change. As long Milan was the richest or among the richest clubs in the world we had afford to lose our prospects because we could buy the the best and most expensive players with a short term perspective. Now we are in a totally new financial reality. We cant afford to lose our best prospects and buy another one with basically same quality for 10-20 millions. Even if Milan will get a new owner on the level of other title-winning/challenging teams in Europe we are not allowed to have spending-spree on transfers as in the old days because of FFP.

      • I agree that we do have a problem with youth players but when you have a prestigious club like Milan, people demand greatness straight away. They’re are no big clubs these days that produce youth players (except Barca), United, Madrid, Juve, City because football has become a business and players are simply pawns. Clubs can’t not wait for players to grow and come good, if you don’t perform you don’t last and someone else will come in. In Locatelli’s case, I believe he has a fantastic footballing brain (hence his obvious potential) but his ability isn’t on the same level and he’s very inconsistent. You don’t play you don’t grow, so he needs to go elsewhere for further development.

        • True but AC Milan are not longer a club that can challenge for Serie A titles or CL qualification anymore. Milan history is great with epic champions but this is over. What I belive the club needs in terms om short term on field perspective is to change our self view and create a enviroment that give player with proven qualities and potential time. (2-3 seasons). Milan crowd are very demanding and it is destructive atmosphere in San Siro these days but they are more humble agains our one products with hard working attitued, than players that are been bought for high fees with the same qualities as the clubs own products. Donnarumma messed up because his and his agent greedy demands. If you are basically paid as the best in Seia A and the world, then u are expected to perform on that level. No matter how young you are

        • City?Joe hart? Sturrigde? Haha, I could name at least 10 better youth academics. #1fluminese, s.lisboa, Ajax, shalcke04, dort, genk, benfica, psg, Basel, Milan, lyon

  18. Am concerned about Elliott’s silent since all dis while!!!he should allow us to know his plans for Milan,if he’s pumping money in for the transfer market or sellingd club to who will take us to the promise land

  19. Very bad times ahead and here we thought Elliott taking over was great. Locatelli leaving is a disgrace and now they want to rid of Bonucci for 32 million? Sell the best players and bring in free transfers? Why is yonghong li still silent? He has not come out and said anything and he was the owner. What is going on, this has become a nightmare. Commisso needs to come it right away because with Elliott we are doomed to sell everyone so they make a profit

  20. What happened is that Milan are in debt and breached FFP regulations, there’s no financial stability or cover at the moment.

    Therefore in order to achieve financial stability and operate within FFP I am most certain Elliott will try and sell off some players, first of them being the ones that can improve Milan FFP considering their added value:

    Suso – came free, selling price 40 millions

    Donnarumma – youth product, selling price 50-70 millions

    Locatelli – youth product, selling price 12 millions

    After could follow our star with highest salary – Bonucci

    • If that’s true I see Halilolic on the right wing, Bertolacci taking Locatelli’s place and Mussachio even if he is good we don’t know if pairing him with Romagnoli would work. So much unnecessary gamble because of bad management.

  21. what u expect if a club owned by loan shark like elliots?!?!
    they got Milan at cut price & more they want to make profit as many as they can,
    now is Loca… then Leo, Suso, Gigio & every players that have buyers.
    li was a bad period but elliots is worse, we can be end up like malaga/genoa (a season rich) then like it or not, now we are a selling stock…



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