Conti: “I have been training all summer, you’ve to think positive to get through this period, Gattuso has great grit”

Andrea Conti talking to MilanTV on July 11, 2018. (
Andrea Conti talking to MilanTV on July 11, 2018. (

Andrea Conti says the people around him and the fans ‘give me strength to keep going and to continue my recovery in the best possible way’, and says his teammates are a bit fatigued but ‘it is better to work hard now’.

The transfer market of Milan is pretty much stuck right now due to the changes in management, as it remains unclear whether Massimiliano Mirabelli will still be here in a couple of weeks.

Milan have already signed Pepe Reina, Ivan Strinić and Alen Halilović on free transfers but another “new signing” is Andrea Conti, who missed practically the entire last season due to knee injuries.

I have been training all summer because we agreed with the physiotherapists and that I should keep training, also because I had two serious injuries,” Conti said in an interview with MilanTV at training center Milanello earlier today. “So, I had only a 10-day vacation which is what I needed to charge my batteries, but I’m happy with the work that I have done and with how I’m training now.

Andrea Conti's signed #12 jersey. (
Andrea Conti’s signed #12 jersey. (

“You have to think positive to get through this period. I’m always here [at Milanello], I enjoy being here with my teammates and training here. Everyone, from the cook to the sporting director, have always shown how much they care for me and this gives me strength to keep going and to continue my recovery in the best possible way. How my teammates have been doing? I have seen the guys a bit fatigued, but this work will come in useful over the season, so it’s better to work hard now.

“I get along really well with all my teammates, we have kept in touch also during the summer holidays. They are like brothers to me, it’s like I have known them for a long time and I’m happy to have them as teammates. [Milan coach Gennaro] Gattuso? The boss has great grit, it’s as if he wanted to be on the pitch. He instils his energy to us and this is very important.

Milan fans during training at Milanello on July 9, 2018. (
Milan fans during training at Milanello on July 9, 2018. (

“The many fans on the first day of training? I can just thank them because they have always supported me during this year, although I wasn’t playing, and I was injured, they have always backed me, and I hope I can repay them for their support on the pitch like I always did in the past.

“Being here is just great. We have everything we need to train in the best possible way, which is essential to prepare for the season to come, and to work at our best every day.”


  1. Hope you get back asap Conti, keep fighting!

    Some thoughts regarding Eng – Cro:
    1. England didnt even deserve to be in the semis and should consider themselves lucky, proud or whatever that they even made it this far. Croatia are worthy of their spot, and I hope they take it home, even if I dont mind France they have nice players.
    2. Our right back position is stocked, but to think that we could’ve gotten Vrsaljko when he was at Genoa… he can play on the left as well, which brings me to…
    3. Strinic, he looked solid in the first game against Nigeria, but you cant really take too much out of one single game, he has looked shaky in the knockouts, doing weird things and then does one good thing and ruins it with a bad move after. Privaric (?) looked much better when he has entered the fray, perhaps its because he is fresh and running against tired legs but still.
    4. Mandzukic, there were some rumours that Gattuso likes him and wanted him earlier in the summer, now that Juve has signed Ronaldo im sure they’ll get rid of some players, especially in the attacking department, I hope we can get him. I love his grinta, and he has an eye for goal – not just because he scored today, he has been in my fantasy team since the knockouts started lol.

    Just some thoughts. Hope everyone here on this blog is doing well and having a nice summer!

      • Haha thank you for your comment! Oh damn… he was pretty bad against France… Is your fantasy team on FIFA’s website? The benefit of the players now is that they wont be eliminated, they will play another time, so he might step up against England;) I have him too, although Mandzu was luckily my captain, also had Vrsaljko 8) had a total of five Croatian players! Not Vida though, but I admire him, he was a monster especially against England!

        @Baresis Dream, yeah maybe, do you know if that’s true? Yeah that is true, was just some thoughts from the game:) I wouldnt mind Rebic either like @Successor mentioned, but I’d pick Mandzu over all of them. Hate Pickford btw.
        Thanks mate right back at you!

        • I used a mobile app, but it should be an official Fifa app. Vida is a different animal when it comes to playing for his national team and you have to respect that. I had Vrsaljko too but also had Trippier 🙂
          Croatians are just showing that it’s not all about the names and the hype, and when I said that they are in top 5 contenders before this World Cup some people laughed at me. That is a real team and those players are bleeding for that jersey.
          Good knows we need something like that in our dear Milan.

    • The problem with Strinic is that he seems to be a CB adjusted to a FB; I didn’t see one decent cross from him throughout the tournament.

      Madukic would be a good signing, exactly what I hoped Kalanic would turn out be.

      But right now we have much much bigger problems than the transfer market

    • I would take Mandzukic to lead our attack. Shouldn’t have signed Strinic, firstly he won’t give much competition to Rodriguez and secondly he’s not expected to grow. With someone younger ,even if they won’t be much better in providing competition for Rodriguez, they could eventually do so in the future. I would have just continued with Rodriguez and Antonelli.He may not be comparing the two mate.

    • Totally agree re: England. Surely the most overrated yet useless team in the history of the World Cup. Now their “band of brothers” are coming home as heroes despite being just as useless as they’ve always been.

  2. Strinic is a player have been watching in some Croatia games,and dis is what I see,he’s good defensively and with better experience Dan Rodriguez,but in pushing attack and dribbles,Rodriguez is better of,and again playing outside box shot,Strinic is weak in dat!!! But ok in defence!!!have you forgotten that he marked messi out against Argentina??d experience is dere as a defender but other attributes,he’s 20%

  3. Talking bout the Croatia team , i will pick the Number 18 guy over Mandzukic and maybe trade their number 9 for Andre Silver .. lol

    • As a Croatian Milan fan. #9 Kramaric is more like Firmino, a false 9. Scores goals, but creates alot as well. #18 Rebic, is more fighter and defence harraser. Both of them would work for us, if we would go for Klopps gegenpress 433 tactic and make Suso our Salah, while sacrifice Cutrone.

  4. Milan’s new owners Elliott Management are planning to restructure their front office and Napoli face losing sports director Cristiano Giuntoli. Giuntoli has turned down a new contract offer and could end up at AC Milan. He still has a year to run on his current Azzurri deal. Along with Giuntoli, others under consideration are Paolo Maldini and Umberto Gandini for director roles. Interestingly, another on Milan’s radar is AS Monaco chief Michael Emenalo, who only left Chelsea for ASM last season.

  5. Offtopic:

    Locatelli closing in on 12 million move to Sassuolo with Milan inserting a buy back clause, according to Di Marzio

    • I know, this is just a stupid move once again by Milan. I was never a fan of Montella but at least he saw Locatelli’s potential.

      • Barely, he was the one who gave him more and more opportunities as a starter, but he was also the one who started to bench him in favor of Pasalic. And then barely gave him room just because of the new talent.

    • Bonucci, Suso & Gigio will follow soon… replace by players such Bonera, Matri, Plizarri, or our players who out on loan or freeby with minimum salary… we are eated alive by elliot…



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