Report: Total agreement between Elliott and Maldini over Paolo’s return, he’d act as the head of the technical area

Paolo Maldini, Andrea Pirlo and Gianluigi Buffon during the 'Match for Peace' game at Stadio Olimpico. (FILIPPO MONTEFORTE/AFP/Getty Images)
Paolo Maldini, Andrea Pirlo and Gianluigi Buffon during the ‘Match for Peace’ game at Stadio Olimpico. (FILIPPO MONTEFORTE/AFP/Getty Images)

Paolo Maldini is reportedly very, very close to joining Milan as ‘only the signatures are missing’.

A revolution is in sight for Milan as the Chinese era is practically over and Elliott are increasingly taking over the club, a process that will be completed soon.

There have been conflicting reports over what Elliott are planning to do with the club as it’s unclear whether they’ll manage it for a few months before selling it, or immediately hand it to the highest bidder.

But in any case, there are growing voices that Elliott are ready to change things at management level, and it appears that they are set to bring Paolo Maldini back into the club. Maldini was offered a role in the Chinese Milan but was not convinced by the project nor the role, but now it can happen. suggested yesterday that contacts had been accelerated between Maldini and Elliott and today, the online version of il Giornale claims that Paolo and Elliott have found a ‘total agreement’ over the return of the legendary #3, and the only thing missing is the signatures. If the report is true, then Maldini would act as the head of the Technical Area – which is the role he originally asked for.

The arrival of Maldini in such a role could obviously mean the end for DS Massimiliano Mirabelli. There are voices that Marco Fassone could also be replaced, while Gattuso’s position is unclear.


  1. Im getting tears in my eyes this is the best thing they could have done best news in many many years regarding this club

  2. Awesome news, for once.
    To me, the greatest player ever to play for this club. Hoping this will finally be a step towards revival

  3. Anyone could tell me, exactly what’s different roles and responsibilities between Technical Director – Maldini and Sport Director – Mirabelli, even if he wouldn’t be fired? I ‘m so confused

    • Maldini wont take Mirabelli’s role. Thats reserved for Napoli’s sporting director Giuntoli and Fassone’s position is gonna be taken by former Milan CEO, Gandini.

  4. Best news, should’ve never let him go in the first place

    One thing:

    How is Elliott able to do such signings since they will sell the club. What if the new ownership don’t want Maldini on their management?

  5. I’d love Maldini back with us but we need clarity once and for all. Season isn’t that far away and we have no idea whether we are kicked out of europa for sure or who is managing the club. Not to forget the reinforcements we desperately need. Today Juventus signed ronaldo and that’s a great sign for serie a. Now milan should get this sorted out and start building on this.

  6. In fairness to UEFA kicking us out was a last resort and i doubt they wanted to but put yourselves in there position? They had no choice given the state of Li’s affairs namely his financial one
    I think now that Elliott has taken over and we’re in the hands of professional people with a lot of money we’ll get reinstated
    Its in Elliott’s interest to have a club in Europe as I’d imagine its worth more money because of it plus it seems like they care about how there perceived to us fans otherwise why would they get Paulo on board? He obviously liked what they had to say or he wouldn’t have agreed and who better to judge than el capitano himself??
    Instead of dreading and almost fearing whats going to come up when you look for news concerning our club I’m looking forward to seeing it now

    • Naz, I think it is a good move to put Maldini in the board. And get rid of the two ridiculous buttmunches of FASSOBELLI.

      But, however, a footballer in a costume does not mean he will be a good manager. So, let’s hope, that at least Maldini with the most DNA of all of us will succeed and knows what to do.

      I mean, Ajax has Overmars and Van Der Sar in their management and believe me. They stink. Really bad.

      • Hey Mathijs, I agree it don’t always work but there’s something about Maldini that’s just different, he already owns part of a club in America i think its Miami but I’m not sure, so i think he already knows what’s involved
        I also think he’s the kind of man who when he puts his mind to something he always succeeds, he even tried his hand at tennis at a very late stage only a few years ago and qualified for a pro doubles tournament, now i know being a famous former player probably helped get him there but its still some achievement
        I think he’ll do great

        • I hope so. There’s something special about Maldini. As if he is very reserved, calm and intelligent. And has a lots of Milan DNA. Like you say, football or tennis, everything he does, he does it with success.

          I think it would be the best signing this summer. Hopefully Kaka, Albertini, Gandini and Costacurta will follow.

  7. My fellow Milanisti, I am back and resurrected. This is what I have been wanting all through. R.IP Fassobelli!! Long live the King PAOLO!!!

  8. Li the so-called owner who I can’t remember addressing anything if at all ever heard an interview of him. No wonder Maldini is inn immediately after Berlusconi sold/lost whatsoever the club to Elliott. Welcome back Paolo.

  9. My favourite player of all times. One of the strongest personalities in football. One of the best things I ever read on this blog. I just hope it’s true.

  10. Finally good news. This is the first good management decision to make. I think Mirabelli will go to be replaced by Umberto Gandini. Fassone may however stay. Gattuso is untouchable for now as Maldini believe in him. There is a lot of work to be done though. I also believe that for Maldini to accept any role the Elliot must have convinced him. This means they have very good plan and are ready to immediately put good money for transfers to strengthen the team. It may also means some players will go.
    As for Juve signing Rinaldo today, I say congrats to them. They are best and richest in Italy. Milan was there before and signed the best players in the world and I strongly believe Maldini been involve is the first step to take us back to those golden days. We have to patience as it will take some years.
    Forza Milan

    • You said what I was going to say. If Maldini is on board, it must mean that something solid is in the works.

  11. So it turns out Maldini and Boban were right about the ownership. I commend them for there honest and accurate insight. I was initially worried about Elliot taking over but anyone but the Chinese in control is a good start.

    It seems as if Elliot are going to help the club back on there feet and inject some cash into the club. The negative is this whole circus will not be resolved anytime soon. But in the long term, I think this is all a good thing

  12. Finally the king is back!! This is a very positive sign if he accepts. Elliot are clever if they do this because by providing a solid strategy and financial back up they can only increase the price for the new owner. May this be the new beginning for Milan, the one we were all dreaming at!! Now let us have €150m for transfers, clear the debts and we can fly again. Would love to see the two muppets out, Maldini with some other pros in the management and Rino on the bench with this team getting cleaned a bit and the new additions from the 150m transfer budget!! Forza Milan!!!

    • The 150 will not be used for transfers. Only for operations and debts. This is how far milan is declined

      • Yes you are right but hopefully they’ll put some money up for the 3 quality signings that Rino wants. Wonder who are those 3? Any thoughts?

        • Hahahahaha let’s see, I am calling Professor Xavier right now, maybe he can read Gattusos mind hahahahaha.

          But if I were Gattuso, I’d say

          MIlinkovic Savic
          Quintero or Dembele from Spurs

          But I hope

          James Rodriguez

          But those are just dreams

          • Hahaha good shot but considering our situation I think those targets are way to ambitious for now. We shall see

  13. hey someone add me back to the milan group.. I exit it by mistake…18768568723 that’s the number reagon add me back

  14. A true legend, and perhaps the best Milan player of all time. But, considering our situation, nothing to really get excited about. Gatusso holds the keys to our success next year, and beyond that Elliot.

    We need to hope they sell to someone fast, someone who has the money and whose here for the long run. Otherwise, Elliot can always choose to get their investment back by stripping us from our assets (Donna, Suso, ect …) one by one, leaving us to play with the primevera.

    Maldini is a signal that they want to make us more attractive, but the direction could change in a heartbeat. With all the mystery behind Mr Li, and his now apparent failure to shore financial backing, being owned by a vulture fund is nothing to celebrate about. These are dangerous times for Milan, perhaps the worst we’ve been in the last 40 years or so.

    If Maldini came back as a teenager to join the club, I would still be extremely worried. Having him as a technical director doesn’t ease me a single bit.

    • Pessimistic, but not unrealistic. Though, I think Elliott is making the right decisions to upgrade Milan. The only danger I read from an financial institution is that they will upgrade Milan and sell it asap. So Maldini might leave again then. That would be a great disaster then.

      • That’s a fair assessment my friend. But I’m worried as hell now, more worried that this will literally be the beginning of the end. Mr Li’s moves have suprised all of us, and the entire fianancial world. We are deep in the drangon’s layer my friend.

  15. I was always a bit annoyed with the saga surrounding Paolo and his possible return in a management role. I can only apologise because Paolo saw all along what a fraud Li was. No wonder he didn’t want to be involved.

  16. Now Elliot are in charge am a little bit more confused. Y didn’t Li sell. Y risk losing everything. An investigatory panel needs to be set up

  17. Something wrong is going on, the worst that can happen is Milan being banned or dropped to lower league in case there’s a scam our beloved club is used for money laundering. How did Elliot lend money to Li if Li does not have money? Why did Berlusconi sell the club to Li when there’s was known stable rich people who wanted to buy the club? who would risk losing this much when a sale of Dona or Suso would have covered up that 32m. Somiething fishy going on, I hope it’s just my assumptions.

    Happy Maldini is back! I doubt Gattuso would have any problem going up to him and ask for advice or give advice. I still believe we will win our next UCL before Juventus does.

    • Gattuso is not as smart as Seedorf but he has proved bringing the winning spirit to the team. All he needs is asking help to Van Basten to develop tehnical area for attacking lines. Van Basten had proved turning Ibra from none to a deadly assasin in the penalty box when Koeman asked him to join Ajax’s coaching staff.

  18. Hmmm, reports now say that Fassone remains in charge, Maldini is set to reject his position with the club because he wants a position that gives him power to decide, and lastly Loca is being sold for 12m. With all these going I feel with Elliot will be no different as it was before. Ffs!!



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