Mirabelli: “No player will leave or arrive without Gattuso’s approval, it’ll be a zero-balance transfer market”

Massimiliano Mirabelli before Milan-Benevento at Stadio San Siro on April 21, 2018. (@acmilan.com)
Massimiliano Mirabelli before Milan-Benevento at Stadio San Siro on April 21, 2018. (@acmilan.com)

Massimiliano Mirabelli has made it very clear that Milan can’t buy anyone before selling first and assured everything will go through the coach, Gennaro Gattuso.

Last summer Milan were the protagonists of the transfer market, signing 11 players, spending over €200 million.

But this year, the situation is completely different. Marco Fassone has already claimed that since the Financial Fair Play rules have to be respected, Milan will have to finance their mercato through sales, and even the entry of a possible new owner will not change this fact.

Today, director of sport Massimiliano Mirabelli, who a few weeks ago spoke of three important signings, confirmed that the old ‘sell before you buy’ mantra is back at training center Milanello.

“The new season? We struggled a lot [last year], but now we start again for a new season. We hope it will be a great year,” Mirabelli told Sky. “The work to do? We have practically not had a vacation. We have been at work for a long time and we are charged-up to see what we can do.

Massimiliano Mirabelli during Milan-Inter at Stadio San Siro on December 27, 2017. (@acmilan.com)
Massimiliano Mirabelli during Milan-Inter at Stadio San Siro on December 27, 2017. (@acmilan.com)

“The mercato? There’s need for clarity: We have heard so many names and I tell the fans not to follow them. We have clear ideas. We will do a sales market and then a purchases market. No one will leave, and no one will arrive, without Gattuso’s go-ahead. It will be the Milan of Gattuso. We’ve to be calm.

“As far as I’m concerned, I’d rather to stay that way [keep the squad the same], unless someone who makes a difference [can arrive]. Last year we wanted to build a young base, this year we need experienced reinforcements. We will have to make a zero-balance mercato.

“No one will leave, and no one will arrive without Gattuso’s OK. The sales of big players? There are some of our players who have many different requests. If Rino wants to go without one of the big players, we’ll listen to him and decide what to do.

Massimiliano Mirabelli and Gennaro Gattuso at training center Milanello on January 4, 2018. (@acmilan.com)
Massimiliano Mirabelli and Gennaro Gattuso at training center Milanello on January 4, 2018. (@acmilan.com)

“The names? We had found a deal for Gustavo Gomez with Boca Juniors, there’s been a problem with the two of them and we’ve given them two days to resolve the situation. Gustavo also has requests in Italy. Kalinić has many requests from Turkey, Russia, Germany and Spain. Atletico Madrid and Sevilla are perhaps those closest to him [Kalinić is believed to have agreed terms with Atletico].

“[Valencia’s Simone’ Zaza? We are not thinking about any purchases as we don’t know how what resources we have available. It’s a little bit like when you’re hungry and you’re out of the house, you open your wallet and look inside before deciding whether to go for a sandwich or whether you can go to the restaurant for caviar and champagne. We’ll know after we’ve made some sales.”

Milan have already signed three players – Pepe Reina, Ivan Strinić and Alen Halilović. All arrived as free agents. The Rossoneri have no – or very little – money to spend, and they focus on sales.


  1. “It will come down to something like this: ‘if you are hungry, you can either go an buy a sandwich, or go to a restaurant and dine with caviar and champagne.’!
    With names like Zaza circulating around I’m going to presume we should all just go ahead and order from our nearest “Subway bar” while Juventus dine at “Club del Doge”

  2. So latest reports saying li is playing hardball to sell and there’s a new Asian investor. Also reports that he hasnt paid the 32m cap and Elliott will cease control of milan on Monday and that they will immediately sell to Rocco commisso. See that li because of your stubbornness where you were offered good money and a percentage of milan you played hardball and now commisso will take over full control for half the price and you will be left with nothing. Better hurry up and sell

  3. Good shit. So I guess now when we buy Zaza he will know he is nothing more than a mere sandwich. Good shit Mirabelli!

  4. You don’t need to sell to sign Bernard ,Balotelli ,Meyer etc. Your just not smart enough so just go swap Locatelli with Berardi you idiot.


    Milan has no money as I said.
    Milan is a mess, as I said.
    It is a big joke!!!

    Now, you guys see that FASSOBELLI tell lies? Constantly promising and holding the lines. And in the end, nothing, just nothing.
    No reinforcements, no European Football.

    Where is the top striker Mirabelli was promising? Where are the 3 big players that were promised? Where? Oh wait, Zaza is coming….. Whahahahahahahahaha

    NO Mathijs, stay calm, be positive. Stop shouting. Whahahahahahahahaha stupid naive people here. All the fans in my area are the same like me. Angry and disappointed.

    Anyone who is still positive and believe or has sympathy like a smug here said before about FASSOBELLI should take his head out of his ass.

    • So?
      Your point being?
      What do you propose to do now?
      Please, do enlighten us. Tell us something we don’t already know.

      Oh and yes, when you reply to this, do not rant. Rather give precise and concise answers to the questions posted above even if it proves to be mentally taxing for you.

    • We have one the youngest team in Europe, with players who if developed right would be a starter in almost any team, Suso Calhanoglu, Romagnoli, Kessie, Calabria.

      For me, Europa ban is a blessing in disguise, fanaticism and a great run in Serie A made some think that we could win Europa League, there is a big gap not in talent, but as a team, as a whole.

      Europa gives us nothing, if we focus in Serie A we could achieve top 3 .

      Biglia was awful in WC, Montolivo is finished, Loca is not ready,.
      IMO Kalinic should be traded for a good midfielder, and we still need another midfielder maybe a loan will be good, and Bacca should be convinced to stay.

      So just take some Lexapro and think before you post before you get ignored like sheva.

      • Raven, Suso as a starter in any team? Where was he at the WC? Why isn’t he playing with one of the best teams in Spain? Or Italy?

        Suso is mediocre. Just like Kessie. And Donnarumma. And Rodriguez. And Bonaventura. And Biglia. And Bonucci.

        • “if developed right would be a starter IN ALMOST any team, Suso Calhanoglu, Romagnoli, Kessie, Calabria.”
          Liverpool didn’t even want him and now they are thinking of him as a cheap solid back up in just a few years with us, he has a lot of room for improvement, last 5 games I saw him using his right foot, if he uses his both feet he will be very unpredictable and a whole different player.
          I was the most hardocore critic against Suso all the season, the guy was disgusting but that was Montella who tell him stories of him being Messi , but Gattuso changed that..

          And of course yes the Italy captain is mediocre and yes RR played so awful at the WC.
          Yes Mr. Van Sloun everything stinks.

      • Stop being delusional. Milan right now can only battle out for Europa spots and that is the best case scenario. Juventus and Napoli are other world for Milan while Inter and Roma are booming with quality that Milan just doesn’t currently have.

        • Do you watch football? Inter and Roma couldn’t beat us what are you talking about, If Gattuso don’t lose points to shitty teams is doable, you are being delusional thinking only messi and cristiano could save us. Stop playing fifa kid

          • Inter and Roma finished head and shoulders above Milan and both teams got stronger in the meantime while Milan is struggling on the market. I have no idea why are you being so disrespectful but things I’m telling you are facts not some made-up , want-to-believe Milan hopes and dreams. The team is playing bad football and things are not looking bright. You are free to believe whatever you want though.

    • Mathijs we along with the whole world knows we’ve no money
      What pisses me off is that stubborn prick Li won’t sell

      • Naz, that’s exactly what I am angry at. The guy is just thinking about his own wallet, not the club. And yet, some people still have sympathy for these guys…… Sigh…..

        • Berlusconi must of known this guy had very limited funds even though he promised he’d only sell to somebody capable of bringing Milan back to the top.
          I genuinely hope that Li loses everything and crawls back down whatever shit hole he came from

    • Yep, you right.
      The fool kept deceiving fans that even if we didn’t qualify for the Champions League we would still be okay.
      Now secret is out, they had no back up, they went all in hoping for CL qualification, now we are in a mess.

      Honestly, we gotta wake up, the teams above us aren’t special, except Juve and maybe Napoli (on a good day).

      Forget what Montella the moron did to us, had the lads not lost some silly points under Gattuso, we would have made CL football considering the points margin.

      From drawing last minute against Atalanta to loosing to Benevento, drawing against Torino, Sassuolo, Napoli and loosing after a good show against Juventus. We could have amassed points here for CL.

      I think we went blank after that Arsenal match (even though we clearly deserved more). We need strong players who can respond after a setback, I think that’s the secret Juventus have over other teams in Serie A.

      • @Mathijs……

        Why not man up and mention my name?. I always come here, leave my comments and leave and never call people stupid names regardless whether i share their opinion or not. I have never engaged anyone in any form of arguement before and hardly do i reply comments but i feel its necessary today.

        You dont need to call me a smug because i said i have sympathy for them. You replied the comment and i still didnt reply you until u made this disgraceful comment today.

        Im not one of those who suddenly forgot how we praised them when they were spending last summer, these people respected Montella and followed his wish on striker’s choice. Once again i feel sympathy for them and if that brings back your headache, i cant help you because its my opinion and i will always express it.

        Learn to respect others and their opinions afterall, this is a blog.

    • Cheers mate. You won, we all lost here. Kudos on the prediction. You think we’re idiots like you? We all were just optimistic but not blind to the facts infront of us.

      • You were idiots. Naive ones. Still some people here don’t get it. But more and more people do. That’s good.

    • God … get an education or something man, shish !!!!!! (* 1000)

      Nothing new was given in this interview. Do you even know how to read ? FFP regulations are forcing us to have a more-or-less balanced sheet this summer; this is regardless of how much cash gets injected to the club, or whether we sell yes or no. (Please read this part slowly and have an adult explain it to you).

      The only way we can get a top striker is by selling enough players (Silva, Kalanic, Musa, for example) to cover costs. This has been known and admitted before the season ended. Nobody is white washing this. And the amount of money our owner has or doesn’t have can’t change this, unless we do some tricks like ManCity and PSG (which probably won’t work either as FIFA seem to have tightened up).

      So we would have been in this situation regardless, unless we would have managed to qualify to CL. Why didn’t we qualify to CL? For me, it’s because –

      1. The 200 mil wasn’t spend correctly, something Ink, myself, and others complained in the summer. Don’t remember you complaining btw, captain hindsight.
      2. Montella’s failure to get us points the hard way, while we were still gelling.
      3. To a lesser degree, Europa league was a distraction.
      4. Bad luck.

      So continue [email protected] on everyone if you please, I doubt if you can understand 10% of what’s written above anyways.

      • They fucked up last summer. They went all in (with mediocre players and coach) and lost big time. In my knowledge we call this mismanagement. Milan is not a club you take a bet with on a poker table. If you don’t understand this, then please go ahead with your thinking. Maybe you realize someday.

        Somehow, Suracho was fckng right and the other guy who was blaming the general Italian way of managing.

  6. Ya, it”s a result of you suck and stupid Fassone have wasted over 200M for underwhelmed players last mercato! How did you do that? I think you spent for your commision, is it right?
    Now the stupid Chinese have no money, and you said all club’s decisions belong to Gattuso??? How about your responsibilities?
    To be conclude, hope you will not continuous sabotage our club anymore by selling our gems with low prize!
    God bless ACM!

  7. Out of last year’s 12 transfers.. kalanic, silva, mussachio, borini , bonucci Rodriguez have all been rumoured to leave for cheaper then we bought them for. How hilarious

  8. I don’t get it..
    Juve got Emre Can for free. Now there are some good free players available to sign, and one of them has even declared his interest in playing for Milan. If they turn out bad just sell them the following season and get money from the transfer. Very simple, yet these people seem not to think of such possibilities.

  9. I havent commented in a while but in my mind, i think Berlusconi is still the owner of Milan and not Li as the media wants us to believe. Li is a cover up for Berlusconi’s money laundry and wants to have 20-30% of Milan after sale so as to make it possible for him(Berlusconi) to regain possession of Milan when he is ready to make the move. He has his internal guys amongst the minority share holders who can make his comeback possible, thats why i feel he is not willing to sell up complete ownership of Milan.
    Just my thoughts though, everything looks fishy.
    If Li truely owned Milan, he would not sit back and watch Uefa slam Milan like that while he does absolutely nothing about it. He would have at least sold up by now and cut his losses but he seems to not have the power of decision making in Milan. Tell me 2 decisions you know Li took on behalf of Milan? Maybe its just my thoughts but i dont think i’m wrong

    • Yeah there certainly is something fishy behind.

      I am of an opinion Berlusconi sold the club to this shady Li in order to get the money from China, since their government put a block on exporting capital from the country and Silvio had quite a lot of money there according to some reports

      I mean, when Silvio put the club for sale all he got was interest from two shady brokers – Mr. Bee and Mr. Li and now there are Ricketts, Commiso and Ross who are well known in a world of business

      • I think Li is a figure head and Elliot group are the real buyer of milan giving the additional 32m they pump in… finger cross

    • totally agree… i smell bad scenario to get easy money from milan…. same design, get any players with high price…. then sell then with cheap price… and then they will buy again… it happens since B&G…

  10. Bollocks to anymore Asian owners, mister x, y, z, etc! I think we’ve had our share of them!!

    Also bollocks to fassobelli who continue to lie, 1st one about UEFA sanctions, 2nd one about transfers. We are where we are because of your incompetence and the owner’s financial insecurity and suspicion for the last year. Absolutely nothing to do with 2014-2017 period! The sooner you guys go the better. You keep Monto but want to get rid of Loca. You try hard to get rid of your Kalinic flop by replacing it with Zaza!! You loan Bacca or try to get rid of him whilst we could use him!! Very good management you pricks!!

  11. What kind of a crap sporting director we have, who says this team is “Gattuso’s”. He doesn’t want to be blamed for his mistakes and hence Gattuso’s name is used as scapegoat. From the time Ariedo Brida left Milan we don’t have any sporting director. Galliani brought soo many crap players instead he should hv hired Monchi as sporting director who knows to buy good players for less amount.

  12. Even Bellisconi has not made a single comment on this sale saga, suggesting some shady things here. A whole Bellisconi that claims he adores Milan so much. Mr Li himself too has not come out to make any comment. All pointing to the fact that there are rats smelling. They should just understand that they are toying with people’s heart here. We fans are stakeholders to the club too !

  13. Ya sell first then buy, wow!! its ok!!!!! but what the fuck u have done with free agent like Fellani,Mayer,Bernerd, Balotelli,De Vrij, Asamoah,Milan Badelj,………. even Jakub jankto n Politano transfer has done by Loan with an option to buy to Sampdoria n Inter………….. Mirabelli what r u doing man????????

  14. I think this is just the start of our troubles because sooner or later this whole deal involving Berlusconi and Li will become known
    There’s something very very shady after taking place, how could a man who has little to no money buy a club for €750m? On top of that absolutely nobody knows who he is? He’s nowhere on the Forbes rich list? There’s going to be some reporter or investigator who will uncover the truth
    He hasn’t even the money to cover running costs
    Where were these well known wealthy families when the club first went on the market? I remember hearing that Jack Ma the guy who owns Alibaba in Asia was interested who is an extremely wealthy and well known figure but he was dismissed out of the equation? Why? It’s because Berlusconi like people have pointed out only wanted to launder he’s dirty money from China

  15. Havnt been here in a while after taking a long pause from Milan and football after losing interest so i thought i would stop by and see what’s up and it is really sad that it is going exactly like i predicted a year ago dispite what u may think im not here to hate or play smartass even if it seems so i will always be a Milanista at heart but i cant watch this shitshow anymore

  16. I realy don’t see milan getting better it’s getting worst everyday. The competition is getting stronger every year , inter got very good new players ‘ as roma is getting stronger too ‘ napoli got ancelotti now juve is getting CR7 almost every squad in serie a is getting stronger . And milan is only getting weaker by the day . Milan is in great debts ‘ milan is banned from europe ‘ there is alott of drama about the new owner mr. Li who now is mr. Broke . The best players that milan has right now will most likely be sold and will get replaced by worst players , milan is dead as i see it . We have players that are stars in the making
    Like calabria ‘ locatelli ‘ a. Silva ‘ cutrone but there is too mutch drama surounding this club so the players can’t develope good . And our club management is very bad right now , the fassobelli ‘s are realy bad . The don’t know how to do there job right . It’s realy sad to see this . I would never thought that this would happen to this great club with this great history . I keep telling myself maybe it will get better next year but it’s allways dissapointment each season. This club needs a new owner and management with a plan
    If you don’t have money to spend then give the youth the chance .
    Give the primavera a chance to prove themself and buy young talents for cheap and develope them into stars .

  17. Elliott will inject 150 millions into the club to restart it, reshuffle the management and build strong foundations. Afterall it is their investment and as such they will want to sell it further with a profit.

    It’s a hedge fund that’s their business purpose!

    Considering the potential investors that are circulating in media and are familiar faces in world of both sports and business, from Commisso to Ricketts, I am really looking forward to this new chapter of Milan

    Forza Milan!

  18. I don’t know about Elliott running it if it’s a good idea. There’s bad air in milan right now and the players don’t know what to expect. Firing fassone and Mirabelli and bringing in gandini with a little over a month left before the season starts is tricky and will we be signing the players we so desperately need? After that if they sell it again are we going to reshuffle everything over again? This is really starting to worry me and hopefully it becomes clear by monday

  19. That’s it, This club is a political tool and not a football club for a long time now. And I think Mr. Li has got an agreement with Elliott from the onset about possession of Milan, believe it or not It’s a kind of strategic plan to increase the resale value and gain more.
    Sampdoria announce the signing of midfielder Jakub Jankto from Udinese for a reported €15m



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