Report: Milan ask for Berardi as they negotiate with Sassuolo for Locatelli, Mirabelli already spoke to the player

Domenico Berardi during Sassuolo-Sampdoria at Mapei Stadium - Citta' del Tricolore on May 6, 2018. (Photo by Alessandro Sabattini/Getty Images)
Domenico Berardi during Sassuolo-Sampdoria at Mapei Stadium – Citta’ del Tricolore on May 6, 2018. (Photo by Alessandro Sabattini/Getty Images)

Domenico Berardi is a new target for Milan and they asked Sassuolo for him to be inserted in the deal for Locatelli.

Manuel Locatelli may be on his way out of the club as Sassuolo are interested in signing him (in any case, in the scenario of a permanent sale, Milan are likely to include a buy-back clause).

Talks are ongoing between Milan and Sassuolo for the 20-year-old regista, and according to Sky Italia’s Gianluca Di Marzio, the Rossoneri have asked to insert Domenico Berardi into the talks.

At the moment the hypothesis of an exchange of loans with the obligation to buy does not convince Milan, as they would prefer to take the 23-year-old on loan with option to buy. Berardi, who once scored four goals in a single match against the Diavolo, finished last season with 5 goals.

Everything stands still right now but Di Marzio claims that things could unlock should Suso leave the club this summer. The Spanish winger has a buy-out clause of €40m, valid only for teams outside of Italy. Director of Sport Mirabelli has already spoken with Berardi about a move and the Italy international could arrive to replace Suso on Gennaro Gattuso’s right-wing.

Milan continue to evaluate their options and will probably take their market activities to the next level after July 20th when CAS’ decision will be made. For now, it looks like a low-cost mercato.


  1. As much as I don’t want Locatelli to leave, Sassuolo would be the best for him. If the deal goes through they must insert buy back clause or better yet a dry loan with extending it to two years

    Dunno why would they let him go, they act like they have too much midfielders on their payrole and good ones too

    I still hope he won’t leave because the talent is there, he just needs to feel the trust of the coach and proper play time

  2. I think we should let Loca on a dry loan to earn experiences in first team, he is one of our best Privamera gems, hope Fassobelli (Interistas) will not destroy our club anymore by sell him with small fee. Berrardi? Something good with his calibre, somthing bad with his behavior, hope we can loan him with an option to buy.

  3. Get Berardi but please don’t let another young Milan talent in Locatelli leave again. Cristante is turning out to be a very good midfielder I regret the decision the club took selling him.

  4. Berardi seemed like one-season wonder, and he was on a huge decline lately but still he could be a suprise if he finds his left-foot again in Milan.
    Loca on the other hand needs to play some matches and I think one-year loan should be enough for him to establish himself
    , because I think he possesses a great quality and could replace Biglia in 2020 season.

  5. Why the hell is Zaza close to joining Milan?? Started with Morata, Belotti, and now we seem to be getting Zaza!!!

    • Hey Vimal this might not be the most popular opinion amongst milanistas but dont get me wrong im not exactly happy about the prospect of Zaza joining us either but in the end ill prefer us buying Zaza for maybe 15-20 mil than splashing 60-80 mil gbp on morata. Morata has in my view really not done enough in his career to get the hype he gets. He has only played in teams that pretty much dominated their Leagues and his score tally in that sense isnt exactly impressive. Besides of that he previously said he wouldnt want to join any other team than juve in serie a and even if he joined us im pretty sure he would demand a salary of around 10 mil (x2) which he in no way desserves, Belotti on the other hand i would support. I think if Zaza is brought in it might just be to have an experienced attacker that cutrone and silva can lean upon if they get into a slump. Another thing that might be in favour of Zaza is that he according to media reports has supported milan since childhood so aquirring him will atleast bring in a player that will bleed for the shirt. Obviously not the best transfer outcome or one we was hoping for but ill still prefer him lenghts ahead of kalinic or bacca for that sake.

  6. According to reports yesterday, LOCATELLI is saying he either stays at Milan or be sold permanently.

    Berradhi on his day is dangerous but he’s so inconsistent unless “hopefully” he proves me wrong if he comes.

    • Yes, they will probably sell Loca. However, there are rumours of inserted buy-back option. Berardi was big talent when Juve signed him and loaned him to Sassuolo. When they sold him permanently to Sassuolo, he lost his talent and became incosistent player, very very injury prone as well. Milan just needs to stop with 433 formation, when Suso gets sold, thats it.

      • Locatelli should stay at all costs and should be utilized more while we atleast sell montolivo for pocket change or simply terminate his contract as he has overstayed his welcome with several years. Problem with selling locatelli with a buyback clause was made clear in berradis case as he simply refused to return to Juventus. Locatelli should deffently be one of the players we build our and the italy national teams future upon. If anything he should only be loaned out without any buyout clause. In such scenario i would prefer us loaning him to either Parma or or frosinone where he would be a guaranteed starter. In regard of Parma i Wonder why we never set up a colaboration with them when they was declared bankrupt and relegated we really could have benefitted of loaning a lot of youngsters to them over the past 3 years.
        On a positive note it seems like sassuolo rejected the proposal of injecting berradi into a locatelli deal so hopefully he will stay with us.

  7. Please maintain this young team called Milan. If you people want to sell, sell players that are above 30. We don’t want to go back to where we came from after selling kaka, Gatuso, Seedorf, Pirlo, and other good players. Be careful with our team.

  8. Hail to lord Montolivo. He would be a new record holder for Milan as his actual capability is none could match until now : as a player he won against 1 coach plus 3 other players. He was the culprit of making Seedorf being sacked, Ambrossini and his real successor i.e: Cristante being sold, and now Montolivo is going to make Locatelli leave the club.

    The question is : why the new management don’t learn from the mistake of selling Cristante? And who is Montolivo, why the player is so powerful as if he could stay forever in milan? Why the coaches are afraid of sending him to other clubs? What is his actual contribution to the team.

  9. Locatelli will turn into another Cristante for sure. Loan or a buy back clause is a must.

    Berardi for Suso is not such a bad idea though. Specially if we sell Suso for around 40m and buy Berardi for something like 20m. They’re both talented and the same age and he’s Italian. That’s a small plus in my book.

    • Thinking of how Suso would be a sub at other clubs such as Atletico Madrid but here he’s undisputed key player while I rate Berardi as Suso’s sub at best

      Every season our standards decrease and that is how Milan wants to return to the top of the world?


      • It is what is mate. As it stands another shitty transfer window awaits us unless that Rocco guy shows up. Meanwhile they’re signing Zaza. Now that’s a real shitty deal if you ask me, unless they still sign one world class striker after which I doubt. At this point I’ll take Falcao gladly. Maybe if they offload Kalinic, Bacca and Andre Silva then we can have Falcao, Zaza and Cutrone as our strikers. I don’t know.

  10. Havent been as active recently as I usually am, it’s because I cant take BS-things like this. Letting Loca go is and will be a huge mistake. Signing Berardi is a MASSIVE gamble, he had one extraordinary season but has had one, maybe two? longterm knee injuries which isnt good for any player, nonetheless a player like him. His display against Inter at San Siro this season shows he can still light up the scene, but like I said earlier, it’s a huge gamble. And to think that we are “asking” to insert Berardi in the deal, we are Milan and should value our players more and demand. Oh how the mighty have fallen.
    I’ll just wait and see how this summer will turn out.

  11. I am highly surprise how the talk of Depay in the marcreto has finally gone mute.. Berardi is a talent but we have to consider the fact that e is a one season magic and injury prone.. Turning in Loca in favor of him is a bad idea.. Is better we keep Suso and if you have to sell him get an upgrade of him with players like Mehrez or Thauvin Of Merseile with sales of Borini, Either Montolivo or Biglia plus sales on Bertolaci to raise money for Mephis Depay … milan need quality to get to the top and not by making the squad look invaluable selling our prospect players …. Playing 4 2 3 1, 4 3 1 2 , 4 4 2 in 4 1 2 1 2 Diamond formation will be best that 433 wide..
    What do you think guys…

    • We know those formation would work best for Milan. However, someone needs to reason with Gattuso to stop 433 wide formation. Uruguay world cup team proved 442 diamond formation still works.Milan board wants top 4 position “cheap way”. That is not how RL football works, maybe in Football Manager does.

  12. Juventus are on the verge of signing ronaldo. Milan are in the verge of signing zaza. Is it really that huge of a difference?

    Why the hell would we need zaza as a replacement for kalinic. You do good to get rid of kalinic and then his direct replacement is zaza. How about putting your trust in cutrone and Silva then buying a very good striker? Even immobile at this point. The only good news recently is that tomorrow the deadline needs to be paid and commisso negotiations are back on

  13. Loca getting sold?
    ffs send those interista management packing before they turn us into shinter and sells all our youth products
    Why do we need Zaza? He will be another Kalinic. Better promote Vigolo. He will not do worse than both Zaza and Kalinic combined.

    • You wish Fassobelli can turn Milan into Inter. They are steady financially and have had the best Mercato in Serie A so far, barring Juve buying Ronaldo.

  14. Ronaldo close to Juve. Milan fighting for Zaza. I guess it is what it is. I hope the deal goes through because it would be a big deal for Serie A. Where Milan fits in all this is hard to tell right now. Please, let us hope the Commisso sale goes through and quick. We need a stable foundation, not the craziness of this moment. Also, there should be a hold on buying and selling players until the new ownership is in place.

    • Li is bout losing the club to Elliot.. He requested for an extension to pay the 32M which is meant to due by Tomorrow Friday but Elliot has refuse to grant him extension.. Looking for every means to kick him out as Milan owner , i think its best and favorable to him to accept Commisso offer and sell the club fast to retain 30percent of it and also make profit from his China market

      • If he doesnt he loses the club for nothing. Get ready for some papers to get signed tonight or tomorrow.

  15. Offtopic:

    There are reports Yonghong Li asked Elliott for another 48 hours to get the necessary 32 millions but Elliott declined his proposal

    With all due respect to Li who invested into squad last summer, he cannot run Milan, therefore I do hope this is true and if not Commisso, then Elliott takes over and finds a transparent investor

    Until this is resolved all market operation should be put on hold. No to Zaza and Berardi

    • I agree. No owner in their right mind will keep Mirabelli in his position after spending all that money last season.

      I want Elliott to take over. Honestly

  16. With replacements like Berardi is why I don’t want Suso and the likes sold. And who’s going to take Locatelli’s place ? Roberto Soriano?

    Paying 20m for Zaza who’s scored 2 goals in the last 6 months of the season?? Silva scored the same with less minutes, not talking of Cutrone.

    With this rate, I’d rather get a transfer ban and be forced to keep players.

  17. If Berardi comes to compete with Suso on the RW position, that would be great. I feel that’s exactly what Suso needs – someone to breath doen his shoulders and keep him on his toe. If we stick to our current formation we need at least two decent players on each attacking position; currently we have Jack and Hakan on the left (though I rather Hakan switch to a more central role), and Suso and Berardi would be a good pair for the right.

    Regarding Loca, like everyone here, I would rather keep him as he still hasn’t developed to his full potential. But he currently is a far cry from a top player, and I am not convinced he’ll ever become one. A dry loan would be preferable, but with our current funds we can’t have it all. Sacrifices must be made, and it’s not the most painful one in my eyes.

    And the comparison to the Cristante story is strange. The lad had a decent season, but I still don’t think we lost the future seedorf. He, like Loca, is far from being a top player. I need to see him leading Rome for a couple of seasons before I’m close to being convinced. To me he’s not so different from Bertolaci, Saponara, and similar players. Every season some Italian mid has a decent season, and everyone goes crazy. Don’t believe the hype.

  18. no no no please no, should be Montolivo not Loca (remember Cristante!!!) i even prefer Loca stay more than Jack (raiola’s)
    Berardi can be good but his playing style (also as season wonder) remind me the young… Borini/Matri.

    20m for Zaza, i chose Immobile 25-30m (younger & consistent),
    bring us Max Meyer…!!!



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