Halilović to undergo Milan medical on Thursday, expected to join from Hamburg and sign a three-year deal

Alen Halilović during Croatia-Israel at Stadion Gradski vrt on March 23, 2016 in Osijek, Croatia. (Photo by Srdjan Stevanovic/Getty Images)
Alen Halilović during Croatia-Israel at Stadion Gradski vrt on March 23, 2016 in Osijek, Croatia. (Photo by Srdjan Stevanovic/Getty Images)

Alen Halilović is apparently close to moving to Milan as his medical check-ups are scheduled for today.

Yesterday Milan received note from UEFA that they are banned from next year’s Europa League, but even though the Rossoneri are going to appeal the decision to CAS, the mercato seems to have started.

It came out of nowhere during the night, but according to Sky’s Gianluca Di Marzio and Sportitalia’s Alfredo Pedullà, 22-year-old Croatian Alen Halilović is in Italy and today he will have his medical with Milan.

Halilović is owned by Hamburg and has a contract until 2020. He is a left-footed playmaker, whose career should’ve probably been better, as he was signed by Barcelona in the age of 18 back in 2014 but failed to impress enough to make a claim for the first-team. He spent the last season and a half on loan at La Liga’s Las Palmas, who finished 19 last year and were relegated to the second division.

Should the medial go as expected, and an agreement will be finalized between Milan and Hamburg, the player, who can also play on the wings, will sign a three-year contract with the Diavolo.

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Now Milan is in binding war with uefa, I strongly believed this is the plan b of fassone, mirab, and gattuso. This guy is sign in replacement of suso: in case he leave or for sub. well, he is a dangerous left footballer. I pray he should rediscovered that potential quickly and blow into the scene. off topic: how is Elliott personality is? is he a rude? because is like, with all this saga news surrounding Milan and uefa means, the uefa don’t want him to own Milan. li not the problem but Elliott. I hope there must be something… Read more »


I’m dead XD … Elliott is not a person but an investment firm (Elliott Management Corporation). They don’t care about who buys Milan, they only care about who bids highest for the club(obvious and understandable). Having said all this, the person we want at Milan is Ricketts. Commisso would still be way better than master sketchiness Li, but again Ricketts is the man we want. Has proven successful in reviving sport teams (Chicago Cubs).


@Paul: My friend, from my observation, i believed that Mr Li and his companion used the Leverage buy out (LBO) method to acquire Milan last summer (like the way the Glazer use to buy Man United a decade ago). In this method, the investor (Mr Li) just use an small amount of his money to buy his desire target (Milan), the remaining is borrowed from a financial institution (Elliot Management). Of course, in such deal, lending institution like Elliot often require a high interest rate (because of the risk) so Milan (after acquisition) must have a very good business performance… Read more »

Mathijs Van Sloun

Wowwww what a buy, now we are really going for the CL spots whahahahahahahahaha

Milan is a joke, a big joke


Dude, this is a better signing than Borini. The fact that he is a Barca reject means nothing afterall Deulofeu was also a Barca reject and we all know how well his stay at Milan turned out. And just out of curiousity, who were you expecting us to sign?

Mathijs Van Sloun

The Rickett family, would solve a lot of strategic problems.


Oh man. Just stfu.

Mathijs Van Sloun

Can’t handle the truth my friend?


No, just so much bitching and repeating yourself. Calm down dude, nothing is over yet.

Mathijs Van Sloun

Listen, how many mistakes more can they make? This FASSOBELLI is responsible for all the exclusions and fines. They should’ve known last year what consequences they have. So they fckng failed. They are fckng destroying our beloved club.

Due this shit, we miss out a good mercato and we get a demoralized squad with demoralized fans. Do your fckng math. It is over.

Only rescue is the Rickett family. That Comisso guy is a Juve fan. So don’t need him.


He is good player! i think gattuso will now how to use and combine Hakan-Alen and Suso


good buy

Ross Oneri

This maybe our best signing in years, the boy is actually very good.


Great talent with so much high expectation that he couldn’t live up to. He’s another reason why talented kids should never be compared to established world class and be allowed to grow calmly. I remember this boy at 17, I was praying Milan snap him because he was EXACTLY when you see in Modric and Barcelona took him immediately he turned 18 beating other top European sides for his signature. The ingredients are there for his just like how Suso was when we bought him and it took Gasperini to bring it out finally hence, that’s exactly what Gatuso needs… Read more »


he is a good player


He was a great talent. He could flourish in a club like Milan. Just praying to end up more like Icardi or Keita and less like Bojan.

Calm down

Not the best buy but at least they are after creativity. Lad can grow and he’s not likely to cost much.


At least far better than Borini, and someone who can be real sub to Suso and Hakan. With Gattuso he should develop better.Halilovic,Cutrone,Locatelli,Calabria,Donnaruma,Romagnoli. Good collection of youngsters in case big guys decide to leave. Only Meyer remains to get.


Don’t get hyped too much yet. He did not get chance in Hamburg, and was not impressive in Las Palmas. His market value is only 2.5 Mill now, way below when he was in Barca (10 Mill.). He was last called to the national team in 2016. Those explain a lot.
Let’s hope he can develop more and get back on his track with Milan.

Ross Oneri

It’s all about the qualities of a player. Remember when we got Pirlo he was a reject.


Totally agree with you, Niels8. He could be a replacement for Suso. I think Suso will leave Milan and join Inter. Milan need the money to balance the book. Sad news. Still support Milan, in good days or bad days.
If i were Gattuso, i would choose Lozano of PSV over Halilovic


Still have time to be deployed and utilized as a “new Modrić”


I haven’t seen this guy play for over two years. I thought he’s another hyped kid, no? His team got relegated. Is he good enough? And by good I don’t mean another Borini or Jose Mauri!

I doubt he’s starting 11 material and that’s what we need. A classy, experienced midfielder.

Baresis Dream

I guess he’s a designated as a sub for Suso.

soheil balini

I played him and Mastour in my PES Milan team a lot. :) I wish Mastour stays too. good sigining (based on my PES of course! in real life we are screwd :D )


also is likely Gattuso may change formation.


Suso,borini was also purchased with d same price but look at what dey’ve turned to dis days,so I believe,under gattuso,I will find his way back!!! Hakan first half of the season was worst,a free kick specialist and he couldn’t score one still d last game of the league,and now all Milan fans are happy with his come back now,even I myself am rating him as Milan best player for next season,coz he’s going to deliver next season!!!so I have so much faith and believe too in dis lad,he’ll find his way back to the pitch and to his talent he… Read more »


What a coup..he can become better than suso..ooh my god..lot of technical players in milan..


Let’s snatch Odegaard next, story is similar to them


And Meyer for free.:)


good buy but not great,
i still can’t understand why we reject Max Meyer when he overing him self to join us for free…


the salary.
now after the ban is official.
if lucky some players stay-like when juve whent down to second league.
but singing players with a high wage demand would kill milan now.


Really appreciate it. Thanks for sharing. Sadly, Milan are now gambling on him. Well, it is due to very limited budget that Milan have on the mercato for the next season.

Not a glory hunter. I will and always support Milan no matter what happens to the team financially. Salut to Gattuso who brings the winning spirit to the team. Wish you all the best.


Lets bring back SES!! He proved his fitness last season and Roma may need to sell players to reduce the number of attackers they now have.


We should get warner of Germany ..