Milan: “We’re ready to pay for errors made in the past but judgement must be based on facts and equal rules for all”

Marco Fassone and Han Li before Chievo-Milan at Stadio Marc'Antonio Bentegodi on October 25, 2017. (
Marco Fassone and Han Li before Chievo-Milan at Stadio Marc’Antonio Bentegodi on October 25, 2017. (

Before getting the verdict from UEFA, which will most likely arrive today, Milan gave their side of the story.

After getting rejected for a Voluntary Agreement and a Settlement Agreement, Milan were referred to the UEFA Club Financial Control Body Adjudicatory Chamber in Nyon, where they had a hearing last Tuesday (June 19th).

Today, Milan are expected to get their sentence for breaching the Financial Fair Play rules in 2014-2017, when Silvio Berlusconi and Adriano Galliani were in charge.

Most reports in the Italian media suggest that the Diavolo are looking at least a one-year ban from European competition, meaning they would not be able to compete in next year’s Europa League, while others speculate that a two-year ban and a big fine (€30 million) are also possibilities.

Last night, the club posted a video on social media, with slides telling their side of the story, perhaps in attempt to moderate the damage to the image of the club which will arrive with UEFA’s ruling:

“Awaiting the UEFA sentence, we want to share with you all some substantial facts. We expect equality, judgement based on the facts and equal rules for all. Last April, Milan were fighting (and suffering) for a place in the Europa League, earned on the final day of the season.

Marco Fassone during a press conference at Milanello on November 28, 2017. (

“Since then, we have renovated the squad, putting together the youngest side in Serie A and the fourth youngest in Europe (average age 24.6). We invested more than €200m to open up a new era. A year later, the value of the investment remains unaltered and the value of the squad is the third highest in Serie A. We secured qualification to the Europa League group stage and reached two Finals of the Coppa Italia (both senior squad and youth team).

“We are requalifying the Milanello training ground and taking part in the next season of the Women’s Serie A league. We adhered to the initiative of the FIGC on B-Teams and, if included in the list, will participate in the next Lega Pro season with our Under-21 side.

Massimiliano Mirabelli and Marco Fassone before Milan-Roma at Stadio San Siro on October 1, 2017. (
Massimiliano Mirabelli and Marco Fassone before Milan-Roma at Stadio San Siro on October 1, 2017. (

“We immediately worked to make the organization more efficient, so we could run it in a virtuous manner. Despite the fact that after the ‘closing’ two main sponsors (Audi and Adidas) resolved their contracts with Milan, we still closed the balance sheet with €20m more in revenue.

“The Milan EBITDA (Earnings before interest, tax depreciation and amortization), including summer transfers, will be positive to the tune of €28m and €50m better than the previous year, meeting the target set in the business plan we presented to UEFA. We lowered the operating costs by €6m. Our majority shareholder increased the capital over the course of a year by €88m (not with loans), elevating the value of the club. Milan have always respected deadlines.

“All of these facts are inspired by a single mantra: work for the future of Milan, an added value for world football. Milan are ready to pay for the errors made in the past. We have the utmost respect for the rules, but we expect equality. Judgement must be based on facts and equal rules for all.”

The UEFA punishment will be heavy, and so Milan are already preparing their case for an appeal in CAS, The Court of Arbitration for Sport, who have the power to overturn the decisions of UEFA.

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I remember many people predicting this day a year ago. Thanks to Berlusconi and Galliani for destroying this team’s foundation for 5 years and finally selling it to a nobody with no money. Talk about safe hands! Honestly at this point I don’t care about Uefa’s sentence. The club is run by ex-Interistas who have no idea what they are doing and we might soon have an owner who is a Juventus fan and probably wants to buy Milan as a hobby for his 7th decade of life. We fired Filippo Galli, the only person who was functional in the… Read more »

Mathijs Van Sloun

Fully agree


Did you know Berlusconi was an inter fan before he bought Milan so don’t judge like that. You might not love it at first but you’ll be forced to love what you bought


Can someone explain how Milan pays on the FFP for 14-17 when this is carried out annually? To my knowledge, we were never under suspicion of investigation until these clowns came to manage the club.

My view is that Milan pays for the way it’s been run for the past year like a Ponzi Scheme 380m plus 200m on transfers plus incapability to pay up the rates needed for carrying on in Serie A (the 32m).

Ross Oneri

Nope it is calculated over several seasons. AC Milan is definitely a victim off past errors and misconduct by the current management. They should have at least known how much money could spend without breaching FFP. What I don’t know is how PSG was able to avoid FFP punishment when they spent more money than they generated.

Natti Camilleri

Psg spent 222m on Neynar and 150m on Mbappe in the space of 30 days. How can they not be under investigation ?


PSG and Naymar found a loophole, Neymar payed most of the transfer from his own pocket. So the club dident spend that much on Neymar. their owner payed him back with interest later.


Neymar bought himself out of the release clause from money they gave him (300m) on a sponsorship deal in Qatar. Mbappe was a loan deal which will be paid this summer.


Milan didn’t even play in Europe until last season so how can FFP apply? Anyway the rule states that is it annual because of the allowances provided. I still think is the new owner and management to blame. Ponzi Scheme all day long!!


That akward movement when fucking Interistas manage your club… What do you expect at the end of the tunnel ? Monumental failure


Marco Fassone – also worked for Juventus and Napoli. He was only 3 years at Inter.


UEFA purposely trying to propose 2 years ban so it could be reduced to 1 after appeal because they know how Milan are preparing for the appeal. If Commisso could complete the purchase of d club this week, it will totally change the face of everything and UEFA would have no choice but judge Milan differently. Han Li is still in New York trying to close the deal since last Thursday, let us hope they close it asap. Commisso wants 100% but Li isn’t ready to give up majority immediately and that’s one of the reasons they haven’t agreed, Commisso… Read more »


Milan must sell the club to a wealthy visible owner and build their own 60.000 seater arena.


There’s one thing I don’t understand, or rather I prefer not to come with any suppositions I can’t prove. Berlusconi’s was looking for a buyer, and in 2-3 years he has found just a shady Chinese with no money, and now all of a sudden there are 2 if not 3 investors interested in Milan. This Commisso has bought a team last year in USA, and as far as I understand one of his dreams is to buy a big club in Europe. If Berlusconi was indeed looking for a real investor how come he didn’t know about Commisso which… Read more »


There is more interest now because Milan will go for 200 million less then it did before(maybe even less with sanctions against us). But I dont blame you for beliving that. I wouldnt be suprised if this was Berlusconis masterplan all along. Wash is dirty money in this unknown chinese then resell it again, give Mr Li a hafty sum for playing the role of “Investor/Buyer”. its fun to speculatet, but there is no actual facts here


Exactly. Now the price of the club considering the state it is in is a lot cheaper than what Berlusconi wanted for last year. Even now there are no serious offers one family wants to by a controlling sharers and the other chap I don’t think he is of Milan calibre. He wanted to buy smaller serie A teams. With the Rickets family things might go well but it will take a few years so to be honest I am not excited by any of the proposals. Sadly Serie A is not yet interesting for Arabs or Russians or anybody… Read more »


All this interistas comments and many others are childish ..We should blame Berlusconi not the current management. .its like most fans just like complaining me the transfers were ok just fews signings and we are good to go the players where signed to mature maybe in a year or 2 from much has manu spent since fergusen left mancity ..even Liverpool life isn’t a story book ..han li has done a lot investing over a billion ..look at inter a dying squad ..milan has a very good structure with young players ..increasing market value should stop complaining… Read more »


They blame them and called Interistas,yer forget that Berlusconi was Interista when he was purchasing Milan, over the years he fell in love with Milan. Fassone also worked with Juve when they start rebuilding process with Conte.I dont mind changing Mirabelli for Maldini,but that would work if Gattuso stays as coach.

Cuong tran minh

I don’t know they see or not, but they ‘re Interistas, fuck off them, get out! Liers and fucking asshole, we don’t need you, all yr transfer because of yr commision!


We are being punished for breach of FFP rules during 2014-2017 but those are the years where we didn’t even participate in UEFA competitions…


Nor did we spend any money of note during those years..


The verdict delayed again.hmmmm I smell a rat. Milan might not be excluded from Europa league.

Milan Boy

I hope we don’t get a transfer ban and I also hope we don’t get expelled eventually from Europa. In fact the delay in the decision making is making me have some hope. Over all Milan has more prospects than Juve, inter Roma and Napoli because of the quality of our squad and their age average as well as their potentials’.If one of these Americans buy the club then things can only get better but if the worst case scenario happens, three modest signings can fortify our squad and make us the surprise team of next season.