The Ricketts family: “We are interested in buying a controlling stake at Milan”, negotiations said to be advanced

Chicago Cubs owner Thomas S. Ricketts interviewed after the Chicago Cubs defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-0 in game six of the National League Championship Series to advance to the World Series against the Cleveland Indians at Wrigley Field on October 22, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Chicago Cubs owner Thomas S. Ricketts interviewed after the Chicago Cubs defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-0 in game six of the National League Championship Series to advance to the World Series against the Cleveland Indians at Wrigley Field on October 22, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

The Ricketts, one of America’s richest families, has confirmed their intentions to buy Milan and to make ‘long term investments to ensure lasting success.’

The days of Yonghong Li as the owner of Milan seem to be numbered, as he is in negotiations to sell the majority stake of the Rossoneri just over a year after completing the acquisition himself, taking the club from the hands of Berlusconi.

It is believed that Li is in talks with two different potential buyers, both American, and this evening (Friday), one of the investors came out in the open to confirm their intentions. Those investors are the Ricketts family, who own Major League Baseball’s Chicago Cubs and are, according to Forbes, the 66th richest family in the United States of America.

“The Ricketts Family (not just Tom) are interested in acquiring a controlling stake in Milan,” a statement made by the family reads. According to the Italian news agency ANSA, the statement was provided to different outlets through Edelman, the agency the Ricketts family chose to use for communications regarding the negotiations. “While Tom is the point person, the entire family and the family’s financial resources are involved in this matter, just like their ownership of the Cubs.

“The Ricketts Family brought a championship to the Cubs through long term investment and being great stewards of the team, its ballpark, the fans and the city of Chicago. They’d bring this approach to Milan (there’d not be rapid changes, but long-term investments to ensure lasting success).”

Yonghong Li and Han Li before Milan-Hellas Verona at Stadio San Siro on May 5, 2018. (
Yonghong Li and Han Li before Milan-Hellas Verona at Stadio San Siro on May 5, 2018. ( states that negotiations between the Ricketts and Yonghong Li are advanced. Han Li, Yonghong’s right-hand man, is in New York to negotiate. Sky Italia goes as much as saying that this statement could mean that the ‘closing’ is close and an official announcement could arrive next week.

This news is important in particular as today Yonghong Li failed to deliver the €32 million capital increase he was due to provide. As a result, it will be Elliott Management who will pay it instead. Yonghong has until July 9th to reimburse Elliott and could do so with the entry of a new shareholder. claims that the acquisition of Milan is wanted by the entire Ricketts family and they are looking for a medium-long term project. The Rossoneri could soon become American.

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Reason why Elliot wasn’t paid. The owner will have huge money to pay off Elliot. So no need to service any debt. I hope this guy’s invest wisely in us. Li will always b a good man in my eyes. He really made us happy once more with signings last season. I hope he has a minority share with us. He deserves to be there when we start winning trophies


Why on earth would you praise Li?
He’s obviously no money and gambled everything on champions league qualification, good riddance to him he knows nothing about running a football club not to mention one as big as Milan
At least if this new family buys us they know what there doing as they already own a successful club albeit it’s not a football club but the backroom stuff would be more or less the same


Bro.. You blame Li or Berlusconi?


Can’t believe nothing media said , until I see it


“The Ricketts family (not just Tom) is interested in acquiring a controlling stakeholder in AC Milan, while Tom is the reference person, the whole family and the entire family’s financial resources are involved in this affair, just like the owned by the Chicago Cubs The Ricketts family brought a championship to the Chicago Cubs through long-term investments and been a great support for the club, the stadium, the fans and the city, bringing the same approach to Milan. rapid but long-term investments to ensure lasting success) “. If it doesn’t sound English enough it is because I used google translate…..the… Read more »


Make A.C Milan Great again :’D


This will be a game changer for Milan regarding the UEFA judgement because the subject they have issue with is being downgraded to minority shareholder and the new buyer would have to be judged differently.

There are signs that this news is genuine because Milannews, Sky, Premium, Gianluca Di Mazio and ANSA all reported it.

Kwabena Adu

Berlusconi shouldn’t have sold it to Mr.Li in the first place.Changes is good but consistency is also important.I hope the incoming owners will involve Maldini in the affairs of the club,they should change some of the stuff


Berlusconi should have definitely sold Milan. If there’s one good thing that Li did is that he got rid of Berlusconi, and gave the club a proper direction. Now that the foundations have been laid, he can pass the club to someone more financially capable.


At last, milan are going to be bought by someone who trully own the money.


Whoever comes in I hope their first two moves are to clear the debts and finance the club properly and to get rid of fassobelli and bring someone who knows Milan and football like Maldini. I do see Maldini stepping in the footsteps of Braida. Forza Milan!!


This club, sorry to say, stinks down to the roots now

In order to start a healthy cycle, long term investments are the key.

I do hope these long term plans include increasing the value of the brand across the globe, consider building and actually owning a brand new stadium and of course, please, pretty please, re-introduce our legends such as Maldini, Kaka back into clubs hierarchy

Forza Milan!

Cuong TranMinh

As I said 6 month ago, Mirabeli and Fassone were Interista! They destroyed our ACM with a lot of underwhelme players, and wasted 200 millions EUR for their stupid Mercarto. So now we have to face off the FFP!
Mr Rino Gattuso need 1 winger and 1 advanced playmarker, but all news I saw were indiot transfer strategies!
The American can make our ACM great again? We don’t know but all Interistas must be kicked out!


Does your comment about Fassone and Mirabelli make any sense to you?
Because it does not make sense to the rest of us.

Mads Andersen

Please, make this happen asap. No more mystery owner or mystery money. If we make this happen NOW and we only get banned one season from Europe, the future will look brighter.


There are also gossips that if Ricketts becomes owner. First thing will be bringing Conte as coach. So i think they will probably get rid of Mirabelli as well.Fassone can stay, but get rid out of Mirabelli and install Maldini on his position.




Yes,check AC milan news 24/7 which covers all news that come from all reports(including this blog). I think it was Gazzeta ot one of American newspapers that mentioned it.

Ross Oneri

Im against this, we should not be desperate. We need some stability and continuity. Changing owner after one season is simply not good for AC Milan as a whole. I understand we fans we want to see Milan back on top but there’s no quick fix we must be patient.


The guy has NO money Ross Oneri, why are you against him going? Would you like to see us like Parma? It would have little to no bearing on the players other than a different name on there pay cheques
The whole sale to him by silvio was shady and whom ever done the due diligence on Li was an idiot, NOBODY knows Li not even in China


With Li and his family at the helm we’ll never see Milan back on top. He does not possess the necessary knowledge or financial power to own a football club as big as Milan

Now if there is an investor who’s finances are transparent and his business is well know around the globe such as family Ricketts, then I’m all for it

With Ricketts I do believe we won’t see Milan on top in next 2-3 or 4 years at least but they have the necessary knowledge and tools to put Milan back on the football map longterm


Bellusconni messed this club up. The club he claimed to love so much……. He sold the club to a mysterious man that nobody knows his source of his wealth. Something shady has transpired In this deal I believe.


Meh. If I could choose, I’d take being branded an American club over a Chinese one all day long, but that’s as far as it goes.

The rest remains to be seen, mainly because I don’t know who the hell these people are and how much money they are prepared to invest.


Many fans seem not to understand the situation. It’s not about an American vs a Chinese. It is about a “somebody” vs a “nobody”.
So I don’t know how much the Americans will invest. I know and I care that they exist. At the condition we are at the moment, this is enough.

Baresis Dream

The situation is that currently we have no owner; not Chinese, nor American

Mathijs Van Sloun





Gazzetta expects us to be excluded from the Europa league AND a 30m fine. Brilliant UEFA, just brilliant.


Milan’s punishment for breaching UEFA Financial Fair Play rules will be revealed on Monday, with a Europa League ban and €30m fine appearing likely.

Mads Andersen

I will gladly trade a one year ban from the EL for a new owner, the Cubs owner sounds extremely promising. Li can’t even make these relatively minor payments to keep the club out of Elliott’s hands.


Leipzig made a 30 million offer for hakan. I guess that meens goodbye. I hope the ricketts will buy a majority stock.

Forza Milan


First of all let me just say that this FFP situation is making me sick. Now theyrw saying we will most certainly be excluded from competition plus be slapped with a 30m penalty. Thats a good one. You guys have no money so we’regoing to take everything yoi have and give us 30m. I stand by saying uefa and FFP is a joke. Secondly. Remember when yonghong li first bought milan and nobody heard of him i made a joke saying he works for Berlusconiand its just a money laundering scam it seems like it has some truth in it… Read more »


Also to add to this. Ive never liked the idea of an amercan investor i like the fact that its their whole family dedicated to it for the long term. They came out and said they are interested in buying milan. And although americans are all business i have been watching interviews of the family and how they took a team that was losing it all and transformed them and the branding and the arena into one of the biggest teams in baseball and that gives me hope. So if they buy milan it may take awhile but ill get… Read more »


I like your little comments. You could and should write articles on this blog.


I suspect some sarcasm lmao


Hahaha. No man. I am for real. This is not the first time I have read your comment and enjoyed reading it.i give the credit when it’s due.


Haha thanks. You know unfortunately all my friends arent milan fans so i have to vent somewhere. And now hearing it will be a two year uefa ban and 30m fine really pisses me off!


Well rich keep getting richer and poor stays the poor. That’s how it goes by UEFA’s books.


Can anybody here give me link to EUFA email address? This EUFA is a joke and they need to be addressed as such


When it address you will know it stop listening to media talking trash.


Any ban will be overturned on appeal

Baresis Dream

These are bad times for AC Milan, which could very well turn into terrible. Very difficult to enjoy the world cup with this in the background.


Two americans are in race to buy Milan: – Ricketts family, owners of Chicago Cubs, they increased the value of the club from 900 millions up to 2.5 billions since they bought it – Rocco Commisso who bought NY Cosmos in 2017 saving them from bankrupcy. He’s fortune is estimated at 4,5 billion dollars. He, however, is a self proclaimed Juventus fan and he also stated “before I go I want to own a big football club” It seems at the moment that Rocco Commisso has an advantage over Ricketts family in buying Milan and is already ahead with negotiations… Read more »


Also being Juventus fan from childhood,is big minus in Milanistas eyes. Ricketts are go to owners longterm and they are neutral, but overtime they could become fans of Milan. Think of Glazer family. This Rocco seems a guy who will bail out moment things doesnt go his way. Ricketts on other hand already had prep plan of getting Conte as coach, as first thing they would do. Also this Rocco too much reminds of James Pallota. They are friends and he almost bought Roma with him. Just sounds supicious and dont like him.


Rocco wanted to buy Juve shares, then Sampdoria shares and also Roma shares with Palotta. He doesn’t seem reliable to me and he’s 68. What will happen when he’s out, who’ll take care of the club?

On the other hand with Ricketts we’re talking about family with tradition in sports


Exactly, Ricketts are more like Agnelli family or Glazer family.Right now is Han Li vs Fassone. Fassone negotiates with Ricketts, while Han Li negotiates with Rocco Comisso. Lets hope Fassone wins at end and Ricketts become our Agnelli family(longterm success and probably our own stadium).


I dont know who is rather have because they seem to both have their pros and cons. Problem with ricketts family with me is that as a family they will all want their say and u cant always come to agreement. They’vealso said that if they were to take over they wouldnt spend crazy money instead follow the path of the cubs. Does that mean its a 10 year project before we raise to the top? Cause thats way too long. Does that mean that they wont spend on big playsrs and insteaf work woth what they have? Because thats… Read more »


I think either options are good. Commisso had opportunities to buy other serie a clubs but didn’t because they were not big enough for him. That is a good sign because he acknowledges the importance of Milan. And he snapped at the opportunity to take over and wants to do it quick before someone else does. So although he is a juve fan, I think he wants to also help serie a return to the top of europe. He understands that serie a needs milan back at the top in order to do so. Ricketts would be the better long… Read more »


First of all I don’t think Mira & Fasso did a bad job. They got the players the coach asked for. A coach that most of us thought is good enough. It didn’t work out. They changed the coach. I don’t see where they did wrong! No new management would have fired Montella last summer. And about the signings. Most of us were agree with them. Believe me your mesages is still in this site. How most of us get exited about selling Desiglio to buy the best defender in the world. The only bad buys was borini and kalinic.… Read more »


Sohiel said it all. Most of the buys were good. We can easily sell bonucci, musachio, ric rod, kessie, Hakan, borini for same price or a better price. The only bad buy is kalinic. A. Silver and conti won’t b discussed b/c they didn’t get much game time to prove their worth.


I’m tired of reading this same thing. Let them make their offer already and stop wasting our precious time