Mirabelli: “We want to keep our best players, an André Silva-Falcao exchange seems unlikely, Donnarumma…”

Massimiliano Mirabelli at Milanello on November 28, 2017. (@acmilan.com)
Massimiliano Mirabelli at Milanello on November 28, 2017. (@acmilan.com)

Massimiliano Mirabelli talked about Donnarumma, André Silva, Falcao and Thiago Silva and picked Croatia to be the surprise in the upcoming World Cup.

Milan have already signed Pepe Reina and Ivan Strinić but the mercato has not truly started for them yet, as they are waiting for UEFA’s ruling regarding their breach of the FFP rules. And with each passing day an exclusion from the Europa League seems more and more likely.

In the meantime, Massimiliano Mirabelli and Gennaro Gattuso will be in Russia to watch some of the World Cup games, as the director of sport and coach prepare for the next season.

“The presence in Russia? It’s an important opportunity for us to keep our contacts alive. We certainly won’t be watching any players: we already know all of them well,” Mirabelli told Premium Sport on Tuesday. “Who will win? I agree with everyone’s predictions and then Brazil and Argentina are also my favorites, but I think people should be wary of Croatia, there’s always a surprise.

Massimiliano Mirabelli and Marco Fassone during Milan-Lazio at Stadio San Siro on January 28, 2018. (@acmilan.com)
Massimiliano Mirabelli and Marco Fassone during Milan-Lazio at Stadio San Siro on January 28, 2018. (@acmilan.com)

“Donnarumma [who last year signed a four-year extension]? Now there’s silence around him. It’s a good thing considering everything that’s been said. He’s an asset for Italian football and we think we’ll keep him for a long time. Raiola’s also quite calm, there are no problems with him.

“A possible André Silva-Falcao exchange? It seems unlikely. The Colombian’s a great player but in the final part of his career, while ours is a young guy who struggled in his first year, but he needs time to adjust to Serie A. But we’re convinced he’ll become one of the best in the world.

“We haven’t received any mouth-watering offers for him. Thiago Silva [who in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport said it would be ‘beautiful’ to return to Milan in order to end his playing career]? He’s a great player, many dream of joining Milan. This club retain a special charm.

Massimiliano Mirabelli and Gennaro Gattuso at training center Milanello on January 4, 2018. (@acmilan.com)
Massimiliano Mirabelli and Gennaro Gattuso at training center Milanello on January 4, 2018. (@acmilan.com)

“The objectives of Milan? We want to keep our best players, even if they are in demand. We are sure that we’ll have a team of value and have assets. UEFA’s ruling? We won’t be caught unprepared. We hope no-one will take away the Europa League, which we earned on the field. They also know that without Milan, the trophy would lose some of its charm. The fans must know that we’re working 24 hours a day to improve the squad. We have to at least qualify for the Champions League next season.

“Gattuso? He repaid us in a great way. We put faith in him and we’re happy with him. He’s gone full circle: he was a great player and is a great person and coach. How he feels about the UEFA verdict? He’s not quiet, but it’s not out of fear. Generally speaking, he doesn’t know the word ‘tranquility’.”


  1. You know them all, and you fancy Croatia?
    Good, than bring Kovačić in Milan.
    Brazil and Argentina: hmmm let’s see: both Lanzini and Fred seem like realistic options for us.
    Than bring a good striker, not a dead donkey like Kalinić and we will have a team for a CL race next season.

  2. I am a big fan of Falcao but he is getting older and he is not as good as he was during his days at Atl. Madrid.

    So getting him would be a foolish investment especially given that Serie A is a more defensive and tactical league compared to Ligue 1.

    Milan should work on getting Immobile or Timo Weiner to lead the front line. My preference is Immobile as it may take time for Timo Weiner to settle in a new league and team.

    Milan unfortunately don’t have time and cannot afford to take risks.

    Immobile has scored over 20+ goals in 3 Serie A campaigns and he is up to the task in Europe as well.

    Morata is being linked to Milan who is also a good option given his Serie A experience.

    Heard of a rumor regarding a possible swap with Chelsea for Donnarumma-Morata. I wouldn’t mind this at all especially if Raiola remains Donnarumma’s agent. Too much drama with them so I don’t mind if Donnarumma leaves that way the team can focus on the pitch.

  3. if we can get Iniesta fabregas draxler or pastore in the midfield even so called kalinic will be the highest goal scorer in seriaa but that not possible anyway just keep your best players and add some quality and do away with the scrap and unsettled to balance the book

  4. Nainggolan is out of contract, get the boy.

    Check in at Lissabon, buy some players or even better, sign some because they will leave.

  5. MIRABELLI is definitely not at his job, how can he publicly says swap between Falcao and Silva is unlikely . This is a clear message to Silva that we don’t trust you.

    • He also said that it’s because Falcao is basically at the end of his career while Silva has only just begun.
      Im not a fan of Mirabelli at all, but come on.

    • Actually, he told Silva that they trust him and willing to give him another chance, by saying that Falcao is old and he is young. However if they are worth risking Donna for Morata, then i hope Gattuso goes with 2 strikers in Silva-Morata.

      • Yeah. That’s how interpreted Mirabelli comments. I don’t believe Silva will be leaving.

        Morata-Silva would be great. Even better Morata-Cutrone. Lol

  6. So FFP just announced that psg were ‘in line’ with all restrictions and are all cleared from any bans. So you’re telling me a team that gave neymar 222m to buy himself out just so he could leave and then spent another 180m in other players are clear to go but milan will face heavy fines. Money money money!

    • The FFP is nonsense, there is no way PSG were in line given money they spent. Remember PSG did not even have high ranking in France and Europe until jus recently. If it’s really calculated over a period of time then PSG must be guilty. I think we are being picked up on.

  7. Lucas Torreira is heading to Arsenal for 30 millions which will be payed over three years

    Is Mirabelli sleeping or what????

  8. Milan should sign gelson martins and bruno fernandez from sporting they are free ,offer them a high salery like 5/6 million a year .

    Milan needs quality

  9. “Tomorrow in Russia, Gattuso is going to meet Gelson Martins”, is the title of Corriere dello Sport that deepens this topic in the text of the article: “Tomorrow there is a chance to see Gelson Martins’ performance during Portugal vs Spain Meanwhile, Ricardo Rodriguez’ agent silenced the rumors about the Swiss defender’s future away from Milan”

    Please. Make it happen. We need a fast paced winger like him.

      • Yeah I thought the same, hopefully Silva can sway him if Rino wont be enough. Man it would be awesome. I would take Carvalho and Fernandes in a heartbeat as well tbh.

  10. So milan aside whos everyone going for in the world cup? Im a neutral this year since italy are out but i think france have a good chance

    • I am Italian so there is no World Cup feeling for me. But i was born in belgium so i will root for them. Beside that they have an awesome Team

    • Born and raised in sweden but have persian roots! So rooting for them, otherwise I always support Italy as well.

      • As long as Germany Brazil Spain and England don’t win I’m happy. Don’t want any of them catching up or gaining leads on italy Lmaoo. England only cause everyone praises the league but the national team isn’t very good lol

        • Lol for sure. I think the EXACT same thing about England, so would be nice if they bottled as they do – except for Lingard who is in my fantasy eleven lol – although i have a soft spot for Brazil, and I cant help but admire the German machinery…

  11. As a Porto fan… even if FALCAO was 40 y.o he would still be better than André Silva any day will be.

    Falcao is a Porto legend… unlike Silva that is an average striker.



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