Official: Romagnoli signs contract renewal with Milan until 2022

Massimiliano Mirabelli, Alessio Romagnoli and Marco Fassone at Casa Milan on June 6, 2018. (
Massimiliano Mirabelli, Alessio Romagnoli and Marco Fassone at Casa Milan on June 6, 2018. (

Alessio Romagnoli has committed to Milan until 2022, the club announced.

The past few weeks have been difficult for Milan as the club prepares for a UEFA hearing regarding the Rossoneri’s breach of the Financial Fair Play rules.

But today (Tuesday), they sent a strong and clear signal that the future of Milan continues to be built, as Alessio Romagnoli signed a contract renewal.

The Diavolo made the announcement live on Facebook as Romagnoli accompanied Marco Fassone and Massimiliano Mirabelli for a visit at Casa Milan. After the short tour and contract signing, the official statement came out as well: “Alessio Romagnoli has extended his contract with the Club until 30 June 2022.”

“It’s with pride and pleasure that we announce the stay of Alessio for another four years with an extended contract,” Fassone said today. “Reading the newspapers and about other teams [Romagnoli was linked with Juve], we laughed as we reached an agreement with the boy and his agent several weeks ago. We start next season with confirmation that our pillar for the future is staying.”

Mirabelli, who after the renewal took Romagnoli to see coach Gattuso, added: “He didn’t hesitate to tie himself to Milan for such a long period of time. He never listened to the sirens, even though there were so many of them. I must say ‘bravo’ to the boy, whom I consider one of the best around. I’m sure it won’t be the last renewal he signs with Milan. He’ll spend many more years at Milan.”

The 23-year-old center back has been at Milan since 2015 and he is definitely one of the most important players in the squad. He formed an excellent partnership with Leonardo Bonucci in the past season, a partnership that continues also in the colors of the Italian national team.

“I thank Fassone and Mirabelli, we hope it will be a renewal that leads us to many satisfactions, both this year and also in those to come,” Romagnoli commented. “Thanks to everyone again, now let’s enjoy the vacation and we will be back in July charged-up for a new season.”

Romagnoli played more than 40 matches in the 2017/18 season, scored 3 goals and reached 100 appearances for Milan. The Rossoneri keep one of Italy’s best and it’s a good sign.


  1. Thank goodness!! He deserves it and he really has become a favorite in this team! I hope he stays for many more years and hopefully one day can captain this team! Grande alessio! See you next season!

  2. Thanks for this Mirabelli as the news of Juve’s interest keeps popping up. Congrats Romagnoli, keep up the great work.

  3. I know this is probably impossible but after watching italy i wish we can sign chiesa. That kid has a very bright future. Hes probably over priced but hes so versatile and a great dribbler and lighting quick. I’d love to have him. Also if we sell bonavemtura we should buy pellegrini. His buy out clause is 25m which is reasonable in todays market. Those two shone the most for me as well as romagnoli. Thankfully we have him

    • I thought the very same thing mate. Just by watching the french game and highlights of the Italy – Netherlands game – didnt know it was on until i checked livescore – and the boy stood out in both games. Not only was Chiesa the best against France, granted the others were poor, but he stood out not only because the others werent so great, but because he showed great quality.
      I hope we sign him. Mixes quality with quantity (hard work) even though his numbers – goals and mainly assists – arent that great right now, but he is young and i bet he will improve them.

  4. Great news! Knowing him as well I have a hunch that there is no inserted release clause either. To have seen Romagnoli’s growth, especially this season was a glorious sight. I do think that his improvement has to do with Bonucci tbh, and that alone – almost – warrants his poor first half season and some silly mistakes with passes and such he has made. Although I expect much more from him now from the get go. Either way – congrats Ale, hoping for brighter days for you and all connected to the rossoneri colours!
    Well deserved!

  5. Awesome news!!

    I totally agree regarding Chiesa- he looks like a real talent on the bigger stage (I know it was only a friendly, but still).
    Priority wise (assuming no transfer ban & UEFA Europa league participation next year)
    1. Keeping Suso, Donnarumma, Bonucci…settling the squad (Kalinic, Bacca, Bertolacci out)
    2. A Left Winger: 1. Chiesa. 2. Depay. 3. Keita
    3. A Striker: BIG Name if Silva is sold, experience like Falcao if not
    4. Creativity & Depth in midfield: 1. Tielemans, 2. Pellegrini, 3. Torriera

    • @A92

      Maybe just Depay and Tielemans and i’d be happy.
      In terms of strikers, Immobile is someone whom i think we should go after. Forget Belotti and Moratta, or Falcao. We need someone who won’t need time to settle in Serie A and someone who guaranties plenty goals. So for striker, I hope we in fact do go for Immobile.

  6. I wish donnarumma emmulate romagnoli to honour this shirt he will surely wins the hearth of the fans if he sack mino. If fellaini is feeling too big lets go for yaya toure

  7. Bring M.Depey n Veretout at any cost, make a loan exchange between Silva n Falcao for atleast 2 yrs( then bring Silva back,in this 2 yrs he will be more mature n Falcao will at his end, no loss of money for Milan)…. try to bring every potential free players ( no garbage plz)……. try to get cash by selling Suso, Donnarumma,Monto, Kalinic,Abate,Gomez, Antonelli,……. give Bonaventura n Bacca 1 more year as backup player……..don’t try for Morata coz it may be appeared as Kalinic syndrome ( waste of money)…..try for Chiesa/Politano by exchange of Our 2 players loaned at Genoa…..

    • Do you have any idea how many points we won in the past season because of Donnarumma and Suso?
      Do you know that one of our biggest reasons for this years struggling was because of the revolving door transfer window we had last summer?
      We can’t sell Donnarumma or Suso- we won’t get better replacements for the same cash and more replacements mean more settling in time, risking next season again. Small changes, filling the gaps, not creating more gaps to fill.
      You’re also suggesting Politano- a headless chicken in comparison with the technically gifted Suso.
      And Reina ain’t good enough

      • dear A92, read my comment again, it was chiesa first then Politano n I also said that exchange them with bertolecci+other Genoa loaned player, exchange dude not buy…..with all respect I can say that Politano is far better than shit Suso….watch our last series a match, without Suso we were superb in attack…..I like Donnarumma very much but the present scenario is critical….if Donna sack Mino Riola n UEFA problem can be solve then we can keep him, otherwise sell him……

      • Dear met Politano is far better then Suso, watch their movements n speed n finishing more attentively plz……… I m afraid no club will interested to buy such a lazy n selfish player……..if Donnarumma fire Mino Riola then he can stay at Milan otherwise we should sell him……

  8. very good news, hope Cutrone’s be official too..
    talking about striker, i’ve good feeling about partnering Bacca & Kallinic as front2,
    & Silva must stay cz we don’t have money to get better replacement (good striker usualy overprice nowdays), same with RR,
    we all know the true quality of Silva & RR, a season experienced will make him better (just see Calhanoglu)
    we must remember 1st season of Rino, Pirlo & Serginho, all of them is bellow average in debut season

  9. My man, this is how it’s done, no fuss or anything. Linked with big money moves away. But doesn’t even seem to have touched his mind. Donnarumma , look and learn. This is a true professional.

      • What do you think about the Depay rumours Mathijs? Seems like a explosive player compared to what we have, but have not seen much from him since his man utd days.

        Rai just reported we have found a agreement and are now moved on to negotiate with Lyon.

        • Depay played really well at Lyon last months. But I don’t think he will repeat that at Milan. Ligue 1 s not Serie A. Alse, this guy has more self overrated issues than the whole Serie A combined. So no, I would not go for him.

          I would go for Immobile instead.

        • Depay will be a huge improvement for our offensive left side; the guy is quick, and can dribble, pass and shoot. He will surely add another dimension in attack.

          However, I’m not sure he is disciplined enough tactically for a top seria a team, seeing how he had issues with van ghal. Still, I would go for him full force if money permits.

    • Exactly.
      But I’d relax though. I have a feeling our team is quite compact and together. It’s not the players leaving that bother me or should be of our concern, it should be fucking UEFA and their possible imposing of sanctions that we should be thinking of avoiding. Once that is solved we can then bring in some good players in the mercato this summer.

      • Dwayne worst situation for us would be a transfer ban. If we get banned from Europa league one year i wouldnt care at all, its only experience to gain. If they transfer ban us it would be a nightmare.
        we might struggle to qualify for CL next year without reinforcement. and we will struggle again next year without CL. So we must be able to qualify this time around.

        But I’m very confident it will be resolved, Li have sold a minority share of 20%, to new investor. I would not be surprised if its Berlusconi, he have been talking about it. that will bring in the capital needed to work on the elliot loan. And hopefully convince UEFA that the club is in financially secure hands

        • Reading your comment just brought to mind Barcelona situation, when they were “banned”, yet had it deferred so they could bring in Suarez etc. We should get the same treatment

  10. Good news. Romag, yoy have many years to improve here and become one of the best. Keep on moving forward!

  11. If Mino Raiola gives us stress over Donna we should sell him. He is a great talent, but he isn’t worth the trouble.

    • No.Sell Kalinic,give Andre Silva 1y loan to Monaco or keep him. Cavani is world class striker, but like Falcao, he is getting old. Immobile is go to, at his prime(27),proved 20+ goalscorer for past 3y. Also with Donna not going to PSG, no Cavani.Current team is good, only needs someone like Depay and Tielemans and we are good to go.Andre Silva scoring for Portugal easily shows its not problem with him, its teams lack of creativity. However when you get Depay,Tielemans,Suso,Hakan as creative players, then it will be easier for Silva to score. Thats something Gattuso sees and why he wants to keep Silva next year.Just “surplus” needs to be clean from the roster.:D

  12. Veretout immobile depay and chiesa. Maybe cabellos aswell.sell monto bona mauri antonelli abate bacca kallinic and the rest of the players that are not needed i think that would be a realistic marceto not likely but hoping the marceto loouks somthing like that or better

  13. Great news! For a second I was really afraid about Romagnoli leaving or being sold with all the rumours looming

  14. Milan fans!!! Players are always great before we buy them but they’re shit after we’ve bought them, why are we always like this? Right now, we are all like get delay, he is lightening fast, dribbles, shoots, can pass etc, easily an upgrade to all our players. By the end of next season, we’ll come back here to say sell delay, he is overrated, he can’t run even if his life depended on it, passes like a coward, shoots tamely, sell depay, Silva and get someone else etc.
    Common guys let’s change.
    I’m only open to selling Silva now cos I feel we have no say as Mirabelli and co are poised to sell or swap him with an old man. Silva should be the future for us. We did this with Honda, praising him before he came and we gladly shipped him our with poor comments. Some of us are even asking for Suso’s head like he is a crappy player whereas Suso is at the top of Ancellotti’s wish list at Napoli. We say Rodriguez is slow but Bayern and Dortmund want him. Open your eyes guys and let’s appreciate the players we have, with a better coach, we should have fought for d scudetto last season.

    • Suso in gaming vocabulary is ONE TRICK PONY. He can only play right winger,is way too slow and selfish player(nobody denies his quality dribbling and technical aspect). There were at least 5 matches where Milan played fast flow attacking football when he wasn’t playing, and in those matches it was 2 striker setup with Hakan as #10 behind. Fiorentina as last match proved that. Suso would only work in old Pep’s Barcelona tiki taka formation where speed isn’t too important. However, in todays fast paced counter attacking high press formations, he doesnt work.Gattuso is going with stupid META formation that everyone uses it now due to RM and Liverpool. It was because of Suso, Milan changed formation to 433 to suit him. Everyone who is thinking logicaly knows that 4312 is Milan’s formation and current team lineup is made for it.16/17 team with Deulofeu was made with 433 in mind.Silva will be bad Milan’s mistake if we truly sell him(loan option is different).How goes saying “The needs of the Many(half team roster) outweights the need of the Few or One(Suso)”.

    • I wonder which one is better. Donna with 6 M/y or Perin with 15 M transfer fee (dont know how much he will get in Juve)

        • You know, every club that was interested or linked to donnarumma found alternatives. The only teams that remain are liverpool and madrid. Both who arent entirely convinced. Im fine with him staying to prove himself and im also fine if he leaves for the right money. But if i were him, i would seeiously get a reality check because he came off an average season. Hes still only 19, perin has just made a big move to juventus so he immediately becomes a serious candidate for number 1 for italy.

          I was thinking too now that puma sponsor us that they would want to keep donnarumma at all costs so hes full out puma. Its in donnarummas best interest to stay and win over the fans again and dedicate himself for the long run.

  15. Rumours until now:

    – Suso is a subject of interest from Atl. Madrid and Sevilla. For Milan he is indispensible but they let Suso decide. In case he leaves Milan will go for Callejon of Napoli

    – There are strong reports Milan are dealing for Ceballos from Real, not sure if direct acquisition or a loan.

    – Depay is believed to be a strong target for Milan, Lyon demanding +30 millions for the Dutch forward

    – Mirabelli is still in talks with Monaco over a potential sale of Silva but any exchange with Falcao is off the cards. That would be negotiated separately. Milan want money for Silva

    – Milan are proceeding with youth. Morata or Werner are strong targets for striker position.

    Of course all of this depends on UEFA verdict

      • Agreed, would definitely go all-in for Werner. Before the WC as well as if he has a good one his price will sky rocket. Not saying that he is under the radar right now, but you get my point!

        • Werner is a fast, deadly striker who likes to dwell in offside traps. He requires a player like Forsberg and Sabitzer to truly shine. We have Cahanoglu but I feel we have to buy at least two more “playmaking” midfielders so he and rest of our strikers could do well.
          Sadly, so far I didn’t read any of such players are being linked to us, except maybe Ceballos.
          I just hope management can see what should be priority for us seeing our current rooster.

  16. Former Manchester United player Memphis Depay is closing in on a move to AC Milan.Tuttosport reckon Rossoneri boss Gennaro Gattuso was in the stands for Holland’s draw with Italy to run the rule over the Lyon attacker who was in action in Turin.

    The Italian giants are keen to land Depay who has already agreed personal terms.The 24-year-old has agreed a five-year deal with the Serie A side worth £4million-a-year.

    Lyon value Depay at £35million and are pushing for as much money as possible due to United being owed a slice of his transfer fee.The winger was a key member of Lyon’s squad last season, scoring 22 goals in 47 games.

  17. It sucks because right now we have to wait for uefas decision which comes almost at the end of the month, That gives us little time. But if rumours are to be true i like both morata and werner i like dani ceballos that kid has a very bright future and i like depay. Getting those positions filled by these guys will be enough for europa and hopefully tip 4 in champions league. This year we’re starting fresh with a manager who has found a starting position with the same team. He did well in the second part of last season and if he can get the ‘smaller games’ under control this team can go places. A lot of new faces also have serie a experience now so i expect calhanoglu to keep up and improve his great form (he became a fan davorite for me) rodriguez back with both calabria and hopefully conti (as galliani would say hes like a new signing). Kessie fresh and better. Im hoping we fel better and these players stay on gattuso’s side and play hard

  18. Milan is closer and closer to sign Simone Zaza from Valencia. The player agreed 4 yr contract with 2.5 mio euro salary per year. Well, it seems Silva or Kalinic would be sold. I do hope Silva is still with us for the next season. Zaza is a strong player and a good poacher. The only thing that i am worried is his agression as he collected 8 yellow and 1 red card last season. What a temperamental player he is.
    I am still hoping that Nabil Fekir will be a Milan player next season. Understand that Fekir is closer and closer to Liverpool, but who knows Klopp is willing to loan him out to Milan with Suso is going to Liverpool.
    Milan need a player like Fekir. I do believe Kalinic will make 20 goals with duo Calha and Fekir behind him. Whoever the striker is, he would love to get support from creative AMs like them.

    • Indeed, honestly glad to see Cristante finds his way to top level of Italian football, still regret his talent wasted by Inzaghi and sold by Galliani. I still have Milan jersey with his name anyway

  19. Shit like wat donnarumma said makes it so hard for me to love him. ‘I’m a milan player but I know nothing about my future, right now I’m on vacation’ it’s simple if u want to be on this team u say I’m here to stay. Don’t start playing games again we ain’t dealing with it.

  20. The minority shareholder ready to buy 30% of
    #ACMilan is reportedly Saeed Al-Falasi, who was already linked with a takeover bid in March – and he’s the one contacting Paolo Maldini, not Elliott Management

  21. Loan deal between Falcao and Silva ? Seems a win-win solution… Silva will come back stronger for us, while we get experience goal getter….

      • Yeah man all caught up! Gonna stay away from reading the manga, but damn, the fight scenes are insane, the next episode is going to be crazy!
        Love the voice actors too, especially Deku’s voice actor, doing a fantastic job. As well as Kacchan’s with his constant screaming lol



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