Report: Bayern Munich and Dortmund show interest in Ricardo Rodriguez, Gattuso would like to keep the Swiss

Ricardo Rodriguez before Milan-Ludogorets at Stadio San Siro on February 22, 2018. (
Ricardo Rodriguez before Milan-Ludogorets at Stadio San Siro on February 22, 2018. (

Ricardo Rodriguez is a name on the books of Bayern and BVB, and while it’s claimed that Milan are willing to listen to offers, coach Gennaro Gattuso reportedly wants to keep his left back.

Rodriguez joined Milan last summer for €15m plus €3m bonuses, and despite not performing consistently well throughout the season, he was always one of the guarantees in the starting XI of both Vincenzo Montella and Gennaro Gattuso.

According to Gianluca Di Marzio of Sky, Milan are currently not involved in any kind of negotiations for Rodriguez, but Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund have both identified the 25-year-old as a target.

Di Marzio’s report was also confirmed by the sources of, who claim that after the World Cup, in which Ricardo will play with the Swiss national team, an official offer could arrive from Bayern, whose director of sport is Hasan Salihamidžić who played with Rodriguez in Wolfsburg, and from BVB, whose coach is Lucien Favre, who worked with the Milan player at FC Zürich. insists that Gattuso would like to keep Rodriguez and could ask the management to not sell him, but it is also said that in the transfer market, all offers will be evaluated and considered, and so – should there be an offer that suits Milan and the player, a transfer could happen.

Left-back Ivan Strinić has already confirmed he signed a three-year deal with Milan, while in recent weeks, Fiorentina’s Cristiano Biraghi has been linked with a move to training center Milanello.


  1. Sell him. He is too slow for a LB and too short for a CB. If we can get 25mil for him I say wrap him up and send him to Germany, than take Masina for half that money and we will have a good LB.

      • Why are Juve and Roma trying to buy him than??? I would thought that he is good player but now that I got estimation of Masina from you I certainly know better.

        • Let’s look at it this was. Although I don’t see Rodriguez as a bad player but you think he’s insufficient .So should Bayern’s interest in him make him any better in your opinion now?. Besides, most of the rumors saying “Real Madrid want Calhanoglu” are kinda made up stories by agents. We watch these players every week and know what they can and cannot do but then some news pop up and we try to change our view of these players. Getting back to Masina, he’s actually not bad and given he’s young, he couldb maybe play for Juve in the future, but at the moment, he can only rise the quality of teams like Atalanta. Remember Rodriguez is not much older but already a lot more exposed -Swiss international, participates at the highest level – WC, CL, Euros. As Gattuso recently said ,we need experienced players who are around 25. Although Masina is faster and taller, it won’t be him though if I have to replace Rodriguez.

  2. Milan should NOT sell rodriguez. The biggest reason being who are we going to get? Nobody on the market that we can get is better. Secondly for only 15m? No thanks.

    More reports that silva for falcao is a real possibility. What does everyone think about that? Once again a HUGE NO for me. Falcao is 10 years older than silva. Due to his age and how injury prone he is its not worth a risk. Not to mention he earns 10m a year in wages. Hes a limited striker who is only a killer finisher. If we are going to make a swap ot should be with keita. Falcao is good but that guy has 1-2 seasons left in him and then we will have to worry about getting rid of him. Plus i dont tbink hes the man to lead our striking line

    • A lot of people on this page dislike Rodrigez, but good luck finding better LB for 15mil even if you double that you still cant find a better LB. Hes been solid in deffence he is strong can spread the game with long passes from one side to the other…his problem is that he is very slow, add to this that our left wing is also slow and you have very unifficent left side in attack, no one can get in position to make a cross, but getting a nattural left winget with pace will fix that. Plus RR is 25 he can improve his speed a bit and he already did under Gatuzzo he just need to become more explosive.
      Falcao is 15mil max, paying anything more than that is a waste of money. We got Silva for 38mil so that would be a nother very bad deal, but i have lost hope with this managment already, they have made blunders before so i wont be supriced if that happens.

  3. The better LB is probably Alex Telles of Porto. He is 25 y.o. He is growing to be the best LB in the near future. Pls check his stats.

  4. RicRod is good but haven’t found his feet here, well if we can get Ryan Bertrand from his sales then fine, for playmaker, is it just me who seem to like Manuel Lanzini of West Ham? might be a good fix, not over bloated fee.

  5. I was Rodriguez biggest critic throughout most of the season, but honestly, just like Suso was awful in the last couple of months, I think that Rodri started to get more solid, not as vibrant in attack as we all expected, which is probably why we’re all so disappointed because we expected a lot from his left foot but he can never beat his man. But the main thing a LB should do is defend, and I thought that he did a solid job defending. Never complained about him which is a good thing.
    If we need to sell, and it comes to selling him, Silva and Kalinic and thus keeping Roma, then im for it, but if we can keep our players, I would still keep him. The fact that Munich are scouting him is a testiment of his worth.

    • I did not expect much from him last summer when he joined, if you remember 😉
      But yeah he is decent. The problem is we don’t have any alternative for him. If only we still had MDS.

      • He got one heck of a left foot. wonder why we never used it this season? :S he made like 3-4 assist from freekicks on the far left in pre season. But for some strange reason our manager think its a good idea to use a right foot free kicker from deep position. If I remember correctly he also scored from close range freekicks too the few chances he got

      • Yes I do haha, werent it we who said that he feels more like an Inter signing?
        I do think that he is better than MDS though, perk of MDS is him being able to play on both sides.

        @Misund, he only scored once with a free kick and that was because the keeper thought someone would head the ball, so it wasnt a “proper” free kick like Hakans against Fiorentina.

        @Baresis Dream, he is good at switching plays and drive the ball forward, like his long ball up to Kessie that was the build up for Cutro’s goal against Roma. That might be why he had some really poor passes because Rino expected him to keep that going. Think Rodri started brightly the first few games but was far from expected a couple of months, then the last months he was solid. Did just enough for me to to still want him. Lets hope it was a transition year and he’ll improve from now on.

    • I think he had a pretty decent season overall. Quite reliable in defense and always important in the transition.

  6. I’m a bit disappointed with his offensive performance as I saw him at Wolfsburg and know his quality as a troublesome attacking full back, why he didn’t pull that out last season is what i still don’t know.

    Selling him isn’t a problem if a sensible offer comes but who is available to replace him? This guy did well defensively and was average offensively but he’s been our left left back in last 4…5 years still. I will rather see him stay and continue this project and am sure he would be better next season.

    • I believe it was Gattuso who deployed him more defensive. If you look at Calabria and also Abate both had more attacking role on the right side contributing in attack.

      I also believe RR should be deployed in a more attacking role with his good crossing abilities, he’s kind of a Marcelo type of player

  7. Milan needs consistency. We shouldn’t be selling our first 11 unless absolutely necessary.
    This season a lot of new players learnt how to play alongside each other. The next season should be a lot better. For example, we won’t throw away easy points like we did under Montella. And if we get a striker (swap Kalinic for Belotti) who can give us 20 goals a season, we are set for top 3 finish.
    From defence to midfield, Milan is solid.

  8. RicRod had a decent season and wouldn’t be on the table in a normal club with a decent cash flow. He shouldn’t be sold. There aren’t many replacements out there

  9. There are strong reports Li is in advanced discussion with potential minority investor who is rather a person than a company.

    Problem is it will probably not be finalized in time when UEFA releases a verdict but Fassone is in parallel working with a team of experts on this

  10. Milan should not sell rodriguez for any price ,he is good but has not find his foot in italian football..Many of us here want him sold in this transfer market which LB will you get for 15m tell me .just i like silva to stay or be place on dry loan ,we should never judge a player on a single season because they still have to adjust to their new sorroudings .though many of this news are made up by agent and papers to distract and cause problems for clubs and players/.

  11. And AS Roma seal the deal with Ajax on Hakim Ziyech. Roma bought him for 30mio euro. Milan need to buy another creative AM. Could not depend on Calhanoglu. Jack Bona and Suso are not creative enough. I do hope Milan could sign Nabil Fekir from Lyon. Need to sell Donarumma first. Sigh. Tough decision.

  12. selling dis guy is not the problem or solution, but who do we have to replace him or who mare we buying, i dont like him that much , but if we are going to sell, we should have someone better, and not managing players.



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