Borini: “I think I’ve proven to be worthy of the Milan shirt, the decision of UEFA could bind us together even more”

Fabio Borini before Milan-Sassuolo at Stadio San Siro on April 8, 2018. (
Fabio Borini before Milan-Sassuolo at Stadio San Siro on April 8, 2018. (

Fabio Borini spoke about the season he had and the things he did on and off the pitch, stated that he wants to play more minutes in the next campaign and said he waits for revenge against Juventus.

Milan signed 11 players for over €220 million last summer and the 2nd cheapest one was Fabio Borini, who arrived from Sunderland on loan for €1m with an obligation to buy in this summer for €5m.

Borini surprised many by proving to be an important and valuable squad player and in today’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport, he talks about his first year in Red and Black.

“I like American football because I am inspired by the philosophy of dedication and hard work”, Borini, who has on his bookshelf an American football autographed by Odell Beckham Jr., told the pink newspaper. “I’m one of those who run until my legs hold me up? Let’s say that it’s one of the characteristics that make me look like Gattuso. I see in me the same charge.

“I, like Gattuso, finish the games exhausted. On the other hand, my mother still runs [long distances], my father did it [200-400 meters] and my sister used to long jump, so it’s no wonder. If it’s true that with Montella we worked much less than with Gattuso [like Franck Kessié said after the win against Roma]? I only say one thing: if one wants to train hard and well, he does it with everyone.

Gennaro Gattuso, Fabio Borini and Franck Kessié at the end of Milan-Hellas Verona at Stadio San Siro on May 5, 2018. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
Gennaro Gattuso, Fabio Borini and Franck Kessié at the end of Milan-Hellas Verona at Stadio San Siro on May 5, 2018. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

“The season I had? For me it was absolutely positive. The expectations for me were not very high and I think that I have proven to be worthy of the Milan shirt. I think I did good things although most of the time I didn’t play in my natural role. I think it’s been an amazing year and my performances also give me a bit of revenge: after spending a long time abroad, people had forgotten a little about me.

“What should happen next season for me to keep the smile? Goals, and above all – more minutes, of course. Scoring and staying on the bench is a bit frustrating. I would like to play and not just be another pawn. I intend to carve out a role as a protagonist.

Fabio Borini celebrating during Milan-Ludogorets at Stadio San Siro on February 22, 2018. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
Fabio Borini celebrating during Milan-Ludogorets at Stadio San Siro on February 22, 2018. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

“As an attacker or a fullback? On the third time Gattuso put me in there, I went to him and told him that if he needed me in that role, I would’ve liked to learn it properly. These are movements that in my career I have always tried to neutralize, and now I’m going to have to put them into practice.

“I don’t know what role I’ll play next year, but I’m basically a striker, eh… Where would I play if I could? Second striker in a 4-4-2. I’m one who works a lot and I think I do it well. I’m generous by nature, also in the dressing room: due to my experiences [he moved from Bologna to Chelsea at the age of 16], I helped the other new purchases with the language, I involved them in the adaptation and I did it with pleasure because I know I helped the group.

Fabio Borini, André Silva, Patrick Cutrone and Davide Calabria during training at Milanello. (
Fabio Borini, André Silva, Patrick Cutrone and Davide Calabria during training at Milanello. (

“What is Milan to me? History and family. A past of a huge profile and a staff that takes care of the players. They mean it when they want you well. It happened only here and at Liverpool. Would there be a risk of running away from Milanello if UEFA’s decision is heavy? As for me, certainly not. In general, I don’t think so. It could be a situation that binds us together even more.

“And then, excuse me, run away to where? Here we are at Milan. Suso could leave due to his clause? I saw him grow up at Liverpool and he’s a much more aware player now. If he left, it would create a big void. Çalhanoğlu finally blossomed? I helped him a bit too… some advice on the pitch but above all outside. Let’s say that I didn’t do a great service to myself [laughs].

Fabio Borini celebrating during Milan-Ludogorets at Stadio San Siro on February 22, 2018. (
Fabio Borini celebrating during Milan-Ludogorets at Stadio San Siro on February 22, 2018. (

“Describing myself in three adjectives? Ambitious, courageous and determined. I already worked with Mirabelli at Sunderland? He works very well because he knows many players not only from the technical point of view, but also their personality. And this is a great help to create a winning group.

“When will the first title with Milan arrive? I’m waiting for the revenge against Juventus in the Supercoppa Italiana. Playing it in the first half of August could benefit us if the coach doesn’t kill us in pre-season [laughs]. My dream is to win a trophy with this shirt.

“The Supercoppa would be an excellent introduction to more important prospects.”


  1. Borini, one of the players that cope well with this UEFA ban. He hopes that he gets a playing time because of the lack of purchases and I can’t blame him.
    Truth is as long he plays important role in this team that reflects on us and our quality of the squad.
    I respect his heart and determination but to be the champion you need to have unquestionable talent. We seen that so many times in recent years and even Leichester was afther proven like a team with some World-class players. I am sorry Borini but that bench need to get warm.

    • …but I’m sorry borini but that bench needs to get warm. Sheva you just nailed it. You have to admire Borinis eagerness but he is just no good for a great club like Milan. Heck, he actually thinks that Milan is just about history and Family as if to say the great and prestigious and respected Milan of the past is long gone. So I will just make my nest here and be a part of this average Milan that is just good enough for me. Dont blame borini, blame Mirabelli and Milan who is still keeping him. What else do you need as proof that Mira is no good, after spending 200 million on players who are no fit for Milan with the exception of Biglia. If Mirabelli is lucky Calhanoglu and conti will become truly great. ButI wish Milan could sell Bonucci, Rodriguez, Musacchio, Kalinic and silva to raise cash or put on the bench. Because frankly

  2. What worries me the most right now is that we are yet to sell any of our excess baggages, or else smelly mouth Borini won’t be here talking about being worthy of the milan Jersey. I don’t just understand what the heck is going on in this team. Why the hell are we linked to Fellaini, Bas Dost and Laxalt? I can’t just understand. I would rather be suspended from EL than have a transfer ban.

  3. Offtopic:

    It seems Mirabelli is working on loan exchange between Silva and Falcao

    Count him with Bacca coming back and Milan will have Colombian attack

    Hakan behind these two…

    • Bacca doesn’t want to return to Milan. He mentioned that in an interview.

      Falcao is past his best and a wasted investment. His salary is high. Another bad choice by Milan.

      I would rather Milan offload Kalinic and Silva Get Immobile and Depay. Timo Weiner is also a good option.

      As much as I’m a fan of Radamel Falcao he is just too old and past his best. I would rather bring back Pato if Immobile, Belotti and or Timo Weiner is unreachable.

      Immobile, Belotti, Timo Weiner or Pato.

    • Yeah, these rumors are circling around for a while. I think it’s a bad idea. Both are too old, over the peak, and can’t last an entire seria a season.

      If we have very little cash I would go for Balotelli; otherwise, I would go all in for Timo Werner from Liepzig. Striker is the most important position to fill in the summer.

      • With proper playmakers both Cutrone and Silva would tear apart Serie A.

        So I do not agree with “Striker is the most important position to fill in the summer”

        Playmakers are needed and I believe even Kalinić would do better with a proper feeder

        • What Ted say might be true. When you look at it,Silva every friendly or serious Portugal match he scores. Why, well he has strong creative midfield in Moutinho,Joao Mario,Andre Gomes and Gelson Martins. Add to that Ronaldo. For Croatia, Kalinic has 2 world class creative players behind in Modric and Rakitic, along Perisic from wings. If we had truly technical and creative midfield as those 2 have in national teams, they would score for Milan more goals. Without Pirlo,Kaka and Seedorf, even Inzaghi,Pato or Shevchenko would struggle for goals. Every team is build from defence,then midfield,then attack. Our defence is built,now remains midfield.then perhaps attack.

          • HorneyBarney and Misund – remember seria a isn’t the league in Portugal nor the Portugal NT. Silva is talented, but I haven’t seen nearly anything enough to convince me he’s top striker material.

        • Yeah, that’s where we disagree mate.

          All three of our strikers got thier chances when they had their minutes- only Cutrone came up with solid scoring precentages. Granted, we are not FC Barcelona, but the rest of seria a teams (apart from Napoli) don’t create that many more chances.

          If Milan had someone at level of Higuain, Icardi, or even Dzeko up front we would have probably been able to finish 4th. Compare us to Inter or Lazio, the striker position is the only obvious place where our squad is inferior.

          • Sure they had chances but like I said with no proper feeding even Džeko or Higuain would struggle

            Only creative spark Milan has is Hakan and even he is played out of position. Same goes for Jack but he also seems uninterested or unmotivated

          • @Baresis Dream… I agree with you 100%. The real difference was the strikers as Inter really don’t have a playmaker but Icardi and Immobile were better finishers that’s why inter and Lazio were able to finish above us.

            I also agree with Ted that we need to add someone like Forsberg and Depay as Bonaventura and Suso were very poor this season.

            Kalinic must be sold but André Silva should be loaned out or have a buy back clause.

            Depay can play as a winger or 2nd striker while Forsberg will be a playmaker.

          • Giving our current strikers proper service have been the biggest problem this season. Both new strikers, kalanic and Silva have score less then half of what they did before coming to milan, kinda shows there is a problem to create proper chances. We might create alot of them, just not any productive or anything that a striker can feed of consistently… For me we are only missing one piece if the puzzle and that is pace. Wingers with pace is the biggest problem IMO. it would be so easy for someone like hakan to spread balls from the center if we actually had wingers who could beat defenders with pace. And that will automaticly create more productive chances for the striker, as the cross will come in front of the defenders and not behind. like we do now with 99% of our crosses. Always coming from behind the defence making it super easy to mark/stop the cross.

  4. There’s no denying he’s mature and keeps it professional and let’s be honest, he isn’t the best player. Everyone knows that and when we signed him J thought nothing good would come from it. He exceeded my low expectations. Only for the reason that he played in positions he never had before and did it with grit. Never complained. I kind of had a giggle when I saw that ancelotti wants borini for the rw as his main signing. But hey, if he’s fine staying here and playing as a sub I’m cool with that.

    Bayern and Dortmund apparently battling it out for Rodriguez. I hope he stays cause in the second half of season he played well. He’s still young and so mature on the ball. He just needs to be better positioned and wish he was faster but still solid

  5. Proven what? Other than being a headless chicken? His crosses are actually failed shots. Just hoping for the best, zero technique. This guy is deluded. Bologna level player. We need quality on the bench, not this type of mediocrity.

  6. The time has come when an attacker with two goals in 28 apps says he’s proven himself worthy of the Milan shirt. The audacity! but I guess it shows how low Milan has sunk. Borini you absolute pile of mediocrity, you wouldn’t be the ball boy of actual players who were worthy of the Milan shirt. It’s ok to keep your head down and work hard, but please never forget your place. 🙂

    • Wow just as many goals as André Silva I’m the league!! And he played mostly as a fullback! Makes no sense bringing up his goal tally especially when our precious André Silva can’t even top that tally in Serie A.

      For the role borini was bought to fulfill (reserve/utility player), he had a very good season in that regard and did his job. He was not bought to score 10-15 goals. And he barely cost any money too. His heart and work ethic IS worthy of milan. His skills? Not so much.

      There is really no point shaming someone who was bought to fill gaps in desperate times, especially when he did an admiral job most of the time.

      • Did I write anything about Silva being a worthy player? (Although some people might argue that the 8 years difference in age, and the fact that Silva has no previous Serie A or any major league exp. tbh, might excuse him as a prospect of a player).

        I do not believe he was bought as a reserve, and please let’s not get into the “how many times was he played in attack before proving to be useless” argument. the only thing we agree on is that he barely cost money, and I didn’t realize we were in a school league were we only care about heart.

        I’m sorry, I’m not focused on shaming really, but it’s sad to see someone as Borini get big-headed.
        “I don’t know what role I’ll play next year, but I’m basically a striker, eh… Where would I play if I could? Second striker in a 4-4-2.” an attack of Kalnic and Borini, just wonderful.

  7. Borini – outdid all expectations from him this season, and seems like a great guy and a true professional. But I’m sorry, he has no place in Milan, even on it’s bench.

  8. I must admit that I like Borini and he is worthy of wearing the Milan shirt. He is way better than Montolivo and Poli combined as they offered absolutely nothing.

    He works really hard regardless of the position he is asked to play. Personally I would love see him more as a 2nd striker or RW when Conti returns.

    Borini reminds me of Florenzi at Roma or Stefano Eranio which most of you probably don’t even know who that is. Sigh!

    Players like Borini are needed and I appreciate him for his dedication and hard work. I really hope he stays at Milan and I wish nothing but the best for him.

    • He only said he hopes both Silva and Kalinić will have a good tournament in Russia and will come back more confident



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