Falcao: “It is an honor that a club like Milan is tracking me, at the moment I’m focused only on Monaco and Colombia”

Radamel Falcao during France-Colombia at Stade de France on March 23, 2018. (Photo by Aurelien Meunier/Getty Images)
Radamel Falcao during France-Colombia at Stade de France on March 23, 2018. (Photo by Aurelien Meunier/Getty Images)

Radamel Falcao has reacted the news that Milan are considering him and said ‘I like Italy and Italian football’.

Milan are still waiting for the decision of UEFA in regards to their breach of the Financial Fair Play rules, but the Italian media continues to link them with players.

One of these players is 32-year-old Monaco striker Radamel Falcao, who today talked to Premium Sport about the supposed interest of the Rossoneri.

“I read and heard of Milan interest, so it is an honor that a club like that is tracking me,” the former Porto striker said. “I follow Italian football and know that Milan are the second club in the world in terms of Champions League titles, but at the moment I am under contract with Monaco and am focused only on Monaco and Colombia.

“But it’s obvious that I like Italy and Italian football.” Things will be clearer for the Milan mercato in the middle of June, but the intentions remain to get a midfielder, winger and a striker.


  1. He would be a good signing on a 2/3 year contract. No more than 15mil

    Call me mad but I think the best thing we can do for next season is let Gattuso prepare a settled squad. We would place higher than last year with nobody leaving or arriving. Undoubtedly.

    Anyone calling out to get Donnarumma and Suso sold are mad. They’ve saved and won us countless points over the past 2 seasons. We should never be out to sell our best players. These players are often the difference.

    Transfer wise I think we need a few strong additions, provided we have funds and capacity (UEFA action etc.)

    Our weaknesses last year cam from having nobody to play LW and lack of players to control midfield. Any striker would have struggled. My big signing would be Depay (he seems interested) along with Torreira (Biglia sub, can also play a bit further up). This would also let Hakan play centrally.

    I’d be happy with someone like Falcao, with a bit more experience, provided they’re not too expensive to help Cutrone and Silva. I don’t think we should blow our budget on a striker, it’s not our problem and we’re not getting Werner, no way when 5/6 UCL clubs want him.

    Bacca and Kalinic out.

    In: Depay, Falcao, Torreira

    Conti – Bonucci – Romagnoli – Rodriguez
    Kessie – Biglia
    Suso – Hakan – Depay


    • I agree with everything you said except spending on Torreira, he is good but we can use that money for our finnancial problems we have Loca in that position, and should focus our spendding on Depay, so even if no one else comes we will have great starting 11 (plus most young), Calahouglu can play in mid which will strenghten the mid and we have Depay to streanghten the attack. That would be a big improvement in the creativity in this team, Bona will give some quality to the bench and fresh legs when needed. Falcao is good for 15mil but not more. The formation that you chose also suits the players much better than 4-3-3 especialy for Kessie who will be back in his nattural position and Suso wont have to truck back as much so he will have more energy when we are attacking. A lot of people are making propositions heare that make a lot of sense, only our managment somehow cant see such obvious things that needs to be done to take this team on the next level.

      • Yes, I totally agree on the formation points you’ve made.

        I don’t really see Locatelli developing into a sub-Biglia Regista, well not yet anyway. I think he looks to be more in the mould of Ambrosini and learning toplay across the midfield and being our vice Kessie I think will help him understand the game better, allowing him to become a great Regista.

        I think Torriera has the game controlling ability we need, more like Pirlo/Verrati

        I think the options of Kessie, Biglia, Torriera & Locatelli to fill 2 places would be great for the season.

  2. Imo we should get a back up for calhanoglu on left wing
    Deulofeu or politano are great options as they can play on both flanks
    Both are cheaper than depay and serie A proven

    Besides, we still need reinforcement on midfield especially mezzala role.
    For strikers, i believe falcao will be a good fit for milan
    He has similar style with cutrone

    • Deulofeu is not Milan’s quality. He is not consistent.. more over Hakan must play centrally. It’s better we go for depay. He has the quality and ability of an excellent player. I don’t know why some fans want Milan to spend for players like deulofeu or earlier it was taraabt. They are not Milan’s quality. No offence to the players though. If we bring more quality to our midfield and wing it’s sure we will find more goals next season. It’s very unfair to put pressure on strikers solely. With quality passes and chances created it’s sure Silva and Cutrone and even kalinic can find the back of the net!
      I prefer players to be sold: Bacca, Kalinic, Rafael (GK),

  3. Elliott Management will reportedly take charge of Milan if Li Yonghong does not invest €10m by early next week.

    According to Sky Sport Italia, Li has been given an ultimatum by Milan’s board, with his position weakened by UEFA’s decision to reject the settlement agreement he spearheaded last week.

    Consequently, the Chinese businessman would have to commit to the €40m capital increase approved by shareholders by the end of June or lose the Rossoneri ‘in an automatic transfer’ to Elliott.

    The broadcaster adds he will also be forced to give up his membership on the club’s board.



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