Report: Milan offer Badelj a three-year contract worth €2.5m a season, Lazio also interested in the midfielder

Milan Badelj during Fiorentina-Cagliari at Stadio Artemio Franchi on May 13, 2018. (Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images)
Milan Badelj during Fiorentina-Cagliari at Stadio Artemio Franchi on May 13, 2018. (Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images)

Milan Badelj will be out of contract next month and the Rossoneri would like to add the regista to their squad.

It’s time for the yearly Badelj-to-Milan rumour, but this time it could actually happen as it has already been confirmed that the 29-year-old regista will not renew his expiring Fiorentina contract.

According to Sportitalia’s Alfredo Pedullà, the Rossoneri have offered Badelj a three-year contract, worth €2.5 million per season (details to be perfected).

The Croatian is also wanted by Lazio and three more clubs abroad, but Pedullà is confident that Badelj’s number one preference is Milan. Badelj expressed desire to move to the Diavolo before, but that was when Vincenzo Montella, with whom he worked in the past, was still the coach of Milan.

Gennaro Gattuso already has Lucas Biglia, Riccardo Montolivo and Manuel Locatelli to play in the regista role, but the contract of the ex-Milan captain expires in 2019, while Loca could be moved on loan to play regularly, and so Badelj could arrive to alternate with Biglia at the heart of midfield.

Mousa Dembélé and Marouane Fellaini during Belgia national team training in Le Haillan, southwestern France, on June 27, 2016. (EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images)
Mousa Dembélé and Marouane Fellaini during Belgia national team training in Le Haillan, southwestern France, on June 27, 2016. (EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images)

Pedullà also suggests that Milan are interested in Mousa Dembélé, but Tottenham are not interested in selling, despite the fact that the Belgian’s contract expires next year. Marouane Fellaini who leaves Manchester United on a free is another target, but his demands at the moment are €7m per season.

Marco Fassone has stated that the transfer budget of Milan will be smaller should their Europa League participation be excluded by UEFA, and so right now the focus seems to be on free agents.


    • they said that the 3 signings they were aiming for were winger, forward and CM. stop being a drama queen. If we get Whilshere, Badej, we will have plenty of money to spend on roles that are harder to get. With the sales of Monto, Kalinic(as Bacca will return to replace him), Antonelli, Abate, Silva, Niang, Bertolacci, Lapadula, Mauri, Gomez, Gabriel, we will get somewhere between 75-80M. If we even get Balotelli for free, we will have 80M to get a real winger and maybe strengthen some other position.
      Badej, Whilshere, Balotelli and Fekir seem great buys to me.

      • Balotelli said he doesn’t see a Milan return and it’s reported that Bacca is coming back from Villarreal but won’t stay with Milan because of a broken relationship which is a shame.

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  1. Badelj is a regista, for now we needed a mezzala, this is meaning one of Locatelli or Montolivo will leave ! Anyway, good signing !

  2. Comment: good signing if it happens, lucatelli can go on loan while montolivo shld be sold or his contract terminated by mitual consent.

  3. A bad and meaningless signing. Baljde is a DM regista who is not as good as Locatelli and Biglia. Just pointless. If Baljde’s arrival replaces Monty then it’s fine otherwise its just bad. What Milan needs is two Mazzelas not another register. They should sign Jankto or Veretout. I’m confident, one of them will come along will Wilshere and Immobile, Zaza (if Kalinic leaves) Bernard.

    Milan should have about 40-80 million to spend. The free signings do not count. Milan will make 3 big signings, a quality Mazzela to support Kessie and Jack, and a big striker to replace Silva and a winger to support suso and Calhanoglu.

    Best bet:
    Plan A: Jankto, Immobile and Bernard
    Plan B: Veretout, Belotti and Bernard

  4. Replace kalinic with a winger with pace…. Milan need a winger considering they deploy 4-3-3. Milan need one Right back, one wing man and a support for Jessie who is a box to box midfielder

  5. I choose Veretout over all other meazzalas we are linked to. He’s strong, good passer, can start attack, confident on the ball and good free kick taker.

  6. One more defensive midfielder, very similar to Biglia in playing style. Maybe this mean we will sell Biglia since this is free and we are desperate to make some money which would be reasonable in this situation. But knowing Milan managment there is nothing reasonable with them so they will probably just play him out of position if he came.
    As for the finnancial situation of the team, it seems every one is pressing mr.Li to sell the club much cheaper than he bought it, there are many offers and it somehow seems this is the reason for UEFA regulations also, i don’t want to say they are setting up Li to sell the club for cheap but it sure looks like it.

  7. Just Curious Guys; Are There Still Chances Of Signing Bernard. Cos People Have Been Mentioning Him Even After The Initial Transfer Block

  8. It was about 3 decades ago, AC Milan are famous of their Dutch trio : Basten-Gullit-Rijkaard.
    Now the new AC Milan management are working on collecting Croatian trio : Kalinic-Strinic-Badelj.
    Wooow, what a spectacular signing! Marvelous.

  9. Ugh.
    What the f is Badelj supposed to do.
    How the f is he improving our midfield.
    Who is he backing up for? Biglia? What is wrong with Loca? How is Loca and worse than Badelj?
    Brainless transfers back again.

    • Yep. I don’t like this transfer either and I don’t know how this player improves our squad. Badelj is a downgrade in my opinion and I would rather see Locatelli get more game time instead of warming the bench for another useless player like Montolivo.

  10. Just because they are free doesn’t necessarily make them good transfers. You first have to need them. DMF is covered as long the incoming player is not better than Biglia.

    We don’t need to sign back ups!!! There’s Locatelli who will better grow at the club and can make a good vice. Kessie too can be used in the role while there are talks of trying Calhanoglu there.

    4 players in the first squad who can/could play that role excluding Montolivo who I would allow to leave. Gabbia has been called up to first team for a season now and he’s a DM too.

    Montolivo and Locatelli didn’t get to play much because you don’t need 2 back up first team players for a single role. It’s just pointless. A waste of wages and valuable space for youngsters to develop.

    Huge squads discomfort me especially when they are all off the same standard. The likes of Madrid are playing 3 major competitions with around 24 senior players with young back ups while we have 30+ every season.

    Now that Strinic is already singed I wish him luck but don’t add anymore of them. According to the players we are linked, get us Immobile Dembele Bernard and stop all this madness.

  11. How about trading Kalinic plus Mauri in order to get 1 real gem creative attacking midfielder : Nabil Fekir of Lyon?
    He can play on LM, LW and AM. Truly upgrade for Jack and could switch position with Calha as an AM behind 2 strikers. Turn Milan into unpredictable and more creative.
    Gave many assists to Lacazette and now is helping to turn Depay into predator. The real key player of Lyon is Fekir, not Lacazette nor Depay.
    Another alternative is Hakim Ziyech of Ajax.

  12. These two recent transfer links has been a huge disappointment. Strinic and Badelj are downgrades to the players we already have and I’m literally loosing patience with that idiot Mirabelli.

    These transfers are not up to standard with the legacy of a club of Milan stature. This is why season after season we are falling further behind. $200m spent last season and we only improve one spot on the table.

    How much did Lazio spend last season and yet they have more quality all around than Milan.

  13. As reported by today’s edition of La Gazzetta Dello Sport, Yonghong Li received a letter sent by the minority shareholders of AC Milan.
    In this letter, the shareholders issued an ultimatum to Yonghong Li, demanding that the situation with Elliott has to be resolved within a short period of time.
    “The uncertainty about the refinancing of the debt to Elliott is a situation that has to be resolved within a very short time. Otherwise, a crisis will occur in regards to improving incomes.
    “Unfortunately, the time is up, Mr President. If your holding company is able to immediately refinance the loan granted to you by the Elliott fund and to deny UEFA, we expect statements and consequent acts. If this possibility is lacking, there is no other way than for you to step aside.”

  14. Badelj for free isnt a bad deal. He adds depth and is versatile. I welcome it we’d finally have someone to play in bonaventura or kessies position. But torreira is a man we should be chasing. Hes leaving sampdoria and they eant 25 million. In todays market for that type of player is a great deal. Perhaps could even deal with them for less. Hes a very good player and proven in the league

  15. Reading a rumor that Kucka may return makes me very happy. Wow. Would be a great squad player and should have never been let go in the first place

  16. Hope he join us, getting this player for free is great. He mainly played as central midfielder not regista outside of first team we dont have many options as sub to change the corse of the game. Bernard would add lot needed depth to our wing position hope we get him too

  17. Raiola is angry with Donnarumma because Donnarumma rejected Liverpool move and wants to stay in Milan and win back respect xD
    Now let’s hope this leads to Donna severing the ties from the mofo agent.

    • Hahahah let’s hope so!! looks like the kid is finally showing his heart for our shirt with actions and not just words – if this is true!

  18. Corrier delo Sport is reporting this evening that Milan is looking to bring back Kucka from Turkey. I will be happy with him as a back up to Kessie and would cost much less.

    An underrated player wrongly sent away by Montella, he will be very much cherished by Gatuso because of his features.

    • Why not move for Torreira ? Kucka is 31yrs old and mostly likely will be looking for a paycheck. We need talented players who want to reach the highest levels in their football career.

      I’m so sick of this Milan management who has no forward thinking or vision.

      • Do you know Torreira’s clause? €25, and you think Milan have that money? It seems you haven’t come to the reality of what is going on at Milan and I will tell you….. WE HAVE NO MONEY and at this point, smart picks can only help give the squad some depth.

        Kucka at 31 will still play at the highest level for at least 2 years.


        • Milan has money stop trashtalking!

          Kucka is awful… Milan keeping this **** players no wonder they are so ***

          Next season will be even worse with this signings KUCKA AHHAHAH SO BAD ****

        • I hope you realize that Kucka return will most likely mean Locatelli will leave. Hopefully for you it will be on loan or with a buy back option.

  19. well Milan had many difficulties in selling a sh** player like Kucka… now they are willing to buy him again..

    ffs Milan is A FUKING JOKE

    KUCKA IS AWFUL! absolutely AWFUL

    nexts seasons will be the same shit as always with this dumbness!

  20. Roundup of transfer rumors-
    1. Badelj – good deal for the sum reported. Highly experienced, always first pick in a very talented Croatian NT mid; wish Loca doesn’t leave permanently because of this, but honestly the kid hasn’t shown enough to date for me to trust he’ll become a star.

    2. Bacca leaving – a few offers not materialized yet, apart from an 8 mil one. Too little, but if the strategy is keeping Curtone as backup and buying top class for the starting role than I’m for it. Bacca might be better than anything we got now, but he’s still not enough for a top seria a club.

    3. Romag out – Real Madrid among others considering him, and the natural reflex is to say no at all costs. But I feel an offer of 60 mil or so should be considered seriously; still not sure though. Romag, much more than Loca, has proven his worth here. But is he really the next Nesta in the making? Not sure.

    4. Donna and Rino, football’s favorite power couple, might be splitting up due to Donna refusing Liverpool and wanting to stay here.

    5. Morata – can’t take this one seriously at the moment.

    • i disagree with 3…. He might not be the next Nesta but he has a bright future ahead of him. In addition i wouldn’t consider 60m for him, Maybe 80-90m would bring us to the table though.

      • Agreed +milan, he has been our best defender no doubt, and I’d say top 5 in Italy this season along with Benatia, Manolas, Skriniar and Chiellini. Fazio is there too.

    • @ ted this boy needs the right environment to flourish he is talented connects and links well with midfield…..even better than all our other strikers but lack of faith literally put him on back foot….hope he has a decent World Cup so Rino can give him another start or we sell him to recover the money

    • He has miles to go before he deserves the hype he gets.
      Especially in Italy against methodical and slower, tactical teams.
      So just shut it.

      • Ok just tell me one striker in our team that have connected with midfield and had off the ball movement…..we all know may be Italian football might not be best suited for him but he is a guy worth deserving a second chance….if a coach doesn’t put faith in you then you ain’t going anywhere that’s what happened with silva…..

        • First Montella, now Gattuso… Clearly Silva is doing something wrong…
          And yes he does connect well with the midfield especially against Inter(2nd half of the season)…..

          • Connect with midfield? What midfield?? There’s no midfield in Milan. I believe you were refering to Bonucci’s long balls

          • watch Milan vs Inter Serie A(2nd half of the season) again….. We lost control when Silva was taken off….

            p.s Never said milan had a midfield.

  21. AC Milan are preparing a bid for Olympique Lyon winger Memphis Depay.

    Milan have been in contact with the Dutchman for several weeks, with the player making clear he’d welcome a move to Italy.

    TMW says Milan chiefs Massimiliano Mirabelli and Marco Fassone are now putting together a financial package for Depay and also preparing a bid for Lyon’s consideration.

    The offer could be made in the next two weeks.

    However, Depay’s former club Manchester United will also have a say. Upon selling the attacker to OL 18 months ago, United insisted upon a first refusal option in the deal.

  22. Milan seems to be desperate to bring this guy in for some reason, even though he’s completely surplus to requirements.

  23. Until we are chasing old average free players, Roma is trying to sing Kluivert from Ajax for 20mil. He is probably one of the most promising wingers today, i have watched him fore some time he is very similar to Deloffeu in speed and movment, fast straith forward dribling, has much better shoot that Deloffeu and much better decision making he is 19 at the moment. Roma has come up with such a good transfer policy in recent times that it s no wonder they played in the semi in CL.

  24. Badelj/Fellaini/Kucka etc… All garbage, washed up with high salary and when they’ll want to get rid of them… Well good luck, just watch Kalinić this summer, guy will be rejecting every offer

    Torreira has 25 mil release clause, Pellegrini has 25 mil release clause, Barella is valued somewhere there and so is Veretout…

  25. AC Milan have sounded out Valencia about a price for Simone Zaza.

    Sportitalia says Milan have been in talks with Zaza’s camp about bringing the former Juventus striker back to Italy this summer.

    Tentative contact has also been made with Valencia, though nothing will be formalised until UEFA’s financial fair play ruling is settled.

    Meanwhile, Milan have raised the prospect of Andre Silva moving in the opposite direction should they firm up their interest.

    Along with the Rossonero, Torino have also approached Los Che about a price for Zaza this week.

  26. Donnarumma makes another mistake in Italy friendly match against Saudi Arabia!!! I believe we can make good money from dis guy,he should be sold so that there will be enough money to get better players!!!

    • Are you seriously talking about when he was caught in no mans land? Yes he could have read that differently but that was 100% the mistake of zappacosta and nobody else’s.

  27. Reports saying uefa will eliminate milan feom europa league. FFP is so fkn stupid. How can a team build if you exclude them from competition. Until the owner stops paying debts or salaries why penalise? Somebody needs to stwp in cause this is getting ridiculous. A prestigious team like milan is set to be a laughing stock. A team with european success is about to be excluded. Been a mess since they introduced it. Even champions league now is starting to lose its stardom with the same teams winning every year.

  28. Offtopic:

    Only Ronaldo scored more goals than Silva for Portugal NT under current coach.

    But no, they want to bring in useless Zaza. Way to go Assobelli

  29. New York Times reports that UEFA’s financial advisors recomended exclusion of Milan from European competition

    • Imagine that. After only one year of the club being sold. It might get worse than that possible sanctions in Serie A.



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