UEFA officially decide to reject Milan’s request for a Settlement Agreement, a hearing will be held in June

A general view of Casa Milan on May 19, 2014. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
A general view of Casa Milan on May 19, 2014. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

Milan have suffered a blow, as UEFA said ‘no’ to a Settlement Agreement ‘for breach of the Fair Play regulations’.

UEFA rejected Milan’s application for a Voluntary Agreement back in December, and today they announced that they have also decided to say ‘no’ to the Rossoneri in regards to the Settlement Agreement.

“The Investigatory Chamber of the UEFA Club Financial Control Body (CFCB) has decided to refer Italian club AC Milan to the Adjudicatory Chamber of the CFCB for breach of the Financial Fair Play regulations, in particular the break-even requirement,” a statement released by UEFA reads on Tuesday evening, confirming the reports in the Italian media.

“After careful examination of all the documentation and explanations provided by the club, the CFCB Investigatory Chamber considers that the circumstances of the case do not allow the conclusion of a settlement agreement. In particular, the CFCB Investigatory Chamber is of the opinion that, among other factors, there remains uncertainties in relation to the refinancing of the loan and notes to be paid back in October 2018. The Adjudicatory Chamber will make a decision on this in due course.

“The CFCB Investigatory Chamber will further communicate in June its other decisions in relation to the monitoring of the clubs under investigation or under settlement agreement.”

Marco Fassone and Massimiliano Mirabelli before Juventus-Milan at Stadio Olimpico on May 9, 2018. (@acmilan.com)
Marco Fassone and Massimiliano Mirabelli before Juventus-Milan at Stadio Olimpico on May 9, 2018. (@acmilan.com)

According to Sky and MilanTV director Mauro Suma, the Rossoneri are ‘surprised and disappointed’ by the decision of UEFA. The reasons for the ‘no’, Gazzetta reports, lie with the uncertainties in regards to the Elliott loan, uncertainties about who President Yonghong Li is, and uncertainties about future revenues, especially those relating to the revenues that are expected to arrive from China.

As for the possible scenarios and sanctions, Gazzetta believes that since Milan’s deficit is high, over €100 million in three years, hoping for a light hand from UEFA would be ill-advised. A transfer market ban, imposing limitations of the squad and a big fine are all reportedly in the realm of possibility, while the worst thing could be preventing Milan from participating in next year’s Europa League.

Now the Rossoneri have to prepare for a hearing to try and ease the sanctions. Since Milan did not expect it to happen, there is little doubt that this decision will have a big effect on the summer plans.

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I have serious concerns over these on going financial uncertainties. Still so many doubts over Li Yonghong and this just does nothing to make me feel any better. It also places huge questions on any kind of transfer campaign. How embarrassing to be potentially denied the right to play in Europe. Laugh at Inter all you like but it’s clear and transparent who owns them and the sources of their money. We’re messing around with loans and shady dealings and there’s no transparency. Even in China no one knows who he is.


Did I not say that financial fair play is a fucking joke. If they dare block our transfer campaign or exclude us from competition. How can a team build if u guys take everything away. So stupid this system. All a money scam

Ice yogurt

So hows the effect and aftermath
I don’t understand nothing


Leaving us out of EL probably?


Hope is fine and limit registration, everything else would be huge blow for us


Its ok that psg go and spend 222m on a single player and finding a loophole and they get a settlement agreement. Thats just neymar..lets not forget mbappe and others. We go and change ownership and why we fail is because they have doubts over yonghong lis financial power. How is it any of their fkn business what his financial situation is? Until he cant pay off debts or pay players then it should be in question. Dont jump to conclusions and penalize us. Man did this news make me angry


Super Sport 3 is showing Milan Liverpool final match 2007. Such a sweet day. And here one UEFA says they want to ban Milan for one stupid FFP. This Eufa should leave Milan alone otherwise they will incur wrath of God.


Does anybody know when the decision will be made? All those big names we have been rumored to be trying for, surely we can’t buy them now as long as we’re in limbo like this. Players won’t want to come here with so many uncertainties.


We’ll see what names that will be sold then to make room for the midfielder, winger and “great” striker that will arrive. Or that’s perhaps in the shitter now.


UEFA are trying to frustrate Milan evidently because every other club previously sanctioned had 1 year probation period but UEFA came chasing Milan almost immediately ownership was changed. More so, how do they pay for the financial instability that’s been their over 3-4 years ago? Finivest must come forward and do some explainings too and pay part of the fines. They doubt the refinancing of the owner’s loan which has nothing to do with Milan loan covered and guaranteed by Elliot. If the owner cannot pay his debt and loses his money, that is his problem and not Milan’s because… Read more »

pray for milan

Well he is unknown and why is that a problem. This is no application to forbes list but an owner who is trying to resurrect a broken/fallen club called Milan. Is there club not functioning, are the players and stuff not paid? If not then it’s of no business for UEFA to look for uncertainties of Milan. We have a plan in place to cover our debts. We can’t do that when every move we make is being questioned.


If we get a one year ban to not sign players…will those players we loaned out be allowed to comeback because we need all the help we can get.


There is bigger game than FFP by Uefa. If FFP was truly working, PSG would be banned this season from UCL. Like in politics there is New World Order,there is one as well in football. Man City,PSG,Real Madrid are that NWO. I wouldnt be surprised if they are controlling Uefa or not. But it looks like certain individuals or teams don’t want ressurrected Milan. Same can be said they dont want strong Liverpool. How they do that, let’s get Salah for 200m euros(real madrid). Man City will have 500m euros for transfers this summer. That alone should be investigated by… Read more »


EUFA that’s supposed to ensure Milan one of the football power house get revived,instead they want to crush the club further. This is pure politics . The wrath of God will rain down heavily on those who trying to bring this club down. We will bombard the social media with protests and complaints to ensure this evil and satanic decision is reversed.


Fassone Basta!!! Why are people surprised about this? What do you expect when you purchase a club with no money then you spent 200m with no money, and more you come 6th like last year!! This is a club run by muppets like a Ponzi scheme. PSG has money that’s the difference where’s Milan is full of debts on a fake plan! The sooner we get rid of this Fassone and Mirabelli the better!! Forza Milan!!


According to Milano Finanza, if Milan does not repay the loan money the club will be sold, Stephen Ross the owner of the American Football Club, Miami Dolphins and also the American bank , Goldman Sachs are interested