Fassone: “There is a lot of bitterness, Milan deserved a Settlement Agreement, this is damaging to our image”

Marco Fassone during Milan-Inter at Stadio San Siro on December 27, 2017. (@acmilan.com)
Marco Fassone during Milan-Inter at Stadio San Siro on December 27, 2017. (@acmilan.com)

Marco Fassone reacted to the news that UEFA have said ‘no’ to a Settlement Agreement with Milan, saying this caught the management by surprise.

UEFA have confirmed earlier on Tuesday that Milan are in breach of the Financial Fair Play rules and that there are no grounds for a Settlement Agreement, explaining their decision was made because of “uncertainties in relation to the refinancing of the loan and notes to be paid back in October 2018. “

This is a difficult blow for Milan and the new management, as they could face serious punishments: from big fines and squad restrictions to a transfer ban and a Europa League exclusion. After learning about the news, CEO Marco Fassone spoke to the press to express his disappointment.

“It seems important for Milan to take a clear position after reading the UEFA statement,” Fassone said to reporters outside of the Lega Serie A offices. “As you can imagine, that gave us surprise and a lot of bitterness, I was expecting UEFA to offer us a Settlement Agreement.

Yonghong Li at Milanello on March 5, 2018. (@acmilan.com)
Yonghong Li at Milanello on March 5, 2018. (@acmilan.com)

“Since Fair Play is in force, UEFA always offered such solution to all the clubs in a situation similar to that of Milan. There was only one case of a Russian team, not really a top-team, that was referred to the Adjudicatory Chamber immediately without UEFA offering a Settlement Agreement.

“We went to UEFA 15 days after the closing and then therefore at a very early stage to submit our plans. We went back in November last year to discuss the Voluntary Agreement to which we were entitled to because the ownership was changed during 2017 but our request was rejected as the commission deemed it necessary to see a €165m bank guarantee to be issued by the ownership.

“Today the Settlement Agreement has not been granted to us because, the fact that the holding company [and not the Club] has not yet refinanced the debt with Elliott casts some doubts on the Club’s possible future after October 2018. An absolutely precautionary hypothesis that raises doubts about what could be the scenario and that absolutely does not take into account that we have repeatedly proposed: ie to talk also with the current financier of the holding company, that is Elliott, that has also guaranteed in writing a continuity of the Club even in the worst scenario.

“But, above all, considering this year’s history with the continuous fulfillment by Milan’s ownership of all the requests made by the board of directors, the continuous capital increases paid regularly that have never generated any potential doubt about both solvency and liquidity.

Marco Fassone and Han Li before Chievo-Milan at Stadio Marc’Antonio Bentegodi on October 25, 2017. (@acmilan.com)

“I am disappointed because, as Milan’s CEO, I know that we did everything we could possibly do. We submitted very detailed plans and dossiers, but UEFA has some doubts relevant to other aspects. From tomorrow morning our lawyers will start analysing the ruling because the is no doubt that the referral to the Adjudicatory Chamber is an important damage at least of the Club’s image and therefore we will review it with great attention. We are absolutely confident about the Adjudicatory Chamber’s balanced assessment and we will supply all the necessary data with the greatest transparency possible and with the utmost good faith. As we have always done.

“I wish to remind you that today’s AC Milan is paying for the breaches occurred in the three-year period 2014-2017 when there was a different ownership, and that it has given its availability to pay the same sanctions that all the other clubs in similar situations received.

Marco Fassone and Massimiliano Mirabelli at Milanello on November 16, 2017. (@acmilan.com)

“The referral to the Adjudicatory Chamber disappointed us a lot because this Club deserved the Settlement Agreement due to its behavior at a financial level, a settlement agreement that, unfortunately, hasn’t arrived. We are running this club in a very healthy and balanced way.”

There remains to be seen what will happen now, but it’s obvious that the preparations of the Diavolo for next season will now be put on hold until the situation becomes clearer in all aspects.


  1. UEFA are just pure savage. The owner’s loan repayment is going on fine and what else? The person being owed even said hey! I gave them a note guaranteeing that I have no problem with them paying my money so, what more?

    This is pure effort to spoil the image of Milan.

  2. Them wanting Milan to stay down so that the other teams can catch up. I wonder what extent would they go to if Real Madrid was in this similar situation

  3. What a shitshow do we have. UEFA is forcing their hand on us so “small”teams like PSG can fly under a radar with their purchases. Clearly there is a problem with Fassone handling this situation, because I have a feeling Fester would find a way to go around this.
    Anyways this is gonna be a looong summer for Milan fans and by the looks of it sad one.

    • @Sheva

      Don’t talk nonsense. The only way your Fester would solve this is with more Bertolacci type players. Worth a lot on the market, but aint worth shit on the pitch. Fassone and Mirabelli now have to solve all the crap that your Fester along with his Berlusconi caused for AC Milan in the recent years.

      • Agreed. Galliani is the main culprit and reason why we are in such a poor state by signing players that have no business wearing the Milan jersey.

        I’m still upset that he sold El Sharaawy and kept Niang which made absolutely no sense. Now we are still looking for a LW player when we had the perfect solution with El Sharaawy. Smh

        • How can you say that dude? Is Galliani the guy who made €200m debt in one season, borrowed money on fake dreams and plans, wasted the 200m by giving Bacca away and get €29m Kalinic shit. Fassone is very good at talking but when is to show the proof then it all blows away. 6th place like last year but we have a huge debt which we can’t cover. UEFA goes for evidence, show me your money, your plans, your revenue, your income, performance, etc. My dear Milan is suffering because of incompetent management. How can you bankrupt the club in one year like that? You really have to be incompetent. At least if we were winning scudetto I would understand the risk but to be an average team and hope like that you must be either a kid or someone very incompetent.

          • You’re incompetent. Milan downfall and financial fair play issues started before the new owners took over. The club was being mismanaged mainly by Galliani as Berlusconi was a honorary president due to a conflict of interest over his postion as head of Forza Italia. Smh

            My point of reference regarding Galliani is the poor management of the club since the 2007 UCL title. We were more financially stable than Real Madrid who uses bank loans to finance transfers.

            Berlusconi received an offer from a Saudi Arabian Prince in 2007 for 1 billion and he refused to sell. He received another offer from the Fawaz Abdulaziz Alhokair group and he instead sold the club to some phantom Chinese consortium.

            That’s why we are in this state now.

        • Nick, the financial fair play is every year. Milan played in EL this season. The downfall of Milan is since 2011, not something new. You seem to talk from your belly a lot. Current management is incompetent as they spent 200m to reach the same results as the previous year. More, they seem to run the club like a Ponzi scheme, creating debt after debt. End off!

          • And where do you talk from? Smh Berlusconi made this statement in 2010 and I quote:

            “The fans urge me to sell the club. I say that I love Milan and would never sell the club to someone who is not worthy or who could not make it even greater”

            Like a true politician he lied as just after 1yr the new owners couldn’t even pay the full 628m to buy the club from Berlusconi as they had to borrow 340m from a high interest hedge fund Elliott Management to purchase Milan.

            Is Berlusconi not to be blamed for that especially when he turned down offers from two wealthy Arab owners who would have been able to finance the club in their sleep?

            Now back to Galliani, Berlusconi invested 297m from 2010-17 and we have only 1 Scudetto to show for it.

            During that time instead of spending smartly on quality players not necessarily world class but “ quality “ Galliani bought players like Mesbah, Urby, Matri, Constant, Poli, Paletta, Torres, Adriano, Lapadula, Gomez, Sosa, Ocampus (450k loan) Matias Fernandez, I could go on and on not to mention the wasted money on high salary players like Essien, Get my drift?

            With a better GM and a crooked Galliani who is currently under investigation for the transfers with Genoa and Raiola as he pocketed money under the table, we could have been on equal terms as Napoli, Roma and Lazio who were spending on “quality” players.

            At times Milan spent more than these teams on pure garbage players. Even Lazio spent less and got players like Felipe Anderson, Milinkovic-Savic, Stefan de Vrij, Luis Alberto, etc.

          • Nick, I try and talk facts. Incompetent management wastes €200m on players but they missed out in completing a team. They pay Dollaruma 6m but he looks like an average goalie. They push Bacca out who cost the club €30m and bring in the €29m Kalinic shit. More, they don’t have this money so they have to borrow it. No sustainable plan to pay it back other than b/s. How incompetent do you have to be to do this and miss the FFP? Rome wasn’t built in one day!! More, after all this management failure we achieve the same results like last year. You are keep going on and on about berlusconi. Leave him out of this. He sold a team that finished 6th, played the Coppa Italia final and qualified for EL and therefore were compliant with the FFP. These muppets managed to ruin the club in less than a year!! You talk too much about if this and if that happened. Arabs don’t buy clubs in italy yet because it is not a trendy thing for them like it is in the UK or Paris. Why aren’t any of your Arabs jumping at the opportunity to buy the club now?

  4. Uefa is wrong and I think club like milan should be shown respect. Why showing all the hates in absurd way like this to Milan?
    Without clubs like milan there will be no stronger Uefa of today because I remember milan were a proud representative of European clubs in inter Toto competitions before it was renamed fifa clubs competition
    Were Uefa happy when milan was languishing in penury of seria A? For the records sake Milan needed exactly what happened last season to bounce back
    Uefa with this disgraceful uncalled for decision has shown again that dubious leaders of disgraced personal such as Mitchel Platini still exists In Uefa corridor
    Milan has been a victim of maltreatment in every Uefa organized competition in the past and present. Eg I remembered Barca vs Milan champions league match where a corner kick turned penalty. Secondly Arsenal vs Milan where from nowhere Arsenal was awarded a penalty. And now this dramatic wicked target decision against Milan.
    It’s nothing positive in the side of Uefa to redeem its spoilt image rather has shown that it lack a focus in the area of true leadership and dynamic oriented to position European clubs job to be the best amongst other continents
    Uefa lacks the right direction and with this decision it’s a BIG SHAME TO UEFA

  5. EUFA that’s supposed to ensure that Milan, one of the football power houses gets revived ,instead they want to crush the club further. This is pure politics . The wrath of God will rain down heavily on those who are trying to bring this club down. We will bombard the social media with protests and complaints until this evil and satanic decision is reversed.

  6. Uefa boards are stupid, why can’t they penalized Milan before takeover?
    And after the new ownership the club should b free to make transfer and after 1-2 season the transfer should work in line with FFP.
    so if a club change its ownership, it does not deserve to buy player

    • They couldn’t penalize Milan before the takeover because Milan hadn’t reached European cups (CL, or Europa League), therefore, immunity from UEFA’s conditions.

  7. FFP my a$$. Rather than investigating Juventus for another scandal, they prefer to sanction Milan with FFP rules for a stupid reason

  8. Blow after blow, bad management of Milan. They should’ve known better!!!!

    End of Milan is in sight!!!

  9. I get the frustration from most of us here but let’s be fair: the change of ownership was and still is shady – that’s the least to say. I’ve said my opinion many times in the past about it: in my eyes it was a textbook money laundering by Silvio.
    Having said that, the position of uefa is shameless. This FFP is so subjective that allows uefa to control to a greater extent the game. Very far from “fair”.
    But all this is known for quite some time now. What surprises here is the rational: uefa is concerned about the financial state of the club and does what? Fines and exclusion from Europe (=further funding)? It is as if a bank instead of helping you increase your revenue to pay back your loan, it gives you a fine. Stupid.
    I understand the ban of transfers, that makes sense but the other 2?? 100% BS. Those would make sense in case a very wealthy club violates the competition (…).

      • I agree this new ownership is shady but what i dont understand is how can FFP have dounts over him? He has paid all his debts to date. This isnt 5,000 dollars we’re talking about here. If this guy can buy milan gor almost a billion dollars and get accepted for a loan for 300 million dont you think a powerhpuse like elliott would do their research to see if this guy can actually pay back his debts. There’s something there that we’ll never know because yonghong li wouldnt be able to buy a club for almost a billion dollars and get loans if he didnt have money. He would bury himself and others. Is there money under the table a bsnl account nobody knows about? I dont know

        • Fact is, Mr Li has complied with everything that was promised up to date, in particular the amount of money to be spent on last summer. There’s little we know about, but still he has done nothing to date to make us doubt his financial pull.

        • They loaned him the money cause they got themselves AC Milan as a guarantee if Mr. Li cannot cough out the necessary funds. Seems good business from Elliott to me. No need to check Mr. Li’s balance with a voucher like this

  10. Every milan fan should protest on the eve of champions league. U cam post ur protest to Uefa. Com website and Uefa page on Facebook.
    This is wickedness to destroy Milan, we deserves respect. We are Milan and European giant in the game.
    Man city and PSG did similar things but were fined only 20m euros respectively
    We don’t want this.

  11. With Ancelotti joining Napoli(and if they spend), inter making the ucl, and our club’s future looking bleak, I think milan will not be on top for a very long time. This is sad

    • Have to admit I’m really disappointed Ancelotti is taking the Napoli job considering he turned us down, obviously he also seen through the new ownership
      We can shout injustice until our throats hurt but there’s definitely something shady going on given the fact Uefa moved in to investigate immediately after the takeover and seem to be like a dog with a bone concerning the capability of Li’s financial strength to run the club, it seems like he put all he’s eggs in one basket and gambled on making the champions league and using the money coming in from it to fund everything

      • The only problem UEFA has with Ac Milan is the ownership, in simple terms Li doesn’t have the money to run the club it’s as simple as that
        He’s also rejected several offers of investment and offers from people to buy the club outright which has put his and Fassone’s relationship in tatters
        UEFA is right to be concerned because from the outside looking in Li looks every inch a gangster
        How can a virtual nobody who no one seems to know buy a club like Ac Milan at a cost of almost 1 billion dollars?
        I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to wake up in the following days and read that the players haven’t been payed, he has to put a 10 million cash injection into the clubs coffers by Friday which is tomorrow
        I hope some mega rich Arab oil mogul just buys us and put an end to this circus

  12. I think our case is different than other clubs, I see people mentioning RM or PSG. The money we owe is borrowed by Milan but also by Li and the latter one doesn’t look he can come up with any guarantees (nobody or almost nobody knows about him, even in China). In the meantime the club doesn’t have his own stadium witch can constitute a guarantee, or any other assets.
    The whole thing is shady, it’s like Berlusconi was involved in this transaction, if you know what I mean.

  13. I remain positive, because we have a few secrets in our academy ranks who I believe can help us with the squad if we are handed a transfer ban.
    To mention just one of them – Riccardo Tonin scored 13 goals in 23 matches. Not even mentioning Vigolo. Soncin. Bellanova. Cappani. Sportelli. Campeol. Maldini. etc etc etc etc.
    Obviously Serie A would be very very different than age groups, but if we are with a transfer ban, it will be a great chance for players like him to make a name for themselves.

    • Not this shit again. We need the Champions League and we need it now. Top players are needed. A transfer ban will be the end of Milan.

      Either they find a way out of this or they better pack their bags. AC Milan are fading away. Soon the new generation will forget we were once a powerhouse. We’ll be another Nottingham Forest at this rate.

  14. Seems there is no way for this club’s revival. We tried cheap /freebie transfers, it didn’t work. We tried a fancy young team with 200 mil spent, nothing works. Now we say we will add some experience like Fellaini and that also won’t work couple with off field matters like this and the embarrassment.

  15. I personally blame both ownerships for this mess. Berlusconi for selling this prestigous club like a cheap hooker to unknown, shady, never before heard in China figure, probably laundering a whole lot of money on the way. And new unknown and shady management, for not working in line with transparency, buying Milan without any coverage and burden this club with a high interest loan.

    This is on you

  16. These past couple days man… I can’t believe ancelotti is going to join napoli. I swear last year he said he’s not ready to return here and would only coach milan or roma. Turned us down but joins them. Whatever, this FFP got me going crazy. I think getting a transfer ban is worse than europa league disqualification. If we can’t buy players and players leave we can’t reinforce to get top 4. We need clarification on this.

    • No top coach will take the job at Milan. Our financial health is not good and there are too many uncertainties regarding our shady chinese owners.

      I personally wouldnt take a job with a company that is not financially stable. Thats suicide. So Ancelotti is right to reject Milan until we get our shit together.

      Napoli has a better project and a team that has been playing well for the last 3-4 seasons. They are in the UCL as well. With Ancelotti and a few key signings they can win the scudetto and UCL.

      Therefore, the stage is set for Ancelotti to be successful at Napoli. The current state of Milan can damage his career.

  17. I do hope Elliott takes over the club and finds a proper suitor, a figur or company known to the world of business and with legit finances

  18. I’m curious if UEFA’s future statements after the final ruling.

    I was doing minor research as I remembered Atleti’s recent transfer ban and which I thought was for ffp violations.

    But it was said that Atletico had 65 “serious breaches” of FIFA’s youth transfer regulations, whereas Barcelona had six and Madrid had eight.

    65 “serious breaches” seems pretty hefty to me, so depending on what the actual violations are for milan I’m curious if we get an even harsher punishment.

  19. We have been to secretive in our transitions and yet expecting people not to have doubts. Do we think that Uefa are not suspecting money laundering and other irregularities we and the media speculates. We all know that Uefa are not best known for their leniency towards Italian football. So don’t give them chance.

    I just hope that our transfer targets will not know what’s going on until after signing for us! Imagine Di Maria sitting down with his agent, family and friends deciding to join this chaotic club. And that’s if we don’t get transfer banned. This news spreading alone is a huge blow. Shame on Uefa , Li and Fassone.

  20. well we have all spoken well and our minds we should hope and pray things changes to start with I blame the management no1 we knew we are putting our hopes on ucl see d kind of players we brought no quality player apart from bonucci no2 we saw montella losing matches we didn’t sack him on time no3 we lost to some smaller club we could have collected point from well we should just put our fingers crossed and hope they come out with something positive forza Milan for life if they like we should go to seria B Milan for life fucking UEFA asshole bunch of corrupted nymphos

  21. There is no need get all worked up, even if we have a ban, it would be for next transfer Window and not this one.. Remember Barcelona’s ban. So guys chill. We would strengthen enough this season.

  22. Guys, chill!

    Have faith in Fassobelli. We’re all gonna walk out of this unscathed.

    Remember when we fed up of changing managers and buying lousy players? (Granted that we have a strong youth core now and recently brought in quality players in Calhanoglu and Musacchio as well as having a current coach in Gattuso who is in my own opinion a good decision to hire)

    Remember when we were all unsure when Milan was ever gonna be sold? (We got through that didn’t we?)

    Remember when we were all unsure who the new owners would be? (Even though we’re still not entirely sure who they are now lol, but they have been complying with everything so far haven’t they?)

    Now we are unsure of what will happen to our Rossoneri with this UEFA decision. Let me tell you this, it’s one thing to be frustrated and angry, i get you all. Right now many Milan fans are left confused and don’t know how to handle this situation. But getting all worked up about it isn’t gonna solve the problem. Ya’ll need to chill for a minute, take a deep breath, and relax. We went through a lot recently, and this current situation is only a stepping stone for us all to a higher objective.

    As of now, there are plenty of rumors circulating about Milan this, and Milan that. Oh wow, “Milan will be banned from Europe and have to sell so and so player”. The media loves to create uncertainties for its audience, and essentially controlling your emotions and the way you think. So relax guys, I’m sure Fassobelli will have things wrapped up in no time.

    If there’s one positive notion i can deduce from this entire situation, it is that Fassone and co are not impressed with this as well, and will tirelessly work hard to ease these tensions. Also, we have a strong squad (which i must also add is young) who are together on and off the pitch, I don’t think a player will leave Milan unless they personally want to just as Mirabelli already stated.


    • That is good motivational speech. However, realism is different. Milan owner is suspicious. If its for the best, let Elliot takes Milan and sells it to Stephen Ross. It might bring Maldini back as well, since they know each other. Plus everyone knows who he is, UEFA knows as well, and Man Utd, Liverpool and Roma works well under American owners. Better that this guy decides to build new stadium and through revenues get money for quality players(Juventus system), than spend 200m euros that got flushed down in toilet.Long term>Short term plans.

  23. That’s all good being positive, writing such motivational posts but that’s about it.

    Fact is that Milan finances are shady, these unknown chinese brought the club with empty coffers, got high interest loan out and burden this club for it. In the end they put the club as a guarantee.

    Put a club as prestigous as AC Milan, 7 time European champion as a guarantee for a loan should be enough to not trust these chinese!!!!!!

    Wake the F up!!!!!!

  24. Its the end. I had warned 1 year ago to milan fans , telling them to revolt against these chinese. I know who they are . But instead of listening to the wise they joined the bandwagon of chinese hulaajullaa. Look at where we are now. Look at our condition. We are begging to uefa to let us play in their second league for which we have qualified fairly. Then I even predicted few months back that we are going to become bankrupt. Fast forward to date , here we are . As someone clearly mentioned above the club named nottingham forest, you my friend have predicted right. I have seen the future and the likes of milan are now worst than nottingham forest. This is the last time I am typing as a milan fan before it dies tomorrow. It was a good journey. We conquered europe . We had the best team in the world. I have had many countless heart attacks over the years. Many players came and went but I was there with you in even the darkest moments. I remember how I used to watch milans ucl match late night even though I had college next day. I became a joke in my friends circle just because I was loyal to you. I resisted everything for you. But tomorrow its the end. I feel tragic and heartbroken saying this for the last time FORZA MILAN. God bless berlusconi and galliani.

    • Stop beating the bushes. Your friend, Berlusconi, a man with a net worth of 7 billion $ sells the club to Li The Nobody aka Li The Invisible Man, a person who no one knows what assets has, because the former couldn’t keep up with the Arabs. Think about this before praising him.

  25. Everyday is getting worse and worse. Reports saying if we get banned that we willblook to sell romagnoli bonucci bonaventura suso donnarumma. Why are we sufferimg here as fans? I thought with berlusconi we were steuggling and selling was the only way to change..a year later we’re struggling way worse. I am so hurt as a die hard fan that we are going through this at this point if any of those players leave ill be hurt. This was supposed tk be a new beginning to bring milan to the top and its turning into a nightmare

    • Even tho i would like to see Donnarumma stay despite everything, seeing him and Suso leave, i wouldnt be too hurt.
      Donna because of Raiola and the relationship with the fans/curva, Suso because there are better players than him, and he really frustrated me these last months, looked disinterested, sloppy and lazy.
      If we still REALLY have to sell players then Bonu should be okay since we have Musa as a back up. A player that we seriously can not let go in that list is Romagnoli, and Bonaventura showed in the last game that when he is on top of his game he is a real nuisance, and can trouble most teams if not all.

      • I agree with donnarumma and sudo but ehat im saying is if we get a teansfer ban or we get excluded from competition and we have to sell our best players to balance to books would drown us. We wouldnt have any replacements and we would be lucky to get a top 6 finish again. This is the year to finally make it into the top 4 and go far in europa and now that all comes spiralling down and we’re going to lose our best players. If romagnoli leaves i dont know what ill do

  26. Milan is a company. And in a company decisions are made by the higher management. The UEFA has strict rules about the FFP and the management of Milan decided to not listen.

    This means, the management failed!!!!! FASSOBELLI FAILED!!!!!

    In, let’s say, normal companies this management would be sacked immediately. So, FASSOBELLI, FIX THESE FUCKING PROBLEMS AND MAKE SURE YOU GET THE RIGHT PLAYERS THIS YEAR.!!!!!

  27. You don’t understand how Vulture funds work. They thrive on lending out to desperate companies. A win win for them.

    • Sounds like you do understand it quite well. Ugly? Yes. Immoral? For sure. Illegal? No. That’s capitalism at its best, and it’s not pretty… On the other hand, Li knew the risks, so can’t blame just the ugly americans for taking advantage of a dumb entrepreneur.

  28. I’m glad I’m not the only one with concerns. I think so many people were desperate for literally ANYONE to buy the club and spend some money, they were willing to overlook some serious problems. You can only punt these financial issues into the long grass so many times before they need resolving.

  29. People need to relax cause milan the club will be fine no matter what happens. In this case the only person who will lose anything is mr lee not the club. Elliott gets the club in the worst case scenario and they will resell to a rich well known company. What I’m saying is if you don’t trust lee than relax and wait for elliot to take over otherwise sit back and watch our owner who has yet to fail the club continue to fun it better than Berlusconi did in his last years.

  30. There are reports again that American billionare Ross Stephens, owner of NFL Miami Dolphins is interested in acquiring Milan from Elliott. Dude is heavy for around 12 billion dollars. This is the second time the rumours came out about his interest and no one denied it yet

      • Couple problems with that. First the guy is 78 years old and although age doesnt matter i want somebody in it for the long run who with put their passion into it. Secondly, the miami dolphins suck. Lol all kidding aside he’s filthy rich and if he can actually give us the finances to become great again eith great management jm all for it. Leta see where this yonghong li thing goes first cause so far he has kept his promises and has met all dates. Uefa in my opinion are being a bunch of idiots. But unfortunately we will have to wait and see

    • I live in America but not really a fan of the NFL.

      But what I do know is that the Miami dolphins have been complete shit for many years from a sporting perspective. Not sure if that is relevant or not when it comes to us as I know American sports tend to function differently than real football. I have no idea if he runs the team well in other departments.

      Matteo Bonetti from bein sports lives in Miami and is a dolphins fan. I’d be curious to hear his opinion on him as an owner.

      We should be careful jumping the gun on who takes over like most people did with the Chinese. Nobody cared who kicked berlusconi out, they just wanted change. And look where that got us so far.

      Although I did hear that Ross would be backed by Goldman Sachs which is huge.

  31. Seems UEFA told Milan board, they might reduce punishment if Li steps down or board removes him from position. What’s your opinion?

    • That’s not going to happend
      He’s the owner of the club how will he step down after buying it . This is all buslesconi’s fault , he became cheap he didn’t like to invest money anymore into the club so he slowly destroyed this club year after year he destoyed everything he built . And now our new owner is a broke fraud that took a gamble on this club . I’m 90% sure they will sell almost all of our players to pay the debt’s to elliot , donnaruma will leave suso ‘ bonnaventura’ bonnuci ‘ romagnoli ‘ silva ‘ and milan will mostly recief a transfer ban , so that’s that .

  32. Inter managed to get DeVrij and Asamoah for free and now we are talking about FFP because our SD mismanaged 200 million f’cking euro! I can’t believe Inter teaching us how to make the most in transfer market with little money because as I know, for a long time, they are shittiest team in Serie A in regards of doing transfers! I said enough with Mirabelli, he has another agenda, and I believe that’s not for Milan sake.



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