Mirabelli: “We have clear ideas for the mercato – a midfielder, a winger and a great striker, no offers received for Donnarumma, Cutrone definitely stays”

Massimiliano Mirabelli before Milan-Napoli at Stadio San Siro on April 14, 2018. (@acmilan.com)
Massimiliano Mirabelli before Milan-Napoli at Stadio San Siro on April 14, 2018. (@acmilan.com)

Massimiliano Mirabelli has announced Milan will look to sign a midfielder, a winger and a ‘great’ striker in the summer mercato and reiterated that Gianluigi Donnarumma’s suitors would have to make an adequate offer.

Gennaro Gattuso and his boys finished their part for this season, and now the focus goes back to Director of Sport Massimiliano Mirabelli who will be in charge of Milan’s summer transfer market.

Last year, Mirabelli made 11 signings and some of them turned out to be less impressive than expected, to say the least. This time the strategy is different, though, and Milan will try to get just a few players to raise the level.

“Yesterday’s match? Many thought that it was an easy match but the boys were good at overcoming Fiorentina,” Mirabelli said today as he was a guest on the MilanTV studios. The season? It’s strange to think that Milan celebrated a sixth place, but for us it was fundamental.

Milan players thanking the fans at the end of Milan-Fiorentina at Stadio San Siro on May 20, 2018. (@acmilan.com)
Milan players thanking the fans at the end of Milan-Fiorentina at Stadio San Siro on May 20, 2018. (@acmilan.com)

“We had clear ideas about what we wanted to do last summer, we made some very specific choices and Milan is now the youngest team in Italy. We wanted to build a foundation, now we know we have to do other things. We must get the right men to aspire to other objectives.

“Gattuso? He and we have a great responsibility. He had to take over a difficult situation, but he reached the final of the Coppa and made a good journey in Europe. Rino has done an extraordinary job, he had a point-average of a Champions League side in the league, this must be a starting point.

Gennaro Gattuso during Milan-Fiorentina at Stadio San Siro on May 20, 2018. (Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images)
Gennaro Gattuso during Milan-Fiorentina at Stadio San Siro on May 20, 2018. (Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images)

“The mercato? We have clear ideas of the areas in which to intervene: a midfielder, a winger and a great striker. We have to raise the quality of the team, last year we focused on a lot of young players. Çalhanoğlu hadn’t played for several months, he didn’t arrive in top form. Conti will be our first purchase of the new season [Andrea missed this entire season through injuries]. We also had to renew some contracts to reinforce the assets of Milan, we think we have created a good base.

“Donnarumma’s price? I don’t think this is the suitable place to talk about figures, we haven’t received any offers for Gigio and he hasn’t told us that he wants to leave. He’s an important asset for us, we renewed his contract a year ago. We want to keep him for a long time. He’s an important player for us. If he was to come and tell us he wanted out, a club must supply an offer adequate to our requests.

“The market in attack? Cutrone definitely stays. Gattuso will decide whether we start again from a 4-3-3. After that, there will be some tweaks. Bacca will return, we plan to change two strikers, so we can bring in an important one. We cannot make gambles, we need certainties. Milan invested a lot last summer, we couldn’t do everything in one transfer window. Now we have a base and we just have to make small adjustments. The number of players [we sign] depends on what UEFA will decide.

Gianluigi Donnarumma and Patrick Cutrone before Milan-Fiorentina at Stadio San Siro on May 20, 2018. (@acmilan.com)
Gianluigi Donnarumma and Patrick Cutrone before Milan-Fiorentina at Stadio San Siro on May 20, 2018. (@acmilan.com)

“The prices of players? It’s a drugged market, just look at the prices of some players, which are absurd. Romagnoli is one of the best central defenders in the world, if €80m was paid for Van Dijk, then how much can Alessio be worth…? The central defense? I don’t think we will intervene on this department. When we were missing Romagnoli and Bonucci, then Zapata and Musacchio did very well against Napoli. If we don’t get special requests from players, then we’ll not make movements.

“The midfield? No player who doesn’t have the approval of the coach will arrive. We have to take a player who is a bit between Kessié and Bonaventura. The new signings? The transfer market closes on August 17, we would like to give the new reinforcements to Gattuso as soon as possible. The get-together will be on July 9th, we want to give the new team to Gattuso as soon as possible.

Hakan Çalhanoğlu and Franck Kessié celebrating during Milan-Hellas Verona at Stadio San Siro on May 5, 2018. (@acmilan.com)
Hakan Çalhanoğlu and Franck Kessié celebrating during Milan-Hellas Verona at Stadio San Siro on May 5, 2018. (@acmilan.com)

“The group? It was necessary to go back to having an important dressing room made up of great men before they are big players. Çalhanoğlu [who turned into a crucial player]? He has played several roles in his career; his main role is the trequartista, but he can do a lot of roles. Gattuso must have more options available, this year he couldn’t try some things because he didn’t have time.

“The fans? The warmth of the fans has been extraordinary, even if we didn’t give them great satisfaction. I was struck by how much the fans are close to the team, having this support is our strong point, they’ve always supported us. I don’t know how many teams have this strength.

“The Primavera? We have a group of good players. Emanuele Torrasi made his debut yesterday with the first team, it wasn’t a lucky season for him [he tore his ACL last summer after being named the captain of the Primavera, which was then coached by Gattuso], we believe in our young players.

Massimiliano Mirabelli talking to MilanTV. (@acmilan.com)
Massimiliano Mirabelli talking to MilanTV. (@acmilan.com)

“The introduction of second teams in Italy? We are ready, we are already working for when this will be officialized. If the second teams are confirmed then we’ll change the strategy for the Primavera, we want to bring more players from the Youth Sector to the First Team. We’ll see what happens.

“Starting from Lega Pro? I think this is right. Finally, they are doing something concrete for Italian football, even if there are many other things to do. In Italy there are some undiscovered roles, like for example left-backs. I’d put on the second teams the obligation to have a certain number of players from Italy, in this way the Italian national team will also benefit.”

It’s not entirely clear what the budget of Mirabelli will be in the summer. The Rossoneri have already been linked with a host of players from Memphis Depay to Marouane Fellaini and Ciro Immobile.


  1. @Milanista121
    In case you missed my reply in the match article,

    “As far as I know, Torassi is one of the non-flashy type midfielder.
    He won’t do much, but he can keep up the tempo and set a tone to the passing.
    So, recycling possession, and keeping the ball moving is what Torrasi is great at.
    He can be good, but I don’t think he is the greatest midfield prospect ever.
    If I have to compare with Loca, I would rate Loca as 10, and Torrasi as 7.
    But deffo he is a good prospect.
    But we have to keep in mind that Zanellato was as good as Torrasi and he has been sold.”

    Good day!

    • Awesome mate!! so kind of like a busquets? Busquets isn’t the flashiest player, but he does his thing on a class level.
      Would be interesting to see if he can get more playing time. Any idea what happened with Gabbia? And I wonder where he plays really, as a cm/cdm or cb…??

      • He have good shot for goals..
        He is more of a cm mold..
        I have Seen some videos of him..he can hustle..pass and shoot

      • Yes kind of like Busquets.
        I think Gabbia got injured a bit in the end of the season. He is very versatile really and can play wherever you need him lol. Like Cutrone, he will even try to be a goalkeeper or striker if you need haha.
        But imo, Gabbia looks better in def mid role. But with his height, he is easily a very good cb as well!
        So, think Kucka — def mid Kucka, cm Kucka, rb Kucka, and even a cb Kucka 😉

  2. Bacca staying, sounds interesting! We’ll see what Rino thinks of it though. Would be nice if he returns and stays. Bacca, Cutro and then mr X whoever it is, otherwise it’ll be interesting if Andre Silva has a nice WC, then either he’ll get his confidence back for when he returns, or we can sell him for a nice sum.

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  4. A player of Kessie and Bonaventura characheristics? Well according to reports Gattuso likes Veretout of Fiorentina

    Dunno about 433, the system they played against Fiorentina was clicking, somekind of 433 converting into 4312 when Hakan drifted in inside the central position and Cutrone inside the box. Which means they would need wingers who can play up front and playmakers who can drift out wide?


    but we will have to buy other CF… could be Falcao or Imobille

    for the winger: Depay at all cost… or then Felipe Anderson!!!

    for midfield could be Nainggolan! and then some backups if needed!

    Where are all the kebab’s haters? best Milan player this season and not even 100%!!!

  6. Abate, Antonelli, Gomez, Gabriel, Bertolacci, Mauri, Niang, and Lapadula should be sold without a doubt. 45M should be received from these transactions. Just enough for a good CM. We also need LB and Strinic isn;t a good signing in my opinion, hope it was just a rumor. Does anyone know whether Kalinic and Borini are mandatory buys? As imo we should just leave them be.

    • Yep we are obligated to buy Borini and Kalanic so they will arrive, But Im pretty sure Kalanic will leave anyway. Since both our directors have came out and said we will sign a great striker, and bacca returning, there are no space for him

  7. Its a shame about Silva really, i liked his style of play but i suppose a mixture of lack of opportunities and not really seizing the ones he was given sealed his fate, although Bacca coming back is a good thing, never really agreed with loaning him out (much better than Kalinic), though Montella’s presence did not make it possible for him to stay.
    Donna is a mixed bag, I dont doubt his talent, easily the best at his age, but the relationship with the fans and Raiola as his agent will always be a cloud over our heads. Here is to hoping that whomever we sell we get the best price possible for them, and the buys in return are a definite increase in quality to the ones available. Really curious as to whom the ‘Great’ striker will be.

  8. yes if u want do better and rich uefa chmpions league you must buy good players like of m.depay as a lw,imobile as a fw,fekir as a atm,forsberg as a atm!!.

  9. If milan can get immobile and depay it would be awesome , but milan should try to get martial he wants to leave manchester united he would be realy good for us because he can play as a winger and a striker and he’s very fast . And fekir is realy good to , so there are very good players that milan can sign , but im sceptic about it because we hear every transfer window that we will get the players that we like to play for the rossoneri ‘ but it’s allways ends in failure they ussualy end up geting the players we dont like . I hope that this time we will get the players we want .

  10. As much as i would have love for Andrea Silver to stay in Milan with hope he can find his confidence back after the world cup… But if Milan will do without him i would prepare he should be loan or sell with obligation to buy back for same price… i feel he have a lot to give to football and will be a proven striker with good scoring record … Each time i look at him i see Pato..

  11. Anybody watch the pirlo match… All those legends today breaks my heart. 90% played for milan… I would still bring some back. Inzaghi scored a hattrick. Sheva a couple Seedorf with a lovely header. Pato too scored some awesome ones

  12. If cutrone was gioven chance to start from the beginning in every match he would have scored > 20 goals this season but unfortunately he didn’t get his chance n Milan suffered lack of scoring……..Bring M.Depey, Falcao/ Immobile, Naingolan,Ndombele and a LB( back up for RR)……….. I m not interested in Felleni if his asking salary is 10 million( its crazy for a 30+yrs old player)…… if it is around 5 million then its ok by the price of his experience with big clubs.
    …… what do u think dear mets. ……… Forza Milan

  13. Max Meyer for free as our new Pirlo
    Chiesa, Depay, Keita or Martial as our new winger (big money signing)
    I actually think Marko Arnautovic from West Ham would be savage in Serie A and cheap.
    I’d like to see someone like Daley Blind come in. Can play LB, CB, CM, DM. Cover for Biglia and RR.

    Bacca, Kalanic, Montolivo out.

    • I agree with Marko Arnautovic but Blind, he is very versatile and can cover various position being a utility player but he is just an injury prone ….

      • That is true. We wouldn’t have to rely too much on him though, and he is certainly better than bringing in Fellaini!

        If at all possible, I think holding on to Silva for another year is worth a shot.

        To me this squad is reasonable under FFP restraints

        Attack; Chiesa, Suso, Cutrone, Silva, Arnautovic, Borini
        Midfield; Biglia, Meyer, Kessie, Blind, Locatelli, Bonaventura, Calhanoglu, Zanelatto
        Defence; Conti, Calabria, Bonucci, Roma, Musacchio, Gomez, Rodriguez, Strinic
        Goalkeepers; Donnarumma, Reina, Plizzarri

  14. Would never sign the inconsistent and moody Arnautovic who has around five games of really high level and the rest are pretty low/average.

    • I can’t understand the decision to spend crazy money on a striker though, well not the ones we’re linked to at least.

      Belotti, Immobile and Morata are all great strikers but they all need good service or they’re ineffective. We have Cutrone and even Bacca if we need that type of striker.

      Finishing off chances clearly isn’t our problem though, it’s creating them. That’s why I’d go for someone with a bit more about their game, and focus on talent for the left wing and a regista!

  15. “The season? It’s strange to think that Milan celebrated a sixth place, but for us it was fundamental.” thats because ur loser obelix, and u inject that pathetic mentality into milan.
    “We had clear ideas about what we wanted to do last summer” u most definitely didnt signore fatso, otherwise auba, playmaker (fab/pastore/moutinho) and fast and/or wingers like forsberg, keita balde or draxler (i mentioned him when many milanisti creamed their own pants over kovacic) wouldve arrived last summer mercato. Dortmund were willing to sell but u courted 100m rated one season wonder one dimensional unmodern st beloverated (did i say he’s overrated yet?) AND used the money And no, suso isnt fast winger and playing 4-3-3 with faux winger and slow one is bad idea. Some tried to argue with me on that, theyre funny that way.
    “but he reached the final of the Coppa and made a good journey in Europe.” Yeah and got anally raped (i said arsenal’s better than milan but some blind fanatics wouldnt listen. Well, see how real playmaker could destroy u with 1-2 penetrating through balls? U shouldve seen mike laudrup) Enough of these rookies, do ur job and get conte/sarri hell even ance while theyre still available. Inter got serious coach and sporting director, look where it got them.
    “mercato? We have clear ideas of the areas in which to intervene: a midfielder, a winger and a great striker.” Then why TF didnt u buy auba, pastore and forsberg or at least keep bacca like i told u so fatso? 200m and ONE more point from last season? U gotta be kidding me. Then again, obelix IS always naive yet funny in the comics as well
    “Conti will be our first purchase of the new season” if he talks like galliani, is fat like galliani and is incredibly stupid and clueless during mercato then he MUST BE galliani, right?
    “We cannot make gambles, we need certainties. Milan invested a lot last summer, we couldn’t do everything in one transfer window” then why TF didnt u buy established players like auba, pastore or fab to ensure results would come and let youngsters come from primavera? All u did was precisely try to do everything in one mercato with that 200m circus. Yeah, borini and kalinic belong in circus.
    “Romagnoli is one of the best central defenders in the world, if €80m was paid for Van Dijk, then how much can Alessio be worth…?” is he implying roma is better than ucl winner to be van dijk and therefore should be valued >80m? Roma is a bit below rugani, a juve reserve, at best. Obelix really doesnt know what he’s talking about. I thought only uninformed milanisti would claim such bs like “loca > busquets”, “calabria > conti”, “kalinic > bacca”, and my favorite “donna > buffon”. Goddamn.
    “The midfield? No player who doesn’t have the approval of the coach will arrive.” U mean like kalinic or faster donadoni borivaldo? I think i can easily predict the outcome here, like always.
    “We have to take a player who is a bit between Kessié and Bonaventura.” wtf does this even mean? Between them in terms or age or type of player? What u really need to get is player(s) who can control the game and send penetrating through balls a.k.a playmaker. In other word, player who is not one bit like kessie and/or bona
    “his main role is the trequartista” then why TF didnt milan play him as one? 3/4ista behind 2 st is practically license to print money in serie a. U’d all know if u had footballing brains.
    Milan couldve been scudetto contenders or at least qf for ucl like those garbage inter but u handpicked morontella and his silly favorites kalinic, borini, hell even u almost picked badelj ahead of rafinha and kampl, 2 players i suggested. This season is even more of a failure than last 4 seasons of berlu – galli considering there’s 200m transfer fund in ur hand. Dont u dare celebrate 6th position u goddamn jabba the hutt. Admit the defeat like a man and step aside. Maldini ftw

  16. So we’ve met with moratas agent and he wants to return to italy. I would take him he is awesome. Timo werner name has been going around too imaginr getting both of them omg ….werner is a future star! Max meyer for midfield too. I likr all these names we’re linked to but we need to take action. If we got all 3 of those players that alone we have a huge improvement in attack. Just hope plan b zaza doesnt show up.

    Morata had a rough time at chelsea but we can’t deny his quality. Werner has the world ahead of him and max meyer i think is a free agent so if we could get him that would be awesome.

    People praised fasobelli last year for buying these players and then when things didnt go right bashed them for buying the same players. Obviously some players brought in i dont agree with but they brought in a base of young talented players. We have one of the youngest teams in europe and now this summer is to fill in the holes. This year is where i will judge them. They obviously have a lot less work to do but way more important. The very few players they bring in this year will have to take this team to the next level and they have to do it wisely. I like what i hear so far that we need a couple midfielders and attack. Quality players in both those departments will bring us to challenge for champions league. We broke ground last year and now its time for development .

    • This mercato will make or break their future as well as ours. I hope they will get us real quality players. Think I’d rather get Immobile than Morata. Werner however is a different story, he is fast and can score goals!

    • I bashed Fasobelli’s transfer strategy since the day they started making transfer strategy for Milan, and I have stood by that, and still stand by that.
      They need to do some good work this mercato if they want to redeem themselves, but this time without much money.
      So yeah, watch out for my reactions to our summer transfer to get an idea about how things might go next season!

      (Ink is awesome)

  17. As per Today’s news: Milan should please forget about Morata and focus on Immobile.
    If we truly want to do well next season then we should get quality players. Morata wasted most of our time next year and even Dona saga too took most of the precious time which led to signing of Kalinic because there was no value time available
    We need experience players with strong heart who are fearless because most of the matches we lost And drew last season were due to these above factors
    In my own opinion we should look at the reasons behind our losing to Sampdoria Lazio Benevento Juventus after 1-1 scoring and the changing Juventus did which weakened our players and other factors. I still remember We drew against Udinese just because we couldn’t handle the pressure after we scored at away
    We should identify these factors which are forces to our dropping points where others above us collected points
    Another important factor I realize is Kc, if he was not self fish in always wanting to score by shooting off the target instead of passing to the freest team mates who could have scored easily
    I want us to have extra players who can handle the pressure when we are leading and continue to attack
    Finally our strikers are good but playing a lone striker against world class defenders is just not it. We should use 2 strikers to limit the opponent defenders going forward to support their midfielders which is one of the reasons our midfield collapse
    I wish everybody success and if Dona wants to go pls let him go
    I love Crotone goal keeper and others who will show commitment and loyalty to us
    Forza milan

  18. UEFA have formally rejected Milan’s Financial Fair Play settlement agreement, so there will be a disciplinary hearing in June.

    This decision had been in the air for some time, but this evening UEFA turned down the proposal to settle their FFP issues.
    Sadden ::::::::;;
    It means Milan and their books will now be analysed in depth, a hearing held in June and potentially serious repercussions for the club.

    It’s possible they will block the transfer activity, give a hefty fine and potentially even exclude them from the Europa League.

    If Milan are excluded from the Europa League group stage, then Atalanta could be bumped up to take their place, with Fiorentina entering the preliminary rounds.

  19. Milan10,I can see dat u are blind in the brain!!!not only the eyes goes blind,d brain too can be blank in thinking!!!you mentioning conte and sarri,did you think about d kind of high caliber of players dey possessed?give dat to gattuso and let see what he can do with it. And mind you,gattuso came in half season

  20. Good news :
    2 Russian clubs interesting in Kalinic, and Napoli want Suso to join in.

    Suggestion :
    Use the money to sign either Nabil Fekhir from Lyon or Hakim Ziyech from Ajax.
    Hope Deschamps will put Fekhir as starting XI in World Cup.
    Ziyech is a key player of Morocco in WC.
    As for Musacchio and Silva, i feel sorry for them. Gattuso needs to give more playing time for them. They have qualities.
    Musa as a DM would be awesome, just like Dessailly.
    Silva as a 2nd striker would be good. The rotation upfront would be between 4 players : calha-bacca-cutrone-silva.
    Borini is a must buy player, cheap and all rounder player.



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