Mirabelli: “We need to defend sixth place, we hope to start a cycle with Gattuso, the future of Donnarumma…”

Massimiliano Mirabelli during Milan-Hellas Verona at Stadio San Siro on May 5, 2018. (@acmilan.com)
Massimiliano Mirabelli during Milan-Hellas Verona at Stadio San Siro on May 5, 2018. (@acmilan.com)

Massimiliano Mirabelli opened the door to the sale of Gianluigi Donnarumma and said Italian football is unable to attract big stars, so Milan must have a difference strategy in the market.

Milan failed to secure sixth place last night as they conceded a goal in the 92′ minute against Atalanta and returned from Stadio Atleti Azzurri d’Italia with just a single point, meaning everything will be decided against Fiorentina next week.

Many fans believed that Atalanta’s goal could and should’ve been stopped by Gianluigi Donnarumma, and while Gennaro Gattuso defended his goalkeeper, director of sport Massimiliano Mirabelli simply refused to rule out a possible sale.

“The future of Donnarumma? We must protect Donnarumma and we’ll protect him to the end,” Mirabelli told Premium Sport at the end of the match. “After that, as with all the other players, we’ll see what happens. He’s certainly our heritage and it’s difficult that we would deprive ourselves [of him] unless of course someone evaluates our goalkeeper like he should be evaluated.

“If an important offer arrived, would Milan think about a possible sale of Donnarumma? This applies to Donnarumma as well as to everyone else. There are much more important sides [financially] and we have to choose other ways. We do not delude ourselves that we’d be able to go back to the time when Calcio attracted many champions. We’ll never attract them, that’d be very difficult.”

Gianluigi Donnarumma at the end of Atalanta-Milan at Stadio Atleti Azzurri d'Italia on May 13, 2018.  (@acmilan.com)
Gianluigi Donnarumma at the end of Atalanta-Milan at Stadio Atleti Azzurri d’Italia on May 13, 2018. (@acmilan.com)

Speaking to Sky Italia, Mirabelli said: “It was not easy to take on Atalanta, as they’ve been causing everyone problems, and we played in the Coppa Italia final on Wednesday. The team put in a great performance, one worthy of Milan, even if we honestly should’ve won.

“Donnarumma? We tried to protect the boy who had some problems in the final and he will make more mistakes, because he is young. He is our heritage, we reassured him, we are trying to look ahead, the future is all his. Kalinić? He comes off a particular season [the Croatian scored just five goals in this campaign], he had a great game. He arrived in an unsuitable [physical] condition after the pre-season had finished, it wasn’t a lucky year but he’s a forward of great respect.

Andrea Masiello scoring during Atalanta-Milan at Stadio Atleti Azzurri d'Italia on May 13, 2018.  (@acmilan.com)
Andrea Masiello scoring during Atalanta-Milan at Stadio Atleti Azzurri d’Italia on May 13, 2018. (@acmilan.com)

“The mercato [Milan are expected to sign 3-4 players but it’s unclear what the budget is]? We have quite clear ideas, we had a special strategy last summer, trying to sign as many players as possible to open up a new era. We are a young squad and the Milan jersey is a heavy one to carry. We had some ups and downs, we added Bonucci and Biglia in there to make this group grow. But this group will give the fans the kind of satisfaction that for various reasons we were unable to this year.

“However, we must all forget about the beautiful story that was the Milan winning seven European Cups. You must not forget that in the past there was another Calcio. We [Italian clubs] no longer have the ability to bring many champions due to the entry of Arabs in football. We are no longer the country that so many champions dreamt of. I’m not only talking about Milan but about the whole of Italian football. We must choose other roads, going after potential champions.”

Gennaro Gattuso during Atalanta-Milan at Stadio Atleti Azzurri d'Italia on May 13, 2018.  (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
Gennaro Gattuso during Atalanta-Milan at Stadio Atleti Azzurri d’Italia on May 13, 2018. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

Mirabelli also had an interview with MilanTV: “This was a tough match and we faced one of the most in-form teams in Serie A. We dominated Atalanta and I would like to congratulate both coach Gattuso and the boys. We secured the qualification to the Europa League, but we need to defend the 6th place. We have one last battle. Our fans have always responded greatly, they know Milan-Fiorentina is a very important match. We have to be all united on Sunday to seal the 6th place.

“The reaction after the final? The players responded brilliantly, it was tough from a physical and psychological standpoint. Donnarumma? He had some issues during the Coppa final, but he is very valuable to us and we must protect him. Kalinić? He has not had an easy year, but he gave a great performance. I hope people don’t whistle him at San Siro. Our fans have to whistle our opponents.

Massimiliano Mirabelli before Juventus-Milan at the Juventus Stadium on March 31, 2018. (@acmilan.com)
Massimiliano Mirabelli before Juventus-Milan at the Juventus Stadium on March 31, 2018. (@acmilan.com)

“Gattuso? Rino’s work receives appreciation and not only here. He is a heritage of world football. Rino had little time to intervene and yet he managed to give an identity to the team and become a leader among the boys. He is a great coach and we hope to start a cycle with him.

“It will be different once he starts the season as our coach.” Should Milan fail to finish 6th, they would start the season very early and play a Europa League preliminary game already in July.


  1. So, Milan, how are you going to strengthen your team while you have a lot of debt and not going into the UCL?

    • 200 million dept is nothing! Real have over 1 billion xD as long as the club creates revenue it will be able to invest like any other company by going through the bank like all the big clubs do. They dont spend their own money, They use the bank, then pay the bank back later when the revenue comes in. And they can keep doing this endlessly as long as they create revenue and can be trusted by the banks.

      dont forget that we have some pre arranged deals for players such as Niang Berto and Lapedula. 30 mill from this 3 is secured.
      Bacca is coming back if not they have a option to buy for 17 mill. I’ll be happy if he comes back but wont mind cashing in.
      Nikola 15+ mill
      5 players 60 mill

      There is also a chance for Andre Silva to leave 30+ mill

      we almos racked up 100 millon now. And still more deadwood.
      Montolivo Abate and Antonelli is probably hopefully stepping down and freeing some of the wage bill

      We also need to find solutions for players such as Jose Mauri Gustavo Gomez and Vergara. Not worth much but still possible to use in swap deals etc.

      we also have big interest for Suso, Donna and Bonaventura. From teams such as Juventus, PSG, Real, Liverpool and Man UTD.
      Bona 20+
      Suso 30+
      Donna 50+

      We have alot of options if we have to sell. But we dont have to sell this 3 players to be able to invest. Because we have not emptied the 300 million investment package we got last season. We spent Sum: 194,00 Mill. € and we sold for Sum: 35,40 Mill. €. In total we have spent 155M on players last season. Im still optimistic we can make a good transfer window if we plan correctly this time around.

      • Madrid and man utd have debts but its productive debts because they both have ability to rack up revenues.
        Those 2 are some of the biggest brands of sport and even them have difficulties paying back their debts in full. Milan arent big brand, not anymore at least. Hell, its hard to even buy milan merchandise in some countries. And milan dont owe money to banks.
        Big big difference

        • yes they create alot more revenue, which is why they have alot more dept aswell.

          No its not. You need to separated the dept of our owner and the dept of the club. and we have tiny amount of dept compared to this huge brands so I guess my point is still valid. Lets make a comparison that is easier to rap its head around. Inter have 600m in dept. Thats more then twice our dept.

          • Yes ur argument is still valid but the thing about debt is, its ok to have it to improve ur revenue-generating ability IF Those revenues, which then translate into net profit surpass the amount if said debt, hence good current ratio and quick ratio. There’s also deadline/due date to be considered. I dont know when inter have to pay their debt but milan have to pay elliott in less than 2,5 yrs. How can milan generate enough revenue to meet the deadline when they cant even meet ffp regulation?
            Regarding owners/clubs debt, i can only say 2 words: man utd. The glazers have made man utd their cash cow to pay for its own take over cost for more than a decade. And even great brand like man utd still havent finished paying. Glazers can do it because theyre majority shareholders. When the going gets tough soon enough u can bet ur ass li brothers will do exact same thing to milan

          • I understand what you are saying. But listen for one sec. Yonghong Li loaned money from Elliot then injected it in to the club. He have to pay back in 2.5 years or HE personally will be hurt by it, NOT the club. the economy of the club will still be the same. Our loans are with the banks. And Yonghong Li loans are with elliot. get it?

            We will have to wait and see after this calendar year to see the improvements in revenue as they have been so proud of(Fossone).. But we wont know before the end of the season when we can see it our self.

          • GLAZERS FAMILY owed money to their creditors for financing MAN UTD take over but turned out GLAZERS didnt have money to pay the creditors back in full. So, what did they do? GLAZERS actually made MAN UTD paid the debt for them in installments. GLAZERS could do it because technically MAN UTD is their asset, they own MAN UTD, like u own ur assets (house, gold etc). So yeah, GLAZERS debt IS MAN UTD debt because they own the club.
            Now, li brothers, they didnt even have enough money to buy milan so they had to ask elliott, a vulture fund/loan shark, to help them financing the take over. In february there were news regarding yonghong li declaring bankruptcy. It might be fake news but if u r li, with net worth of “only” 500m euro, would u pay elliott with 60% of ur net worth or would u pull a glazer or pull a madrid that sold its asset to pay its debt during flo perez’s first tenure? There are even news claiming elliott themselves have appointed ceo and sporting director for milan should they take full control. What does that tell u? Its clear that li used milan as collateral for the take over and li’s debt will be milan’s when/if li defaults on their debt

          • This story is quite different, they have been very clear about what will happen if Mr cant pay back, and that is Elliot will take over. If they do they will enrich the club so they can gain the most profit from reselling it.

          • Yes and no.
            Yes its different because man utd have great cash generating ability thanks to their sound business model while milan are not.
            No in the sense that both club are their owners’ cash cows. Li will surely give milan away if/when he defaults on his debt hence li’s debt will be milan’s debt or more accurately milan’s problem so u cant separate li’s debt with milan’s if milan end up suffering collateral damage from li’s debt time bomb. In short, yes li’s debt is milan’s debt/problem

      • Bertolacci and Bacca are on dry loans, no fixed future fees. Niang and Lapadula are arranged in combined sum of around 20 millions

        Don’t forget Milan only loaned Kessie, Borini and Kalinić for a combined fee of 60 millions.

        • Ah though Berto was obligated to go too, im pretty sure he have a fixed sum in his loan deal, they are just not obligated to buy him for that fixed sum. Lets hope they invest in him.

          yep, we have to do so yes. we dont have to pay for Kessie before 2020 tho, two year loan deal. 25 for Kalanic and 7 for Borini if i remember correctly?. that should not be a problem.

          • Bacca also have a fixed sum. 17 mill. They are just not obligated. But they can trigger the clause if they want.

  2. “unless of course someone evaluates our goalkeeper like he should be evaluated.” Lol, obelix cant even make up his own mind. Last summer mercato he took donna contract rejection way too personally like little girl who just got rejected. Now he wants to sell him. He shouldve listened to advice from ur friendly neighbour spiderm****10 and just sold this rotten own goal prone apple that very mercato.
    “The team put in a great performance, one worthy of Milan, even if we honestly should’ve won.” Text book denial phase. Depression soon follow
    “Kalinic had a great game. He arrived in an unsuitable [physical] condition after the pre-season had finished, it wasn’t a lucky year but he’s a forward of great respect.” San marco played through chronic debilitating injuries all his career so stfu. Just admit u and morontella’s grande mistake. Bacca shouldve stayed, auba shouldve come, just like batm****10 suggested.
    “You must not forget that in the past there was another Calcio.” er, juve are ucl final regulars. Roma were 1-2 goals away from ucl final so no, dont blameshift ur own incompetencies.
    Man this guy doesnt know what he’s talking about

    • Yep this guy needs to go, not ready for the sporting director job. Should go back to be a scout where he dont have this kind of responsibilitys. its strange that our CEO desides to take a chance on a rookie coach and director of sport in a brand new project. Some experience would have helped alot for sure.

      • The most damning thing about fassobelli is that, their mistakes are schoolboy mistakes only the uninitiated would make.
        Keeping morontella, not buying players according to milan system (playmaker, wingers), appointing yet another rookie in rino, targetting players aimlessly yet ended up buying useless garbage like kalinic and borini, not selling cancer in locker room maradonna when his price was still high, sending away worthy players like kucka and bacca, i could go on and on. Those mistakes are easily avoidable if they have clear vision and footballing intelligence

        • @Milan10..i totally agree. You can add not signing Deulofeu after a good 6mos loan spell is pretty bizzare since we were playing better with Suso and Deulofeu on the wings.

          • Correctamundo mate. Deulofeu would be great because if he’s so selfish but at least he’s true winger with great winger’s traits like great dribbling, speed, stamina and goalscoring prowess. morontella shouldve gone all out on him instead of hopeless borivaldo. Very bad decision

          • Yup, and even easier to say before the disaster happens, if one has footballing common sense.
            U mathijs my mate of all people must know i already said those things: fire morontella, just because milan won vs disintegrated bayern in pre season didnt mean 4-3-3 worked, sell donna the sinner to club dumb enough to pay asap, kalinic’s poor man’s van nistelrooy with bad link up play, borini’s garbage, dont sell bacca, buy auba, buy playmaker/playmaking cm like pastore or fab, get proper experienced coach like klopp, sarri or conte, this was not 10/10 mercato, hell i even said roma mgmt’s Better than milan’s BEFORE the season started. Its all on this blog unless mr meytar deleted my comments.
            So yeah, if the x files tagline is “the truth is out there” then milan10 tagline should be “THE TRUTH. IS. HERE”

    • LMAO, last season he would have gone for absolutely nothing because if his contract expired he would walk.

      I hope you appreciate that? I don’t even get how you don’t even understand something as basic as that.

      • Riki my mate, normally u’d be roasted like american grill for missing basic detail while talking about contract expiration basic but u happen to pull this crap on nice guy like me and i really dont want u to end up in suicide forest near mount fuji so i’ll just write down important detail for u: june 30th 2018. Please go and search what it means on google.

  3. And Lets Judge The Transfer Market Of Today, These So Called Big Clubs Are Making It Increasingly Uneasy For Average Teams To Grow. 200million These Days Can Be Spent On One Player Making It Very Expensive To Get A Good Player, But Idealy A Players Talent Is Not Measured By How Much He Is Bought. I Simply Urge Milan Now To Invest On Super Talent Fishing Scouts And Fetch Us Potential Stars From Accross The Globe Because We Honestly Can’t Compete In Todays Transfer Market, At Least Not At This Time

    • And with status Milan has nowadays, they’ll just be forced to sell this supertalent to superior club in some time

  4. Just fire him already. This year’s failure is mostly on him, and there are plenty of adequate replacements available.

  5. Miranelli’s pathetic excuse,”Italy no more attracts champions”…Wow,this man is so clueless…I now understand why I keep on seeing Milan linked with grade “F” players all the time…He will destroy this prestigious club if not FIRED!

  6. “However, we must all forget about the beautiful story that was the Milan winning seven European Cups”
    I’ll just leave that there
    If ever there was a defeatist attitude then surly that very quote sums him up
    How dare he say something like that as if to erase everything Milan achieved
    To the best of my knowledge there’s no Arab money involved with Madrid, Barcelona, Munich, Manchester United, Liverpool and so on, what they do have is a very well run club with world class manager’s, what we have is the total opposite

    • Different revenue model in la Liga, where top 3 swallow up all the tv money.

      Also Liverpool are a bit like Inter, a yo-yo club who’ll win the UCL once and then disappear for another 10 years.

      And the secret to Man Utd’s success was youth and continuity. Ferguson took 5 years to mould a successful team

    • Yep, that’s because he’s a Nerazzurri. They are not accustom to winning. No real Rossoneri would have ever made those looser comments.

      Really hope we get rid of that scum bag Mirabelli! 200m and we havent made any progress on the Serie A table. Smh

      He is sabotaging Milan. His project was an epic failure. Disgusting!

      • Mirabelli is a small thinker. He lacks ambition. We’re still the same AC Milan that won so many cups. How can he invest so much money, if our goal is not to return to being one of the best teams in the world.

  7. You guys are so spot on today. If we fans can have a good depth of the round leather game then I wonder why people like mirabelli and co are so inept and yet they take in good salaries. Imagine that fucker telling us to forget our European trophies or he thinks this is Inter or even Juve. He’s saying in essence that we should be grateful if Milan qualifies for the europa league year in year out. The whole fucking management has failed terribly this season let’s see what they do in the coming season. I hope Gennaro fucking Gattuso also learns from his mistakes.

    • He doesn’t even admire our success. With the success that we have, he should be eager to return the team to winning big trophies again not just participate in UCL

    • 20 years or more maybe . They make every season the same mistakes …rookie coach and they get useless players that none of the big clubs want , to be honest i don’t see milan winning the scudeto in 10 years so how wil they ever win the champions leaugue again .

    • With the current management (Li included) you can’t just trust people who are not used to this type of success with such a project and hope that they will bring success. What stopped them from being successful in their former jobs(clubs)? The Li brothers should have tried to bring at least Braida or even look at some of the sporting directors who are successful e g Sabatini (who can sign good players) and at least one club legend who will show them the ropes of how things were done on the sporting side and on the business side, a CEO who has vision for the club. Not just mister press-conference.

      • yes, Sabatini give inter Milan Skriniar and now they have 3rd best defensive record in Serie A. He also the one who get Manolas, Rudiger, Nainggolan, and co for Roma, as well Cavani and Pastore for Palermo. His eyes for talent is one of the best in Italy, and I’d be happy if he become our sporting director.

        • And also he has experience and can negotiate better wages/transfer fees with clubs, players and agents better than Mass. At least you would be eager to see an unknown player with huge potential from all over the world. Not these washed up players. Mirabelli must go to South America (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia) and get those players who are mostly not expensive like most of those in Europe. There’s also Germany who don’t have over inflated market price for players. Amiri is very good, plays for Hoffeinham, a creative midfielder.

  8. Football is passion
    Vision and a plan according that vision.
    Is what the guys should carry in their balls to make a club running and progressing.
    But if u rip of the soul the pillars of ur club
    And bring fasobelli interistas to help a rookie gattuso.
    Fill their pockets with money.
    Is like giving a loadet gun to a blind psyco.
    Thats the result.
    Im not writing much here.
    My heart beats for all milanistas.
    And again i say.
    Mr li.
    This is not china –
    THIS IS [email protected]

  9. Just read that after the final whistle against Atlanta when players went to our fans to give them there shirts nobody would take Donnarummas! It’s such a sad state of affairs that something like that could happen
    I know he’s created most of it himself but from a human point of view it’s just a sad conclusion that it’s come to that
    There’s really only one outcome and that’s to leave, either that or get rid of his agent and start again
    There’s so much wrong with how Milan is being managed at the moment and I’m not just talking about Gatusso
    Maybe Raiola is right getting the players he represents out of this circus for there own best interests, I’ve read Mirabelli’s interview above several times and it’s just ridiculous, there’s no other senior manager at any big club in the world would say the things he’s just said in private let alone to journalists
    He’s more or less said that Milan and Italian football as a whole are finished and to forget about being successful or having quality players so we should all just happily plod along and just make up the numbers
    If I was a Milan player I’d choke on my breakfast reading that, that’s the man responsible for bringing in players that’s just said he can’t bring in quality ones? I mean think about it? How could you as a player have any hope for next year? Senior players or good players like Bonnuci, Romagnoli, Conti or the younger lads like Calabria, Cutrone, Silva must be wondering what’s going to happen
    Only a year ago these guys came into town saying things like “we’ll take Milan back to the very top of European football” “3 year plans” “massive investment in playing staff” fast forward a year and it’s “forget about past glorys” “we can’t attract top players”
    Well I say FUCK YOU and get out of our club, if you want to talk like that then go take up the rains at Genoa or somewhere, this is Ac Milan and we’re proud to have a 7 champions league badge on our arm, we’re proud to have one star over our emblem representing we’ve won over 10 Scudetto and without you and your defeatist attitude we’ll gain another star by winning 2 more to make it 20
    If Li has any sense just sack this prick

    • I could not have said that better. I was pissed when i read those comments from Mirabelli.

      He probably already knows he’s on his way as soon as Milan finds a good replacement.

    • Very well said Nas. I was angry reading the interview and struggling to find the right words in responding. SMH

    • Well said Nas. We’re Milan. Mirabelli was just a scout. I thought him being a sporting director was gonna bring in a lot of unknown players with massive potential, now we need his scouting skills and we’re linked with Politano, Ki, Strinic and the injury prone Falcao. He should resign along with his friend Fassone.

    • My sad reality to your spot on words.
      Mr. Li is more business mindet.for them mirabelli is the right guy.
      Selling locatelli and cutrone for boletti..even as a thought.they are not in milan to guide and care the foundations of milan.to respect and honour maldinis.not meaning give it all in the hands of a maldini.
      Just feeling berlusconi never loved milan but abused and used to hide his real deals.and he sold to a guy not becouse the guy loves milan and as berlusconi never owned milan out of love.he did of course coose a buyer who helps more his agenda and not milans.
      A while ago there was a great article about the REAL intentions behind chinese owning the two big clubs on the one of the biggest money metropoles in europe.berlusconis birds came to nest.
      ID SAY.

  10. Just read that PSG are ready to offer 30 millions for Donnarumma. I say snub them fools. Double it or take a hike

    • 30 million, smh… like I said in a previous post, i’ll be surprised if we even get 40 mill, and that will be considered a a loss in my view considering todays market climate.

    • Milan couldve gotten twice that amount last summer mercato if only the mgmt had used their brains. Pathetic really

    • Milan value Donnarumma at 70m and Raiola thinks he should be sold for 30m. Big difference between the two which is being reported in the media.

      I am now starting to wonder if Donnarumma’s recent poor display is a deliberate act by him and his agent to lower his market value?

      This may sound bizzare but knowing his dirty agent, i would not put anything pass them. Just a thought!

      • They are pushing for a loss in profit for Milan. Why would he do anything in his power in his power to plummet Donnarumma’s market and on the other side Donnarumma is making rookie mistakes.

      • Im wondering the same to Nick, it became suspicious in this last weeks when we are chasing European football, how is Dona awayes making mistaqes when we need to qulifay for Europe (His price already drop since we didnt qualifay for CL). As some one heare said he is allways deflecting balls low straight in the middle(did this all game long with Atalanta), which is like asking opponents in the box to take a shot on emtty net since his on the ground after the deflection, that is pure amateur goalkeping, and he is certanly not an amateur, very suspicious. Raiola is pushing for a move to PSG, and i just read that PSG after last year spending on Neymar and Mbape could face some sanctions…so they cant spend big this summer maybe thats why Raiola is trying to lower his market value. But if we are smart we can use this, if they cant give money than they can give players, they have good players wasted on the bench like Draxler for example and Pastore or Di Maria. If we get two of this for him its a win situation for us.

  11. PSG have some players we could take in part exchange
    Cavani would be high on my list or Pastore? All the cards are in our favour given he’s only just signed a contract, how I’d love to have Daniel Levy working for us he’d milk every last cent out of it
    Has Reina actually agreed to come does anyone know?
    What happens to Donnarumma senior? Is he going to follow too? Or are we the only club foolish enough to sign him

  12. I think donnarumma is as good as gone. And after this season for the right money let him leave. We bring in reina who has experience and is a guarantee. Confident with both hands and feet. Bring back plizzari and he’ll be learning from a great gk.

  13. When you realise that Galliani’s last proper Mercato he brought Romagnoli(promising CB) Bacca(25-goal scorer), Kucka, Suso and Bertolacci. At least most of those players turned up decent.
    Mirabelli :”We have quite clear ideas, we had a special strategy last summer, trying to sign as many players as possible to open up a new era.”
    He brought mostly quantity not quality. Talent surpasses hard work. Hard work has limits, talent mostly doesn’t if used properly. You can’t expect Kessie to make lots of through balls or build up play. He has limits same applies to Kalinic. He won’t rack up 25 goals a season let alone 20 in all comps.

    • Great! According to the newspaper Libero, Donnarumma has cost Milan 11points this season. With those 11 points we would have been leveled with Lazio on 72points in 4th place. Sigh!

  14. Read the article closely… Bonnuci and Biglia will stay…the rest of the squad if the right offer come..they will sell it for sure. So no guarantee other than those 2.
    And also there will be NO big names coming to Milan.. only potential players will come.. that what Mirabelli wants…cause the arab are wealthier than any other country i guess…so yeah that is the whole story for next campaign…and stop believing one expensive player will come to milan…Forza Milan.

  15. I would love a swap between donna and cavani , because there is to mutch drama around donna , and i think he’s as good as Gone. And then ad a good winger a good midfielder and we are better than now . But hey i’m only dreaming
    Because as we are used to this crap every season we aren’t probably geting cavani for donna .

    • While Bonucci is let’s say our star player I wish for Mussachio to have more important role in this team and United don’t have issue with splashing money on players… You know where I’m going

    • The departure of Bonucci would distabilise our defence. Roma-Bonucci partnership is our foundation of the defence. I hope we won’t sell him.

    • I would accept around 45m. He hasn’t been superb for us and he will be finished in 2 years or at least won’t be at a high level. He doesn’t look like someone who will keep high level at 34. All the best defenders have good physical strength and aggression on one-on-one or marking.. Bonucci is not great in any of these. His main quality is not defensive but ball playing and he’s currently not doing very well in that. He’s brave but not that mentally strong. A leader but too Individually-minded for my approval. Now this doesn’t mean that he’s not useful, he’s the best we have but if we must sell, I think Bonucci will be ideal.

  16. yes, Sabatini give inter Milan Skriniar and now shinter has 3rd best defensive record in Serie A. He also the one who get Manolas, Rudiger, Nainggolan, and co for Roma, as well Cavani and Pastore for Palermo. His eyes for talent is one of the best in Italy, and I’d be happy if he become our sporting director.

  17. Not Cavani, I think De Maria + Draxler duo will be more fruitful in exchange of Donnarumma coz then our problem in wings will completely solved….then exchange Silva with Falkao( who can serve for atleast next 2 season, if we qualify CL next we can buy another striker n use Falkao as 2nd striker)…… then try to bring stronger n hard working midfielders like Feleini, Musa dembele, Kovasic( these three wont cost too much)……. sell Kalinic,Bacca, Bertolacci, Montolivo,Abate,………. if we can get Falkao, De Maria,Draxler,Feleini, Musa Dembele,Kovasic by exchanging Silva n Donna + Cash, it will not exceed more than 80 million, selling the players mentioned above we will get atleast 40/50 million,….. so it will be a very interesting marketing

    • Spot on Zahid, that would be a great transfer to swap Dona for Draxler and Di Maria, or for Draxler and Pastore since we have Suso on one side allready. But if we can get Di Maria then we can cash in on Suso there are more posibilitys. I will add to this that we can cash in on Bonuci(Unated wants him and the will have no problem paying big money), he is good but we need to reinforce the mid, we have Musacio to replace him plus Thiago Silva wants to come back in Milan so that would be a good deal to his price is like 10mil now he dosent want to singh new deal with PSG so this will be good for us. We can get 50-60 mil for Bonucci from Unated for sure, Kovacic is 40mil and is just what we need in the mid. Last year instead of getting Kovacic we got Kessie for 28mil if we added just 12mil more for Kovacic we would have have way different season with Kovacic who openly said he would like to play for Milan. Hakan, Kovacic in mid Draxler, Di Maria/Suso on the wings if that is not a creative attack i dont know what is even Kalinic will score goals with those players around him. This could be a graet transfer window but knowing Fasone/Mirabeli the will just waste money on players like Zaza,Politano,Muriel….and then they will wonder why cant we get to CL.

      • I would love to swap donna with draxler or di maria but we all know what mirrabella and fassone are they are worst than galiani .

  18. Everyone discusses buying a striker, a 20+ goals a season machine but it seems no one within the club hierarchy aknowledges real problem – LACK OF PLAYMAKERS!

    Silva was the player I was most excited of seeing in Milan jersey, I recall saying I will buy his shirt this season since I was so convinced of his success, Cutrone snatched it, I was over the moon, our own product again!

    Those two would tear Serie A defences with proper feeding but no Milan needs a bomber that will “take down San Siro”…

    With what?! Headless Kessie? One dimensional Suso? Lack of confidence Jack?

    Playmakers for crying out loud!

    • I’m ok with bacca silva cutrone as our attackers, but playmakers name a few that would improve us, IMO kessie and Bona joining the attack is not the solution it’s a tactic issue

      • Kovacic cost around 40m he would be ideal .
        Pastore is good buy to he would be a upgrade to , he will cost around 30m .
        Dani caballos he’s a attacking midfielder to he wants to leave real madrid
        He will cost around 20m .
        Wilshare he’s a free player he’s a sort of a playmaker to . There are enough playmakers available but milan isn’t going for playmakers that’s the problem .

        • Agree big time on us needing a playmaker, throughout the entire season it’s hard to recall any through balls played to the strikers and it’s criminal that Deulofeu wasn’t signed when we had the chance
          There’s no chance of getting caballos for 20 million that’s a very average price for a very talented young player, he’s price would be more in the region of 50 million
          I watched the Europa league final last night and Athletico Madrid are the most organised team in the world, there made up of good, solid and committed players who 100% know there role within the team and then there’s a little sprinkle of stardust up top to score, all there organisational skills and set up comes directly from there manager which just reiterates how important it is to have a manager who knows what hes doing and how to get the maximum out of pretty much ordinary players with the exception of one or two stars, thats what we need, it wouldn’t cost the earth to assemble a squad like that because we already have most of it but we’re missing the most fundamental part and that’s a real manager
          In my opinion there’s no point in us spending millions on players if we have nobody who knows how to use them
          I’d be happy to sign nobody this year if it meant we got someone like Simione to manage what we have

  19. I am not for an exchange deal for cavani and donnarumma. Im not saying i dont eant cavani but i would love straight out money for donnarumma and that also helps a lot with stupid FFP they’ll see we have made 100% profit for him. Also if we’re to buy a world class striker why dont we get someone whos on the way out and cheaper . Why not somebody like benzema. Just cause he had one poor season where he still scored when he was on doesnt mean hes done. If he came to milan he would be a good addition to the attack plus his experience. Hes a champion and we need that.

  20. Several rumors out there –
    1. Niang+Loca+Cutrone for Belotti
    2. Depay + Cavani with Donna going the other way
    3. R. Sanchez coming in on a loan deal + cheap option
    4. Silva for Falcao (and hopefully a lot of cash).

    Don’t think we can pull off 1, Torino would want quite a bit extra cash probably. Also it would be bad to loose Loca who has a lot of potential, but if it’s the last move we can pull to improve the striker position then I would go for it.

    Rumor 2 is even less realistic, but would probably be the best option on the list; I want Donna to stay. Despit his subpar season, there’s no one in our squad with his talent – but the way his relationship with fans is going it might be impossible. But top striker+LW is exactly what we need.

    3. Great idea if we can get him really cheap.

    4. Bad idea (unless 35-40 mil are added on too). Falcao is injure prone and physically unable to lead the front of a top seria a team.

    • number 1 would be awful to lose both Loca and Cutro, both shhould be untouchable, unless theyre on a dry loan.
      regarding number 2, depay isnt a PSG player, how would that work?
      number 3. renato sanchez… awful at swansea, but is talented
      number 4, would rather have Keita Baldé going the other way..

      • I meant Donna going to psg in 2, we would have to spend extra cash for Depay – not my idea, just stated one of the rumors out there.

        I don’t think Cutrone should be off the table, assuming we’re really out of cash as reported. I like the kid but I don’t see a world beater striker him. I think loosing Loca would be a bigger loss imo, but would still support it if its the only way we can bring a top striker.

    • No to No1. Would be suicide. First off remove all of our young prospects from the market Mirabelli you idiot!

      Well Belotti is a good striker and I would take him in a fair deal. I think he’s the type best suited to most Italian tactics. However after his injuries and lack of goals I don’t know why are we still so confident in him instantly getting a lot of goals? We can’t waste another season.

      He would do well and even if he doesn’t score 25 goals in the nearest future, he’s still young ,but we already have Cutrone & Silva for the future.

      Thing is that we need a striker who is certain to provide instant success. That’s a bit of a gamble with someone struggling the previous season and not gonna come cheap.

      My other concern is that they seem to be prioritizing strikers instead of midfield. I just hope they are aware that Kessie and Bona midfield will not get any striker double digits.

      I would just keep Becca who will score about the same number of goals to Belotti and use the 70m or so budgeted for him to get some creative mids. This season Bacca scored more than Zaza, Mandzukic, Belotti etc. How ironic.

  21. Rumour out there at the moment

    – Liverpool in talks with Raiola over Donna
    – Mendes wants to take Silva to newly promoted Wolverhampton
    – Kalinić has suitors from Bundesliga
    – Bonucci has suitors from PL

    • I hope we manage to keep Donna+Bonucci, and even more impressive would be to get good buy back value for Kalanic+Silva.

      • I hope milan can swap donna with either cavani or pastore and bonucci with martial + darmian.

        P.s. nope donna is not the most talented in milan squad just because he’s young because d’allesandro, lentini, cassano, aquilani, balo, frey were once young as well yet they failed and because suso, hakan, bonucci, biglia, musa, hell even bona, ric rod, conti and roma in their good days are at least on par with donna the choking sinner. And HELL NO he’s not already better than aging buffon. Stop overhyping this mentally weak money grubbing garbage

        • It will be very hard to resist a Cavani swap, but no, Donna is not overhyped – not by me, not by the entire football world, and not by Buffon for that matter.

          You need to analyze this situation with your brain and not your heart. Having Donna in your squad most likely secures the GK position with a top-notch player for the next 15 years or so. Despite his subpar year, it’s not much of a gamble.

          • Says the guy who claimed “i love donna like a son” and “donna is already better than buffon”.
            My brain told me that milan shouldve sold donna the sinner + bought playmaker + great cm like moutinho, draxler or fab + fast wingers and perin or one of those great german gk, fired morontella, kept bacca and kucka etc. hows that for analyses? And thats when u were overhyping morontella in pre season.
            Parma were 2nd behind juve in 96/97 when buffon had his debut as starter, cassilas won ucl beating (then) madrid killers bayern in the process. What has donna done to warrant that ‘buffon successor’ bullcrap? Alex ferguson (possibly literally) kicked beckham, stam AND keane when they started misbehaving. Ditto pep when dinho and eto’o did the same. Thats leadership, thats winning mentality. U can bet ur ass no great manager wouldve put up with this maradona of gk nonsense.
            At least fat mino got one thing right; Like maradona, donna likes to scores with his hand

          • Says the guy who claimed “i love donna like a son” and “donna is already better than buffon”.
            My brain told me that milan shouldve sold donna the sinner + bought playmaker + great cm like moutinho, draxler or fab + fast wingers and perin or one of those great german gk, fired morontella, kept bacca and kucka etc last mercato. hows that for analyses? And thats when u were overhyping morontella in pre season.
            Parma were 2nd behind juve in 96/97 when buffon had his debut as starter, cassilas won ucl beating (then) madrid killers bayern in the process. What has donna done to warrant that ‘buffon successor’ bullcrap? Alex ferguson (possibly literally) kicked beckham, stam AND keane out when they started misbehaving. Ditto pep when dinho and eto’o did the same. Thats leadership, thats winning mentality. U can bet ur ass no great manager wouldve

        • Silly Milan 10, you predicted we were going for the scudetto before even signing Bonucci (and when Montella was firmly in coach position) – and you accuse me of overhyping? Your mind cannot be consistent in any type of analysis, expept for a few rare cases (e.g. the 3-5-2 experiment in mid season) where your always wrong.

          • Er, i predicted milan wouldve won scudetto IF AND ONLY IF they had gotten rid of morontella and replaced him with sarri/klopp, which is exactly why i was the first anti-morontella here even when li started spending, luring newbies like u to post on milan blog. Its all on this blog.
            Here’s a simple question: if i was wrong all along, why would milan end up being complete failure this season?
            And even simpler question: if young casillas, a lesser buffon, could perform well in ucl final, why couldnt donna, whom u love like a son that u had to write that silly begging post earlier last pre season, perform in mickey mouse club?
            Oh and henry WAS a winger so yeah he did drift out wide often. u’d know if u watched football. Muaach

    • also Mendes want to bring Neves to Milan, and Mancester United want to ofer Depay for wich they have byback klause for Bonuci, cal me crazy but i think that would be good deal, Depay show in Lion that he can play great as winger, or amc and forward in 41212, neves would be good for midfield, get rid of Montolivo and his sdalary, Bonaventura wil maybe go to juve so we can trade him for Rugani, since Alegri as i think dont have trust in him, in that case we can have italian par of cb for next decade, ad that Warnier from Citadela and Tonali from Brescia for future get tham before Juve and others and we are good, plus add Barela and we can clear financial structure, most paid players go we can be good for that famous FFP, there are also some good kid at Velez, Matias Vargas
      Calabria Rugani Romagnoli Rordriguez
      Kessie Neves
      Silva Depay,

  22. Fasobelli missed the chance of selling Donna last season. Which means they are vision less. If they we’re visionary, they would have acknowledged the fact that he will eventually leave inevitably. They would have signed perin since and now juve are after him meaning he’s gonna cost more or might decide going to juve. They should sell Donna and bonucci. MMussachio can do the work and is a long term option. Buy quality and fast wingers. IDC from where just get them. And a solid playmaker.

  23. Our squad isn’t that bad, we need some improvements. I think we could get 3 players that would make a big difference;

    Daley Blind: Free – can play DM, LB, CB. Sub for Biglia and Rodriguez. Experienced too.
    Max Meyer: Free – could be out much needed midfield metronome, dictating play. Haven’t had a player like that since Pirlo.
    Federico Chiesa: 40m – likes Milan and Fiorentina will miss out on Europe. He could give us pace on the wing. An Italian talent for years to come.

    Bacca returns or else he’s sold and he get a striker with the money from his sale (or a free agent like Balotelli)

    Kalinic, Montolivo and Zapata Out.

    …If Donnarumma leaves. Use his money to buy Belotti (Reina & Plizzari backup)

    …If Suso leaves. Use his money to buy Keita Balde/Anthony Martial

  24. Bonucci and musacchio must remain. Bonucci and romagnoli have really become a great duo and they’re set to take over for italy as well. If anyone in defence is to leave it should be gomez. In midfield nobody should leave unless we do get a massive offer for bonaventura then let him go. If we get over 30m for him that’s awesome. Need signings in midfield. For strikers I don’t care if kalinic leaves or even suso for that matter. But we need to get real players up there. I’ve said it many times but I’d love to have keita blade. Benzema too would be awesome. If Silva leaves it shouldn’t be for Falcao. Need money and a good player. So in summer regardless of who we sell we need two midfielders, one of them creative. Don’t know who that’d be, a winger and a world class striker with much experience. That is why I want Benzema. He just turned 30, has won many top trophies and he is a full package striker and he’s on his way out of real Madrid. I don’t think there’s a player on the market of his quality and price

    • if the team are to play with 433 like now next season, yes we need a complete CF like Benzema. The current strikers make the central area between midfield and attack not occupied. The distance between the CF and central MF (regista) is too far as the regista plays deeper and the CF is upfront.

  25. Playmaker this playmaker that. So old and boring because i was there when milan10 wrote all those playmaker suggestions years ago. Why dont anyone at milan camp target supermaneuer instead? This literal flying german can send much better long balls and assists from the back than bonucci and those pathetic excuse for mf of milan. Just look: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=H16c0RmP1pw

    P.s. Im not even comparing automatic ‘vorsprung durch technik und mentalitat’ neuer’s goalkeeping ability to the choking sinner because that would be like comparing hulk hogan’s biceps with kate moss’

  26. Good News Guys, Borinig Is Here To Stay.This Is All Really Strange, We Never Keep The Impressive Players On Load But We Are Quick To Retain The Garbage Ones

  27. I would sell bonnuci he had a very bad season , manchester united are willing to offer a trade between bonnuci and depay i would do it .
    Also rumour has it that psg want to trade cavani + cash maybe or draxler or pastore for donnaruma i would do that also because donnaruma clearly wants to leave so i would trade him . Other rumour has it that juventus wants bonnaventura , i would trade him for rugani . If milan can do all of that it would be pretty sweet
    Depay ..not bad

  28. I think no one noticed the quality of lo celso..he is a perfect addition for the midfield…exchange dona the sinner with him and someone else

  29. Silva is going to the world cup. Good thing .His value could go up, not necessarily for sale though.

    Suso is out for 10-15 days injured and its deported that we could go 4312 with Calhanoglu behind Cutrone and Useless

  30. Can somebody tell me if we can get to reach mirrabelli thru his instagram or twitter? Cause that would translate all our f%#*ing ideas straightforward to him. I dont want to see us fans killing each other for useless effort..

  31. kalinic isn’t that bad just that he is not capable of lifting Milan with goals due to limited supply just put him in juve squad or still bring higuain to Milan right now and see for your self.even cavani won’t perform at the top with this our squad, let the mildfield. be reformed and see kalinic scoring at least a goal to two per match



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