Team news: Atalanta were without Leonardo Spinazzola, Luca Rizzo, Filippo Melegoni, Andreas Cornelius and Andrea Petagna, while Milan had to do without Andrea Conti, Cristian Zapata and Matteo Gabbia. Kickoff time for Matchday 37 was 18:00 CET at Stadio Atleti Azzurri d’Italia.

Goals: Kessié (60′), Masiello (92′)
Red cards: Tolói (64′), Montolivo (75′).

Atalanta B.C. (3-4-1-2) – Gian Piero Gasperini
Etrit Berisha; Rafael Tolói, Mattia Caldara, Andrea Masiello; Timothy Castagne (79′ Hans Hateboer), Marten de Roon, Remo Freuler, Robin Gosens; Bryan Cristante (69′ Nicolas Haas); Musa Barrow (54′ Josip Iličić), Alejandro Gómez.
Unused: Rossi, Gollini, Palomino, Mancini, Kulusevski, Peli, Del Prato, Bastoni.

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Gennaro Gattuso
Gianluigi Donnarumma; Ignazio Abate, Leonardo Bonucci, Alessio Romagnoli, Ricardo Rodriguez; Franck Kessié, Lucas Biglia (46′ Riccardo Montolivo), Giacomo Bonaventura (83′ Fabio Borini); Suso (76′ Manuel Locatelli), Nikola Kalinić, Hakan Çalhanoğlu.
Unused: A. Donnarumma, Storari, Antonelli, Calabria, Gomez, Musacchio, Mauri, Cutrone, André Silva.

Referee: Marco Guida.


  1. Take it easy fans, it wasn’t a bad match per se and I see the cup half full. If the team keeps up with the vast improvement after Gattuso’s arrival, they we are actually on the ascendancy.
    A couple of quality additions and our coach learning from the mistakes of this season and of course the off loading of Kalinic as his presence is not healthy to the team; then we are certain to be guaranteed of finishing at least three places from where we will finish this season.

  2. Hello Gatuso,

    Could you tell us “just” 1 thing Kalinic has done right to deserve this playing time? Why on this planet earth did you bring on Monty? Why on earth did you have Monty, Kalinic and Borini on the pitch at the same time?

    This draw feels like a terrible defeat for me and obviously some Milan fans. I will continue to wish you well as long as you are on our bench.

    To all of you hyping Locatelli as a regista, well, I will repeat, that boy is not matured for that role and we all saw that he couldn’t do nothing to control the game, Milan was under constant pressure and he could only run around the pitch aimlessly. Too bad we lost Biglia because we wouldn’t have lost this game. He has a way of dictating games on and off the ball and Atalanta wouldn’t have drew the game.

    I pray the following players leave Milan this summer….

    1. SUSO – Now completely hopeless

    2. BORINI – Complete lumber back runner. No brain, no technique, no quality.

    3. MONTOLIVO – He’s done! As in…. FINISHED!

    4. ABATE – Football has left him now. I respect the love he has for the shirt and will always love him but hey! It’s time to go.

    5. DONNARUMA – Thanks to Mino, our gem suddenly became our liability at the most important part of the season. He cost us another 2 points today.

    6. LOCATELLI – Every young kid playing professional football needs games to perfectly learn the trade. A loan without an option to buy in a club where he’s guaranteed games will do Milan big favour because this boy has something special to become a top midfielder (either a mezzala or regista).

    7. ANTONELLI – Great player and lovely personality but his constant injuries keep him away from playing. We need a reliable back up left back.

    8. KALINIC – Useless, hopeless, senseless.

    9. SILVA – I personally love this lad but since Gatuso doesn’t like him, it’s better we cash in on him now that Wolverhampton really want him and ready to pay.

    10. BONAVENTURA – Like Silva, I have nothing against him as I like him for his tactical flexibility even though he’s quite inconsistent BUT, yet again Mino has gotten into his head and has been talking to Juve and Roma about him. Mino has said openly that he’s taking him away hence, let’s cash in on him and get a more consistent quality replacement.

    I might sound crazy but am sorry, I can’t hold back the frustration today.

    • I agree with you. I would add Bonnucci to that list. Our starting CBs should be Romagnoli and Mussachio.

      Bonnucci is always playing useless balls to the strikers bypassing the midfield. I dont understand why Montella and Gattuso allow him to get away with that. I regret the day we signed him.

    • Kessie==> Monty==> Kalinic=Idiot====> Defender==> Kessie= Goal
      I also disagree on Biglia, I just can’t see him as influential as you see him, Loca should not be loaned, Coming from the bench for Biglia at every game should be good enough for now. He should start against lower mid table teams though.

      I really think the midfield issue is all on Bonaventura, he just can’t defend and Kessie is always attacking. Maybe we need a defensive minded midfielder who is not afraid to join the attackers.

      Silva… I think the best solution is to let him go, the kid is fast and strong, he just need patience, but I get it, if Rhino doesn’t want him…. Hope is not the same Bacca deal again.

      Selling Donna, Suso, Kalinic and Silva could get us 120M we need a winger, a good 9 and imo a defensive minded box to box.

  3. Donna made 2 or even 3 deadly mistakes today and one of the less sever one ended up in our goal. He has 3 years of top Serie A football on his belt now. We should cash on him and give Plizzari a chance. We can also buy Perin (before Juve do and we regret not buying him for a decade) because he is the true Buffon replacement not this nervous boy.

    I still believe Rhino will take us to UCL next year with players he choose. we should trust him and give him a chance to build a team with his preferred players. anyway I don’t think any world class coach would accept Milan in this situation

      • Yep, milan should sell Donnarumma and sign Perin, we have been linked to him for years under Berlusconi and now but nothing happens. Sigh!

      • to be fair to Plizz, supertalent Scuffet also got benched for an average Karnezis at Udine. Do we even know the reasons that he’s benched? Shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Last year Loca got benched for Pasalic after having one poor game, but Pasalic was poor everytime he played, or now with Kalinic keep gets his chances despite never doing anything to warrant it. Football isnt logical.

        @nick, Perin should’ve joined last season already and he showed great professionalism and dedication with waiting for us even though nothing materialized. Hope he can join now, but with Reina joining I honestly doubt we’ll go for him, although I’d really like it! Have always pictured him as our keeper after Abbiati.

      • I said give him a chance but I also said bring Perin who is a proven mature goalkeeper. Plizzari is great for his age. not every GK is like donna start his career at young age. with proper plan Plizzari can be a great goalkeeper when he is in his mid 20.

  4. I don’t blame Dommarumma here, I put the blame on whole team. Such displays are unacceptable and every single player tonight deserve harsh critics. This bunch let Atalanta play when they were in the lead and Atalanta were a man down. This is totally unacceptable!

    Maybe I let my rage talk instead of reason but half of this bunch is worth shown the doors

    • How can you not blame Donnarumma when it’s a shot any average keeper in the league would’ve saved, I see your point, but that goal would’ve never happened if Donna did his job. It’s his post, it should be covered. Even before that, he parried the ball twice into the centre of the penalty area, the most DANGEROUS area a keeper could parry the ball to. Always to the side or to a corner or something, never in the centre. This, along with covering your post. How has Donna forgotten his goal keeping ABC’s?
      Why is Buffon so succesful? He rarely catches the ball, he always parries it out to minimize the risks. Same with Alison, another extraordinary keeper.

      EDIT: rant isnt aimed at you, i just started and had to keep going.

      • Lmao @milanista121 i dont know if you read my comment above this but everything you have just said i said the exact same thing. Freaky. Great minds think alike perhaps?

    • Dude in my eyes that’s an own goal, he stops the ball with one hand and with the other put it inside the net.

      And lets get serious if the team plays like crap who is to blame?

  5. Honestly our whole team isn’t good enough , the attack is not good the midfield also our defence isn’t bad but the rest not good . And rhino isn’t realy good to we need a real coach why does he always start kalinic ? Why does he not give
    A. Silva a chance im 100% sure he isnt worst than kalinic .

  6. I will be very very happy when Milan get rid Donnarumma, Kalinic, Montolivo, and Abate.

    I’m looking forward to that day. Montolivo and Abate has overstayed their time. Grossly overstayed their time!

    • You are not never was traore, destro, cerci, pazzini, agazzi, constant, acerbi, muntari, kalinics, flamini, poli, bertolacci, bonaventura, silvestre, zapata, lapadulah etc …it was never their FAULT.

      It has always been the coaches fault to PLAY THEM. Gattuso is another loser as coach

  7. For next season I hope we sell Antonelli, Calabria, Locatelli, Cutrone, Dollarumma$$$, Bonaventura. Bonucci and Romagnoli can go too. Sick of these italian fu**-ups. If Muntari or Essien is still playing they would be great backup for Kessie I think. Only Italians who should stay is Monty and Abate as they are the only true leaders in our squad. Maybe Borini can stay as he can be used everywhere from a right back/winger/striker, he could be useful in midfield too.

  8. The weakness in the team is obvious…. you should just sell Dollaruma now, we could get a decent replacement easily maybe in Reina, Navas, Trapp, Areola…

    Monto and abate thanks for your time here is up I guess well unless u dont mind only Copa Games and a wage cut…

    Dont get me started on Kalinic…

    We could get at least 50mil on the sales of Jack, kalinic and silva and another 50 on dollaruma…

    • @Milan10.
      Since you asked, I will repost my comment from yesterday:
      There has been lots of anger towards Donna for his blunders this season, and rightly so. But my question to my fellow Milanistas is: when last did a goalkeeper rise through the youth ranks of a big European club and go on to establish himself as that club’s number one? The last time it happened was with Casillas and Victor Valdes, a generation ago. De Gea is probably the most recent example (his exploits at Atl. Madrid) but he does not really count because he was very raw when he joined Man U.
      All the great goalkeepers of today (Alison, Buffon, Ter Stegen, Neuer, Oblak, Handanovic) had the chance to refine their skils at smaller clubs before they were thrown in the limelight.
      Even Szczesny was still making blunders (in his mid 20s) while at Arsenal but now he’s on the verge of becoming Juve’s nr 1.
      My point is Donna is trying to achieve something that is rarely done at big clubs.
      Again I put most of the blame for this mess on Raiola for creating too much hype and pressure for the boy. I am also of the opinion that Donna should only continue playing for us if he has peace of mind and that can’t happen with Raiola as his agent.
      Btw did anyone notice that our other golden boy Plizzari is no longer first choice for that Serie B team? He has not played for the last 10 matches or so. Goalkeeping is not easy.

      • Donnaruma, whether he has peace of mind or not should move on…. He’s got a lot of learning to do, a whole lot and it’s not okay for him to do all that learning at Milan cause it’s obvious he ain’t ready for the top. I’d be marveled if PSG do sign him as it’s been rumored for a while now.

      • Thats very good post mate but u didnt really answer me: is he better than neuer or not? And by that i mean is he really worth all the troubles, let alone salary? I know he’s golden boy but so were lentini, cassano, balotelli, guiseppe rossi, d’alessandro etc. To me donna is simply not good enough and is easily replacable hence if any club is dumb enough to pay >50m for him i say grab the money and say goodbye

        • Bro c’mon u are smarter than most around here, I know his wage is ridiculous, but that was to keep him, he didn’t want to sign an extension, I would rather sell him next season if he doesn’t mess things up, selling him now with his depreciation in the market wouldn’t be wise, besides he has 4 seasons stuck with us, maybe reina can give him some rest and competition and he could step on the next level, if not, we could still sell him.

          Letting him go for free wasn’t an option and the kid has saved our asses a lot of times so why the anger towards his wage? of course he is still Dollarumma but the managment was wise on that decision even if we end paying 1 million to his parasitic brother too.
          Of course he isn’t near Neuer but comparing a team who can’t defend to Bayern and Germany ? A WC winner to a kid who hasn’t stop playing with himself? Do you think if we offer 10M wage to Neuer will come to MIlan?

          • Yeah, so, was donna worth the trouble or not last summer mercato? Some milanisti foolishly claimed he’s already better than buffon thus deserved that kind of pay raise. I said “hell no” and suggested that milan severed the ties.
            Im not angry about his wage, im angry at how he treated milan acting like he’s big shot gk when in fact he’s not even better than perin or valdes yet.
            U mentioned valdes and casillas but those two plays for ucl regular teams, very bad comparison. I’ve watched casillas in 1999-2000, especially his exploits in ucl, and i can safely say theres no way donna will get to casillas level. Not now, not 10 yrs from now, so u and some milanisti better stop overhyping him



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