Atalanta-Milan: The Rossoneri squad

Patrick Cutrone during training at Milanello. (
Patrick Cutrone during training at Milanello. (

Here is the squad of Milan.

AC Milan face Atalanta B.C. on Sunday evening when the clock points 18:00 CET / Italy time at Stadio Atleti Azzurri d’Italia for the 37th matchday of the 2017/18 Serie A and the Rossoneri coach Gennaro Gattuso has named his squad.

Andrea Conti, Cristian Zapata and Matteo Gabbia are out.

Probable XI (Sky): Gianluigi Donnarumma; Ignazio Abate, Leonardo Bonucci, Alessio Romagnoli, Ricardo Rodriguez; Franck Kessié, Lucas Biglia, Giacomo Bonaventura; Suso, Nikola Kalinić / Patrick Cutrone, Hakan Çalhanoğlu.

Antonio DonnarummaIgnazio AbateLucas BigliaFabio Borini
Gianluigi DonnarummaLuca AntonelliGiacomo BonaventuraPatrick Cutrone
Marco StorariLeonardo BonucciHakan ÇalhanoğluNikola Kalinić
Davide CalabriaFranck KessiéAndré Silva
Gustavo GomezManuel LocatelliSuso
Mateo MusacchioJose Mauri
Ricardo RodriguezRiccardo Montolivo
Alessio Romagnoli


  1. Comment:I sure wear to my life I hate seeing kalinic in Milan Jersey much more than in line up if it’s was in Africa I will stand up the mountain and say kalinic took Milan board’s to marabou…how on earth he is still lining up with Ac Milan senior team he should be relegated to the team B and let the board promote Thiago Dias..

  2. When Gattuso was appointed Milan coach, i was hoping that he would bring a couple of younger players with him from the Primavera the likes of Bellanova and most importantly Dias whom is a winger and what we need in our team. It’s not happening and I doubt it will ever happen.

  3. You are all idiots… you all hate on donnarumma or “dollarumma” because of what?!

    I know why, the same reason you hated menez, balotelli, pato, ronaldinho etc etc…

    Ronaldinho? He was drinking too much and went to many parties.. WHO THE **** ARE YOU TO TELL HIM TO PARTY OR NOT. Count what he does on the pitch. But no.. you want him OUT


    Balotelli. He has a very bad attitude. WHAT IS THIS??? DISCIPINARY SCHOOL???? He still scored goals from every where..pentalty spot, free kicks.. outside the box.. inside the box.. BUT NO you wanted him out.

    Menez? He to has a very bad attitude, and too selfish… he still was a very good attacker.. he STILL scored goals… but not you wanted him OUT!

    So who do you want to keep? BONAVENTURA… a GENTLEMAN.. but in football he cant shoot, he cant pass, he cant build up an attack. but he is a gentleman he has to stay.

    POLI/FLAMINI…they RUN their hearts out…but in terms of football they are totaly useless… but NO KEEP THEM..they are loyal and run around nonstop.

    And now donnarumma.. he earns 6 million?? IS THAT WORSE THAN 25 MILLION FOR BERTO FUCKING LACI??? 6 MILLION A YEAR IS 4 YEARS HAVING DONNARUMMA.. AND YOU ARE FOCUSING ON HIS SALARY.. 13 MILLION FOR MATRI!!!!!!! THAT 2 YEARS DONNARUMMA.. is not from your pocket.. but no you want him out because hes young and hasnt the right to be affected by a agent like he has.

    All the players that COULD give milan something..pato..balotelli..menez..donarumma.. etc..they should be out for various reasons… are here you fucking go.. left is your angel and gentleman bonaventura and company with 6th place

    • Laughed so hard when u metioned us wanting to keep flamini and poli and bounaventora ,, everything else u said is just u living in a different dimension ,,

      If ur not trolling by any chance ,, than Ur just dumb mite ,, seriously and painfully dumb ,,

      End of story ,,

    • @Sheva
      Milan was right to release all those players you mentioned. All their careers went downhill since they departed, with the exception of Balotelli. Our golden boy Pato is now playing in China for good reason. No European team wanted him.

    • I don’t care if he becomes the greatest keeper of all time just please Donnarumma GTFO NOW!! I’ve hated ever since that contract nonsense I don’t care where he goes, how many trophies he wins, how much he gets paid, I seriously DON’T FKN CARE!!!!

  4. Why is kalinic still playing ? The guy can’t score he scored 5 goals this season for fucks sake , pathetic !!!
    Why does this club alway have 1: a stuborn coach 2: a useless starter every year why?
    Why can’t this club get a real football coach and not a rookie ? . Why ? I had enough of this shit allready , we have’nt had a real coach since allegri .

  5. There has been lots of anger towards Donna for his blunders this season, and rightly so. But my question to my fellow Milanistas is: when last did a goalkeeper rise through the youth ranks of a big European club and go on to establish himself as that club’s number one? The last time it happened was with Casillas and Victor Valdes, a generation ago. De Gea is probably the most recent example (his exploits at Atl. Madrid) but he does not really count because he was very raw when he joined Man U.
    All the great goalkeepers of today (Alison, Buffon, Ter Stegen, Neuer, Oblak, Handanovic) had the chance to refine their skils at smaller clubs before they were thrown in the limelight.
    Even Szczesny was still making blunders (in his mid 20s) while at Arsenal but now he’s on the verge of becoming Juve’s nr 1.
    My point is Donna is trying to achieve something that is rarely done at big clubs.
    Again I put most of the blame for this mess on Raiola for creating too much hype and pressure for the boy. I am also of the opinion that Donna should only continue playing for us if he has peace of mind and that can’t happen with Raiola as his agent.
    Btw did anyone notice that our other golden boy Plizzari is no longer first choice for that Serie B team? He has not played for the last 10 matches or so. Goalkeeping is not easy.

    • Your over analyzing mate. The biggest goalkeeping talent who had a reputation for being “ice cold” failed (in the most miserable possible way) to live up to his reputation in the most important match of his career.

      Can he bounce back? Of course, and he will. But this animosity between him and the fans seems to be here for good, and I don’t if he should stay in this situation.

        • What I meant is – he had a bad game, like everyone else does. It has nothing to do imo with trying to make your name in a big team (not that we’re a big team anymore) like you suggest, nor PSG rumors like others here suggest.

          Just wanted to add that, not trying to be argumentative.

  6. Win n grab europa spot coz no important players will interested to sign Milan next season, Falcao n keita balde already has said so…

  7. The only achievement left for us this season is to avoid Europa-nothing league; just look at Lazio and Inter to see what avoiding that mediocre-parade can do for your season (and we have a shorter squad than both).

    It’s to play Gomez, Mauri, Silva ect … I understand Gabbia is injured but I would have called up Diaz to see what he can do when playing with the big boys.

    • Lazio played in the mediocre-paradise, if you are referring to Europa League. They got to the quarters.

      • Yes, of course, my bad.

        I just can’t wrap my head around their success; can’t understand it. I mean ok they hit the jackpot with Imobille, but is that all it takes?

        • They hit the jackpot with Simone Inzaghi! He knows what he wants and how to get it from his team, plus a well functioning team, I mean with players that are right for their positions, no player who adapts to another role. Lucas slotted in perfectly in their midfield, Biglia has barely been missed, Parolo with his dynamic style of play and then the OP Milinkovic-Savic who does everything that is expected from Pogba.

  8. I’m not sure whatever Gatusso’s trying to prove with this Kalinic rubbish…. What’s wrong with Gatusso, he’s pissing everyone off and he doesn’t seem to give a phyuk, this is a must win match and you decide to play that idiot again? What’s this? Enough of this crap, this is pathetic and Gatusso has completely lost it….. Pissed….!!!

  9. Hmmm I think we should look for a creative midfielder than an attacker cos we already have three of them so if we could get a creative midfielder like kroos or modric to supply them with good passes we can win the scudetto next season.

      • Modric might because he is a Milanista since a kid, is getting older and has won everything there is. Joining Milan and helping them on their way back, I can imagine, would be a great thing for him personally. Not saying that it will happen, but you never know. He started flirting with us last summer with liking different Milan-related posts etc.

  10. Balotelli was our best striker since ibra left and milan got rid of him. Biggest mistake ever. If u watched him play he used to make the most opportunities, score goals draw fouls and penalties he single handily got milan to there last champions league, but everyone wanted him out, now i watch him play for nice and he is still one of if not the best italian striker to date, guarantee if he was still milans striker will would be still playing in champipns league because the crap we have upfront is what costs us the games because they cant score for shit…

  11. We need a LW , CM and a ST nothing else i’ll be stoked if Zaza and kieta balde came i think

    Keita Suso

    Bona Chanalongu Locatelli

    Rodriguez ramangoli bonucci calabria


    Trust me thats a very decent side to challenge for a top four finish

    • Zaza is a huge no. He was good on sassuolo bad on juve and just made me hate him with his performance for italy. If we are not to get a top top striker id rather get bacca back than guys hear these crazy reports of trafing silva for falcao. How does that even make sense! Trade a 22 year old for a 32 year old who is injury prone. No thanks. Trade us keita balde. Falcao has come alive again in monaco but failed in the premier leagur so why would he be the man for milan. No thank you

  12. Comment:we need at least two to three matured players , more especially midfielders that will carry the ball to attack . but ours is like they a learning to play , this is why we will not understand the performance our attackers

  13. In other news Inter’s loss to Sassuolo will most def cost them the Champs League. I hope Roma and Lazio qualifying will mean that they don’t have to sell their top talents to English teams. Roma’s exploits in that competition this yr has been great for Serie A’s brand, let’s hope Lazio can do the same next season.



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