Team news: Milan were without Andrea Conti, Matteo Gabbia and Lucas Biglia, while Hellas Verona had to do without Matteo Bianchetti, Jagoš Vuković and Mattia Valoti. Kickoff time of Matchday 35 of the 2017/18 Serie A season was 18:00 CET / Italian time at Stadio San Siro.

Goals: Çalhanoğlu (10′), Cutrone (32′), Abate (49′), Seung-woo (84′), Borini (89′)

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Gennaro Gattuso
Gianluigi Donnarumma; Ignazio Abate, Leonardo Bonucci, Alessio Romagnoli (61′ Mateo Musacchio), Ricardo Rodriguez; Franck Kessié, Manuel Locatelli, Giacomo Bonaventura; Suso (57′ Fabio Borini), Patrick Cutrone (71′ Nikola Kalinić), Hakan Çalhanoğlu.
Unused: Storari, A. Donnarumma, Calabria, Jose Mauri, André Silva, Gomez, Zapata, Montolivo, Antonelli

Hellas Verona (4-3-3) – Fabio Pecchia
Marco Silvestri; Enrico Bearzotti, Antonio Caracciolo, Thomas Heurtaux, Mohamed Fares (76′ Rolando Aarons); Rômulo, Andrea Danzi, Simone Calvano (52′ Franco Zuculini); Alessio Cerci, Bruno Petković (57′ Lee Seung-woo), Ryder Matos.
Unused: Nicolas, Coppola, Verde, Fossati, Boldor, Ferrari, Souprayen, Felicioli.

Referee: Fabrizio Pasqua.


  1. This is squad is missing just a composed playmaker , a killer striker and a quality left back to play good football with a 4-3-1-2

    • Milan has signed a contract, milan is not allowed to buy any creative or playmaking player, thats against their policy.

      Milan must have center midfielders, box to box players and defensive mids.. attacking mids are not allowed in milan since 2007.

      And fans defends this: “modern football doesnt require playmakers” See, even the own fans defende the sabotage of milan.

      To you fans.. “modern football doenst need playmakers” REALLY??? what does it require?? 3 LUMBERJACK that what modern football is about.

  2. Bonnucci need to get his head out of his ass and stop giving away needless balls. His passing is awful and he’s not even under pressure.

  3. How about for the first time this year we look for goal number 3,4,5? Lets have some goals and entertainment. None of this letting off the pedal at 2 and the opposition get 1 back

  4. This is how Milan should’ve opened against Benevento; with this exact energy. Very good first by the boys half against a very weak Verona. Keep on.

  5. Where did this one touch passing come from? not seen that in a few years.

    Kessie is doing very good, finaly some passing in the final third.
    Loca is doing well too
    Biggest concern have been bonucci. Seems very shaky/risky.
    Romagnoli on the other hand is a breath of fresh air. Very concentrated, calm and composed on the ball.

    • Yes indeed, agree with you on Locatelli and Bonucci. Also, Romagnoli has grown very well this year.

      But, I think the game was very bad from both sides. Verona was very poor and Milan was very sloppy and making it unnecessary complicated in the attacks. With this level, Milan is and stays very mediocre

      • Agreed. Also, too many miss place passes from Bonnucci. He is definitely no Franco Baresi and his poor passing is putting the team under pressure when our opponents counter attack.

        Gattuso needs to fix that asap. Bonnucci needs to play the ball thru the midfield or wingback and stop forcing uneccesary balls up the pitch directly to the attacking players.

  6. Should have give Mauri a chance, on the place of Kessie or Bona in the second half. He did good in the summer on those positions.
    Locatelli is doing great so far, he gives speed to the mid that was lacking with Biglia.

    • Locatelli is so painfully underplayed this season. Glad to see him perform like this, hope he’ll keep it up against Juve and Atalanta!

  7. How does silva not even get time in a game like this. Like get rid of him if we’re going to make him rot on the bench. Its unfortunate because hes go potential and even in a year where no striker on this team is good he still gets no time. Let him flourish somewhere else.disgraceful kalinic gets to play and he doesnt

    • Maybe because of his grandfather passed away this week, I’d guess thats the reason for him not playing this match

  8. Fumny how borini and kalinic go front and just kill the game. There hasnt been a shot or chance since
    Now we concede

  9. Great preparation for the most important match of the season, although it’s going to be a completely different ballgame there.

    Good showing by the boys. Let’s now take the coppa.

  10. Can someone still call Hakan free kick boy? He is really delivering the goods looking like a bargain already. Pls, mirabelli take boring borini back to where you picked him from, same with kalinic

  11. I Guess The Players Turned Up Because They Knew Mr Youghong Li Was There To Fire Someone! Even Kessie Made Some Decent Passes As A Midfielder Today

  12. bit strange that Suso is struggle while Borini is scoring…
    btw it that the korean Messi who score againt us???

      • sorry bro, i’m not brit nor yank, i just miss 1 letter btw, what’s your problem?
        u think u r better person cuz u’ve better english?!
        lagulo kaya pecundang bro, get a life!!!

  13. Some of the players are not Milan material,this season has been up and downs we need consistency.Today was a good win but to beat Verona and lose to Benavento was sad.we need consistency next season

  14. I like Loca’s composure today and hope he grows up like this, learning from Biglia would help he improve faster.

    Bonucci got away with couple of mistakes but thanks to collective defensive work, we didn’t pay for any. He needs to do much better against Juve next week.

    Immediately Suso and Cutrone were subbed, we couldn’t hold the ball up front again and soak pressure and Hellas took the midfield and caused us all kinds of problems. Kalinic is a waste of space and even Borini is not as useful, he’s way far better squad player than Kalinic.

    Calha is our best player and I can’t stop saying this, we see how Bona suddenly started playing well since Calha arrived.

    Good win, let’s go for the trophy now.

    • Loca had a decent game, but I don’t think he’s capable of managing the game from the back just yet; too many horizontal or even back passes. He seems afraid to spread it to the wings often like Biglia does.

  15. Comment:AC milan should sign Abdoulaye Doucoure from Wartford. That guy will be a good back up for kessie or even a better starter. Very strong and hard working

  16. Milan strategy for next season

    Milan board: We have a contract that we have respect, we signed a contract which means we have to sabotage all success for milan, thats what we got payed for.

    So we already told the coach to play kalinic 95% of the games.. we also told the coach to play zapata before musa and that payed of..kalinic didnt score and zapata helps the other team to score goals.

    Still we are winning.. we must think about our contract!!! We havnt signed an attacking midfielder for 10 years now on purpose, and that really payed of, the midfield have zero creativity. But now hakan is start scoring..not good.. guys what is the solution?

    Sell our best players and keep the deadwood just like we have done for the past 8 years and let juve win scudetto. So we sell suso, hakan, donnarumma, andre silva and we loan out locatelli.. because locatelli is really starting to show something.. not good!! we loan him out!!

    And for signing new players.. we must keep to our deal and contract.. we cannot sign any superstar.. with out without money.. we only have to sign others teams garbage as milan must stay as a trashcan… so whos next?

    Manzukic is not wanted at juve.. GREAT signed him and pair him with kalinic.. we tell the fans that kalinic has great serie exprience..these fans are nuts.. they believe in anything..just ask galliani..

  17. suso needs to rest, he was walking more than playing, bona was a no no only that pass and nothing else, left the tracking back for hakan… why does gattuso like kalinic that guy ha…my grand ma plays better than him n she is already 80… nice game thou, good to see abate back again…well kessie did impress me today and loveed the one touch and pass game, we actually had more than 5 touches on the ball… juventus next roast those motherfuckers….

  18. Suso n Banaventura looks like they are made of glass, no fearsome run, no real challenge offer to opposition defenders, I cant understand why we r using these mediocre shits………. sell Kalinic,Suso, Bona, Monto, Zapata,Abate, Antoneli,Bacca, Bertolecci….. Buy Morata/ Belotti, Memphis,Bernard, Fekir, Keita Balde for Silva, n keep Lacatelli, Biglia, Kessie, for backup…….if Donnarumma can be sell in huge price then sell him n add a LB + DM



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