Team news: Milan were without Andrea Conti, Alessio Romagnoli, Matteo Gabbia and Hakan Çalhanoğlu, while Benevento had to do without the banned Fabio Lucioni as well as without Luca Antei and Guilherme. Kickoff time for Matchday 34 was 20:45 CET at Stadio San Siro.

Goal: Iemmello (29′)
Red card: Diabaté (80′)

AC Milan (4-4-2) – Gennaro Gattuso
Gianluigi Donnarumma; Davide Calabria, Leonardo Bonucci, Cristian Zapata, Ricardo Rodriguez; Fabio Borini (49′ Suso), Franck Kessié, Lucas Biglia (72′ Manuel Locatelli), Giacomo Bonaventura; Patrick Cutrone, André Silva (61′ Nikola Kalinić).
Unused: A. Donnarumma, Storari, Abate, Antonelli, Gomez, Musacchio, Mauri, Montolivo.

Benevento Calcio (4-3-1-2) – Roberto De Zerbi
Christian Puggioni; Bacary Sagna, Berat Djimsiti, Alin Toșca, Gaetano Letizia; Danilo Cataldi, Sandro, Filip Đuričić; Nicolas Viola (76′ Vittorio Parigini); Enrico Brignola (67′ Lorenzo Venuti), Pietro Iemmello (61′ Cheick Diabaté).
Bench: Brignoli, Rutjens, Del Pinto, Coda, Gyamfi, Billong, Sanogo, Volpicelli, Sparandeo.

Referee: Maurizio Mariani.

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Emmy Apache

It’s high time to go on vacation and stop hoping for anything good this season. Are the players not ashamed or what? Assholes


And before we judge gattuso again and ask for the 15th manager in 5 years. How about saying the team is shit? For once we have good defence but we have the WORST attack. No playmaker doesn’t help


Yeah this team is shit buying 38m Euro striker and making him rot on bench he still has lot of suitors who are licking their fingers to snatch him away from milan… be fair Rino is not there yet, no coach yells on his players in media I am talking about Hakan incident. Even at Man U Pogba and Jose is having worst issues between themselves but they kept things quiet in dressing room to some extent….Rino is running out of ideas he’s not there yet to coach a team like milan whose owners after spending 200 million on transfer… Read more »


The moment Gattuso thought he’s a genius and started to experiment with his squad, he started to fail hard. First against Sassuolo with the 3-5-2 and now to start this match with the 4-4-2.

He must remember his own words. A few weeks back he said his strongest suit as a player was that he knew his limits. Remember your own words Rino, know your limits and don’t try to overdo it.


Omg this is the lowest of the low, I told you beforehand milan need a well established coach, right at time of extending Rino contract it was a bit tooo soon and now well just get our heads together and start from the scratch….plz don’t even qualify for Europa league. It’s better to start all over again did any body saw how André silva reacted just exactly tells how dressing room is holding together…..this team is just not there yet though it is talented but management and coach they are do to be blamed for this mess….literally we are being… Read more »


Cant wait till season ended. I will still watching them play, but not with d same passion.
I hope we dont qualified for euro too, so we can focus to build everythings that doesnt work today.
Super coppa is our last hope. Wish Juve will give it to us for easy and free, and not with the hard way.


qUaLIfY FOr tHe CHaMpIoNs LeAgUe

What a joke! This match was worse than disgusting and frustrating! This was single-handedly the worst AC Milan match I have ever watched!


I will say this now, or never, @kessie always played very bad still played every 90mnts, bonucci will play badly still can’t sub him, kallanic is very poor than silver still he play more than silver and silver will make 1 mistake he will not play next match.
Gattuso can’t handle this team, I know he will fall with this his defence style of football.


Unrealistic goals and thats it, this season should have been used to discover young players from academy and give some playing time to those that are already in the first team like Locatelli, Mauri, etc, but what se saw entire season was presistent use of Kalinic, Bonaventura, Kessie, Rodriguez, Bonnuci and Biglia which 90% of the time they underporformed and all those i mentined had alternatives which were rarrely or not at all used. I would prefer to see Mauri instead of Kessie, Locatelli instead of Bonaventura, Antonelli or someone from academy instead of Rodriguez, Silva instead of Kalinic, and… Read more »


I gotta do this:
Christian (easy mode) Zapata
Ricardo (slower than a ref) Rodriguez
Fabio (you don’t know my skills) Borini
Jack (I always target the keeper) Bonaventura
Suso (I will dribble on left) Fernandez
And my boy:
Nikola (don’ be mad at me, I play on life-support) Kalinić aka Van Basten 2.0


Don’t insult Van Basten!!! Putting Kalinic and Van Basten in the same sentence is a slap in the face for Marco! Lol


What about Rino (you don’t know what you are doing) Gattuso…..well I just remembered Chelsea manager Avram grant and supporter use to call him because of his confuse state of mind…..


This is very shameful to say the least. You guys are saying there’s no need to qualify for the europa league as if they can actually qualify. The moment they dropped points against sassuallo at the San siro they already dropped at of the Europa league places. Dropping points against teams like that should never happen if you really want to be among the elites and then went further to draw against Torino. We can’t say benevento didn’t deserve this win. The team is full of shit now and Gattuso is clueless. I’m looking at the next games and I… Read more »


You said it.


We got it all wrong from the beginning. No good winger…. no world class midfielder.. Kalnic, Rodriguez… Borini are all a waste of money. Something tells me that Bellusconi will buy this club back.


What a joke off a management , fassone & mirrabelli should get fired assap , those fuckerz don’t deserve to be at this club , this is all theire faulth , they spend 200million on all useless player. Good job assholes for wasting 200M . And some of you were mad at galliani for what ? That guy landed milan the best players ronaldinho ‘ zlatan ‘ kaka ‘ seedorf etc etc etc … that guy brought the best players in milan , sure his last years were bad because off a few bad signings but that was burlesconi’s faulth… Read more »


God pls see us through


this is terrible. why are f*cked up by a relegation side that was never win on their away game? the season still there it’s not over yet. where is the team that was unbeatable from the start of 2018? they are losing it hard.
gattuso played 4-4-2 yet his flanks are trash(ed) most of the game time.
and i don’t know what kessie does that he become irreplaceable, i don’t see it at all, specially in this game.
all players under raiola that played for milan should be sold. the way they play smelled conspiracy.


90% of the team is mediocre. Most fans here thought the summer purchases were gonna bring us to the top lol Kalinic? Kessié? Should have used those millions to get Isco / Ibrahimovic type players


Kessié is good because he showed his value at Atalanta. Why he’s not performing the same at Milan is a different question but the ability is there. Also being played game after game is not good. Kalinic was always a mediocre player so why buy him is another mistake of this stupid management imo. Why not play Loca and Silva a lot more and see what happens?


Kessie was nothing special in Atalanta, and this is not Atalanta. If you underperform he match after match you should either be benched or sold


Spending 200mil to end up with a team worse than the one you had…the biggest mistake in this team are Fasone and Mirabelli. As for Gatuzzo, whit every new game i watch it seems more and more obvious that he dosen’t know a thing about attacking football, it seems all he wants from his players is to run like crazy and have grit but running does not create chances passes do. And this team has the worst passing skills that i have ever seen in all my years watching football, you can’t decide who is worse is it Bona is… Read more »


Interesting, from the start I didn’t like the looks of Borini and Kalinic and some people on here jumped on me with statements like Borini is the signing of the season as for them under Montella they thought he was playing well. Furthermore, a lot of you complain about Suso yet again without him we are shit. Yes, he can’t play at his best whilst he is one of the most used players this season. It’s a poor management to blow 200m and have no decent cover for the key positions in the squad. Cutrone is an ambitious young player… Read more »


Miss=Musa btw!


Musa didn’t play because he is expecting a baby with his wife soonest or the baby is here already… That’s why Gattuso picked Zapata.


Thx for sharing that as I did not know it.


Most fans here sucks!!! Some will come and be shouting, play 442,play 4231,play 451,start Silva,give locatelli a playing time,rest suso and all shit we spit!!!Some fans were satisfied yesterday night and what was the outcome??And don’t get it twisted,West Bromwich Albion drew Liverpool yesterday and won man u last weekend so I believe at the end of every season all relegation teams should be handle with serious care and and good players coz at dis stage,relegation teams play with dere last strength to exit relegation!!!last season I only saw suso and Dona as our savior,dis season we have rogmannoli,bonucci,calanoglu,suso,biglia,Dona,cutrone!!!gattuso is… Read more »


He is at fault too tho, during the winter transfer window, he told the club not to sign anyone because the team is good enough.
Even tho i don’t believe in his statement… Could just be a cover-up.


@ Larry, Rino is at fault the guy didn’t have guts to go and play all out attacking football he is just tooo defensive he was tooo afraid to loose rather than win vs inter when we all knew this is now or never for milan as far as champions league is concerned…..when you have that sort of mentality than I really don’t think you deserve to coach a team like milan that is aiming to be amongst the elites of Europe……there are many matches where he looked confuse ran out of ideas what to do next…..milan really need a… Read more »


If we sell any of these players except borini we will regret it, there is too much pressure on these players, and gattuso is not a coach good at easing off pressure from players like Wenger but will even add more,look at how he bashed them even on media. one constant problem I have seen since after losing to juve is not that we don’t play well but the pressure is too much, right from the first minute the players will all be in a hurry to score so they can qualify for champions league but no one can run… Read more »


Comment:Milan, the match was pathetic to watch
what Milan needs next season is a well seasoned coach who needs financial support be it buoyant or small to bring out the best in Milan.
what Ac Milan needs is Carlos A or R. Benitez


Financial support we won’t get sadly. Can’t you see that we are full of debts, even last summer the 200 m blown away by these clowns is debt!! I think we are in a terrible state, far worse than under Berlusconi. I like Rino and I still believe in him. Right now these results are because there is no depth in that team and that’s Pinocchio Fassone and the other one’s fault. You say Rino didn’t ask for back up in Jan window but even if he did there were no funds for it other than some tired expired free… Read more »


Lol most people called me Galliani and all sort of names on the what’s app handle for saying we should have exchanged callejon for suso .I apologise to the die hard milan fans for saying that but after losing at sansiro against rock bottom benevento who had a man less where is milan now in seria A table…Lol suso lovers may u leave long


Amen!!!coz he did a lost last season and even dis season,he shouldn’t be compensated with that!!! Though if he’s willing to go,den so be it!!!but even if AC Milan buy Lionel messi today,I believe suso can still work as a sub when he’s down with injuries and others!!! And not still be complaining about no better sub next season again!!! Like now,nobody to fill in the gaps for rogmannoli,calanoglu,suso,kessie,jack,biglia and NO senior,experienced striker to assist Bcoz kalinic is not one!!Silva and cutrone still play with fear in dem!!