Milan-Benevento: The Rossoneri squad

Franck Kessié during training at Milanello. (
Franck Kessié during training at Milanello. (

Here is the squad of Milan.

AC Milan face Benevento Calcio on Saturday evening when the clock points 20:45 CET / Italy time at Stadio San Siro for the 34th matchday of the 2017/18 Serie A and the Rossoneri coach Gennaro Gattuso has named his squad.

Andrea Conti, Alessio Romagnoli, Matteo Gabbia and Hakan Çalhanoğlu are out.

Probable XI ( Gianluigi Donnarumma; Davide Calabria, Leonardo Bonucci, Cristian Zapata, Ricardo Rodriguez; Fabio Borini, Franck Kessié, Lucas Biglia, Giacomo Bonaventura; Patrick Cutrone, André Silva.

Antonio DonnarummaIgnazio AbateLucas BigliaFabio Borini
Gianluigi DonnarummaLuca AntonelliGiacomo BonaventuraPatrick Cutrone
Marco StorariLeonardo BonucciFranck KessiéNikola Kalinić
Davide CalabriaManuel LocatelliAndré Silva
Gustavo GomezJose MauriSuso
Mateo MusacchioRiccardo Montolivo
Ricardo Rodriguez
Cristian Zapata


  1. This is Benevento. You can’t go wrong with them. Or can you?
    First game we played 5-3-2 system and Benevento were disciplined untill the very end and got rewarded. This time we have Borini instead of A. Silva who really needs some games with Cutrone. But we will win tommorrow either way and Rino will come out from his result crisis. That is, I have been told, most important thing.

  2. Sign some creative mids for god sake. Get Ziyech and Wilshire to play in front of Biglia .This department need massive massive upgrade. The main reason why we suffering from all corners i swear .Kessie is just so painful to watch. Really should be a back up next season or else I dont know how we are gonna escape another season like this.

    • I agree with you on the Kessie part. It looks like fans are afraid to critisize him and at the same time quick to judge Bona&Suso. At least those two have done good things for us and saved us on a couple occasions. But Kessie hasn’t done anything and he is selfish as f!. It is sometimes unbelievable how selfish he can be. I can’t believe we are sacrificing Locatelli for such a limited player.

  3. Don’t we have a player from the Youth who is a natural left wing attacker that we can develop? This make shift idea is too risky.

    Wolves have gained promotion to Premier League and Andre Silva’s former manager is in charge there. His agent should take him away from Milan b4 they ruin his career.

  4. Bona and Kessie are making more passes with other players than between the two of themselves. These so-called midfielders only pass the ball wide to the fullback or winger because thats easier. No wonder they cant find the main striker or even each other.

  5. Allegri = Inzaghi = Montella= Gattuso = Italian trash.

    They all seemed like them wanted to lose games based on their lineups. Bonera for instance, error after error and allegri still played him. Why? You can almost suspect allegri wanted to lose games on purpose.. Inzaghi with poli.. game after game poli was the weakest link.. im not saying he wasnt running his heart out.. im saying in terms of football and not a maratoon lap.. he was useless.. but inzaghi played him game after game.. zapata? How the hell is he over musa???

    Im really starting to suspect that milan has a contract with somebody/someone to field useless players into our starting eleven to lose game.. im sure of it. Otherwise gattuso wouldnt play kalinic.. he would play borini. or zapata..

    Year after year we make this complicated.. all we need is a 2 creative players with PACE.. not only 2 creative players.. we have to have speed in midfield.. but like last year and the 5 other years beofre that.. what are we goning to do?

    Of course, we are going to focus on strikers… sell and buy strikers.. we gonna focus on GK.. donnarumma or reina? we are going to focus on defenders.. we are going to even focus on whetever milan is driving audi or mercedes.. BUT midfield will stay as it is. And that means.. no pace.. no creativity.. just a bunch of italian rejects.. that only controlls the ball..or at least tries.. and i think the milan contract is controlling this. No leadership with common sense would neglect the MAIN ISSUE which is a SLOW and MONOTONOUS midfield…

  6. DAMN IT, NO TO 433 fuck borini offers nothing, play silva there if ur 433 fetish is so bad.
    4321 give us the results, Ancelotti praise that system why in the holy name of fuck do you change it to favour Borini DAMN IT!!!!!!!

  7. I like Man City midfield strategy of three where in central position there’s a DM (Fernando) operating to break up play and AM on each side (Bruyne, Silva) pushing forward

    Wings (Sane, Sterling) are coming deep for the ball and play it up along with help of AMs from midfield. From the defense they start as 451 but 4 of them are extremly creative players except for DM who covers the center.

    Along with a false 9 up front (Aguero) who knows how to move in penalty area providing also a space for those attacking mids and wings to involve into dangerous situations

    Basically they play 433 but their transition is from 451 in defence to 415 in attack

    Tricky but deadly

  8. I am reading that Torino rejected 50mil plus Cutrone for Belotti – I really hope this is bullshit because Cutrone is better than Belotti and Milan better not sell him. He is our future.

  9. Whatever result for this match,managemen is totally blank out of stupidity,if still trying to get Belotti for €50M + cutrone.
    Cutrone is our main asset…!!
    If you all can keep donna,can keep Calabria, can keep Romag, so why you all can keep Cutrone??
    He is only 19 for God sake….

  10. We talk like we r not fans ,let’s be sincere with ourselves,most players come to Milan and shut down ,but release them to other clubs and see how the perform ,Milan players struggle to do well but wen allowed to go to other clubs u see how well they do,..example rami,bacca ,bonera ,patengna,cristante and many more so the question is what is wrong with Milan not the players

  11. Plsss against bonenvento. no pbody shud predict cos I noticed wen ever we do that we end up being disappointed, Milan is not a club to gamble on with confidence yet ,we r far from a finished team ,let’s expect surprises from benenvento

  12. Reports suggest Mirabelli offered Torino 50 millions + Cutrone for Belotti but they rejected the offer

    Madness I tell you

  13. Belotti for Cutrone + 50 mil; I don’t like the 50 mil part, it’s a bit too much, plus Belotti wouldn’t be my first choice for upgrading up front.

    But guys, with all my love for Cutrone, there’s no comparison between the two. Belotti can control the ball with his back to goal, has good passing abilities, and is a physical presence in the box. And he can poach just as good as Cutrone.

    Plus, if the rumor is true, this means we do habe some cash at our disposal (hopefully not due to the sale of Donna, and to a lesser extent Suso).

    • Cmon now Belotti is a limited player who is 4 yrs older than Cutrone. Imagine Cutrone’s level in 4 years! Belotti’s ball control is nothing to brag about either. Watch him for 90m not just goals on YouTube and then you’ll see.

  14. See how Milan Damagement wants to ruins this club. They want to exchange Crutone with belloti and adding 50 million on top. This is full blown stupidly. We have been crying out loud we need winger and good mildfield. Please Fassone, leave Crutone alone. Add money on top of that amount and look for world-class mildfielder and winger. we should stop chasing shadow.

  15. I hope the rumours of 50 mil + Cutro for Belotti is a loan deal for Cutro? Otherwise it’s jsut pure madness.

    • yeah I was checking that too. If they do that than they are just two idiots that couldn’t even play football manager right, It’s a simple playbook, keep your most promising and get rid of the dead weight. Than bring someone that can tutor and bring best out of those youngsters. But even the dumbest of us fans wouldn’t trade Cutrone for Belotti and give them 50 mil extra. That is just insane!

  16. Tuto sport isn’t much of a reliable source and I think this Cutrone + 50m for Belloti is just BS.
    You guys can laugh at me all you want but I think that we should hire Wenger. He will leave Arsenal in the summer and if we’re going to suffer transfer bans, who is better to nurture the youth?

    • Gattuso signed a 3 year contract. So thats not happening. Besides if Milan decides to change coaches to build a team around youth then Gasperini is the man for the job.

  17. If this is the case and it seems they are strong on Belotti, also Gattuso who’s a big admirer of him, I would rather see Silva go and have duo of Belotti and Cutrone up front

    Italian front for years to come

    There are also reports from Turkey that Milan are strong on Bernard from Shaktar, he would be a much needed addition since we are naked on wings and he’ll be free in summer

    • Cutrone and Belotti are a bit similar and there’s nothing wrong with keeping Silva. Besides the 50m alone is too much for a striker who can’t score 15 goals in over 40 games. Whats wrong with people.

  18. The idea in attack should be a great striker I mean someone we can be sure of carrying us well for a couple of seasons when Cutrone and Silva will then be fully ready. Someone like Falcao, Mandzukic Dzeko.. not necessarily them but anyone who will guarantee short term success and won’t cost us 40m in this financial difficulty.



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