Team news: Milan were without the suspended Leonardo Bonucci as well as without Alessio Romagnoli, Andrea Conti and Matteo Gabbia, while Napoli had to do without the banned Mario Rui as well as Faouzi Ghoulam. Kickoff time for Matchday 32 was 15:00 CET at Stadio San Siro.

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Gennaro Gattuso
Gianluigi Donnarumma; Davide Calabria, Cristian Zapata, Mateo Musacchio, Ricardo Rodriguez; Franck Kessié, Lucas Biglia, Giacomo Bonaventura (79′ Manuel Locatelli); Suso, Nikola Kalinić (70′ André Silva), Hakan Çalhanoğlu.
Unused: Storari, A. Donnarumma, Mauri, Borini, Gómez, Montolivo, Abate, Antonelli, Cutrone.

S.S.C. Napoli (4-3-3) – Maurizio Sarri
Pepe Reina; Christian Maggio, Raúl Albiol, Kalidou Koulibaly, Elseid Hysaj; Allan (87′ Marko Rog), Jorginho, Marek Hamšík (66′ Piotr Zieliński); José Callejón, Dries Mertens (66′ Arkadiusz Milik), Lorenzo Insigne.
Unused: Rafael, Sepe, Milic, Chiriches, Machach, Ounas, Diawara, Tonelli.

Referee: Luca Banti.


  1. Well….. here goes nothing, at least inter dropped points so dropping points for us won’t be as detrimental. Somehow getting a win would be huge with the rome derby later today.

  2. Is Kalinic paid to sabotage the efforts of his teammates? Instead of scoring he cleared the lines for Napoli

    • Rodriguez is having a good game controlling the ball well under pressure and passing. If everyone does this, the opponent won’t be able to touch the ball.

    • We are doing much better with him on the left ruther than with De Siglio in the past, and at this moment i cant think of a better LB that we can afford. He makes some stupid mistaqes sometimes but who doesn’t in this team.

  3. Last 2 games our midfield play shit and us points, but mr.gattuso play same midfid again……bona is starter?
    Only changes he made are due to injury and yellow cards….plus cutrone who was nothing to provide for the team

      • He played locatelli, was he way better than bonashit or you dont wanna see it!!! Is that a player who wants his team to win walk out instead of leaving the pitch running like napoli players did if you wanna win the game!! Did you see that shit of bonashit? Did you see how many balls he lost in front and in our midfield? And gattuso keep starting him hoping what? Maybe he is sleeping with his wife.

        • Loca and Bonna? Really? Which aspect of their game is similar?

          And about the rest of your comment… I’m sorry for your small brain. You should consider killing yourself instead of commenting here! Why on earth we have a moderation on this site? When some stupid fan can publish such a comment?

          • Locatelli played in bonaventura position and you did not see it. Mpst of 5he season bonashit was awfull. This is the best he can do and i cannot wait untill i see him out like de sciglio, but can you imagine with all the skills he has no teams offered to buy him! Oh yeah he bleed red and black will not leave the club.. you are one of those fans who in the last few years were brain washed by galliani to make them believe our problem is in attack and not midfield. Join milan10 who call him bonadinho.
            I never seen a player who likes to play the ball back or hold it till oponent cover back on counter attack like this idiot do.
            If i dont comment it doesnt mean i am new here, so i am not allowed to comment. When i read ignorant comments like yours about players like bonashit. If i keep my mouth shut people will think you are right abiut that crap.
            Fa sed bouzak bikoun a7san.

  4. Suso is pretty bad. Wouldnt mind gambling putting on Cutro/Silva and subbing him, probably wont happen though. He has to step up, otherwise, the team is tactically producing a solid first 45, Napoli’s chances have been due to our mistakes, which I hope we can minimize. Kalinic has to score with the chances he has, especially the one where the ball hits his head… shows he doestn have that killer instinct like Cutro has. Anyways, I hope we can build on this, add more quality in the final third and win it in the end!

  5. Decent first half by the boys. Dodgy backline apart from RicRod (and in particular Calabria), and Kessie couldn’t string two passes together. Biglia was quite good, and Jack seems much better than previous games. Really wisk Kalanic could score, because I love how physical he’s getting with Kulubali. Same linkup play we have on the left (RicRod-Jack-Hakan) should exist on the right – maybe Monty for Kiesse eventually?

    Let’s go boys, we can win this.

    • Folk you watched a different match perhaps u were watching the first leg if you sayin RicRod didn’t perform! What else do you want?? Dude intercepted 3 of napoli’s clear goal chances… All the back line did exceptionally well only (I repeat only) bonaventura was below par. Thanks for reading

  6. Hello guys! This team is not playing badly at all they are holding their own very well against Napoli and can win this match

  7. Milan play so much better without Bonucci. Because we play the ball through Biglia and the midfield instead of forcing useless long balls.

    This Milan is so much better under Gattuso.

    We need a top striker that can score 25-30 goals per season and a good left winger. Still cant believe we didnt sign Deulofeu. Sigh!

    • I would say the same. If we can get back the 45 mil or so we bought him for I wouldn’t mind selling him instead of the younger players. Thats if we will struggle for funds in the summer .

      • Musacchio.and Romagnoli was the plan until Montella and his agent convinced Mirabelli to spend 42m on Bonucci.

        We could signed Deulofeu and a top striker last season if Montella didnt request Kalinic. Not sure why we even gambled on Andre Silva when there are better strikers we could have signed.

        • I hope we go for Deloffeu in the summer he is like 12mil, Barca was asking to much for him this summer but now his price has droped, he will probably want to come to. Even if he dosent play very good for 12mil its a risk worth taking.
          As for Bonucci and Silva yes they were not needed some 80mil were spent on them, and if you add Conti since we also didnt need a right back thats some 100 mil spent on unnecessary position. We could have used this money to get better midfielders who fit in 4-3-3 and winger who can create chances. As for the 25-30 goals striker, no one can score in a team (like the one we have right now) that cant even create a half chance.

        • Silva was the biggest mistake of the summer; the kid got talent don’t get me wrong, but we need someone good today and not tomorrow.

          • Yep. Not sure why we loaned Bacca when none of the strikers we bought are even half as good as him.

            He scored against Montella yesterday too while Kalinic cant score more 5 goals. Pathetic!
            Cant wait to see him gone.

  8. If we switch to a 4 4 2 our midfield will get recked by napoli. We’ve had more chances and played really well barring a few miss passes and dribbles by kessie and suso. Regardless they both play a vital role. I can see gatusso only making 1 sub this match. Silva for kalanic

  9. I don’t want these guys to lose to Napoli.. Goalless draw is better… If that happens, then Gattuso is the man !

    • He’s physical and runs a lot but clumsy. Would be better in England. Well I don’t mean should sell him.

    • Suggestion to scout Hakim Ziyech and Danny Neres. Both are from Ajax and could be upgrades for Jack and Suso. Ziyech for LM/LW and Neres for RW.

      • We need proven world class players to improve our squad. The Dutch league is too weak.

        Willian, Frosberg, Deulofeu and Moussa Dembele should be our target for the wings and midfield.

        As for a top striker that can score 20+ goals only Belotti or Cavani seems like our best options.

        Morata will probably to back to Real Mardrid or Juventus. Dzeko will only leave for a foreign club. Bacca wants to remain in Spain.

  10. Good match by the boys, all things considered, and decent result against Napoli.

    We we’re quite passive for many minutes, but it’s understandable considering Jack, Kessie, and Suso all need rest asap. Biglia was the MOTM in my mind, Calabria would want to study closely this game so he can learn how to defend against technical players such as Insignie.

    Gattuso is doing great with what he has, but we need reinforcements badly. Two AM/wingers for backup/rotation and a striker that can score goals.

  11. Save of the season by Donnarumma.
    Think Loca looked good in his little cameo, hopefully he can play more and more, would hate to loose him.
    Suso today showed that we desperately need an upgrade. Cant rely on him all the time, especially since he’s inconsistent.

  12. I really wish Gattuso would stop playing Kalinic. Milan should have won if he just head the freaking ball instead of letting the ball hit him in the head. All the goals he missed Bacca would have scored. Smh

    Cant wait for next season. We badly need a top striker and a left winger.

  13. Kalinić, Suso, Kessie, Jack just horrible. Thanks to Donnarumma’s save of the season Milan got a point out of this but overall they created close to nothing as game continued. Just bad

    • Uhm… Kessie was a monster today man. He had a couple of misplaced passes which like always he should improve, but he ran the length of three mere humans today. He alongside Biglia and our back four + Donna were our best performers, no doubt about it.

      • People seem to think that since Kessie screws up some passes and doesn’t score goals that hrs not good. People forget hoe much cover he closes and how much he opens to other players. He shut down napolis midfield and attack tremendously. I love the fact that musacchio and even zapata came in and played a great match.

        • Yes exactly. They only focus on his passes, and yes theyre pretty bad especially when its a simple sideways pass, but never praise him for his hardwork/interceptions etc. For example against Roma, how many praised him for his long run, knocking the ball down to Cutro, in which was played out to Suso, back to Cutro and then goal…

          @Rossi – Bona plays as the more attacking player in our midfield – Kessie plays as box-to-box, and is with his running doing an exceptional job. His passing needs brushing up no doubt about it, but while everyone are quick to criticize his passing and focus on that, why not focus on all the other good things he does on the pitch?

        • A midfield, in fact any football player, should learn how to complete passes. That’s one of the most important aspects of the game obviously. Until Kessie reaches normal pass-completion rates he’ll never be considered solid.

          • Mate I know he is not an AM naturally, but that s the position he is given in this team, back in Atlanta he was box-to-box with more defensive role, why did we even get him if we planed on playing 4-3-3, Bonaventura is not an AM naturally either, he is LM and he also runs a lot but that doesn t mean his doing good, both of them are doing bad i can t remember the last time any of them made an assist or at least set up some one for an assist and in this formation those two positions are crucial for creating chances. So since thy can t pass naither they have the creativity we are only left with the wingers to make crosses and hope for the best, which results with our predictable play and inefficiency to create chances. If i add to this that Calahoglu is also not a winger and is played out of position, maybe it will be best to change the 4-3-3 maybe in Inters 4-2-3-1(it seems it will fit more for there natural positions) or at least try to swap Calahoglu and Bona places.

      • That’s precisely what I expect from Kessie, to operate as a box to box/DM kind of player. I don’t expect him to score but make tireless runs and break up opposition play

        Suso is just too one dimensional player I’ve been telling this for some time now

        Jack is a substitute player nothing more

  14. Zapata and Musacchio really played good and what about that save of Donna in the end….I guess that saved sums up Napoli season as far as title race is on…..if that greedy pigola can let Donna settle and play with piece of mind he can be called in the same catergory as likes of neur degea et al…..

  15. Suso-kessie . Kessie is an football player, you know..american football
    I really wish Gattuso can see the problem, at least we got a point so move on. Forza Milan

  16. OUT abate antoneli zapata montalivo mauri kalinic borini bonaventura suso IN pastore depay di maria cavani berradi arturo vidal ander herrara is ok MR LI

    • Do the math, the ppl u just named cost 40mil a piece, the ppl u listed on our side for combination of 70mil. How r we going to afford it especially if we don’t make champions league?

    • Mathematically yes, realistically I think we messed up against Sassuolo.
      But we’ll see at the end of the season!

      • Funny thing is inter keep slipping and so do we. Inter has some tough matches ahead of them as well as roma and Lazio. So let’s see how this plays out. My hopes are slim now but not over

  17. Donnarumma gave us a point with that save! Can’t comprehend why Rino keeps starting bonaventura, like why?? Dude is always a second referee (that’s allow to touch the ball) on the pitch.. We need a creative mf cos it worrisome and tiring when our strikers only expect crossing from the flanks.

  18. hmmmm looking at the standing a draw will favour us against lazio and Roma and I think we still got some 3.4matches we can win easily am just been optimistic but the reality is hard Oo hmmm I just pray we qualify to Europe next season even dough is Europa league

  19. I made a statement about Kalinic that he is a scrap while he was signed you guys said that i am unaware of football i can be better director of sports for milan than the current one if would have a budget to spend like fassone milan had finished in top 3

  20. Not a bad game. We played good in General consider we had a new defensive pair. Donna had a great game. It’s really sad that he will leave (it’s matter of when). I wish Plizzari can fill his shoes in the near future. Until then we will have Reina who is really solid.

    We should accept that our current players are at this level. We have no alternative to Suso, Bonna, Hakan & Kessie. They are playing every single game and it’s natural that the quality will drop.

    I’m still Believing that UCL is possible. We should fight till thr last moment.

    + Rhino Is the biggest surprise of the season in Seria A! Who whould have believed that our crazy legend be such a mastermind!

  21. Milan played on draw and that would be ok if we had secured CL spot or at least Europa spot. But we didn’t. And Napoli played a poor game and we should not celebrate this point. Maybe Rino have instructions to not get us in Europe fo next year. Inter did that last year and they are coping just fine. When we sum up this season we did nothing and Gattuso was the best thing happened to us.
    None of the signings worked and most of them just proved to be mediocre. If they don’t buy some star players we don’t have much space for optimism.

    • If we are limited to only 2…. A winger and a destroyer in the midfield.
      Kessie need rest from time to time, and Hakan could do well in the midfield, a winger it’s a must.
      So………. Kalinic could stay. I think with better service he could do ten goals a season.

      I really liked Musa today. I’m no coach but, he shows class, I would like to see him in a 4231 next to Biglia, but I don’t see Suso playing in the middle or Kessie doing too well on the right.

    • Belotti or cavani for striker option to replace kalinic . And kovacic from real madrid or fabregas to replace bonnaventura

  22. We need like 5 players really. Deulofeu for the LW, Frosberg – AM, Willian-RW and Mousa Dembele-CM and Belotti or Cavani – CF.

    I cant see how Milan can improve with just signing 2-3 players to challenge for titles next season. Bonaventura, Suso, Kalinic Locatelli, and Montolivo are showing that they are not good enough to take Milan to the next level.

    No one on our bench except for maybe Cutrone could have made us when today against Napoli.

    Donnarumma will leave for Juventus most likely to replace Buffon so it would be worth our while to get as much as we can for him to strengthen the squad since Pepe Reina will be a free transfer.

      • Dont blame me, Donnarumma said he doesnt know what will happen in the transfer market because its up to his agent. Juventus GM said after the Milan vs Napoli game that Donnarumma is Buffon’s heir.

        Now it should not be a surprise to you that Raiola is doing everything possible to sell Donnarumma to Juventus, PSG or Real Madrid.

        Most likely he will sold. Maybe Suso too

    • I agree we need a top striker like you said and wingers but the most that need to be upgrades is bonnaventura place in the midfield .
      We need a playmaker that can play in midfield who can send passes and controls the game . Bonnaventura isn’t playing good in midfield he needs to play at the left wing or LM

  23. It’s not my anger due to last couple of results speaking but I believe Suso should be sold he’s just too one dimensional and inconsistent

    Jack same, he is a bench player nothing more

    In the back Milan are OK and set for next season but from midfield to wings and strikers they’re far from something special

    They are in desperate need of proper attacking playmakers, either in midfield or out wide and if they intend to be cheap, Bernard from Shakhtar and Ozyakup from Besiktas would be decent and will be free starting June

    • Dude I agree, I’ve been complaining about suso for quite a while, he scored a lot of goals but he was used in the most advanced role under montella, the man can’t do anything right. lacks speed, lacks dribbling skills, he is working on his right foot, but that should be done when he was 15, he can’t defend. The guy need some talking I still think he can be used kinda like bonaventura but with the need of quick money I say sell him. Donna also, his wage is ridiculous.

      • I don’t know suso isn’t best but he’s not bad also , keep in mind that suso has played allot of matches this season , he needs competition for his role . But like you said if a good price came like 40/50M € then i don’t mind if he leaves . And most importently a good replacement if they replace him with a worst and older player then i would mind that .

  24. That’s why we should sign deulofeo coz he have the ability we need and that is speed this can’t do fast break on counter attack coz suso is slow and when bonadinho play bad it become burden to hakan… Note this that Geri can play both sides and better on the right side

  25. It was a good game considering how well organised the team played. I must confess that Zapata surprised me with His performance alongside Mussachio.

    Great save my Donna and lovely ball distribution, RicRoc played his best game of d season. Bona should not play next 2 games to give him good rest and am sure he will come back good.

  26. There are so many things we don’t see here!! Both kessie and bona affected suso and calanoglu,coz once kessie and bona aren’t giving necessary passes,den both calanoglu and suso will only keep running around the pitch and turnout to be a defender while dey were meant to be attacking the opponent every second!!! Have u all noticed that once both kessie and bona played a good game on the pitch both suso and calanoglu becomes unstoppable!!!we need replacement for kessie and bona!!!good game though but dey are d players pulling the team back!!!and about Donna,good and decent save though,but he only does that once a match after conceding two stupid goals in two matches!!!good defense combination(musachio and Zapata) but bona and kessie should be coming from the beach next season,den we will see d best of suso and calanoglu!!! Forza Gattuso, Forza Milan



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