Gattuso reportedly considering to rest Bonaventura on Sunday against Sassuolo, Montolivo tried in his place

Giacomo Bonaventura during training at Milanello. (
Giacomo Bonaventura during training at Milanello. (

Gennaro Gattuso is thinking about giving Jack a chance to catch his breath, playing Riccardo Montolivo alongside Lucas Biglia and Franck Kessié instead.

Bonaventura’s performances in recent weeks have been rather disappointing but he continues to enjoy the support and defense of coach Gennaro Gattuso, who attributed Jack’s showings to tiredness.

The ex-Atalanta man has been one of the most-used players under Rino, and according to Sky Italia, Gattuso is considering playing Sassuolo with Giacomo on the bench.

In fact, in today’s training, Riccardo Montolivo was tried in the role of Bonaventura, who has been at Milan since 2014, with Lucas Biglia – who returns to the starting XI after being suspended against Inter – in the regista role, and Kessié in his regular position as a right-sided midfielder.

Hakan Çalhanoğlu trained in the gym today but should be fully fit to play, while Patrick Cutrone is expected to play from the start again. Kickoff time for Milan-Sassuolo is 20:45 CET at San Siro.

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I prefer locatelli or Borini. Bonaventura should be benched not rested. I wouldnt mind not seeing him and Kalinic for the rest of the season.

If Gattuso doesnt use Locatelli or Borini then play both Andre Silva and Cutrone.

Montolivo has been a dissapointment since his arrival at Milan and at this stage i would even use Borini who can also play as a winger over Montolivo. Why? Because Borini works hard and he always gives 100% like Cutrone.


I also agree that i wouldnt mind seeing Jack on the bench for a while Locatelli should be played more often I also understand the importance Biglia has for the team along with Kessie, Montolivo isnt doing anyone any good than taking up space which is wasted. Kalinic should be dropped altogether, we need to win games not hope for the best, we probably only won 1 game with Kalinic coming off the bench theres a huge difference when he plays compared to Cutrone and Silva. I also agree with Bonucci we need a top class player/s. Theres nothing wrong… Read more »


Totally agree. well said.


Loca in advanced position? We all know Loca can’t do that.


Locatelli CAN’T PLAY AS MEZZALA ! So he can’t substitute Bonaventura ! NEVER ! Locatelli can play only as regista in Biglia’s place and in this moment he plays badly ! Against Inter we totally lost the midfield when Locatelli came in ! Gattuso knows better what he’s doing !


We lost the misfield when Montolivo came in for Biglia. Smh

Eugene owusu badu

Which Milan player dribbles forward more than jack please let’s us respect the pride and dignity of our beloved team. Eugene acmilan forever Ghana.


Comment:but has jose mauri not impressed gattuso to even earn a small chance to play,he is a natural box to box midfielder. the knws his players,he may not have improved in training

Pippo 3

Monto offered next to nothing in the derby,BIG mistake if gattuso still trust him..better play both silva and cutrone in a a 4-4-2


in this situasion, i agree to try 442 with borini and hakan as side midfielder


442 is better. Let Silva play behind Crutone. We don’t want Montolivo.


montolivo is the best option let him start




if this shit hapens then we are in for another draw which wil smash all hope…another thing is that gattuso is now being too sentimental, why wil silva sit on the bench again and why montolivo start again after his horror show in the derby..i just dont understand these pple


Comment:gattuso is the one in chage, pls respect is choice and soport him


I think his playing monto and kalinic that he hopes they do something to get a better price in the transfer market. If they get dropped what price are they going to be at. Were gona need some money to come in from selling players because i seriously doubt were gona even have half the amount we spent at the start of this season. We need to be patient this is gona take at least 5-10 years for us to be true contenders for any major silverware, we should be more worried about the ownership situation, now thats what worries… Read more »


I hope we win with a huge scoreline so maybe Rino could see Bona has been bad for a while now. And hey, what’s better than winning?


Montolivo will score against Sassuolo.. I remember Montella playing him as mezzala early in the season and he scored 2 goals in that position. Why because Montolivo knows how to shoot better than all our attacking players, except Hakan. Unlike Bonaventura and Kessie who shoot wide without direction. Gattuso is right to play him there.


With Montolivo as mezzala we demolate sampdoria at san siro. It was just 1-0, but they didn’t have any chance


U r so right alexmilan ,my problem with Milan fans here is that once they don’t like a certain player they will never be impressed even wen the player does well any other time ,montolivo is good as a mezzala ,


I don’t understand y some are against using montolivo, it’s obvious dat Locatelli is not ready n can’t play in d bona role, Monto is d only player in dis team dat can play all d 3 midfield roles, and gattuso is not foolish, he just got a contract n wants to win so if he proposed Monto, he must surely know what he is doing… Which is another reason y d last mercato was not good enough, we bought quantity without direction… Like one of my friends used to say, d DS messed a lot of things up… At… Read more »


Kucka really shud have stayed




4-4-2 is preferable but at this time imposible. Kalinic is awful and Silva is shaken by death of his grandfather which only leaves Cutrone as a sole forward. Although I also think Montolivo is not good choice and even Mauri should get his chance before him.


Monto playing bona’s role is d position montolivo played well,so I think playing monto on dat wing will convinced the management from selling him at the end of the season


LMAO.. we are talking as bonaventura is kaka.. need rest??? Bonaventura shouldnt be in milan in the first place… rest.. LMAO

Calm down

If Montolivo would lab every ball out in the air to absolutely nobody then won’t make much difference if we keep Bona there. What’s wrong with Locatelli who could at least improve on the process?


Still supporting bona, he is better than Hakan mark my words, Hakan is younger but he is not going to get better than Bona. Here’s bonus for player performance this season: Roma 90 Cutrone 89 Bonu 88 Bona 85 Suso 85 Conti 85 Biglia 85 Dona 84 Cala 84 Kes 84 Hakan 83 RR 83 Silva 82 Motolivo 80 Kalinic 50 Kalinic needs to go, Dona can be sold if price is right, Kessie needs to play defensive mid stop join the attack or he can leave too, he has the potential to be next Kante. The problem with our… Read more »


Mark my words ! You are very wrong about hakan ! He is a real number 10 !


Baggio! You just made a waste of that space with unguarded comment