Team news: Milan were without Ignazio Abate, Davide Calabria, Matteo Gabbia, Alessio Romagnoli and Nikola Kalinić, while Chievo had to do without Alessandro Gamberini and Riccardo Meggiorini. Kickoff time for Matchday 29 in Serie A was 15:00 CET at Stadio San Siro.

Goals: Çalhanoğlu (10′), Stępiński (33′), Inglese (34′), Cutrone (54′), André Silva (81′)

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Gennaro Gattuso
Gianluigi Donnarumma; Fabio Borini (60′ André Silva), Leonardo Bonucci, Cristian Zapata, Ricardo Rodriguez; Franck Kessié, Lucas Biglia, Giacomo Bonaventura; Suso, Patrick Cutrone (83′ Mateo Musacchio), Hakan Çalhanoğlu.
Unused: Storari, A. Donnarumma, Mauri, Conti, Gustavo Gómez, Montolivo, Antonelli, Locatelli, Tsadjout, Tiago Dias.

A.C. Chievo Verona (4-3-1-2) – Rolando Maran
Stefano Sorrentino; Fabrizio Cacciatore, Nenad Tomović, Mattia Bani, Paweł Jaroszyński; Lucas Castro (86′ Sergio Pellissier), Ivan Radovanović, Fabio Depaoli; Emanuele Giaccherini (71′ Përparim Hetemaj); Roberto Inglese (75′ Valter Birsa), Mariusz Stępiński.
Unused: Seculin, Confente, Dainelli, Rigoni, Cesar, Gobbi, Pucciarelli, Bastien.

Referee: Maurizio Mariani.


  1. Bonaventura is on such a poor form I’m surprise he is starting.

    And i dont understanding why Milan are wasting corner kicks by taking short corners?

    Nice goal Andre Silva. I’ve always believed in him.

  2. ok.. this is my thought on gattuso , he is very smart , switching formations, early changes (hated nuttella for his inability to spot what is needed) .. he knows was to do

  3. That moment Andre and Cutro celebrated the goal..Milan’s future in front!!
    I like how Cutrone was always the first man to come to Andre and celebrate after he scored a goal (remember last week).. always happy when the team scores, no matter who grabbed the guy..that’s a character!!

  4. Allegri, Seedorf, Inzaghi, Brochi, Miha, Montella and Rhino all used Zapata! I wonder why he plays at center of defence when we have Mussa & Gomez. I wish Rhino learns from this mistake

    • Pairing Mussachio and Bonucci isn’t safe.

      You can see from Musa’s few minutes that they are precisely the same type of player. It’s highly risky as they tend to press forward and also hold on to the ball.

  5. We have Calha, we have Suso, we have Andre Silva, whyyyyyyyy the hell are beating the penalties RR and Kessie ????!?!?!?!??! OMG

      • Kessie and RR are not so good penalty takers compared to the others ! Kessie the brainless and RR the labile one !

        • They were desinated as the penalty kick takers because of their higher scoring percentage in training.

          However, i believe the person who earned the penalty should take it and they should be the person to decide if they want to let any of their designated teammates take it if they are not feeling confident.

        • They are also first choice penalty takers for their respective countries, so …

          Kessie missed this one but executed all the previous ones expertly.

          Now people are mentioning Suso for penalties but he’s terrible at them, which anybody who have watched Milan and his missed penalties before should know.

  6. A few chokes here a few slaps there got us the 3 points, a different team on the 2nd half, I guess Mussachio is too weak for a center back role in Italy but the man has nice skills, from what I see he deserve some playtime. Great Win Forza Milan

  7. Hey, good teams always find a way tk win, even if it’s ugly. Look at juve. Happy for Silva again because he has just won milan 6 crucial points in 2 games coming on as a sub

  8. Well done, boys ! Milan is back ! The next 2 games against Juve and Inter are crucial for the Champions League race !

    PS : Let’s not joke anymore with the penalties !!! why RR and Kessie ??!?!?!?! We have excellent penalty takers like Silva, Hakan, Suso. Bonucci

    • @Alexmilan
      Dream on, I have seen both Suso and Silva (for Portugal) miss penalty kicks.
      In fact Suso is quite terrible with his P kicks.
      Fans have this mistaken believe that skillful attacking players are good with P kicks but it’s not necessarily the case, ask Messi.

  9. Yes! This is Rino and it’s his Milan… A manager who is brave enough to change players early and change formations whenever needed, and his team fights till the last second. Remember that the team was coming back from a frustrating match that we lost and cost us a big cup, it’s no easy to bounce back like this.
    Overall, I can say that we need to play Mussachio, Montolivo, and Silva more and Zapata, Biglia, and Bonaventura less. Biglia is good but still not in his perfect form.

  10. You watching the back of your Tv…. if you figure out there is handball or you call it ball to hand.. lol

  11. All things aside, it was shocking how many balls Bonucci lost today, specially after the change to three at the back and many of them could have lead to goals against quality opponents. He passed the ball straight to them or put it out of play on at least five separate occasions.

    I’d say this international break comes at a good time. Let’s rest and recover key players, like Calabria and Romagnoli.

  12. I would be happy to see Bonaventura dropped from the starting 11 in favor of Andre Silva.

    Bonaventura is not playing well and he is not bringing anything in the attack.

    We should maybe alternate Montolivo with Biglia who i am beginning to believe is a bad investment especially due to his age. He’s too slow on the ball.

    Some poor decisions being made by the players today like wasting corner kicks with short corners –

    I dont understand the reason behind short corners and why the team still do it to zero effect.

    Romagnoli was surely missed today but how about Mussachio at RB instead of Borini? That should be an option if we dont have Conti and Calabria available.

  13. Well fought!!

    Not much to do but conceded 2. Not his fault. But still I think he is overrated.

    One of the best for today.



    Respect for this guy. Fought hard, did actually do well. Calabria or Conti would be the first choices over him. But still, he fights!!

    Was he in the game?

    Too much wrong passes for a playmaker. Needs to work on this. Or the management should work on this with a proper one.

    Mixed performances through the whole game. Poor taken penalty. From the moment I saw him taking the penalty I said he is going to miss and yesss he did.

    Actually one of the best. Far more efficient than Suso today.

    Inzaghi 2.0 made his goal, good for him. I am convinced he learns a lot in this season. Needs to work more on keeping possession and link up with others.

    Today he was not that bad. But still not sufficient enough in my eyes. Looses the ball too often, stupid mistakes and bad passes.

    I believe he and Cutrone can be the new duo of the future of Milan. They link up with each other and maybe a good old fashioned 4-4-2 with them two upfront could be a decent option. Especially because Suso and Calhanoglu are not genuine wingers or good enough to play as a winger. The last thing counts for Suso.

    Decided to play all-or-nothing. And right he was!! I knew that when Milan scores the 3-2 he would change immediately to a 4-4-2. And he did!!! Perfect Ringhio!!!

    Milan misses physical strength and height. In the lines of the midfield and attack, we just miss these things. Take a look at Calhanoglu and Suso. No muscles, no height. So corners or passes in the box are defended too easily. Biglia is another hobbit. Especially in counter passes he just gets overwhelmed every time.
    I mean, not every player needs to be like Kessie as it comes to physique but take a look at the English teams or Juventus, Napoli, Inter and even Lazio. They don’t lack this.
    Sonin my conclusion, a more physical playmaker who is strong in playing passes would be an asset to Milan.
    If Gattuso wants to play 4-4-2, then keep Suso and Calhanoglu as a left and right midfielder. If he decides to play 4-3-3, then sell Suso and get 2 good overall wingers.

    • Actually It would been a loss according statistics. Montella’s team are so inconsistent that i highly doubt he can win 3 games in a row let alone 6.

      I was never a fan and i’m so glad he’s gone and so is Andre Silva :=)

      I hope Silva continues to score so that he stays at Milan as i believe it would be a bad decision to sell him.

  14. – the reason for shaky defense was Zapata and Borini. I get Borini as RB. he is really fast and improving in every match but Zapata? Why?
    – Bona is in his worst form ever. we should use him as a sub. maybe play 4-4-2 or play monto in his position in upcoming games
    – the 3-5-2 was ON TIME. congratulation to Rhino
    – I wish Silva and Suso prove me wrong in every match. I believed both of them should leave… maybe I was wrong
    – Donna is still miles away from being Milan number one. he is not commanding the penalty box

    • I agree with everything you said except for your comment on Suso and Silva. I respect your opinion BUT they are still very young and i truly believe that if we have faith in them it will be repaid ten times over.

      They have the potential to become great players. Its a gamble Milan should take since we cannot afford to compete for mega star players.

      • Yes I said I could be wrong. They played really good today. I wish I be wrong about them. Both has the talent obviously

  15. Great result with the right fighting spirit. We needed that 3 points badly. Now under the international break Conti, Romagnoli, Calabria may come back healthy – and to give Gattuso some odd quality. Well played.

  16. What have we learned from this game:
    1. Bonucci can’t play in 3man defense without Barzagli and Chielini.
    2. Borini is not right-back
    3. Antonelli is better than RicRod
    4. Last time i checked confident players should take penalties
    5. Zapata can only come in as a sub, in Primavera.
    6. Bonaventura is doing nothin lately.
    7. Kalinic is being missed, said noone evet
    8. Musacchio should get his chance
    9. We have future duo in attack
    10. Rino is a coach that reads the game and reacts properly when he needa to. Kudos to you Gattuso!

  17. If we can play Inter with a proper defence, i.e. Calabria/Conti at right back and Borini on the bench, and Romagnoli at center back and Zapata as a ball boy I think we stand a chance.

    • Zapata can ruin Milan games even as a guard outside of the stadium!

      It’s actually a really good story how we got him! We looked at La Liga and bought the defender of the team with most conceded goals that relegated to second division and said to ourselves! That’s a good buy

  18. Well deserved comeback all-in-all. Musa showed in the little minutes he got that he deserves to play more than he has. Definitely ahead of Zapata and ahead of Borini as right back even if necessary, but hopefully we’ll get our full backs back. We need someone better than RicRod and I hope Antonelli is that man and can get rid of his injuries. Bonucci can’t play in a three man backline, at least with us. Silva is scoring vital goals and Cutro is amazing. Bona is really lacking right now – BUT, he was twice in a good scoring position but for Cutro and Hakan coming in hsi way, he probably would’ve scored on both those occasions if it wasnt for that, so at least his darting runs are good. Biglia though… he is one of many factors to our upswing in form, however, he looses the ball on too many occasions, its fine if you have a couple sloppy passes, it happens, but he loses them in such vital areas…
    Anyways. A win we probably wouldnt get in seasons past, keep it up Rino, and the team ofc! Forza Milan!

  19. Mussachio should be undoubtedly over Zapata and after Romagnoli..Zapata montolivo are signs from the bad Milan last years
    Also kessie had many mistakes and locatelli might had a chance.
    Except these things very good management from Rinho

    • Montolivo played very good this year !!!!!! Are u a hater of Montolivo or don’t u understand football ?

  20. All is well that ends well. That basically sums it up.

    Watched only highlights of this match but 2 consecutive goals like that in san siro is a big fat NO. I usually try to defend Zapata seeing he’s our best physical presence in the box, but come the [email protected]&k on!

    And regarding the two striker issue – they way I see it none of our 3 strikers is good enough to play as a starter, even for this Milan, despite both Silva and Cutrone scoring today. Cutrone is the closest we currently have to a solid seria a striker (mind you, not talking about world class), but even he’s not enough. So playing 2 out of this selection isn’t the best idea. Plus, only when Jack+HakanSuso play together we have close to decent creativty, when we play two strikers they do almost nothing for each other. Correct me if today was anything different.

    • if with those 2 strikers and those 2 AM’s we succeed to get this kind of results, that means that we will be much stronger with just one LW of quality and one mezzala of quality bought in the summer. In my oppinion Silva and Cutrone will be hurricane next year !!!! Gattuso rocks ! Well done !

    • Cutrone – scorer v Inter, Lazio and Roma so far, but in your books just a “solid striker”. 20 years, and has scored 15 goals in all seasons, only behind Mbappé when it comes to players around his age, while Mbappé is considered a world class talent, but Cutro is still “a solid striker”. Ok 😉 Silva has undoubtet talent as well, just give them a proper coach and pre-season where the team can practice new ideas and a few more quality signings and you’ll see what they’ll do.

      • Look in the mirror and seriously ask yourself if he is close to the level of Higuian, Dzeko, Dibala, Mertens, Icardi, … sounds familiar? That’s right that what the opposition has. So “level” is all relative.

        • @Baresis.
          One can argue that even Inzaghi was not at the level of those players you mentioned – in fact Juve deemed him surplus to requirement after signing Trezeguet, that’s how we got him.
          So yes Cutrone may not have the technical abilities of those players but he has that knack of anticipating where the ball is gonna be and he converts his chances. Plus his movements inside the box are top class.
          That makes him very useful, although he needs to play along creative players who are gonna feed him.

  21. Comment:fellow Milan supporters it’s natural to be angry when our men are not living up to expectation but in the midst of anger, let’s choose our words with care. verbal abuse is not gonna help. let’s encourage our men to do better

  22. Kessie cannot take our penalties anymore neither can RR.

    Zapata is in the same basket as kalinic.. i rather play with 1o men than having either zapata or kalinic on the field.

    Bonaventura.. what i said 2 years ago you are starting to realise now! Bravo!! Im always 5 steps ahead of you guys..

    Me: Im saying and claiming something now. You : Bashing me and calling me this and that
    2 years later: Your reach my conclusion..

    You all are braindead and are 5 steps behind me.

    • You didn’t claim your bet as a man though and leave this blog when you lost your bet. Why is that?
      Doesn’t matter that Montella got sacked mid-season, your bet was – if Montella stays on after the season you’d leave, which he did, and you should be out.
      Last time I’ll respond to you. And btw, please, if you have such a thing about hating on Italian players and coaches, why are you even bothering wasting your time commenting regarding an Italian team? You are this blogs Trump.

    • @Sheva
      It’s very easy to claim that “Kessie cannot take our penalties anymore neither can RR”. The problem is you did not mention alternatives.
      I got news for you those two guys are actually our best penalty takers. They even the designated P takers for their respective countries.
      Kessie was Atlanta’s P taker were he had a flawless record (I stand to be corrected).
      Missing one penalty does not mean you are crap, I have seen the word’s best players Messi, Neymar, Dybala and Higuain miss spot kicks.



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