Reports: Reina underwent Milan medical ahead of two-year deal, talks ongoing with Swansea midfielder Ki Sung-Yueng

Pepe Reina celebrating during Leipzig-Napoli at the Red Bull Arena on February 22, 2018. (Photo by Ronny Hartmann/Bongarts/Getty Images)
Pepe Reina celebrating during Leipzig-Napoli at the Red Bull Arena on February 22, 2018. (Photo by Ronny Hartmann/Bongarts/Getty Images)

Pepe Reina is said to be a Milan player after reportedly undergoing the medical tests this morning, while Mirabelli has set his sights on another free agent.

Director of sport Massimiliano Mirabelli has been scouting the market for free agents and today, it appears, an important step has been made towards the first signing of the summer mercato.

According to multiple sources in Italy (Gianluca Di Marzio, and others), Pepe Reina today underwent the medical check-ups with Milan, as he is on the verge of signing a two-year contract with the Rossoneri.

Reina, who will become a free agent at the end of the current season, didn’t have the physical tests in the usual La Madonnina clinic, but rather in a secret location. He was of course already in Milano as last night he stood in the goal of the Napoli team which played Inter at Stadio San Siro.

As confirmed by Mirabelli on Thursday, Milan had already informed Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis of their intentions to negotiate with Reina and it’s believed that he will earn €2.5m per season net. Reina is joining Milan as a back-up to Gianluigi Donnarumma, but should the goalkeeper move in the summer, as his agent Mino Raiola would like him to, then the Diavolo will have an experienced and reliable keeper ready to replace him in the form of the 35-year-old Spaniard.

Ki Sung-Yueng celebrating during  Swansea-Burnley at Liberty Stadium on February 10, 2018. (Photo by Harry Trump/Getty Images)
Ki Sung-Yueng celebrating during Swansea-Burnley at Liberty Stadium on February 10, 2018. (Photo by Harry Trump/Getty Images)

Ivan Strinić of Sampdoria is another free agent that is said to be all-set to join the Milan squad next season and it appears that a third free transfer is on the cards. According to, there are confirmations on the rumours that the Aldo Rossi club is in talks with Ki Sung-yueng.

The idea, writes, is to sign the South Korean midfielder of Swansea in order to increase the level of the bench. There will be, however, at least one more signing in midfield, with the number one priority being finding a player who can alternate with Franck Kessié next season.

Ki, who plays as a holding midfielder, has been at Swansea since 2012: he has made over 150 appearances, scoring 12 goals in the process. Milan continue to work, with an eye for next season.


    • Strinic is not bad for the bench since Antoneli is very injury prone i think he will leave, which is a shame he is better even than Rodrigez when in form but injuries destroyed him. Ki is mostly for marketing in Asia we dont really need him Milan Badelj is also free so we could have gone for him same position, but if we want to improve with free players then we should go for Emre Can in the mid and Balotteli, Bernard in attack we should have a look at this players. Emre Can is defenetly an upgrade to Biglia and to the mid in genaral, plus he is still young 24y, that would be great move if we can pull it. Bernard is a left winger just what we need i will watch him tonight against Roma he is a promising player. Balo is doing great in France he is in top form at 27y, we could sell Kalinic and replace him with Balo that would be another great move, problem is Raiola is his agent so it will be a hard barging.

      • Stop smoking the green stuff. With these players like Balo, Strinic, Badelj and Ki you are not upgrading the team. You are destroying it. We don’t need a character like Balo, he is a rotten appel.

        • I think i made it clear that Emre Can is the upgrade in the mid, not Ki or Badelj. As for Balo he is more mature now scored around 25 goals two seasons in a row so he is an upgrade to any of the strikers for sure, and you get him for free plus you make some desperatly needed money from Kalinic. The financial aspect has to be considerd, its easy to say yea we need some one like Harry Kane or we want Belotti but is that realistic, the best we can afford in this moment are some free transfer moves, so we need to make the best of that.

          • Can could be an upgrade. Balo not. Belotti overrated. I’d rather have Immobile or Dzeko.

  1. Obviously UEFA are still not comfortable with the figures spent by Milan last summer.

    The club’s current financial situation and the uncertainty beclouding the financial state of Milan owner isn’t helping situation along with media pressure.

    It is what it is….. MILAN CANNOT SPEND whether we like it or not, it’s the reality. “SMART” free transfers could help give some depth to the squad. Reina is ok and Ki could be Key (hopefully), it all goes down to how the coach could get the best out of them as Gasperini is doing to every average player and Atalanta cashing out heavily.

    • But the thing is, when we can not spend, let’s not sign players unnecessarily! Havent Calabria, Loca, Cutro and Donna taught us anything?? There is quality in our own primavera, why sign elder mediocre Bosman players, when we can rely on our youth and hopefully mould them to future quality players? Besides, Bosman comes with a high salary, Primavera players do not, another pro on behalf of them…
      These managements continue to baffle me.

    • I don’t even know Ki LOL .What’s wrong with buying Kovacic or Diawara as Napoli are looking to sell him to England he’s a damn cool regista not this Ki guy OMG. Ok because of our financial uncertainties we are forced to go freebie but do they all have to be unknown and just old??

  2. Reina, fine, but the rest are disgusting. Why on earth should we sign Ki? Another Keisuke Honda-move, at least Honda, beforehand looked like a quality player, Ki is mediocre. A signing that probably and most definitely will push out Locatelli. I thought we were past these mistakes. Inter are rumoured to be looking for Di Maria, these are the names that are rumoured to us, as if they feel our team is complete and just needs some bench players – no!! We need more quality, both on and off the pitch.
    Suso is great, but Im not sure he can take us all the way, we need someone even better than him, although wingers arent priorities. A quality alternative for Franck who is better or from who he can learn from, and a playmaker is who we need. Hopefully Antonelli can get rid of his injuries so we dont need Strinic.

    • Actually, wingers are priority. Our goalkeepers are fine, same goes for the center defense (though if Zapata/Musacchio is leaving in the end we might need to look for subs). Right back position is also pretty occupied with Calabria and Abata (Conti also coming back soon!). Left back position needs more depth, we need a good sub for Ricardo Rodriguez there. In midfield we also need more depth, someone that indeed can replace Kessie; he proved to be unable to play on a constant level, requires more rest.

      But the biggest problem is our attack, we need more creativity there. Right now it’s most of the time “all balls to Suso, he will figure it out” but the poor lad can’t do it all by himself. Also it’s kinda predictable that he’s cutting inside and giving a cross every freaking time.. not that hard to defend.

      We’re playing in 4-3-3 formation with only 1 true winger in our team in the form of Suso. Calha has sometimes issues playing there, Bona is also not constant on that position… and if 1 of them gets injured who do we have left to bring in?
      Silva and Cutrone have huge potential as strikers but are also really young and inexperienced. We should not put them under much pressure. So we need an more reliable attacker that will replace that idiot Kalinic (I miss Bacca tbh).

      We DEFINITELY need 2-3 more wingers (quick ones), a new striker, 1-2 CM midfielders, 1-2 leftbacks and perhaps another CV substitute.

        • No of course not, at the same time we get rid of the garbage we still have left but which we never use/dont need; Antonelli, Jose Mauri, Gustavo Gomez, Montolivo, Kalinic and Storari.
          (Storari probably retiring in the end of the season). I also clearly said some positions, like CV are completely depending on certain individuals leaving.. like Musacchio. Strinic is probably bought to replace Antonelli- just an example

          This doesn’t only create space but also adds funds. I was under the impression that this goes without saying lol.

    • Why compare Ki to Honda? Because they both look similar in western eyes. One is mostly a mezzle/DM and the other AM/winger. And Honda came from nowhere-league while this guy established himself as a starter in the best league in the world. I’m also not that excited by him, but the comparison is way off.

      Agreed we need more quality, though. Much more.

      • Because of expansion with shirt sales/popularity on the Asian market obviously, so that’s where the comparison comes from – so it’s not way off. Honda had done wonders with Japan in WC 2010 as well, that’s where he made a name for himself, and was good in UCL as well. Ki is not playing in the worlds best league as premier league isnt the best – arguably the most entertaining, but not the best. If he was that good a bigger side than Swansea in the best league in the world would snap him up.

        • Yeah, a bit nitpicking about the PL here – we both agree that it’s on a completely different level than the Russian league, which was my main point.

          He’s clearly not world class, and so that’s why the world is not snapping him. But apparently that’s the type of players we can afford these days.

  3. I understand the need for bringing in free agents, but who is scouting Ki and Strinic? In the summer Bernard from Shaktar will be a free agent, why aren’t we over this deal?

  4. Have you actually watched ki play? He’s a very talented player when in form. And would slot into many midfields in the epl. I think tactically he’d be more suited to the Italian league too. For a free agent he’d be a steal. He’ll be sorely missed by us swansea fans that’s for sure.

    • I have, he is good. Nothing more, not Milan material, if I look at our midfielders, he’s probably just be an upgrade to Mauri, and that’s because Mauri wont get to play at Milan. I actually like Asian players who make a name for themselves out in Europe, but Ki is not a player I see at Milan, even as a squad player.

  5. You got to look what the team needs… a backup GK (reina) smart move, a cover for Kessie or a Hard Mid which KI and Strinic is not… EMRE CAN should top of the list 4Mill per year should be ok. Daley Blind with his versitality, or Cabaye…. De Vrij is also ok

  6. Emre can as Free agent 6 mil salary.
    Barella-30 mil

    hakan -25 mil
    Kalinic-25 mil to Chinese
    G.gomez or zapata-5 mil

    Welcome bacca back
    Promote primavera players to give back up for winger(t.dias), left back.

    Net spend zero.
    I wonder if it is possible to pull it off.

    • Forget Emre Can but Barella and Forsberg could be great potential signings. Barella can alternate with Kessie seamlessly and Forsberg is everything we need for left-wing.

      That selling list looks good, too.

  7. I thought or shifting through the garbage was over with but obviously not
    Reina is a smart addition as Donna needs competition and if he go’s then Reina is still a top keeper
    As for all the others??? Why has nobody in the club ever seen the need for a playmaker? Just look what Ozil and Makaterin (can’t spell his name) did to us the other night those are the names we should be looking at not some Korean nobody

    • I think there are two reasons why we aren’t going for no-10 like ozil.

      1- we play 4-3-3 , so we don’t need a no 10

      2- cost (players like ozil are very expensive)
      Maybe upwards of 60 mil.

      • WHO told you that a 4-3-3 system doenst need a 10? Im 100% this is not your own words.. you just read somewhere that somebody just as smart as you said a 433 system doesnt need a playmaker..

        or.. “in modern football you dont need playmakers” .. guys.. are you serious?? In modern football you dont need a playmaker… a 433 system doenst require a playmaker…

        This is one of the reasons milan is where they are.. .. no playmaker.. no creativity.. no killer passes.. no support from the midfielders… why?

        Because fans like Agni and milan board doenst understand you cant play 433 with 3 lumberjack midfilders

  8. Hahahaha many of us just talk and post forgetting we have uefa rules bitting our ass ,we still need to balance our finacial sheet so getting free agents is not bad at all.i have watch ki sun play and he is good . what i really hope we can do is to get raid of kalinic and get a LW silva will really be ready for next season if he continue working hard.for now some players has to be sold to balance the equation .

    • I think that’s because Juve won something in Italy and did well in CL, plus they have financial and managerial stability. All these things we are lacking in for the moment. Nobody in the right frame of mind would really want to be associated with us right now considering all the free players mentioned are being on the radar of the bigger and stronger clubs than ours. Sad but true. We need to do the best we can and start being noticed as a team in Italy and Europe and then we can hope we’ll attract bigger players.

  9. Reina and Strinic OK, but Ki? Who the hell is that and why do we want him, seriously? Marketing reason? There are better Asian players. I won’t judge until I see him play, although I doubt he is anywhere near Milan quality. Locatelli will leave at this rate.

    It seems to me that we won’t have any money this summer. Maybe we even sell players.

    • Pity that Locatelli wouldn’t not have more room if this is the case. I am a personal fan of Locatelli.

      However, Ki is one of the best midfielders in Asia today, and that is the reason why AC Milan was scouting him for quite some time, and Mirabelli has known Ki very well ever since his scouting years at Sunderland (Mirabelli brought Ki to Sunderland, and he was at Sunderland for a season on loan – scored almost 10 goals in that season for Sunderland as a holding midfielder).

      Not trying to defend Ki, but in Asia, he’s definitely in top 3 as far as “holding midfielder” is concerned – precise passings, and positionings – have seen him play since 10 years ago – so I do know in depth as well.
      Should add value at AC Milan. Should be a good cover for both Biglia and Kessie.

  10. I’m surprised no one’s piped up asking why we don’t sign that other waste of space from Swansea – Sanches… I really don’t get this Ki signing when we have LOCATELLI sitting on the bench.

  11. now that we have reina,strinic and ki I suggest we go for Bernard of shakhter donetsk he will be free next summer to ease the creative load on suso

  12. I think Ki would be a good “free” signing.
    He’s the captain of South Korean national team, and has represented his country for almost 100 appearances so far.
    Got abundant experience under his belt.

    Physical presence in midfield, versatile, mainly a holding midfielder but often could play advanced role as well.
    Certainly the guy whom AC Milan needs today, considering the fact that Milan needs depth in midfield.
    –> Ki will definitely complement to the current midfield at AC Milan.

    Sure that this would mean more time in the bench for Locatelli, but if Locatelli was that that good, he would have taken his place ahead of Kessie or Bonaventura.

    Time will tell whether Ki will be successful in Milan, but same was the opinion at Swansea when he first arrived from Celtic. He silenced all the critics, and hope he does too at Milan – and add value to the current team.

  13. The formation is all wrong. There is no leadership in the attacking 3rd. Everyone tries to do self glory, Kalinic, Kessie and Suso. Çalhanoglu is a dead ball specialist, but it might beg to differ because majority of the freekicks are hogged by Suso. So that one against Genoa was weak. Plus, he is not much of a winger, if he should play in the middle, then we would get alot more out of his passing. But, the formation will not change to facilitate him. We really lacking depth, Kessie is just showing strength. He doesn’t help defense much, and he always tend to miss pass, hold the ball too long or try some wild shot like he is trying to set the ball in orbit outer space. Get the youths and build them, less pay, no cost and put depth in the squad.

  14. Blasphemy.

    It seems like it’s settled- we are loosing Donna next summer, and with him all hopes of returning to our former self. If we can’t keep top players in our squad – and him and Bonucci are the only top players we got (despite Leo trying to hide this fact this season) – then we can mever climb back.

    The math is clear – if Mr Li invested around 200 mil only to sell next summer a 100 mil asset of the club – well, then he’s 100 mil short. The only way that we should accept this is we got a world-class player in return – and I mean Griezman level or what not.

    But that’s not going to happen. Most likely we will get some seria a rejects, and the spectacle that is Milan’s demise will continue at its slow yet steady pace.

      • Not so sure – how many top GKs can you bring to Milan? Reina is great, but is in decline and only has very few decent years in him.

        What does it say about us if we can’t even keep home grown superstars? How do you build if you continue to sell your bricks from your foundation?

      • I dont mind donna leaving if we reinvest the money. But if not then its clear that this is no different to the last years of berlusconi. Replacing him would not be the biggest of problems, we have Reina coming in and Plizzari coming through the ranks, we are set.

  15. Rumor has it that Donnarumma wants to leave Milan this summer. His dirty agent Raiola is behind it of course.

    So both Gigi and Antonio Donnarumma will leave this summer. Good riddance.

    Pepe Reina will be our 1st choice keeper with Plizarri as our backup. The idea is for Plizarri to be Reina’s apprentice as he will eventually be our #1.

    Good plan for Milan as Mirabelli is demanding no less than 60mil for Donnarumma.

    I dont care which team Donnarumma goes to just as long as he is out of here next season.

    I’ve Had enough of the Donnarumma drama which is a distraction to the team.

    No player is bigger than AC Milan, a club that is only 2nd to Real Madrid.

    • I read that as well. I thought that was overwith, but if we can get at least 50 million for him, hopefully in todays market we can get more, then it’s ok. Especially if Plizzari will learn from him, and that’s the plan – Reina will be a good tutor for him! Hopefully they will alternate like Buffon and Szhchzny – cant spell his name – is doing at Juve.

      • I thought so too. To be honest, I feel bad for Donnarumma but as long as he has Raiola as his agent then there will always be drama and that can destablize the team. Therefore, either Donnarumma stays and get rid of Raiola or he can leave if he decides to keep him as his agent.

        Raiola is very toxic and non of his players are worth the aggrevation. Football is a team sport, so we will survive with or without Donnarumma.

        On a lighter note, what do you think of Andre Gomes from Barca? He is desperate to leave Barca according to certain media source. He might good value for the team. Not sure though

        • Especially after his brother had a nice showing against Inter, felt like everything was in harmony, along with our recent form. Exactly, it’s as simple as that! Bonaventura though feels like he doesnt have a problem staying here. Doubt seeing him leave elsewhere.

          Yeah, well, he was quite good in Valencia, you dont get scouted and close to join Real Madrid, only for Barca to sneak in and sign you…although Barca signed Turan and I thought that he was barely at the level of Atletico… but regarding Gomes,I dont know why he isnt performing for them,maybe he struggles with the big team? Or the system as Barca have a very specific/special system, Ibra struggled – he was great really, but struggled in terms of not doing what the coach wanted him to, you know this – so it’s hard to tell. He definitely has potential though? Are there rumours linking him to us?

          • Yeah, it’s been reported in the media that we are strongly linked to Andre Gomes who would come at a good bargain due to his lack of game time at Barca. Interestingly, his form has been good as of late but for some strange reason Barca fans boo him when he plays and Valverde has lashed out at the Barca fans for doing that. He could be a good buy for Milan. Time will tell i guess. Good point about Ibra.

    • “No player is bigger than Milan” – Maybe we can get back to the CL before we start pounding our chests in pride? Truth is that Neymar is almost worth as much as our entire squad, and there are several other player as well.

      I hate this more than anyone here, and I hate these games that Donna (I blame him, not fat Riola who is doing his job) that Donna is playing with us. But truth is that’s natural for a team of our current size and a player of his status. It sucks, I know, but that’s the current reality.

  16. I’ve heard enough of Donna issues, this team needs peace and Pigiola is not giving up until we let him go. He said he wants to take Bona away too, well, I give no F and he can take them away asap.

    Enough is enough.

  17. I suspect he is going to Juventus. He can go, there are many good young goalkeepers out there and the goalkeeper position is never a worry if the we have a solid team. Dona can go plus he earns a lot of money for a 19 year old.

    In other news, I heard we are interested in Roma’s Strootman. That would be a great signing.

  18. Already I’m tired of these rumours that donnarumma has had a falling out with the team and wants to leave this summer. If you want to leave get the hell out we’ll have Reina for a couple years and bring in plizzari who will be the next big gk. Donnarumma except for a couple occasions hasn’t been the same gk he was in previous seasons which opened my eyes to saying he’s not hard to replace. If he wants to go then go. If it’s all made up and wants to stay then stay. This ain’t going to stress me out like it did last time.

  19. Plizzari has just as much potential as donnarumma and for him to learn from Reina who is a great gk is good for us. Reina can be our starting gk next season and who knows plizzari can overpass him like what happened to Lopez. Plus we we have Matteo soncin in the u16s who has made a roar. I believe in our youth system and I believe in both Reina and plizzari. I just wish I can see plizzari more. I see his videos On YouTube that show the good but not the bad

    • I would love to believe that about Pilzarri mate. But statistically it’s highly unlikely; players at the level of Donna (in any position) don’t pop up that often. I hear you about his form dropping a bit this year, but he’s still the best Italian GK in my eyes.

  20. Max Mayer will be a free agent also. Max, Emre can, Mousa dembele, Frosberg will full our requirements ( solid defence + hard working midfield + Younger but talented forward line)……

  21. So juve will most likely get Emre Can for free and are looking at Jack Wilshere for free. And we are looking at Ki and Strinic. That’s what I don’t get. There are better players out there going for free if we wanted to take that route

  22. I dont know who Ki is, but the funny part is that you speak as bonaventura, kalinic, montolivio, borini, zapata, biglia are much better?

    REALISE. ACCEPT. Milan on your wishes, milan on your demands have becomed a loser team.

    All of you, i repeat. ALL of you sat the bar, when you claimed bonaventura as worlds golden ball winner. When you praised him like he was a god in the same time as he was a NOBODY in my eye, you made your choice.

    Now you are complaining because of Ki? Our bar is SET by yourself. Bonaventura is our zidane. So dont except any signings better than him. EAT your words now.

    • “Bonaventura is our best player, he moves the ball forward ( dribbles with no final ball, zero through balls, lacks vision, only good with the ball when he’s running with it until he takes those inaccurate shots. Milan10 even made a meme of him, calling him Zidane, yet some fans here considers him as one of our best players because he runs with the ball). They have lowered the bar so low that they can’t see Kessie is just a young Muntari.

      • And they are hoping he will be a young Essien. You can’t even put him on the same bracket as Diawara.

  23. Well I guess Donna episode have started all over again…..plz if he wants to leave fine he did some good stuff with us and we are thankful for that now time to move on….making Reina as first choice is really good move get Plizzari from Seria b club and make him second fiddle….trust me guys all he need is one year with senior milan squad and he is worth millions….Man City offered 2 million last year to snatch him from milan and we rejected that offer….he is standing in at 6 feet 2 inches size advantage is already on his side, and will only continue to work in his favour as a keeper throughout his playing stage. Back in early days 2016 or 15 I guess milan goalkeeper coach Alfredo Magni along with guiding figures Diego Lopez and Storari managed to mold him into a youngster with the reflexes to pull off the miraculous save up above his shoulders, but also parry the lower whipped shots as well. Distribution has been Donnarumma’s biggest weakness, yet it could arguably be a major strength of Plizzari who moves a bit more swiftly around the box than his superior… me guys we have a rough diamond in our hand who needs is a bit of polishing that’s it…..Raiola can lmao…..forza milan and I know this sounds crazy but kick the other dollaruma tooo out of squad plz

  24. Guys look at it this way , ac milan ows around 200 million in debts
    With the sale of some players the debts will go away that needs to be done . Look if milan will get
    50 or 100M € for donnaruma
    25M for the useless kalinic
    Around 20/25M for mussachio
    5M for zapata
    5M for montolivio
    And possibly sell suso yes you heard that right sell suso our best player we have for around 50 million
    Our debts are gone .
    And don’t get mad because i mentiont suso , suso isn’t that good as you many think we can easly replace him . And if milan succeeds in all of this we can still get other players that are good .
    Example : emre can he’s a free transfer next season he will most likely wil join juventus next season but why arnt we going for him ?
    If donnaruma leaves milan then milan can afford a hughe salery to give emre can . Why dont they offer him a 6 or 7 million year salery
    And there are many other free transfer that are good like bernard from shaktar donekts he can replace suso and max mayer
    And jack willshare and and that ki guy from swansea we can potentaily get bacca back . And possibly buy a another winger like willaim from chelsea he would be great or forsberg

    • Not logic!

      Selling donnarumma means more pressure on defenders, and then you want to sell a backup defender like mussachio??

      This forum is full of crazy ppl.

      When we sold t.silva, milan fans thougt we only sold a defender, wrong. We sold a leader, we sold a stability, we sold our security code to the other teams.. fans nor management had the IQ to understnad that.

      When we sold ibra, they ( and you) thougt we only sold a striker, we sold your penalty taker, we sold our freekick taker, we sold our map in front line.

      Milan fans have as much IQ as milan manageboard

      • Get off this blog. Again. You lost the bet. I am not the only one here that found peace when you left. We want out peace back. Go back to whatever rock you hid under. after losing a bet.

      • Mussachio wants to leave because he’s not getting playing time . So he will leave and dollaruma wants to leave also his agent mino raiola stated many times that he wants donnaruma to leave milan . If donnaruma wanted to stay then his agent wouldn’t talk shit all the time . Donnaruma has a 6million salery contract and his agent raiola is still pushing for a transfer so its clear that donna doesnt want to stay with milan . So whats crazy about that ? . Second as i mentiond this club ows 200million in loan debts and this new owner is broke so he needs to sell a couple players and replace them with free transfer agents to pay his debts. So whats crazy about selling donnaruma & mussachio who both wants to leave next season . And btw milan allready has a replacement for donnaruma in pepe reina who is older but just as good as him . And mussachio is a bench player so milan can replace him , sure he’s a great center back but he’s aint getting playing time so he wants to leave . So wats crazy about that ..sheva ?

  25. When you get a goalkeeper and offer him 2.5mil/season, and you have financial problems, fair play related, I don’t think you get that goalkeeper to be your backup for Donna.

  26. man u was humiliated in they home soil by montella and his boys with the attendance with Sir Alex Ferguson I think montella has proven his critics wrong with is tactics. wish Milan can do the same forza Milan

  27. Feeling bad for Donnarumma? Kid pockets 6 millions a season as a GK at the age of 18, he can leave if you ask me

    Selling Donnarumma would be advantage in two occasions

    1. Clubs are ready to spend up to 70 millions for this spoiled child, our FFP status would jump

    2. Able to reinvest some of that money to further strengthen the team

    Reina has couple of more seasons in his legs, he’ll also act as a leader and will bring experience to our two young GK prospects – Plizzari and Guarnone

    Ki in my opinion is more of an Traore-esque signing than Honda but might as well shut our mouths and turn out to be new Kucka. Asian players tend to have more working ethics and work harder

    If bosman transfers will be our summer strategy they should at least be quality ones – Bernard from Donetsk, Blind as backup to RR not Strinic etc

  28. Milan looking to exchange donnarumma for cavani and then buy depay. That would seriously boost our attack huge. Get a midfielder and we’re set for next season

  29. Had we spent €50m per season from 2012 to 2016, nobody would’ve noticed. The thing is, we spent only a fraction of that, so that’s why FIFA don’t want to set a precedent by punishing us

  30. Well you don’t pay €2.5m a season to a back up goal keeper especially when he’s 36 years.

    I think Donna will be sold this summer. He earns €6m a season and is 19 years, Milan brought also his brother so that he can stay with us. If an offer good enough to lure him away from us then we should accept it. It will shake our defence for a couple of matches but an experienced goal keeper who has played in Europe and has serie A experience won’t struggle much to find his feat at Milan.

    Moving on to Suso, we should have inserted at least a release clause of €60m not €40m.

    We must bring back Bacca if Villareal are not gonna exercise the option to buy. He has experience that we needed against Arsenal and is a proper striker good enough to mentor our two young forwards and would add quality in our final third.

  31. We have Crosta, Gabriel and a young Plizzari all still with time on their side. It’s time we let Donna go along with his fat agent.



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