Team news: Genoa were without Armando Izzo and Miguel Veloso, while Milan had to do without Ignazio Abate, Andrea Conti and Matteo Gabbia. Kickoff time of the 28th Matchday of the 2017/18 Serie A season was 18:00 CET / Italy time at Stadio Luigi Ferraris.

Goal: André Silva (94′)

Genoa C.F.C (3-5-2) – Davide Ballardini
Mattia Perin; Davide Biraschi, Nicolás Spolli, Ervin Zukanović; Darko Lazović, Oscar Hiljemark, Andrea Bertolacci, Luca Rigoni (74′ Stephane Omeonga), Diego Laxalt; Andrey Galabinov (74′ Gianluca Lapadula), Goran Pandev (81′ Daniel Bessa).
Unused: Lamanna, Zima, El Yamiq, Migliore, Pereira, Rossettini, Medeiros, Rosi, Rossi.

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Gennaro Gattuso
Gianluigi Donnarumma; Fabio Borini, Leonardo Bonucci, Alessio Romagnoli, Ricardo Rodriguez; Franck Kessié, Lucas Biglia, Giacomo Bonaventura (80′ Davide Calabria); Suso, Nikola Kalinić (60′ Patrick Cutrone), Hakan Çalhanoğlu (68′ André Silva).
Unused: A. Donnarumma, Storari, Antonelli, Gomez, Musacchio, Zapata, Locatelli, Mauri, Montolivo.

Referee: Michael Fabbri.

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Next match no kalinic pls…!!! Exchange him with creative midfield..


Thank u Andre silva you are starting next game with cutrone Forza Milan


What a dramatic goal from Silva!!!!! Way to get your first goal in the league!! Most important way! I’m happy for him and I hope he gets more chances.. I always said he has the potential. Gattuso did well with his subs and honestly bonaventura needs huge rest, he looks so off his game and tired. Never played great but I love that we fought to the end and got the win with the last kick of the game. Hopefully brings our confidence back up in time for arsenal! FORZA MILAN


Common Napoli!!!!!! Best Inter and we are in business.

Rikimaru Tenchu

Lol RT.

My precise prayer after the match!


Napoli my hope is on u

oluwa shevy

we all should pray for napoli to beat inter because I think napoli don’t want Milan in CL because they was supposed to beat Roma in they home soil to cut d gap short but they allowed Roma to win hope they don’t do the same today


Now Arsenal will face probably 4-4-2 with Andry and St. Partick at the front. Only thinv that I don’t like in 4-4-2 is seeing Kessie in the middle, so unreliable.

Rikimaru Tenchu

Agreed, Kessie is very unreliable, in the center.

I don’t think Rino will start with t 442 though. The 433 is quite dangerous we are just poor in front of goal. We could have taken Genoa out since the first half. Maybe towards the last quarter of the match we will see the 442

Same with Arsenal. They got lucky with our errors and they are a top team with young fast players and pressed better.

If we take chances better we are way better than we have been in a while.


What? 4 3 3 is dangerous?
Only for ourselfs…..we do not have wingers for this formation
Rino has no balls to bench useless Suso
Arsenal had the speed and that will be different again. Forget about EL
Rino has to focus on league and italian cup


If it wasnt for Suso, we wouldn’t be where we are in the table, and we wouldn’t have won today, it was his cross that Silva met.
He can be frustrating at times yes, but he is the one who keeps providing for us, and when he is on form, Milan clicks, that’s a fact.


I stopped reading at “Rino has no balls … “


Tbh we never played 4-3-3 under Gattuso, what we have been using is 4-5-1 and i don’t have problem with that but against Arsenal it is hardly lethal formation.
As for Kessie he is completely ignoring formation changes and makes forward runs leaving Biglia and defense for dead, but I am sure Rino spotted that in these two games and will give him a word or two about that.


I will not trade Kalinic for my torn rag.
And i am so happy he will play against my country at the world cup.


Happy for Andre Silva who really should get more chances over Kalinic. Kalinic is proving more and more to be unreliable with each game he plays. I think both Kalinic and Silva play better when another striker is playing along side them. Only Cutrone, surprisingly has done better as a lone striker in my opinion. But Milan has a more serious problem as Calhanoglu and Bonaventura offers ABSOLUTELY Nothing in the final 3rd. This where Milan is struggling the most. Only Suso offers something good from midfield in the final 3rd of the pitch which is why we are struggling… Read more »


Yeah, and to reply to your previous comment, I’m all for the player names you mentioned, perhaps not Reus, the talent is there, but has he played more than 30 games the last five years…? WIllian or Forsberg would be amazing though, and players who we could realistically get, perhaps Forsberg even more. And calling Hakan a free kick kid while he hasn’t scored a single one, or even threatened on the set piece is very ironic…only good free kick I can recollect is his assist to Cutro v Lazio. Perhaps he is tired now, because I’ve been a huge… Read more »


Bona and Hakan .. look scared to dribble pass defenders and go for goal or make assist.. they rather shot or pass back …. Milan need a real winger forward on the left if they will stick to 4 3 3 formation… I suggest they sould go for Tottenham Spors wing forward Son and Dembele for the midfield cuz KESSIE can’t be rely on all the time if Loca will be roting on the bench, i miss Kucko


93 min 53 secs of Milan laboring down the right wing finally pays off. Great goal by Silva though – hopefully this’ll give him confidence.


Sta ovo yogoslavia? What do you think about kalinic? dobro yeah?

No mate.. he is sad.. its the yogoslavian andy caroll..


`wtf those gibberish are supposed to mean??? haha you are incredible little man. You actually cheered for Genoa all along. Why are you still on this blog is beyond my understanding.
Kreten ostaje kreten, a samo glup čovjek vrijedja na etničkom nivou.


Calhanoglu hasn’t been a problem sure he’s selfish sometimes but he has creativity he has the passes. Maybe a little tired. In fact it’s been bonaventura who has bothered me recently. I love bonaventura but he needs rest, he looks tired and his form is dipping from it. Unfortunately we can’t rest any players as we’re in the hunt for a spot in champions League


stop fooling yourself. Bonaventura has never been milan material.. he was signed during a very very desperate milan side.


You don’t fool yourself. He’s been in cm this year and has been good. Ofcourse he’s going to have a dip in form he’s played every game since returning from injury. He needs rest and his performances are suffering from it


Nope,Bonaventura,has a terrible shot,and his ball control is erratic,if you really believe his a player we need to keep in order for Mlan to reach the top,your ambitions arent high enough my friend


Im kind of with you, but I feel both Bona and Hakan are the same right now, both tired, and both selfish. Suso may dribble a lot but at least he always whips in a delicate cross, Bona always shoots. Hakan was more with passes but recently has started to shoot a lot, I feel he’s probably frustrated with his lack of goals, but the team is the priority and his goals will come eventually. I feel that the coming game against Chievo at home might be a good opportunity to rotate a bit, although you should never underestimate anyone… Read more »


Yes Bonaventura is a very “likeable” person but he’s not Milan quality, period! It’s not even about current form. Tell me one big match he ever dominated? He’s most effective against small teams. At best he’s a good squad player to be brought on to slow down the match when we are winning. He’s not even a regular for the Azzurri despite their shortage of midfield talent.


Ooh I beg to differ! He has had great showings against Juve – example in the Supercoppa when he scored, against Napoli, against Inter, especially against Inter when he was at Atalanta. Actually as far as I know, when he is fit, he gets called up to the Azzurri, but perhaps your point was that even if he gets called up, he doesnt play? That might be true, but then again, Ventura was very weird with his choices. Im not saying that he is world class, but he definitely does the job, and on his good day, he can trouble… Read more »


@Jomokau… Tell me one big match he ever dominated?
c’mon now, can’t you remember the 3-0 derby during mihajlovic tenure ?
Bonaventura brought miranda
and murillo on their kneels. He won the game for us on that day….
Xo please don’t say such things as bona not turning up in big matches… Just don’t.


So you have to go back 2 years to get a big match which Bona dominated? That just proves my point that he’s not Milan quality. For comparison in this yr alone there are probably 2 or 3 big matches in which Calabria was dominant.
In that Supercoppa match Suso was Milan’s best player by a long shot. Scoring with a header does not make Bona dominant.


@Jomokau…. That’s because Bona plays better on the wing.


Hakan has great potential but lack pace. Bona is sometimes too slow. Rodrigues doesn’t push forward so often. All this makes pur left- sides attack predictable and not too dangerous.compares to right- side where Calabria. Jessie and Siso works harmoniously. I believe Gattuso is working on this and I expect some improvement. We are doing ell overall tjough


Unfortunately RicRod lacks two qualities which are needed for a fullback to be wordclass, pace and stamina. However he has a great left foot and is defensively sound.


Well done Milan!The team showed character & this is very important to be a champion team. However we have several things still to work on as we need to be more creative through the middle. Silva alongside Cutrone should be the two to start against Arsenal because Cutrone alone would be isolated as he was in the first leg.I also reiterate that we need more from Bonaventura & Hakan in the final third as we need to be more clinical. As for Suso & Kessié then they both have to make the key passes in the final third which would… Read more »

oluwa shevy

this napoli will make things difficult for Milan inter they can’t defeat again allowing juventus to go with scudetto once more.


And if Bonnuci won’t stop those long balls then sell him


lol sure


I think Bonucci is frustrated by the lack of creativity and key passes, and think he could offer that, tho some are through, while lots are inaccurate…but sometimes end up been a good buildup rather than just passing the ball around Milan half.


Biglia is too slow even more than Pirlo and he also lack vision, I also notice his marking is poor, he never wins any one on one making , maybe he need rest due to many playing time… I have also noticed we are very poor on counter attack.. our midfielder and attacker always hold to the ball when we should hit opponent on counter.. Well deserve victory anyway, Now go split blood and turn things around in London has others teams does against us in recent years… Forza Milan …

Emmy Apache

Most of the guys who condemns a lonely striker are something else. Kalinic was always a lone striker in the midst of 2 central defenders.
We should encourage our players instead of condemning.
Let enjoy the victory and hope for better Thursday and Sunday again to climb the table
Forza Milan


For those who claim that Gattuso is all about grit and is not tactically astute. Have you seen how he likes to launch one of our two central defenders into the opponents box and thus making it difficult for them to man mark our forwards? Andre Silva was allowed a free header because the Genoa defender was focusing on Romagnoli. Gattuso also uses Bonucci/Roma to partake in counterattacks. In the Roma game Romagnoli came very close to converting a counterattack move. After Kalinic’s shot was brilliantly saved by Alisson, Romagnoli almost turned in the rebound but was only thwarted by… Read more »


what a great victory…
silva need movement like that… look what he did… he go to the front of players when suso crossed the ball…

suso?? i like suso now… he made some improvement… now gave a lot for crossing ball… still learn to cross ball with right feet…

also kessie had got changed…..

zahid hossain

play buy M.Savic + Max meyar + M.Dembele/ Angola conte + Wilian in next summer to be a real balanced team


i like all those players…. they would complete this team…

zahid hossain

yes mate…..we r lacking only in our midfield….that’s why Silva n Cutrone is not getting enough supply…….if we can buy those 4/5 players we will regain our honour n success in Europe


pls drop your WhatsApp numbers. for dose dat are interested. forza Milan!