Kalinić reportedly set to return to the starting XI against Genoa, Montolivo could start in the place of Biglia

Nikola Kalinić during Milan-Ludogorets at the San Siro on February 22, 2018. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
Nikola Kalinić during Milan-Ludogorets at the San Siro on February 22, 2018. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

Gennaro Gattuso is planning some changes to the XI and Nikola Kalinić is expected to start again.

After playing the same 11 for three consecutive matches, Gattuso is going to change some men in Sunday’s game against Genoa away from home.

According to Sky Italia yesterday and this morning’s La Gazzetta dello Sport, Patrick Cutrone will go back to the bench at the Luigi Ferraris with 30-year-old Kalinić being given the starting role.

The Croatian striker has been a huge disappointment so far, netting just four Serie A goals in 20 appearances, but he will be given trust once again, despite showing a glaring lack of confidence in front of goal in his last matches.

Sky also spoke of the possibility of using Fabio Borini in the place of Suso or Hakan Çalhanoğlu but Gazzetta expects the Spaniard and Turkish to start, although things will be a lot clearer after today’s training session.

In midfield, Lucas Biglia is expected to get a chance to catch his breath with ex-captain Riccardo Montolivo stepping in to the regista role. He would be flanked by Franck Kessié and Bonaventura.

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Comment:I still wonder why that Turkish kid did not go to the ground after Ospina lost the ball…that could have been a penalty to us and we could have gone to win arsenal…he really cost us that match




it is excactly what Rino ment when he said this team lacks experience

ac m

why do you hate him tho? if we had Andre Silva or Kalinic we could have had a better chance


Kalinc?? The others got injured last night?


Would be fair to let Borini start in attack.Before last 2 games he’s scored 3 in 3 consecutive games as a sub I think. Locatelli also should be able to start this one after a horror showing by the trio midfield.


Please use Andre Silva and Loca as well.


Italian coaches… they never stop supprise me… same with bonera… error after error after error and allegri starts him. Italian coahes are the dumbest in the world (except ancelotti)


Borini should also be used on suso wing. Suso is not that good oo. Suso always bends his head before moving ball,I don’t know where he learnt that pattern from. Moreover, Arsenal were physical in that match and we saw suso,cutrone and Bonaventure so weak to withstand Arsenal physicality. Let’s give locatelli chance on the midfield also since he is still young and energetic. I want 4.4.2 against Arsenal under diamond formation. The diamond shape will be cahanoglu front,kessi back,left and right are biglia and locatelli.


Loca Loca Loca

Biglia is decent.
But he is old.
He loses balls.
And he is slow.
Totally useless against physical and fast PL midfield.

Loca makes mistakes.
But he is very young and every match will improve him.
He has the grit.
He has excellent passing qualities.
If he loses a ball, he has the pace and the grit to recover it.
He has excellent chemistry with Cutrone’s off the ball runs and can pick him up with long balls.

Who do you want?


@ ink . I am agreeing with you for the first time. But, the problem is that Loca is always a card away from dismissal. If he can improve on that side of his game then he is good to go. Albeit,like you rightly pointed out he will get polished by the number of games he plays