Milan doctor Mazzoni: “Musacchio has calf pain, Kalinić resumed training with the rest of the squad, Conti…”

Mateo Musacchio during training at Milanello. (
Mateo Musacchio during training at Milanello. (

Stefano Mazzoni has revealed Mateo Musacchio didn’t train today due to injury, but Nikola Kalinić is back.

Rossoneri coach Gennaro Gattuso praised the attitude of Musacchio after the match against Sampdoria, but as it turns out, the center back may have to miss out on the match against Ludogorets on Thursday after picking up an injury.

Today, Milan doctor Stefano Mazzoni spoke to MilanTV to give the usual weekly update on the situation of the injured / recovering men:

“There is good news concerning the injured players: Andrea Conti is doing well; his knee is fine. The fitness tests gave satisfying results and he is now following an individualized athletic rehabilitation program and the real objective now is to improve his condition.

“As for Marco Storari, a recent exam has confirmed that the healing of the muscular injury in his thigh is complete. He is now undergoing rehabilitation exercise and in a few days, he will be back on the pitch training with [goalkeeping] coach Alfredo Magni.

“Nikola Kalinić is doing a lot better and has resumed training with the rest of the squad. On the other hand, Mateo Musacchio did not train today as a precaution because he has a pain in his calf and in a few hours, we’ll look into it to determine the level of Musacchio’s problem.”

Gattuso tried a line-up of Donnarumma, Abate, Zapata, Romagnoli, Antonelli, Kessié, Montolivo, Locatelli, Borini, André Silva and Cutrone in today’s training ahead of Thursday’s encounter.

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Hope he recovers so he can play on thursday and give some rest to Romagnoli as well. Zap-Musa showed nice understanding and chemistry in the pre-season games they played togetehr.


Maybe they trying to demoralize player’s, this why they said acmilan president bankrupt.


Exactly! that’s what they are t
rying to achieve. We know all those behind this satanic moves and coup. They will never go unpunished.


Well… Kalinic already training again with the squad…
Dont know, must happy for that or not…


Well… Welcome Kalinic! I hope you warm the bench really good.


That Kalinic dude is a bad player and has a bad attitude, this ain’t Fiorentina, let him sit on the bench till the end of the season and then he can f*** off


Give kalanic a chance at the second leg of the Europa league and let him join the management team of bench warmers

Baresis Dream

If Kalanic returns to even 85% of last season’s form we will become a real seria a threat, much more than we are now. I really don’t understand why any milan fan would wish for him to fail. I love Rocky Cutrone, a true talent with sublime Inzagi-like finishing skills and the tenacity of a raging bull. But as a lone striker he is currently very lacking when his back is towards the goal, and really contributes quite little in the buildup play. Kalanic on the other hand, even in his current form, helps out way more in this department.… Read more »