Milan-Sampdoria: The Rossoneri squad

The squad during training at Milanello. (
The squad during training at Milanello. (

Here is the squad of Milan.

AC Milan face U.C. Sampdoria on Sunday evening  when the clock points 20:45 CET / Italy time at Stadio San Siro for the 25th matchday of the 2017/18 Serie A and the Rossoneri coach Gennaro Gattuso has named his squad for the encounter.

Franck Kessié is suspended and is out of the squad for the first time this season, while Marco Storari, Andrea Conti, Matteo Gabbia and Nikola Kalinić are out as well.

Probable XI (Sky): Gianluigi Donnarumma; Davide Calabria, Leonardo Bonucci, Alessio Romagnoli, Ricardo Rodriguez; Manuel Locatelli / Riccardo Montolivo, Lucas Biglia, Giacomo Bonaventura; Suso, Patrick Cutrone, Hakan Çalhanoğlu.

Antonio DonnarummaIgnazio AbateLucas BigliaFabio Borini
Gianluigi DonnarummaLuca AntonelliGiacomo BonaventuraPatrick Cutrone
GabrielLeonardo BonucciHakan ÇalhanoğluAndré Silva
Davide CalabriaManuel LocatelliSuso
Gustavo GomezJose Mauri
Mateo MusacchioRiccardo Montolivo
Ricardo Rodriguez
Alessio Romagnoli
Cristian Zapata


  1. I see Andre silva coming out as a hero tomorrow. 3 golden points at stake and we gonna grab them with ease!

  2. Hope to see Locatelli tommorow showing his qualities. Sampdoria is hell of an oponent.
    And yeah off-yopic but I read on many sources that ultras are planing sabotaging Pirlo’s farewell game because he chose San Siro as a stadium. We have utterly retarded ultras fans. They react on stupidest things, and when they need to make their voice heard they are quiet as fuck.
    If Pirlo chose San Siro as last stadium where he will ever play football and don’t attack our legend.

    • Well I don’t count him as a legend but overall I agree with you. The ultras are as quiet as a mountain when they are most needed and this makes their other actions look vain.

        • Don’t you remember his statements after he left us? Being a legend is not only about the trophies and contributions, it’s more about loyalty and caring for the club.

          • He was butthurt for being thrown out of milan against his will so he said all those things in his book but i bet he still has good relationship with rino, maldini, nesta etc. Hell, even i as a fan was and still is about pirlo’s departure but the fact is pirlo was milan player for 10 yrs. Hows that for loyalty?
            Just because shaq left lakers and alonso left renault doesnt mean they ceased to legends of their respective teams anymore

        • Yo ACTito64, what in hell does not counting someone a legend has to do with football knowledge? And yeah, we disagree. That doesn’t mean that we have to call each other ignorant, etc.

  3. Hope Locatelli gets selected for tomorrow. Montolivo has been ok lately but I am not a fan to say the least.

    Anyway, we can definitely beat Sampdoria and get the 3 points. We can still reach a CL as Inter and Lazio are going thru a bad run.

  4. Bonaventura is on dreadful form. If he fail to deliver in this game while Locatelli/Montolivo play better than he must rest once Kessie gets back.

  5. We are winning games because that NICOLA KALINIC is injured ( and i hope to god that he stays injuried and away from football)…

    BUT we have an italian coach.. and no matter how much i love gattuso and respect this legend.. he is still ITALIAN.. and italian COACHES are dumb.. mark my WORDS… when kalinic is back.. he will return to starting line up.. because “serie a experience..” (typical italian nonsense btw) but yeah.. this “seria a experience” thinking from gattuso (this thinking only comes because gattuso is italian) will make kalinic take more space.. and we will start loosing games again..

    MARK MY WORDS… bonera, bertolacci, poli are other examples… under performing.. but an dumb italian coach.. played them regardless…

    • Someone is a bit bitter! Milan is an Italian team and should be managed by and Italian with Italian players! So get lost mate.

    • Italian coaches are dumb? Lippi, Ancelotti, Conte, Mancini, Allegri… And that’s just a handful of names since the 2000’s that are great coaches.

      There’s not a country in the world that produced as many great coaches as Italy.

      • Last year, 3 of the top 4 leagues in europe were won by italian coaches. Jux adding to ur point. But i agree that Kalinic shouldn’t be starting

    • You’re wrong about your notion on Italian coaches.
      This shows you don’t know football.
      Amongst top 2 coaches ever, there must be an Italian coach.
      Macello Lippi
      Fabio Capello
      Carlo Ancelloti
      Even the coach that guided Chelsea to their first champions league trophy is an Italian.
      Someone help me with the name.

    • Gattuso is too smart to understand what he has to do to succeed… Italian coaches are dumb…what a dumb deliration…

  6. Monti back to his preferd central role is a good thing. Loca is not showing any promises at the moment. Everytime he plays it’s like we play with one less player in attack. I still believe Selling/Loaning Kucka and Berto was wrong. Berto played a really good game against Inter tonight

  7. we made lot of mistakes in the era of montella
    1.selling kucka he wud have been a replacement for kessie
    2.our forward wud have been much better with lapadula,bacca and cutrone instead of buying Silva and kalanic waste of money sure we now appreciate gattuso cos most of us were envying inter wen they bought spalletti wishing he came to Milan ,inter r not better right now ,

    • yes…..selling kucka n lapadula was great mistake but selling bacca was right…..our another big mistake was not to buy Auba….. if Auba is here instead of kalinic n Silva I m sure Milan will be in the top 3 position in serie a……we r lshort of a pacey winger also

    • I would have kept Bacca instead of buying Kalinic that’s for sure, because Bacca is only on loan with no obligation to buy. So we only got the loan fee, 2,5 M. He is a striker with a lot of experience. Montella didn’t like him, let’s see what is it with Gattuso at the end of the season.

      On the other hand, we sold Lapadula for 11 M alltogether, that’s more or less his true value. Kucka was a bargain for the turks, but i didn’t like his playing style. I think we could have swapt him for a player like Baselli/Badelj, to make an alternative to Kessié.

  8. Meanwhile our coach on Cutrone: “He has to work and to rest. I hope he finds a beautiful girlfriend so he can rest and make love.”
    BTW I think that we can win if we are well prepared physically and know how to make Kessie’s absence insignificant. Under Morontella no player looked like a proper athlete but we are growing steadily. I just wish we had replaced him before summer.

    • I dont think it would make a big difference swapping out Montella in the summer, I think its harsh to single out Montella because of the slow start to the season.. Like I’ve said multiple times since the beginning of the season, “We wont start seeing a team before after Christmas. 11 new players need that much time and even more to gel no matter what coach you chose.” Of course the lads got a healthy mental boost and confidence when we snapped up Gattuso, as he swapped back to a familiar system, so most of the squad could actually play in their preferred positions, which will automatically give a player more confidence . but the main reason for the up turn is no doubt cohesion and unity within the squad. And we can and should expect the team to continue improve towards the end of the season.

        • So much better?? Really? We are still scrapping the results, but we are improving game by game. Which is expected. Montella killed him self because he listened to stupid people like milan10 here and went with the robust 352 system, him and most of the milan fans where screaming for it. He gave it to them, and it failed. Again not surprised.

          • And no it’s not really a coincidence when you have been telling people to wait and be patient for half a season. You don’t get surprised then. It obvious the team is coming to gather and gelling.

      • You are right about the cohesion thing but I was talking about the physical status of the team. Whatever training method Montella was implementing had made our players play like they haven’t eaten in days. This has nothing to do with cohesion and gelling together. Am I wrong?

        • No I get what you are saying there, they looked unfit and uninspiring under the last 6 months of his campaign, but dont forget Injury’s. Hakan had not been playing for nearly 8 months, Bona was out for 3-4 months, biglia was out for 2 months and had been playing with pain the month after, Conti got injured. The first 3 are now been key players in the up turn in form.

          Im not saying Gattuso dont deserve credit and are doing a bad job. Im just saying its not suprising the team is improving now, and that its not fair to blame Montella alone for the early struggles.

          • All disagreements aside, it’s a real pleasure to discuss stuff with you Misund. You are one of the few who don’t argue or even start fighting instead of discussing the point in a civilised manner. Cheers

  9. Loca and Monty are center midfielders and so far Loca hasn’t been good when tested as Mezzala on the left, hope he proves me wrong if he gets the nod today on the right.

    On a personal note on this, I will prefer Monty because of 1 player….Torreira . He’s a physically strong, dynamic midfielder with low center of gravity and great technique. We need a more experienced ball winner in midfield to help limit his access to possession. Monty will do this job without getting an early yellow that would compromise his physical involvement in the game, he has improved recently and I strongly believe he would do better.

    Another area I look at is how we defend against Quag who does the intelligent work of drifting center backs away to create spaces for other Sampdoria players, Milan must be very attentive to this situation and most especially when Samp plays 4.4.2 with 2 strikers like Zapata, this is their strength all season. Bonucci struggles against powerful towering players in aerial dwells, we need all our players to be ready to counter this.

    • Great points about ball-winning Monty and arial-struggling Bonucci. Maybe we bring in our very own Zapata again to try and stop him?

      • Unfortunately Zapata is still naive and too unreliable to gamble. It’s a tricky situation but I hope Gatuso is able to fix it. Remember Zapata gave his cousin Dupan a gift in the earlier fixture in Marassi.

      • We did exactly that in the reverse fixture, you know what happened right? He assisted his cousins goal. Dont mess with something that works – Bonu-Roma.

  10. A must win over our direct rivals for those top mid level spots. Perhaps our biggest test yet in the Gatusso era.

    We need fullbacks that can go forward, overlap, spread the game, and cross from the normal foot (so no Calabria on the left). With this formation we try to do everything from the center, and it gets too crowded. Maybe give Borini another shot in the LB role. Of course Samp is dangerous on the wings as well, so this point is a but tricky.

    Also, Rocky Cutrone is doing an amazing job, but he needs to be better with his back towards the goal; he rarely can control a ball in that situation, and that’s a super essential skill for someone playing a pure lone striker position like he is.

    Final point- I’m anxious to see how Monty and Biglia hold the back together; I imagine we will be slower going forward, but harder to penetrate or pressure.

    Good luck boys.

  11. I am suprised nobody notices this. Locatelli is a natural #6. He’s proven ineffective in any attacking midfield position. His talent is being wasted gradually. Best way to use him is to replace the aging Biglia for at least 15 minutes in every game. That will help Biglia to reserve some energy for the next game and also keep Locatelli in form.

  12. So important game today… and the coming games will probably define our season. Best of luck boys, I believe in Rino and that he can prepare them mentally. Hope the players have in mind that they’ll probably get some rest for the upcoming EL-game, so theycan give their all tonight. Andiamo ragazzi!!

  13. I hope we win to day so that 70% percent of the team can rest for the Europa game. This game is particularly important as it will tie us with Sampdoria and close the gap against inter, making our next match with them more of a defining moment. I very much hope for victory.

  14. Milan management said 2-3 players… but…

    backup for G.Donnarumma – Storari is “dead” and Antonio D. made his best match of carreer against Inter, Gabriel does not want to sit on the bench
    backup for Rodriguez – Strinic I’ve heard
    CB: not needed… Bonucci/Romagnoli/Musacchio/Lord I think its enough
    RB: not needed… Conti and Calabria enough… at least for now
    Midfield? 2 players needed at least: 1defensive mid and 1 central mid
    Wingers? 2 wingers needed and if Suso leaves, Tiago Dias must already had some chances to see if he’s worth or not…. LW and backup Suso (unless Tiago Dias shows great potential.)
    and CF? Only Cutrone is doing anything… Balotelli is free next season… think about that..

    I count more than 3…. unless backup/free players does not count.

    • Balotelli what ? We already had him two more times and that didn’t work out, what makes you think third times a charm ?

      • because he’s free, and surely better than Kalinic and Silva combined.

        Only striker Milan has is Cutrone.

        and hopefully with a better midfield and wingers that doesn’t exist apart from Suso.

        No need to splash € into another striker like Belotti, Balo is better. free and experienced

        • Don’t lose faith on Silva yet , remember when Dzeko arrived at Roma his first season was a disaster . Balotelli is not better , how can you say that , that guy has a bad attitude we don’t need him even if they give us money to take him . Silva and Cutrone are the new fresh guys , we should give them more than half a season before thinking about bringing someone like Balotelli to replace them

    • I think Milan should buy S.M.Savic n Naingolan for midfield and Rafael( bundesliga) / Iago aspas( laliga) in front…. these 3 player will change the whole thing, they will bring the firepower in the midfield n sharpness in the finishing…..sell suso, kalinic,Silva………make a loan exchange in b/ w. Anwar el Ghazi for Locatelli,coz we need a pecey physically stronger winger……..

  15. After sampdoria,it is Lazio @Italia cup,den Roma and inter Milan @league!!!I pray that God help gattuso to know d right players dat suits every match coz its not easy and God should strengthen d players in this time of difficulty!!! Forza Milan

    • Comment: I am happy kessie gets to rest so Monty could show us something.
      I do not believe in using a player till he gets fatigued or injured before using another, it is all about risks and faith, what if Kessie, Suso, or any other starting player(s) gets injured?
      Gattuso could sacrifice every last 15minutes for other players like he is doing for Borini recently

  16. Comment: Kessie is pacey, but pass less, stronger.
    Montolivo is known for his good interceptions, passes more and really assist the defence, but slow, and not strong.
    Biglia too is similar, but it would relieve the stress.
    I guess the wingers will have more trackbacks to do today.
    subs will be: Silva, Locatelli and Borini if we don’t get an early yellow or red card at all.
    forza Milan



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