Official: Milan announce long-term partnership with PUMA

Franck Kessié, Alessio Romagnoli, Hakan Çalhanoğlu, Patrick Cutrone, Leonardo Bonucci and Giacomo Bonaventura celebrating during Milan-Lazio at Stadio San Siro on January 28, 2018. (MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Images)
Franck Kessié, Alessio Romagnoli, Hakan Çalhanoğlu, Patrick Cutrone, Leonardo Bonucci and Giacomo Bonaventura celebrating during Milan-Lazio at Stadio San Siro on January 28, 2018. (MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Images)

It is now official that Milan and PUMA will team-up starting July 1st, 2018.

Milan announced in October that after 20 years of working together, they ‘mutually agreed with adidas to prematurely terminate their technical sponsorship deal at the end of the season 2017/2018.’

And today they confirmed that the company replacing adidas will be PUMA.

“PUMA and Milan have today announced an official long-term partnership, that brings together two of the most passionate, iconic and ambitious brands in football industry,” Milan wrote on their official website.

“Effective 1st July 2018, PUMA will become our official partner, global technical supplier and official licensing partner.” At least in the short term, the figures PUMA will pay Milan are believed to be lower than what adidas had been paying (reports a few months ago talked about €10-15m yearly).

Milan will be joining the likes of Borussia Dortmund and Arsenal, Italy NT, Switzerland NT, Austria NT, Cameroon NT, Ivory Coast NT, Ghana NT and Czech Republic NT and soon Senegal as sides that wear PUMA. Players like Antoine Griezmann, Olivier Giroud, Kun Agüero, Cesc Fàbregas, Mario Balotelli, Hector Bellerin, Marco Reus, Julian Weigl, Gigi Buffon and Yaya Touré are also all representing PUMA.

“We are very proud to be partnering with Milan,” Bjørn Gulden, Chief Executive Officer of PUMA, said, as written on on Monday morning. “They are one of the most successful clubs in the Football history with a large, global fan base and the team and their fans show the true spirit of football. If you ask me, the Rossoneri jersey is one of the most iconic jerseys in football. We are looking forward to the next chapter of this legendary football club being with PUMA.”

Marco Fassone during Milan-Inter at Stadio San Siro on December 27, 2017. (
Marco Fassone during Milan-Inter at Stadio San Siro on December 27, 2017. (

“I am very pleased to announce our partnership with PUMA, to whom we are bound by mutual esteem and by our common passion for sports and football values,” Milan CEO Marco Fassone said. “They represent a major international brand and we will be proceeding together in the next few football seasons in our strategic pathway striving to reach new and extraordinary goals off and on the pitch.”

Lorenzo Giorgetti, the Diavolo’s Commercial Officer added: “We are very proud of the agreement signed with PUMA and look forward to starting this new adventure together. PUMA’s mission, quite clearly expressed in the brand positioning with the claim ‘FOREVER FASTER’, perfectly combines with the ambitions of our Club on the pitch and in the commercial development, where PUMA will accompany us as an ideal partner to face the forthcoming challenging football seasons.”

In a few months’ time the home kit for the 2018/19 season will also be unveiled as for the first time in many, many years, Milan will not be wearing a shirt with the adidas brand logo on it.


  1. Did you know that the founders of PUMA & ADIDAS are brothers?

    Two of the world’s most renowned shoe companies were birthed from a bout of bad blood between siblings. In the 1920s, German brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler launched a shoe company together in their mother’s laundry room. Their business boomed after Dassler shoes adorned the feet of gold-medal-winning Olympians in the 1930s. But as their sales spiked, so did the tension between the two brothers. World War II proved the breaking point in their relationship. While no one is sure what caused the riff, it’s said to be a result of miscommunication. After an Allied bomb attack, Adolf and his wife took cover in a bomb shelter already occupied by Rudolf and his family. “The dirty bastards are back again,” Adolf said, apparently referring to the planes, but Rudolf thought the comment was an attack against his family.

    By the war’s end, the brothers had split the company and waged a war of their own — in the business arena. Adolf, who preferred to be called Adi, named his business Adidas, combining his first and last names; Rudolf tried the same with his firm called Ruda, though he later changed it to Puma. It’s said that the brothers never spoke again, and their bitter rivalry even divided the town of Herzogenaurach, where they built their competing factories on the opposite banks of the town’s river. It wasn’t until September 2009, long after the brothers’ deaths, that the companies put aside their feud and faced off in a friendly game of soccer — an appropriate meeting for two companies who’ve become independently famous in the field of sports shoes.

  2. Chelsea’s deal with Nike is said to be worth £60m a season for 15 years.
    Manchester United receive £75m a season in a 10-year deal with Adidas, while Barcelona will rake in £140m a season from Nike from next year

  3. Milan is living the reality of the set backs of recent years but WE ARE MILAN and am sure in couple of years ahead, Adidas will regret leaving us because Milan will be back stronger.

    Most definitely the deal is low and reason why the numbers are undisclosed but like I said, I believe we are Giants forever regardless of our current situation.

    Welcome Puma.

  4. From Dolce & Gabbana to Diesel, from Adidas to Puma… still big sponsors, but not as big as the previous brands – pretty symbolic for our current state. I wonder how our jerseys will look like. Dont know how the extra tight fit will look… doesnt really matter though, what matters is how we perform, hope there will be plenty of success stories in the Puma jersey.

    • I’m glad for Diesel as Renzo Rosso the owner is a die hard Milan fan. He was even considered as a shareholder as there were reports he was interested to buy a minority stake of AC Milan

      • Was going to say the same thing.. Im actually glad that Diesel is our partner, they are known as a creative brand, and brave which is more compelling to me than those D&G suits

  5. I just finished reading shoe dog, memoir by phil knight, creator of nike. One of the best autobiographies ive ever read and how i wish it was nike instead that poached milan instead of puma. How sweet it would be if nike’s milan beat adidas’ juve, visionary rebels beat status quo. I mean, who would u rather pick, an apparel with uncreative animal name or a greek goddess of victory herself? Alas, the sad fact is milan are senegal of european club football

  6. Maybe they give us Bolt next season. I know he ain’t even a fotball player but he sure as hell is better than Kalinic.

  7. If the milan project gets the results it promises than wouldn’t we be puma’s most valuable club side partner? and wouldn’t that get one of the best jersey deals? Just saying this has potential

    • I also read that according to various sources, our revenue will increase compared to past seasons starting next season, and if we do well, and perhaps get to UCL, we’ll get even more from Puma.

  8. I’m happy with puma its next best thing to Adidas. I’m really interested to see the jerseys because puma to me always make nice kits. Sources saying this sponsorship will be second to only Juventus is deals and will surpass our old deal if we perform. That ain’t so bad! Hopefully brings us luck and good memories. Third kit should look sharp



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