Gattuso: “It is a lying result, we are an athletically and mentally improved team, Cutrone resembles Inzaghi”

Gennaro Gattuso during SPAL-Milan at at Stadio Paolo Mazza on February 10, 2018. (Photo by Mario Carlini / Iguana Press/Getty Images)
Gennaro Gattuso during SPAL-Milan at at Stadio Paolo Mazza on February 10, 2018. (Photo by Mario Carlini / Iguana Press/Getty Images)

Gennaro Gattuso was pleased with the win over SPAL, although in his eyes the 4-0 result doesn’t reflect how difficult the match was, and said that while Patrick Cutrone reminds of old legends, he still has room for improvement.

Milan are now unbeaten in their last 8 games in all competitions after defeating relegation-zone’s SPAL 4-0 at Stadio Paolo Mazza on Saturday afternoon.

Despite what the score-line may imply, it was not one of Milan’s best performances this season in terms of the quality of the play, but instead they were perhaps the most lethal they’ve been all season.

It took Patrick Cutrone 1 minute and 41 seconds to find the back of the net (Milan’s fastest Serie A goal since 6th October 2013 when Muntari scored against Juve).

SPAL did not recoil, however, and came close to equalizing the result. Milan held on, and then the 20-year-old Cutrone doubled the Diavolo lead in the 65′ minute. From then on it was a lot easier for the Rossoneri as Lucas Biglia (73′) and Fabio Borini (90′) scored goals of their own to make it 4-0. The only negative from the performance is that Franck Kessié was booked and will therefore miss next week’s match against Sampdoria at Stadio San Siro (Sunday, 20:45 CET / Italy time kickoff).

“We put in a good performance today,” Gattuso told Sky Italia. “The 4-0 result wasn’t unfair as such but didn’t reflect how much we suffered when only 1-0 up. The important thing is to persevere and not think all our problems have been resolved. I reminded the team of where we were two months ago, how many issues we had and pointed out this is the start, not the finish line.

“For 15-20 minutes after taking the lead, Manuel Lazzari was torturing us, and Hakan Çalhanoğlu was almost man-marking him. Lazzari caused us huge problems, a more mature team can avoid putting a player on someone [the 24-year-old midfielder has been at SPAL since 2013].

The squad celebrating with the fans at the end of SPAL-Milan at at Stadio Paolo Mazza on February 10, 2018. (
The squad celebrating with the fans at the end of SPAL-Milan at at Stadio Paolo Mazza on February 10, 2018. (

“My tactics? I want to see three or four men in the box whenever we put in a cross. When I arrived here, the team only worked through the right chain, I want Ricardo Rodriguez to give more width to the team. I want to see the chain reaction down the right and left flanks. We’re doing very well, we suffer a lot less and we’ve improved a lot, but there’s a long way to go.

“Cutrone? He has to grow, for his age he can also improve and play tidier, sometimes he loses the ball cheaply. We want to play with our striker and he needs to improve on this, because he already has the rest. I tell him to learn how to hold the ball up, control and wait a little.

Patrick Cutrone, Leonardo Bonucci and Hakan Çalhanoğlu celebrating during SPAL-Milan at at Stadio Paolo Mazza on February 10, 2018. (Photo by Mario Carlini / Iguana Press/Getty Images)
Patrick Cutrone, Leonardo Bonucci and Hakan Çalhanoğlu celebrating during SPAL-Milan at at Stadio Paolo Mazza on February 10, 2018. (Photo by Mario Carlini / Iguana Press/Getty Images)

“Cutrone must play tidier and give breathing time for the team. The Cutrone-Inzaghi comparison [Patrick’s two goals against SPAL were almost classic Inzaghi goals]? The ability to read where the ball is going to end up is something in his DNA, but the rest can improve with experience.

“His name is Patrick Cutrone, not SuperPippo Cutrone. They have similarities but are not the same player. He has humility and when he doesn’t play as a protagonist, you can tell his face is grumpy, but that’s normal for his age. Cutrone will be a big player in Serie A for many years to come.

“Biglia? He moves well and tactically he is fundamental. I want the team to always have the ball covered, Biglia allows us to be aggressive and look forward. I don’t like when my midfielders follow the insertions of the opponents, and Lucas is very good at this. It’s also his merit, he’s worked, and he wants to work every day, he reminds me of myself… he doesn’t listen, sometimes it’s better to rest.”

Lucas Biglia and Patrick Cutrone celebrating during SPAL-Milan at at Stadio Paolo Mazza on February 10, 2018. (
Lucas Biglia and Patrick Cutrone celebrating during SPAL-Milan at at Stadio Paolo Mazza on February 10, 2018. (

Speaking to Mediaset at the end of the encounter, coach Rino said: “After the 1-0 we suffered, then we went back to working better. We knew that we had to suffer and there could be problems with the speed of Lazzari. It was not an easy game, in the first half we suffered quite a bit.

“We are happy with the rest, but we have to look ahead. Right now, it’s not as if all our problems are gone, we must work. After 20 minutes we sacrificed Hakan to put him on Lazzari, with a more organized team you can do better and suffer less, and today we put a winger in the defensive phase.

Hakan Çalhanoğlu during SPAL-Milan at at Stadio Paolo Mazza on February 10, 2018. (
Hakan Çalhanoğlu during SPAL-Milan at at Stadio Paolo Mazza on February 10, 2018. (

“We know that we have to improve and see where will get. My idea of football? When the fashion of the players without experience on the bench [as coaches] started, everyone said that it was not enough to be good players but instead you needed experience.

“I’m happy with what I’ve done but many forget that two years ago I won a Scudetto with Pisa, last year I made 40 points in Serie B without having a President for 7 months, at Crete I did 25 points with no President for five months. With my skills as a fighter I had won a lot, but now I do another job.

Ricardo Rodriguez during SPAL-Milan at at Stadio Paolo Mazza on February 10, 2018. (
Ricardo Rodriguez during SPAL-Milan at at Stadio Paolo Mazza on February 10, 2018. (

“This is that fifth year that I’ve been coaching and if someone wants to say opposite things then I can’t say anything. The road is long for me, I have to improve a lot, but I do this job that I like. I can hardly listen to those close to me, let alone if I start listening to what everyone says…

“I’m finally able to only focus on football? My only merits are that I propose something and have a team that follows what I propose. I’m lucky to have guys who believe in everything we bring forward. The credit is of them, if there were players with a different attitude, we wouldn’t get these results.

Ignazio Abate and Patrick Cutrone celebrating during SPAL-Milan at at Stadio Paolo Mazza on February 10, 2018. (
Ignazio Abate and Patrick Cutrone celebrating during SPAL-Milan at at Stadio Paolo Mazza on February 10, 2018. (

“Cutrone? He is a young player who has the ‘venom’ and the desire to play a train. He needs to improve after committing mistakes of naivety and he must learn to play with the team and enable it to rise up. He was born with the venom in the last 16 meters and he will die with it.

“He resembles Inzaghi or Massaro, he lives for the goal but it’s not true when people say he plays with instinct and little quality. He must work and has large margins for improvements.”

Patrick Cutrone scoring during SPAL-Milan at at Stadio Paolo Mazza on February 10, 2018. (
Patrick Cutrone scoring during SPAL-Milan at at Stadio Paolo Mazza on February 10, 2018. (

In his interview with MilanTV, the 40-year-old said: “The score does not tell the whole story. After the 1-0 we went into trouble and the post hit by Viviani could have gone in and changed the match completely. Lazzari always put us in difficulty and Çalhanoğlu did well to contain him.

“It’s a lying result but we are happy for the 4-0 win and look to the Europa League. The psychological growth of the team? We still need to improve our tactical work and enhance our defensive coverage. In possession we are doing well and the two chains of the field work well. Then there’s the opponent and we must know how to suffer without panic. Today we saw it while against Udinese we suffered more in 10 men. Today we were brighter, and we need to continue this way.

Franck Kessié during SPAL-Milan at at Stadio Paolo Mazza on February 10, 2018. (
Franck Kessié during SPAL-Milan at at Stadio Paolo Mazza on February 10, 2018. (

“Çalhanoğlu as a mezz’ala [side-midfielder, to replace Kessié]? It could be a solution but let’s see… first we have to think about Thursday and then Sampdoria. Ludogorets have been in Europe for years and all the big ones struggled against them, Liverpool and Real Madrid included.

“Cutrone’s goals like Inzaghi’s [he is Milan’s top scorer this season]? It’s an innate feature of his, part of his DNA. He just needs to keep growing and he can become really strong.”

Patrick Cutrone, Hakan Çalhanoğlu and Giacomo Bonaventura celebrating during SPAL-Milan at at Stadio Paolo Mazza on February 10, 2018. (
Patrick Cutrone, Hakan Çalhanoğlu and Giacomo Bonaventura celebrating during SPAL-Milan at at Stadio Paolo Mazza on February 10, 2018. (

Gattuso also held a post-match press conference: “It was a match with a lying result, I put Çalhanoğlu to be man-on-man with Lazzari in the first half because we were a bit in trouble. We did well with our crossing, but it was very difficult. I know Leonardo Semplici very well, I’ve always had difficult matches against him. I’m pleased with the performance because today it wasn’t granted to win.

“Cutrone as a starter? The work done during the week dictates it. During the week, the wins are prepared, and it is what counts. He’s scored 12 goals and for his age he has the gift to be found at the right place. I expect that he will improve in supporting the team and play with more tranquility.

Giacomo Bonaventura, Alessio Romagnoli, Fabio Borini and André Silva celebrating during SPAL-Milan at at Stadio Paolo Mazza on February 10, 2018. (
Giacomo Bonaventura, Alessio Romagnoli, Fabio Borini and André Silva celebrating during SPAL-Milan at at Stadio Paolo Mazza on February 10, 2018. (

“The team’s changed attitude? It’s an athletically and mentally improved team. I think this was a team that was 80% just the right side and today we are a team that can play well on both chains. This team has changed the way it occupies spaces and knows how to play through both the right and left flanks.

“Biglia and Bonucci? When the results arrive, I think it’s easier to play the ball, without results the ball weights 120 kg. The results make the work better during the week. Biglia gives us tactical work, but also covers the field well. Biglia never had Pirlo’s characteristics, he is a player who gives balance.

The squad celebrating at the end of SPAL-Milan at at Stadio Paolo Mazza on February 10, 2018. (Photo by Mario Carlini / Iguana Press/Getty Images)
The squad celebrating at the end of SPAL-Milan at at Stadio Paolo Mazza on February 10, 2018. (Photo by Mario Carlini / Iguana Press/Getty Images)

“Sampdoria? One of Montolivo, Locatelli and Çalhanoğlu will be used as a side-midfielder due to Kessié’s absence, but we first think about Thursday’s match [against Ludogorets]. They are not a great name but have been playing in Europe in the last 4-5 years, so you have to prepare well. Their players have more European experience than ours, it’ll be a very dangerous game.

“Fourth place? The standings shouldn’t be our belief and our strength, we must think game by game. Without desire and a sense of belonging the results that have come lately wouldn’t have arrived. If the worst is behind us? I’d hope so, but I know that we will be playing every three days for so many games and we will have to suffer and not forget where we came from and what we’ve gone through.”

With Atalanta dropping points against Crotone today, Milan are back in 7th place. Should Samp fail to beat Hellas tomorrow then next week’s match will be for 6th place. But first, Ludogorets.


  1. For those who never miss a chance to bash Donna let me remind you that Meret who is actually his direct competition for the title of “Italy’s goalkeeper prodigy” made 2 basic mistakes today which led to goals. Donna is 2 years his junior but if he had made even one of those mistakes fans here would be calling for his head.

    • Donnarumma has a 6mil per year contract though!

      For that kind of salary he should be playing way better like “superman” better.

      Buffon earns 4 mil per year and Donnarumma is nowhere near his level. Smh

      • It is like comparing Coutinho and Pelé. Different player, different time. If Buffon was like 25 now, his price would be enormous on today’s market.

      • @nick
        If you have a problem with the 6 mill contract blame Fassone who deemed him worthy of that kind of money.
        The contract a player gets is determined by many factors besides footballing talent. Many years ago after Man U sold Jaap Stam to Lazio, Rio Ferdinand took advantage of that to negotiate a huge pay rise which made him the best paid defender because he knew that they were in a crisis and could not afford to lose another defender.

        • Rio arrived much later. Old Blanc was supposed to be stam’s replacement, not rio.
          Rio was expensive because he was capt of then high flying leeds, mu’s natural rival, and was virtually england’s best young cb along with woodgate and terry, not because stam left. U didnt see djemba djemba got lucrative deal just because keane left and mu was desperate for replacement did u?
          Get ur facts straight please

      • @nick
        As great as Buffon is he has the great fortune of playing behind Italy’s best defence for most of his Serie A career starting from his Parma days. He does not get tested nearly as much as other keepers, last season he only had to make 67 saves compared to Donna’s 146.
        Look at what happened when he got bombarded by Madrid in last year’s final.
        He was made to look ordinary.
        Btw you are the same person who said Calabria does not belong on a football pitch after we lost 4-1 to Lazio so what do you know about talent?

        • er, that defense didnt tip zidane’s header over the bar in wc final or blocked inzaghi’s header TO THE SIDE (unlike donna who keeps blocking forward) in ucl final though. And certainly didnt pick him as iffhs world’s best gk for 4-5 yrs in a row. “He does not get tested nearly as much as other keepers” someone doesnt watch football apparently.
          U underestimate buffon, one of the greatest ever, and jump on donna the choker bandwagon. What do YOU know about talent?

      • @Milan10.
        I don’t care about Raiola’s “Maradona of goalkeepers” crap, all agents talk up their players. That same de Gea was 21 years old when he joined Man U and was not at the level Donna is at now. He was so shaky that he was viciously criticized by the British media. Alex Ferguson had to come out and strongly back him because he knew better.
        The fact is Messi at 25 was a way better player than he was at 18 yet for reasons known only to yourself you keep ignoring Donna’s age.
        Btw last year Meret was called up to the senior Italy team along with Buffon and Donna so he’s not exactly a “nobody”.

        • Meret is a nobody, like donna. What has he won again?
          “That same de Gea was 21 years old when he joined Man U and was not at the level Donna is at now.” Really? On what basis? Dont u know he was atl madrid’s first choice gk when he was donna’s age? Dont u know he won el and super cup with them? Dont u know he actually performed well in euro u21, unlike donna? Barthez and even van der sar were also shaky when they first arrived at old trafford, its not easy to fill in schmeichel’s shoes. Furthermore, ur saying it like donna isnt shakier than de gea. Donna cries on and off the pitch for bonad10nho’s sake.
          In short, u think 18-19 yr old donna is better than 18-19yr old buffon AND de gea. Wow

          • @Milan10
            ‘Messi cried after missing Champions League semi-final penalty’ – Alexis.
            That is one of the football headlines today so even the greatest crie. Casillas admitted crying like a baby when he was dropped by Mourinho.
            Tell me again what trophy did Buffon win by the time he was 18?

          • really, is that ur question? What did buffon win at 18? He won euro u21, the same euro u21 in which donna cried his eyes out silly while getting fake money thrown at him. Didnt i mention it already in my previous comment. Oh, and at donna’s age, he was busy blocking ronaldo’s and andi moeller’s penalties. If u dont know buffon then dont talk about him

          • Oh, and messi, maradona and even cruyff himself cried after losing important matches but they didnt cry when getting booed at or getting fake money thrown at them. Big difference

    • Keep on preaching Jomokau; some people don’t know pure sheer talent when it’s there right in front of them. Donna is the real deal. While somewhat on a decline this season, his ratio of mistakes per saves is still at the highest level out there. And let Juve fans keep their myth about Buffon – the truth is he’s far from his best in the last 3-4 years already; Donna is already the best Italian goal keeper, and he’s only going to get better.

      • Says the guy who claimed to love donna like a son but wouldnt love him like a son anymore if he left milan.
        He will leave sooner or later and milan better get the upper hand when setting up the deal

        • I think Donnarumma is already a top class goalkeeper, people need to forget about his wage for a moment and consider his age, he’s just an 18 year old kid and what he’s done from age 16 in my opinion is extraordinary
          Yes he does make mistakes and because he’s so talked about these days those mistakes are highlighted way above the norm, he made 2 such mistakes yesterday but he’ll learn from them
          People here talk about jumping on bandwagons but the biggest bandwagon of all is the one bashing on him every chance they get
          The immortal himself Buffon has said countless times how good he can be so why not go with it?
          An idiot should be able to see he’s an extraordinary talent but it’s also fair to say he needs to wise up and eliminate silly errors but I’ve every confidence he will
          Someone here said about Buffon playing behind probably the best defence in the world and that’s a very good point as he wasn’t called upon nearly as often as a keeper playing behind a weaker defence but when he was he pulled off miracle saves but so has Donnarumma but you never hear commentators on here acknowledging his good points they only bash his mistakes while looking down from there “bandwagon” trying to be funny using silly names
          Donnarumma has being playing behind a shit defence last season and a brand new one this year that haven’t exactly been fool proof but given a little time will hopefully be as good as Buffons
          All the other keepers that people compare Donnarumma too has been part of champions league standard teams with rock solid defences be it at Munich, Manchester United or Juventus
          Try to be a fan for a change and support the kid

          • Casillas, de gea and even schmeichel played behind shit defence all their lives but that just singled out their talents even more instead of exposing their weaknesses. Schalke’s defense wws horrible vs porto and mu but that didnt stop neuer from being superman that he was/is. Horrible reasoning

          • No Milan10 your reasoning is total bullshit
            All the teams you’ve mentioned are champions league standard and a good defensively/offensively TEAM who defend/attack as a unit, Casillas often got beaten but it didn’t matter because Madrid would simply out score there opponent almost everytime
            How can you say Schmeichel played in a shit defensive unit while at United? They where in the top 3/4 teams in the world
            Yes De Gea is a better keeper than Donna but he’s also older with far more experience
            You have a chip on your shoulder about Donnarumma with the will he won’t he stuff that went on, he’s a kid
            who took bad advice from a money hungry whore get over it and before all the talk about why don’t he sack his agent well he’s agent also looks after other world class players so he’s obviously good at what he does so love him or hate him, Riola I doubt is going anywhere
            You keep comparing Donna to Neuer and Buffon, why?
            Are there no other goalkeepers or are they the two who gets you most or should I say moist excited?
            Buffon your idol made a schoolboy error last night trying to predict where a free-kick was going and moved before the ball and cost his team the match and most likely put them out of the champions league and I’m pretty confident if I look through footage of your other hero I’d find mistakes too not least when they were only 16 up to 18

          • Really, is that ur reasoning? If casillas got beaten so easily then why was he 5 time iffhs gk of the year? Why did he win ucl at donna’s age? He was already much better gk at donna’s age and had u watched la liga and ucl from 2000 on u wouldve known.
            Mu was great club but their defense was shitty, thats why they often got outscored when it mattered most. Dortmund, barca, juve and monaco matches anyone? None of mu’s cb was england’s starters back then. Furthermore, Schmeichel’s last great season performance wise was 97/98 before the injury. And here’s a fact: schmeichel with old nearly retiring pallister and other jokers in front of him only condeced 26 league goals but in 98/99 declining blunder prone schmeichel with world class stam conceded 37 league goals. What does that tell u? Having good cb is great but it means jackshit without great gk so cut the “donna play with shitty defence” bullcrap. If milan defence is bad then donna is one of the main culprits, not the victim.
            De gea won el and supercup at donna’s age so he was better than donna, still is.
            Yes 40 yr old buffon is rusty now, like 18 yr old donna. 18 yr old buffon got approvals from baresi etc though so Whats ur point?
            It wasnt me who started comparing donna to buffon, it was raiola and his stupid “maradona of gk” and donna fans, maybe including u

  2. I see a much improve team under Gattuso. Milan is slowly getting to their best and Gattuso is helping them mentally, tactically and physically.

    Under Montella, Milan looked unfit, mentally weak, disorganised and no tactics at all.

    We should have got rid of Montella earlier but at least we are now on the right track with Gattuso.

  3. Nice interview Rino. Keep them firm on the ground now, we need them sharp in Europe.

    Btw Suso made only two good moves today, and we scored two goals from it. Damn… Imagine if he was in better mood today…

  4. Thanks for restoring some prides, let’s keep taking it one game at a time without the table pressure and am sure we will arrive at an unbelievable positive result at the end of the season.

    You did well to tactically take out Lazzari who was our problem in 1st half, this shows that you are tactically equipped to manage games in such situations.

    Forza Rino

    • Great move indeed.
      Maybe he recalled how Benitez sacrificed Gerrars to mark Serginho at that match of his nightmare..

  5. I get your argument but Meret isn’t earning 6 million, is he? You get what you pay for and has every right to demand it, isn’t it?

  6. Gattuso not the smartest of Managers but at least u know where his heart is… The mentality is slowly coming back… dont look at the table. Just keep on playing… keep the grit, passion and hard work. There is something in this team now which was lacking under Montella.

    • Who says he is not the smartest? Have you ever worked with him? Did he prove to be a dumb ass?

      This not-smart coach is helping Milan out of the all time low. Football does not need to be complicated. Keep it simple!!!! Better for the players, especially when they need to glue. Cruyff hammered on this. I claimed already from the game of Benevento that Gattuso is the right man.

      So a little more respect for Ringhio would be more in place.

      • Totally agree, feel like people aren’t giving Rino the respect he deserves, although I can understand the caution somewhat… I hope you’re right and that perhaps he is here for us in the long run. Not our version of Conte – just our own Ringhio, even more succesful!

      • I Didnt say he was DUMB… I said he’s not the smartest… Even HE Admitted that…
        U jump to false conclusion, U probably do that often huh?

        Respect?? I said he’s adding to the team that Montella couldnt….

  7. why am I not surprised by crouton form, the same gattuso was the guy who gradually lunch belloti at Palermo I remember him telling Gallani to buy belloti am beginning to feel we’ve got our own Conte in Gattuso bcoz he has Don exetremly well since he took ova the Milan bench…… Forza Milan….. Forza Gennero Gattuso

  8. “I reminded the team of where we were two months ago, how many issues we had and pointed out this is the start, not the finish line.” Yes! And I know Rino is the man who will keep his word and constantly remind the players of this, we’ll see if it will be the start of something new and if we can salvage something from this season… And like he pointed out – he has coached for five years, yet people keep calling him “inexperienced”, he has been in different countries, and different league divisions, he has definitely gained experience – no expeience as a coach of a big team, that’s true, but everyone has to start somewhere. Conte didn’t have Serie A experience when he took over Juve, and look at him now. Out of the legends who took over, Seedorf and Rino has looked the most promising, although Seedorf had the worst side any of our legends has had to deal with, but if coaching was easy, then Montella would still have his job. Perhaps Broccoli could’ve done something based on our game against Juve in the Coppa final, but his stint was too short to deem a success or failure.

    Anyway – point of this ‘rant’ is that people seem to not give Rino credit, I get it that people are catious with their optimism, but the results and how the team is looking speaks for itself, but to keep waiting for Conte in the summer etc, while Rino is doing good things for us now is disrespectful. There are still a lot of points up for grabs, plus coppa and EL, anything can happen – including us perhaps salvaging something out of this season! Keep it up Rino, you have my full support, e sempre, Forza Milan!

    • I will admit that when i heard Gattuso would replace Montella I wasn’t thrilled or excited to say the least because of the failed experiment of appointing Inzaghi and Brocchi.

      Although an inexperience Seedorf was successful during his short tenure, I would have preferred if Milan had signed Walter Mazarri or another coach who had more experience coaching in a top flight league instead of signing Gattuso.

      However, since Gattuso took over from Montella, Milan has improved gradually because he has brought stability, confidence and yes tactics to Milan unlike his predeccesor Montella who constantly tinkered with the starting 11, formation and tactics -if there was even any, sigh!

      Montella’s poor man management skills is also the reason many of our players lack confidence.

      To put it best, Montella could not handle the pressure and demand required to turn Milan into a championship winning team.

      Unlike Gattuso, Montella doesnt have a winning mentality.

      Therefore, Gattuso should be credited for the work that he has done so far because he earned that respect by turning this fragile team around.

      Fassone and Mirabelli should seriously consider Gattuso above even Conte, especially if Milan finish the season strong because he is constantly proving his doubters wrong, including me.

    • And monty almost do a wrong pass..
      Monty always pass the ball to the defenders..
      But biglia always make a forward movement..that is the difference

      • Yeah, Monto tried to pass their defenders, but accidentally provided the through pass which Borini scored from, so typical!!

  9. Rino is limited in terms of tactics, the kind of coach who’ll get outsmarted in big stages of european football, but he has heart and sometimes heart is enough for developing club like milan because consistency and grit are more important than trying to emulate barca. When milan are milan again, maybe then they can search for a better coach. One thing is for sure, the players, even frail hakan, seems to be ready to die on the pitch for rino. Thats nice to see.
    Regarding cutrone, “i tell him to learn how to hold the ball up, control and wait a little.” Correctamundo rino. Like i said, cutrone plays in exact same tempo and he keeps shooting whenever he gets the ball. Tendency to shoot isnt half bad a habit when ur target man but that makes u one dimensional. Cutrone is current most reliable st of milan but if he wants to take his game to next level he needs to improve on his distribution skill so he can be world class post player, like vieri of atl madrid. “Cutrone is next massaro”, just like i said, massaro 2.0 or simone 2.0.
    Rino is also right about biglia. Like i said, To get the best out of biglia, He needs to play as anchorman in makelele role because while he has great positional sense, he’s incredibly slow. Kessie should help him more when milan defend

    • Oh come on. You may think Gattuso is tactically limited, but human learn from mistakes, I bet he will be learning more and become a better coach along the way.

      • I dont think rino is tactically limited, i KNOW he is. U can see it every week on the pitch. Mark suso well and u’ll win vs milan every time. Its that easy. However, i never said he couldnt learn along the way. On the contrary, i hope he can learn from next serious coach of milan as an assistant so he can be better than today. There are debts to be paid so this isnt the time to experiment with coaches

        • What tactical limitations? Suso was marked out and Hakan was on man-marking duty and yet we won by 4 goals… Elaborate those limitations, say what you want but Rino got his coaching license by his own merits, am pretty sure you’ve never seen the thesis he produced sho you can’t say that. Montella tried 23 different tactical set ups but he didnt get the best of his squad Rino is and if you’ll talk man-management it’s a skill that adds to his overall tactical impetus. He’s made some pretty good calls in games to so

          • Yeah great milan won 4-0 vs spal. But tell me, when did the last time milan win convincingly vs convincing opponents?
            Speaking of last match, Suso wasnt completely marked out, he made 2 goalscoring “assists” and provide countless other crosses for gods sake. Mark him well and milan plans’are kaputt. Its that easy. Also, if u think milan played well vs spal ur kidding urself silly. Remember his blunder vs udinese? Or his tendency to overplay kalinic and kessie? Comparing him to morontella doesnt prove anything because morontella is the worst, most clueless milan coach since inzaghi

    • “limited in terms of tactics” – says the guy who wants us to play 3-5-2 with Suso as a striker in the middle (aka the Montella experiment).

      Just because he has this image of a brut on the field doesn’t mean he’s limited in tactics. I thought he had very good calls against spal at halftime for instance. Let’s wait and see what he can really do.

      • yes, I agree with you… this is the kind of comment that is showing us the bad part of milan10. he is totally wrong sometimes but he is blind … Rino put this machine on the right road, because he is very smart and knows what this team needs to give the best ! 3-5-2 in this moment could mean us to be relegated…

        • Well, thats ur theory. The cold hard fact is, its 4-3-3 that got temporalily milan out of big 10 this season. Hell, 4-3-3 has been failing to land milan in big 3 for 4 seasons straight now

      • I actually think that Rino’s smartest move is playing the dump and brut guy. He is better than what he looks. However, still I would tend to agree with Milan10 about his tactics. So far he hasn’t shown anything in this perspective. He is just playing simple, doing (quite well indeed) the basics. But no more than that. This is enough to save us from embarrassments but it’s very far from how the game is played at the top level. To be fair though, it’s early to be sure about his actual abilities. I for once am already surprised about what he has achieved so far. In any case I would definitely favour a more experienced coach for next year; this would be safer and more sensible.

      • Oh yeah lets pretend to forget 3-5-2’s the reason morontella was successful at fiorentina, which in turn landed him milan job. Lets congratulate morontella on his 4-3-3 and constant rotation even though those were exactly what got him sacked by milan in the first place. All hail attacking 4-3-3. This week is ucl week. Do u see milan and their 4-3-3 taking part in it?
        Regarding the match, milan were dominated by mighty spal, barca of italy, even after they scored early goal. It was suso’s 2 moments of brilliance that killed the game not rino’s tactic. If u think milan would win vs juves or romas or napolis of the world playing like they did vs spal, ur kidding urself

        • Crazy boy, Rino is making this team play and win unlike Nutella and his not good at tactics? How does one win games and played well or better than Nutella if not by tactics?? Everything new that Rino has brought to this team and from what we’ve seen is a lot as under Nutella everyone was like an old nun is part of tactics. Players understand him and believe in his tactics unlike with the other one …

          • If u really watch football u’d know milan won vs spal purely by moments of brilliance from individual players not by tactics. Milan were dominated in first half and had it been napoli or juve they wouldve equalized or even outscored milan. Honestly, u think rino will outsmart sarri or allegri?

    • I kind of agree with Milan10, milan were dominated on first half, and even rino himself acknowledged the score doesnt reflect the game.
      You guys seems to have personal grudge to Milan10, everyone has their own opinion, but srsly, did you rly think that was a convincing milan, sure the score is convincing, but please watch the game.
      As for improvement, theres improvement, lots of it! But i kinda agree the tactics were pretty basic, so, until rino proves me wrong, I’m down for rino replacement after he’s done instilling milan dna on our team. Lets make this thing clear, nothing is bigger thn the club, no legend is bigger thn Milan

      • I have no grudge with anyone and yes I agree Milan played shit for most of the match only for individual pieces of skill we wouldn’t have scored 4
        I like what Gattuso has done and there’s no doubt we’ve improved but he is tactically inept and like what milan10 said if you stop Suso you stop Milan and better teams will do that
        If Chelsea sack Conte then he’d be my choice

  10. I think rino is bringing to the Milan team wat we wanted to see at the beginning of the campaign… but all these talk of Gattuso being the man to revive Milan is still too early….we haven’t played the best of dem yet in the league apart from Lazio and there’s this thing about consistency which we still need to get…
    at least gattuso brings team spirit once again and shows dem to really honour the Milan shirt and die for it… coupled with the grit and determination dey play Nw..
    I think the future is no longer bleak

  11. There will be downs also but let us stick behind this legend and this team. They are on the right path

    Hope Gattuso continues in this fashion as I see our own Simeone in him

    Forza Rino! Forza Milan!

  12. I like that our coach keeps the team and fans grounded and not over the moon. There’s still a lot of games and we still need to climb the table. Every win is progress not the final result even if we trash juve we shouldn’t get too excited.

  13. People forget Rino played under ancelotti Alegri and lippi trappatoni And Zoff just to name a few I’m sure he would have picked up a. Couple of things along the way

    • yea I realized that too… he may have learn something…

      anyway getting a new coach doesn’t mean he has to leave… he can stay around… as an assistant head coach…if things go wrong with the new coach then its better to have Gattuso nearby… he already know the players.

  14. Rino is doing good work. And no, unlike some here, I don’t see any serious tactical deficiencies with the guy. He reacted very well against spal, and Milan more or less looked sound defensively in the last 3-4 matches. Forgot about his media persona – anyone who gets charge of Milan primevera (or any seria a youth team for that matter) knows his football.

    But has he done amazing work? Not really. We are on somewhat of a streak, but nothing more than we have seen in previous years. We still look like a mid table seria a team who can only afford 2-3 shots on goal per game. Rino deserves his due, but let’s not get too excited just yet.

    • Too much pessimism. You might not like something but it’s obvious fact Gattuso’s Milan is on the right track. Rome haven’t been built in days, it took ages so are we here right now. I truly believe in Rinho

      • It’s obvious? Was it obvious to you at the end of the summer? Was it obvious for you first half of last season? Was it obvious when Miha had his run? I’ve seen too much to get excited by a winnover declining inter and a draw against udi.

    • 2 or 3 shots on target..??
      Dude please do check on that..
      Milan had 9 shots on target last game..and only 40% resulted in goals..
      There was a report that only below 30% of the shots on target turned in to goals this mathematically milan averages 6 or 7 shots per game as milan scored almost in every games

  15. I’ll keep saying this NO ADVANCE COACH OR WORLD CLASS COACH can achieve what gattuso as achieved within two months!!!name it Conte and others!!!gattuso, good work and good luck in your career,what am seeing in milan’s players proved that you are the best coach dat we nee!!!d fighting spirit and being a goal getters,proved u well!!! Ride on genaro!!may God see you through!!!

  16. Are we after ander herrera????????

    WHATS UP with milan board?? Are they drunk? Soon we will be linked with andy caroll and nicklas bendtner..

    Some group has SIGNED a contract with milan for sabotaging. Milan is sold, this is only politics.. its a game… just like white house.
    There was a time milan was only linked with quality.. no matter age or price.. we only sign garbage because milan has been sold to top teams in serie a..

    you dont go from kaka, sheva, maldini, nesta, stam, serginho, dida, inzaghi, pirlo, seedorf.. to destro, bojan, silvestre, agazzi, bertolacci, poli, bonaventura, paletta, pazzini, constant, traore, acerbi, kalinic, zapata…

    milan has been sold for a very long time and we are just getting played..

    • Ander Herrera was voted as Man United best player of 2016-2017 season. He is a very talented midfield player who is way better than Montolivo and Biglia.

      He has been frozen out of United because Mourinho is a tool.

      He destroys talented players like Salah, Kevin de Brune, Shevchenko and Kaka to name a few. These players were all destroyed under Mourinho

      Herrera and Kessie would be a good pairing. Should Milan not go for Herrera they should strongly consider Lucas Torriera of Sampdoria as Milan midfield is too slow under Biglia and Montolivo.



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