Milan doctor Mazzoni: “Kalinić has an inflammation of the adductor region, Rodriguez is fit, Conti and Storari…”

Nikola Kalinić during Milan-Atalanta at Stadio San Siro on December 23, 2017. (
Nikola Kalinić during Milan-Atalanta at Stadio San Siro on December 23, 2017. (

Nikola Kalinić will miss Saturday’s match with SPAL, but there is good news regarding the rest of the injured players.

Milan are going back to playing every three days and coach Rino Gattuso has stated multiple times that he needs everyone on the squad to contribute.

But as revealed by doctor Stefano Mazzoni in the regular update to MilanTV regarding the condition of the unavailable players, Rino has lost Kalinić to injury, and according to Sky Italia, the Croatian is ruled out from the match against SPAL on Saturday at 15:00 CET.

“Nikola Kalinić did not take part in today’s training session, because he has an inflammation of the adductor region, which is particularly irritating and painful, so we decided to treat him, and we will evaluate the progress during the next hours,” Mazzoni said to a reporter of the club’s TV channel. “On the other hand, Ricardo Rodriguez is fit, and he is back in full training with the squad.”

Andrea Conti during training at Milanello. (
Andrea Conti during training at Milanello. (

“As for the long-term injured, Conti has started to partially train with the team. As coach Gattuso said in the press conference [before the Udinese game], we need to keep in mind that these short training sessions help the player to become familiar again with the team, the physical contact and the tackles, but he still needs a significant amount of athletic work to be fully fit, which takes time.

“Gattuso said that it might take a month and we share his view. We also need to consider unforeseen events as the medical tests have already been done and they showed excellent results regarding the knee tightness. Yet, further test at MilanLab will be scheduled to evaluate also his athletic condition.

“Lastly, we have Marco Storari who suffered a lesion to the gastrocnemius muscle in his calf. We knew from the start he would be sidelined for about two months, now it’s been less than a month and a half. Marco is a great professional, he is putting a lot of effort into his rehabilitation. The test we have done have shown positive results, there have been no complications, perhaps we are even a little bit ahead of schedule, but we still need to be a little patient to see him fully recovered and training.”

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At least cutrone can start on Saturday!!!wish you quick recovery kalinic but am happy for cutrone


Get well soon kali, another chance for silva to show his worth. I wish him all the best!


I hope ACMILAN already have a plans to get rid that pusy cat


What adductor region though? Muscles of his thigh, his fingers, what? There are many adductor a.k.a extension muscles.
Oh well, Get well soon kalinimovic. And please practice shooting while ur recovering. No, i dont mean playing first person shooting game like rainbow siege or shooting tequila down ur throat.
Great, now milan definitely cant use 3-5-2 or 4-4-2 due to lack of st

Mathijs Savicevic

Yeah yeah we know you studied a bit


Yeah yeah i studied how to take a shot of tequila every time seedorf blasted the ball way over the bar or every time inzaghi got caught offside in my college days. What r u gonna do about that mr, tell my parents?

Mathijs Savicevic

I don’t think you have any parents. I think you grew out of a big pile of elephant dung

Mathijs Savicevic

Oh…… And I don’t think you can handle tequila….


Dude as an health professional I am telling you that adduction is different than extension, the former is bringing for example a limb closer to the sagittal plane while the latter is straightening a joint. And surely he is talking about a thigh adductor here.
@Mathijs Now this is what you should call studying. lol
Be nice to each other though.


yes i know that hence i know there are many adductor and abductor muscles in human body, including in both hands. u dont have to tell me all that, i finished musculoskeletal module in my first year at college in 2005. what i meant was, every single adductor muscle extents human joint instead of flexing it

Perfect 7

Yup some1 cursed kalinic the guy keeps getting injured and now 442 is gone because of it. Unless people want borini or suso (not a striker) to be ahead of him.


we don’t have a backup for both Kessie and Suso.
if we are to go for 442, then either Jack or Hakan will have to start from the bench.
if we had a formidable DMF would opt for 4132, but all in all the best thing is to believe, teamwork, grit, strength and Accuracy amongst others

Perfect 7

I meant 442 diamond which would only bench suso. Bona plays lcm like he is now nd hakan plays in the hole. That’s the best formation for the players we have but suso doesn’t fit so guttaso can either try him as a striker or cm nd if he can’t adopt sell him. No reason to play a formation just to fit in 1 player.


Suso is the only player who can’t be benched ! We can’t play 4-4-2 or 3-5-2 with Suso, our best player of the squad, who can play only RW ! He played as SS and played awful, I don’t know if he can play as a trequartista ! Also, our defence played awful the 3-5-2 system. No way ! Gattuso bring a little stability with this 4-3-3 and IT IS NOT THE MOMENT to begin with the experiments !

Calm down

Any formation that would sell Suso shouldn’t be used. Even though he would be limited in the center would still be more dangerous there than Calha Bona and anyone in the team.

pray for milan

Cahlanoglu has a better vision with the ball than Suso and the one reason Suso struggles to play as a SS/CAM is because he’s selfish and every time he gets a ball in the final third he always wants to shoot, where’s Hakan can knows when to pass and when to shoot.

Perfect 7

That is a lie suso was given chances at the centre and as a striker and he just didn’t cut it. Hakan is a natural am while suso is a slow rw with a good left foot. Suso is a good player but the team would play much better in a 442d without him.

pray for milan

Have a speedy recovery Kalinic. Now moving on to the players who were supposed to play ahead of Kalinic. I think Silva should start ahead of Cutrone since we’re playing with one striker and we need at least a striker who’s good with his feet on the ball.


Perfect7, I don’t u watch football,especially acmilan matches,cause I can see that ur comment is based on the game u played!!!either Xbox or PS whatever you play!!!suso is the only place player dat moved fast with speed,dribbles and good crosses. Nobody plays dat wing better than him!!!so maybe you start watching the matches henceforth

Perfect 7

Lol let’s be real for a winger he is slow and if you do know how to read I said he is a good player just slow for a winger . Look at juve they are playing better without dybala because he doesn’t fit in the current system unless they bench Heguin. We are only playing 433 to accommodate suso which is wrong. The team shouldn’t adapt to him but he should adapt to the team. Haha that excuse that if someone doesn’t agree with your biased opinion that they don’t watch soccer and just play fifa makes you look… Read more »


we need a strong and fast striker and I think cutrone shud start while Silva comes from the bench


Foolish you said???watch tomorrows match huh!!!thanks

Perfect 7

Why? Is suso gonna get faster or something.