Milan doctor Mazzoni: “The only injured players are Conti and Storari, the date for Andrea’s return hasn’t been set yet”

Andrea Conti at the Milan Megastore on November 16, 2017. (
Andrea Conti at the Milan Megastore on November 16, 2017. (

Stefano Mazzoni has given the update on the situation of the injured players, and at the moment there are only two.

After last week’s break, Milan are back working ahead of Sunday’s match against Cagliari (18:00 CET kickoff), and today team doctor Stefano Mazzoni gave the usual update on the injured Rossoneri.

“Abate, Antonelli and Paletta have been training with the rest of the squad for a couple of days now, they are fit,” Mazzoni told MilanTV today. “Jose Mauri is fit too, his ankle has recovered, he is doing individualized training as he was ruled out longer rand needs more time to get back in shape.

“The injured players as of today are Conti and Storari. In regard to Marco, who suffered a lesion to the gastrocnemius muscle in his calf, he will undergo an examination next week and we’ll take stock of the situation with the diagnostic procedures the upcoming week.

“As for Andrea Conti, it’s been four months since the surgery, he’s working mainly on the pitch, of course doing individual and personalized training. We are reading dates of when Andrea will return to action as well. [But] internally, we haven’t set a specific date as of now.

Stefano Mazzoni talking to MilanTV at Milanello on January 18, 2018. (
Stefano Mazzoni talking to MilanTV at Milanello on January 18, 2018. (

“He’s undergoing an individualized training progamme on the pitch. We will evaluate this work with some tests, every two weeks, and based on the results the following two weeks of training will be scheduled. What we can say is that we’re really pleased with how things have gone so far.

“But there is still work to be done and we’ll do it cautiously.” Conti only played 2 Serie A games before suffering and ACL injury, so – in the spirit of Galliani – it can be said that he’ll be like a new signing.

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Forza Conti!

btw Milan is watching Hateboer (Atalanta)


Sometimes I do not understand why players like Mauri do not get even the smallest chance, or Paletta for that matter. It’s not like they are horrible, is it?


There must be something personal. Kessie has been terrible on many occasions, the same can be said with the defenders. Mauri is still young, it’s foolish to not give him a chance.


Yeah, something personal or something with directors’ policies. But it is foolish nonetheless.


I think others are “less horrible”, than Mauri and Paletta, that’s why.


Anyone has any idea about Antonio Mionic?


Heard about him. I actually read somewhere a month ago that Inter snatched him but yesterday i saw that he is coming to us. I know that club that he is leaving behind is in serious financial problems. And I heard that the kid likes to play in front, anywhere behind strikers.


He is the next Pasalic.



Damn! Send that guy to Chelski and keep him out of Milan!


They said that he is a very good mezzala who can play also as a trequartista , a kind of Jack I think. The big chances to be in the first squad soon it has tiago Dias.


Thanks mate. We certainly need a few good midfielders.
However, established midfielders would have been more important now instead of prospects.


I heard we’re swapping Kalinic for Pato. How true is that information?


And now it seems Juve, Inter, and ManU are all linked to Cristante. We’ll have to suffer from Galliani for a few more years (hopefully the idiot Mirabelli proves worthy of the position).


They have sold so many players that were good that it’s absurd . Just to name a few aubamayang ‘ cristante ‘ darmian ‘ el farao ‘ verdi ‘ sokratis’ acerbi’ pategna’ balotelli ‘ ely ..these players all played for milan and they sold them . And now they are all performing great .


Imagine Pato, andre silva and balotelli in attack. DREAM just find a proper playmaker behind them.. and we have easily 30+ goals.. our problem only was lack of playmaker.. we had pato whithout playmaker.. we had balo without playmaker.. we still dont have a playmaker.. that means our strikers needed to do both the striker and midfield work.. that made pato and balotelli underperform.. there is ONLY one player that could do the both.. both being a midfieler and a striker.. and that was ibra.. but instead we play bonaventura.. poli.. bertolacci.. flamini.. van bommel in midfield.. they cant PASS.… Read more »

Amal sadanandan

And ballo scored so many goals from outside the box